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Education is the movement from darkness to light. ~~Allan Bloom.

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University of Nevada, Reno
Dual BA Psychology and Sociology
Sierra Nevada College
Graduate Coursework
Sierra Nevada College, Teacher Education


University of Nevada, Reno (Dual BA Psychology and Sociology)

Sierra Nevada College (Graduate Coursework)

Sierra Nevada College, Teacher Education (Other)

About Bradley

My love of learning has been extant since the beginning of my time here on Earth; however, my passion for teaching has been more of an acquired taste. I first suspected I might wind up in an education career at the age of 17, when I began teaching ski lessons at Mt. Rose during my senior year of high school--a seasonal gig that would ultimately get me through many a college winter throughout my late teens and early twenties. By age 25, I had graduated college with degrees in psychology and sociology from UNR and was gearing up to take the LSAT exam in order to apply for admission to law school. It was at this juncture that, rather suddenly, another part-time teaching-based job--this time, substitute teaching--seemed to really speak to me in a way that I couldn't be sure a legal career ever would, and the next thing I knew, I found myself radically altering my professional trajectory, enrolling in Teacher Education at Sierra Nevada College, and scrambling to find enough substitute assignments and tutoring clients to make ends meet, and immersing myself completely in the curriculum and culture that is the life of an educator.
After I completed both my Secondary- and Elementary-level student teaching internships at Swope Middle School and Huffaker Elementary School, respectively, I returned to the comfort of good, old-trusty substitute teaching for the remainder of that school year, before ultimately being hired to teach all three of the required high school social studies courses (World History, U.S. History, and American Government) on a three-year, limited-term, full-time contract through Washoe Innovations High School and located at a school-within-a-school( or SWAS) at Hugh High School for the first two years, and then Wooster High School for my third and final year with the program. I have since found myself enjoying some time away from the formal classroom setting for the majority of this past academic year; although, of course, I did make sure to fit in a few substitute teaching days here and there, at all of my old stomping grounds, just for old time's sake, more than anything else. For the time being, private tutoring has been a great way for me to make a living in education while retaining the flexibility and free time that is enabling me to also explore my other passion: songwriting!

I am fairly decent at basic mathematics. I will expand on that when I have an opportunity to add more subjects of my own!

Well, I suppose it is up to me to come up with some kind of really catchy, super-perfundo, articulate-as-the-sands-of-time (if that's really a thing!) kind of catch phrase, or call to action, designed to really peck at the inner workings of your ever-curious (hence, the very reason you are reading my profile in the first place--am I wrong??) mind and really hypnotize you into contacting me as soon as is humanly possible... Right?? Well, I'm not going to pander, but I do hope to hear from you!!
My love of learning has been extant since the beginning of my time here on Earth; however, my passion for teaching has been more of an acquired taste. I first suspected I might wind up in an education career at the age of 17, when I began teaching ski lessons at Mt. Rose during my senior year of high school--a seasonal gig that would ultimately Read more

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ACT Math, Algebra 1, Elementary Math,
Logic, Prealgebra, SAT Math
ACT Science, Anthropology, Archaeology
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Music History, Music Production, Music Theory, Songwriting
Art History, Art Theory, Drawing, Film
ACT English, ACT Reading, English, Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading,
SAT Reading, SAT Writing, Vocabulary, Writing
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ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, Common Core, GRE, LSAT, Praxis, PSAT, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing
General Computer, Macintosh,
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American History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Criminal Justice, European History, Geography, Government & Politics, Music History, Political Science, Religion, Social Studies,
World History
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ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, Hard Of Hearing, Phonics
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Chess, Poker, Table Tennis

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Elementary (K-6th)

I am licensed by the state of Nevada in General elementary education for grades K-8. I am also licensed to teach secondary social studies. I have worked as a tutor in the past, such as with a Learning Center. I have five years of experience as a substitute teacher, during which time I taught nearly all subjects and grade levels.

