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Great tutor.
— Adam, Washingtonville, NY on 3/14/13


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Hello. A teacher and tutor for over 20 years, I have always enjoyed the one-on-one format. It's a forum where I can genuinely assess the learner's needs, learning styles, and much more. No two learners are the same, and each flourishes using varying techniques and settings. As a result, I realize the integral need to develop plans that best suit that individual, making learning personal and meaningful.

Over the years, I have instructed students of all age levels, ranging from kindergarten through college. Further, my experiences with special education, at-risk, Regents, and Honors learners have allowed me to take into account the whole student, getting to know him or her as a person, not just as a learner. In turn, students are able to make vital connections between the material and life.
As a freelance writer, I am allowed the unique opportunity of showing students a direct application of a pivotal part of English, writing. Using my writing samples, along with interviewing experiences and questioning techniques, I am able to relay to students firsthand the potency of writing beyond the classroom.

In addition to the literature, vocabulary and writing skills instruction most English instructors offer, I have 15 years of Verbal SAT preparation experience. Taking several workshops in the field, as well as teaching courses for a few companies, I have acquired a thorough understanding of the intricacies of this crucial exam. Diligently studying proven test-taking strategies, reading comprehension techniques, Latin and Greek roots and prefixes, as well as grammar rules, I have been able to successfully raise my students scores, many by significant amounts.

I would love to have the opportunity to help you understand and enjoy the subject of English and/or master the SAT. More importantly, I look forward to making the information come alive and stay with you for many years to come.
Hello. A teacher and tutor for over 20 years, I have always enjoyed the one-on-one format. It's a forum where I can genuinely assess the learner's needs, learning styles, and much more. No two learners are the same, and each flourishes using varying techniques and settings. As a result, I realize the integral need to develop plans that best suit Read more

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In-person lessons

"Great tutor."

- Adam, Washingtonville, NY on 3/14/13

"Patient tutor, connects well with her students."

- Bridget, Pleasant Valley, NY on 10/27/16

"Very helpful, friendly, and informative"

- Carol, Mohegan Lake, NY on 8/2/15

"Informative & patient"

- ALICE, Mahopac, NY on 10/23/13
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ACT English

Having had tutored the ACT English section for several summers, I became very familiar with the types of errors used. Additionally, I learned methods to best actively locate these mistakes and move as quickly and efficiently through this exam as possible.

All of the students whom I assisted had their ACT scores markedly rise.

ACT Reading

An English teacher and tutor for more than 20 years, I have spent a majority of that time teaching reading comprehension. Whether it be discussing a plot of a novel, the figurative language of a poem or the inner workings of a character, I have helped students better understand what they read.
Further, my experience with teaching reading comprehension on two standardized tests, the SAT and ACT, has provided me with an even greater understanding of some of the challenges this skill presents. As a result, I stress strategies to assist with critical reading, not simply locating what happened but the whys behind an event, character's underlying traits and motives, or overall tone of a piece. By learning to become active readers, asking questions about the content, as opposed to simply absorbing it, my students become more sophisticated and effective readers. Additionally, I teach them to look at how a passage is constructed, the author's purpose, his or her point of view, and vocabulary in context, each integral areas of the ACT Reading. With practice, my students all see an increase in their reading comprehension abilities as well as ACT scores.

College Counseling

Having had taught 12th Grade English for several years, I am well-versed on the entrance requirements for college, specifically the college essay, ACT and SAT Exams, along with study skills necessary for success.
As part of my 12th grade English College Unit, which included interviewing and resume construction skills, I also focused a great deal on the college essay. Stressing such concepts as making one's essay stand out by telling a unique story, interjecting quotes, stories and vivid details as well as creating a distinct feeling, by showing rather than telling, virtually all of my students improved upon each of his or her drafts in this pivotal writing process.
My extensive experience studying and teaching both the SAT and ACT has given me a clear view into the academic skills a high school senior needs to develop for collegiate success. Those areas include; critical reading and thinking, coherent writing, and sound vocabulary, along with an adept handling of the English language.
Finally, having had taught study skills to all levels of students, I am further equipped with relaying integral information in this area. I specifically stress note-taking skills, reading with a purpose, time management, and the use of the writing process. Additionally, I stress breaking information down, using graphic organizers, planners, and flashcards,implementing devices that address multi-intelligences and highlighting key points.
I feel very confident about my abilities to counsel students in the academic, social, psychological and other facets of the collegiate experience.


Verb issues, pesky pronouns, homonym confusion and subject-verb agreement need not be problems any longer. As a long-time grammar instructor, I have developed several strategies aimed at quickly identifying these English issues. Additionally, I am able to effectively relay to students how to not only locate those grammar glitches on their own, but fix them as well.

Editing countless pieces of writing as both a teacher, tutor and journalist, I can help you or your child develop the confidence and skills needed to master grammar and be on the road to more clear, effective and powerful writing.


An English teacher and tutor for many years, I have a thorough understanding of the English language. Whether it be grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading or speaking, I have developed an array of techniques to convey these concepts.

In the past few years, I have tutored a few ESL students and saw them improve their written and oral skills. Using hands-on-methods of dialogue, involving interviewing and role playing as well as newspaper/current event reading and discussion, I try to make the lessons informal in nature, providing as many real life scenarios as possible. In this manner, students can feel relaxed, while seeing a direct application of learning the English language. Also, by my providing pronunciation and other speaking models, they are more readily able to mimic the correct sounds of our language. That pronunciation soon leads to better reading and writing, improving overall communication effectiveness.