Elementary Math

I am highly qualified to teach and tutor elementary level math, as per my State of Nevada License for Educational Personnel, which covers all general education subjects for grades K-8, plus an additional endorsement for secondary (7-12) social studies. Additionally, I have tutored many students in the subject area for several years throughout my college and graduate school careers. I have also been employed as an on-site after-school tutor for companies such as Huntington Learning Center. Therefore, when it comes to tutoring, I am just about as highly qualified as you're going to find. Contact me, and we'll discuss your options! Have a nice day.


As, essentially, a lifelong hobby musician and formerly dedicated rock'n'roll guitarist, I have accomplished a few things in which I can take some earnest pride, even though I may not have reached the level of "guitar god" status to which I had once aspired. First of all, in 1993, at the age of 10, I passed the "Required Test" for the National Piano-Playing Auditions and was declared a District Winner, Elementary Class, Section B, in the National Piano Auditions and awarded an official certificate by the Guild of Piano Teachers, Teacher Division of American College of Musicians, United States of America, and membership in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians, Student Division of American College of Musicians, and Piano Hobbyists of the World.

This was right around the same time I had begun playing guitars in my free time, and, before long, I was joining my first band and trying to book shows at local coffee shops and other known entertainment centers around the Reno, NV, area. Of course, my band mates and I being far too young to gain entrance to most local music venues at the time, let alone gain access to their respective stages, most of these early efforts proved unsuccessful; however, our persistence would soon pay off in a few ways, although perhaps not quite as lucratively as we might have hoped: Our band, Inflexus, did earn 2nd place titles in no less than three local- and regional-level "Battle of the Bands" competitions, despite primarily competing against musicians who were mostly twice our age.

Since that time, and really ever since I learned my first song on the guitar ("Roll Over, Beethoven," as played by the Beatles' George Harrison), I have always been more than enthusiastic too take any opportunity to teach friends, relatives, classmates, and casual client-students how to further their own exploration of this instrument. My methods revolve primarily around starting with the basic pentatonic Blues scales as well as some basic chord work, making sure to point out and encourage any natural talent that I see shining through the rough, as well as respectfully identifying any weaknesses in form and technique that I can see might well develop into hard-to-break bad habits should they continue being practiced unchecked.

Along the way, of course, it becomes necessary for me to teach, and for my students to practice writing, the now-omnipresent musical notation language of tablature, in order to most effectively snd thoroughly communicate everything from the basics (like the chord progressions and the main riffs) to the subtle nuances (such as the intro leads, guitar solos, and syncopated accents, for example) of any classic or modern musical piece, including those that we might well write together ourselves as a part of my training. I also tend to value the tactical approach of "playing by ear," so to speak, meaning taking the time to make deliberate attempts to decipher the notes and the techniques being utilized by the original recording artist(s) during the tracking of a hit song or a familiar album. As any seasoned rock musician would surely agree, this can be an invaluable way of getting closer to the feeling of "being one with the instrument" and learning to improvise ("jam") as well as to compose.

Well, I hope I have explained my agenda with this type of lesson adequately for your purposes, and I look forward to seeing your feedback!


I have used Apple Macintosh Computers since the time of the Apple II desktop computer. I have used Apple MacBook computers consistently for approximately ten years now. I am also highly familiar with iPads and iPhones. I personally find the iPad to be the absolute best educational tool around, and I have some great ideas already, but would love to learn more!


I am qualified to tutor in reading for several reasons: First, I am fully licensed and have Highly Qualified licensure status in Nevada in general K-8 elementary and middle school grade levels, as well as having an endorsement to teach secondary-level social studies (grades 7-12) in middle schools and high schools. Additionally, I have several years of experience tutoring in subjects such as elementary reading, intermediate reading, and even Read-180 at the middle school level, which was one part of my multi-faceted student teaching experienced. Finally, I have at various times throughout the last several years, been employed by private firms such as Huntington Learning Center, in the role of on-site academic tutor for struggling readers, during which experiences I became very familiar with the process of setting both short-term and long-term goals for each individual student; developing the framework or "roadmap" for how the student can be expected to get from point A to point B as a young reader; implementing a positive behavioral support system using an intermittent/partial reinforcement schedule in order most effectively promote behaviors that are beneficial to the goals we have in mind for each student; and assessing and re-assessing the student's performance regularly throughout the program in order to best monitor progress, adjust the trajectory of the performance curve if necessary, and communicate with parents about status, progress, strengths and weaknesses.

Social Studies

My most important qualifications for tutoring in the area of social studies are as follows:

First, I hold bachelors degrees from the University of Nevada, Reno, in both psychology and sociology, as well as nearly minor-status coursework in both anthropology and political science; and I have the transcript grades to show that I actually took all of my liberal arts classes to heart and really worked hard to succeed in college, as evidenced by my nearly-3.5 cumulative GPA.

Additionally, I have a secondary-level (grades 7-12) social studies endorsement on my Nevada teaching license, which means that I have earned at least a minimum number of college credits in a variety of different subjects over the course of my undergraduate career (including credits in history and economics, as well as other liberal arts and social science credits, like those which applied either of my majors); I have earned a number of post-graduate credits at Sierra Nevada College, mostly pertaining to teaching methodologies and pedagogy and the theories behind them; and I have also passed all Praxis exams necessary to be considered Highly Qualified (or "H.Q.") to teach middle- and high-school social studies classes throughout Nevada--and this can be confirmed fairly easily by accessing my teaching license through the "Find a Teacher" function on the Nevada Department of Education (N.V.D.O.E.) website (just make sure you look up Bradley James Davis, as I am not the only Brad Davis with a license!

Finally, I have a full three years' experience teaching all there core social studies courses full time within the Washoe County School District, where I worked in a credit recovery program that moved along at twice the pace of a typical school--meaning that it's almost as though I have taught all three high school social studies classes for a full six years, since we cycled through the three two-semester courses (world history 1 &2, U.S. history 1&2, and American Government 1&2) twice per academic year, not just once, in order for our students to have a hope of catching up and graduating.

I am also very familiar now with the Common Core Standards--which are interesting in the area of social studies, because, rather than focus on specific facts and minor details of each significant era of history (such as, for example, the way Nevada's state standards in social studies are written), the new Common Core Standards approach to social studies focuses more heavily on the reading and writing tasks involved in successfully learning, comprehending, analyzing, synthesizing, and hypothesizing about concepts such as the cause-and-effect relationships between people, events, and the future of the planet and all of the people on it, for example, that so much of history (as well as government in general) is really all about!


There are a few different reasons for why I say I am qualified to tutor in the arena of songwriting. First, I have casually dabbled in "jamming" and improvisational techniques ever since I first began taking the guitar seriously as an instrument around the age of 10, in 1992, the epic year in which "grunge" truly changed the face of music throughout the world when Nirvana knocked Michael Jackson's hit singles right off the top of the charts and would not quit shifting units for years to come... But, I digress! Second, while my legitimately PUBLISHED contribution in the area of songwriting is, at this point, limited to my work with Alan D. Griffith and my father, Lawrence Davis, on his band's upcoming debut album, where I wrote the lyrics for the title track of the same name; it is also both fair and accurate for me to point out--third, now--that the band I led in high school won second-place status honors in no less than three regional-level Battle of the Bands events, in which we played set lists comprised nearly entirely of original music written by myself (guitars) and my bassist, competing as mere teenaged grommets against dozens of bands made up of much more seasoned, polished, and professional performers in their twenties, thirties, even forties. It is my opinion that, in light of this admittedly-elementary experience in the realm of songwriting, I be considered for tutoring assignments where maybe Grammy Awards are not necessarily the most realistic or practical goal, but SOME basic legitimacy is certainly desirable and appreciated.

University of Nevada, Reno
Dual BA Psychology and Sociology
Sierra Nevada College
Graduate Coursework
Sierra Nevada College, Teacher Education


University of Nevada, Reno (Dual BA Psychology and Sociology)

Sierra Nevada College (Graduate Coursework)

Sierra Nevada College, Teacher Education (Other)

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