I am knowledgeable in an assortment of grammar rules and their writing applications, I have a strong command of the English language, as well as possess effective methods to teach it.
Whether it's subject-verb agreement, pronoun antecedent concerns or faulty parallelism, I can help students grasp the basic as well as complex concepts connected to doing well in grammar.


Having taught high school and junior high English for the past 20 years, I have read an extensive number of books, particularly the classics.
Some of the the pieces I am very well-versed in are: CATCHER IN THE RYE, THE GREAT GATSBY, OF MICE AND MEN, LORD OF THE FLIES, NIGHT, DEATH OF A SALESMAN, RAISIN IN THE SUN, THE GLASS MENAGERIE, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and A SEPARATE PIECE. Additionally, I have taught several Shakespeare plays, an assortment of poetry and have a solid grasp of literary terms and techniques.
My in depth exposure, both in my own schooling as well as teaching, has taught me how to conduct stimulating discussions on all pieces of literature, using open-ended questions as well as inciting crucial critical thinking skills.
In the end, my students develop a lasting appreciation for all types of literature, along with a lifelong love for reading.


A freelance writer for several publications, I have to diligently proofread each of my pieces before submitting them. The less errors I make, the more happy my editors are; they are almost always very pleased with the sparse amount of edits needed.

Additionally, as an English teacher and tutor, I have proofread countless pieces of writing, often common grammar errors, such as subject-verb agreement, ambiguous pronouns, and inconsistent verb tenses. Once indicated, I work with students, showing them the assortment of options available to make their writing more effective.

This same methodology extends to coherence, thesis development, word usage and conciseness. when proofreading any paper, I look carefully at both the content and the mechanics, zoning in on both strengths to build upon as well as weaknesses to improve upon.

Inevitably, all the students I work with on proofreading take great strides using the written word as well as building their overall confidence as writers.


Well-versed in the SAT, Verbal section, I know all the needed content and test-taking strategies necessary to achieve on the shortened version, the PSAT. Whether it be sentence completion tricks, grammar error identification, or paragraph structure development, my instruction allows students to move quickly and smartly through this important timed test. As a result, their scores increase and they develop priceless confidence toward taking the ensuing SAT exam.


I can assist with decoding using phonetics strategies, as well as comprehension skills relaying strategies on main ideas, supporting sentences, types of questions, how to decipher tone, author's purpose and development patterns understanding key words and phrases in questions, as well as much more.

Some of my teaching methods involve, highlighting, underlining, as well as reading with a purpose tricks. Much of my experience and success in this venue of English involves teaching the SAT reading comprehension component for 15 years.


I have been tutoring the English Regents for the past 15 years. Well versed in the exam, I am also very familiar with the new format, which features critical reading, literary terms and techniques, paragraph and essay writing.

By using old exams, along with my proven pointers, aimed at navigating reading comprehension questions as well as easy to understand and implement writing techniques, I have had great success with students performing at an optimum level on the English Regents.

SAT Reading

Having had taught the SAT reading section for the past 15 years, I have come to understand the types of questions asked along with methods to best answer them. Stressing critical reading skills, I relay to my students how to actively read a passage, asking the whys and anticipating the questions. As a result, they are able to move faster and more efficiently through this challenging part of the SAT.

SAT Writing

A published writer as well as SAT Verbal teacher and tutor for the past 15 years, I am well versed in the writing section of the SAT.

Having had intently studied the common grammar errors, paragraph development as well as 25 minute timed essay, I have developed effective strategies to do extremely well on this section.

Using outlining, brainstorming and visual writing diagrams, I am able to creatively show students how writing is a process that can be understood using an assortment of organizational techniques. In turn, they are able to decipher well developed paragraphs as well as construct them in the essay portion.

I often relay grammar information using flashcards, highlighting and worksheets aimed at common errors. Through practice, students are able to quickly recognize errors, doing well on the sentence error portion of the test.

Study Skills

As a part of my English and SAT Verbal tutoring positions, I have assisted students with several study skills.

More specifically, I have relayed skills on how to improve organization, time management, reading comprehension, and notetaking. I have accomplished this through stressing highlighting, the Cornell Notetaking System, outlining, flashcards and the use of agendas and calendars.

Further, I often stress to students the importance of being active as opposed to passive learners. I urge them to think critically, ask questions, locate main ideas, provide support and at times make use of the Socratic Questioning technique. I try to show them that information is something they need to personalize and engage with in order to make lasting connections and be lifelong, independent learners.


My SAT Verbal teaching experience has shown me the integral need to develop a good vocabulary. Many years of using Latin and Greek root words and prefixes have further allowed me to see how finding a system to learn more than one word at a time is the key to vocabulary development.

Moreover, the usage of flashcards, made by my students using notecards, along with highlighters and pictures has proven highly effective. The hands-on, multiple intelligence approach makes vocabulary much more interactive and memorable.


A published writer for the past 20 years, I have learned the craft of the writing process, using outlining, multiple drafts and editing.
Additionally, my vast teaching and tutoring experiences with the SAT Verbal section have enabled me to become well acquainted with the most common writing errors, including subject verb agreement, pronoun confusion, misplaced modifiers, homonyms and many others. Further, I have mined a variety of creative means to make grammar fun and interesting as well as applicable to writing effectiveness.

SUNY Cortland
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SUNY Cortland

SUNY New Paltz (Master's)

Great tutor.

Jennifer W is a great tutor; she is patient, accessible, and flexible with the times we meet. She immediately recognized my strengths and weaknesses, and she honed in on the areas where I needed the most help, great job Jennifer!!

— Adam, Washingtonville, NY on 3/14/13

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