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About Anton

I'm a well educated and patient tutor for help with science, math, and English. I have worked as a post-doctoral fellow in neuroscience at Princeton, have a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard, and graduated with a B. Sc. from Columbia. I was a mathematics olympiad regional winner in high school. My background allows me to teach a broad range of subjects. My favorite part about tutoring is when I can make a substantial difference to students, helping them achieve their goals and learning enough to consider new opportunities.

After thousands of hours tutoring I've discovered that I am a very good teacher. I can reach people quickly and effectively. I like teaching and I've helped many succeed, sometimes on a volunteer basis.

My main main areas of interest are mathematics, physics, computer science and statistics for High School and College.

Mathematics: Through tutoring I have a good sense for what students should know and how to diagnose areas of weakness and strength. I've taught AB, and BC Calculus, Algebra II and Trigonometry, precalculus, and Geometry, including designing calculus courses. I've prepared students for standardized exams including the SAT math exam and math 2.

Science: I've introduced physics and chemistry to young students through both lectures and laboratory exercises. I've taught many concepts advanced concepts in a hands on and intuitive way so that students learn concepts profoundly.

Computer Science: I've taught young students programming from the ground up. I have a course of instruction designed for C++, but I also teach Java, and other languages such as MATLAB, Mathematica, and LABview.

High school: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Programming and related laboratory courses.

Mathematics: algebra 1 and algebra 2, Geometry, trigonometry, precalculus and calculus. I've helped students do well on finals and for regents under some difficult circumstances.

Physics: I've taught all levels from AP levels to introductory levels. I've helped prepare students for the physics SAT and they have done very well. I've taught students with no other instructor; I've helped students prepare for physics competitions.

Chemistry: I teach chemistry focusing on fundamental concepts that draws from both my understanding of physics and atomic physics and also putting order to all the many phenomenon that chemistry can explain.

Computer Science: I've introduced programming languages and concepts to students of all abilities and age groups

Languages English.

College and University:

Physics: Mechanics and Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Physics for medical students or poets, or other physics classes and Laboratory classes;

Mathematics: Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations;

Computer Science; Programming: Java, C++, MATLAB, Mathematica, and LaBview.

Statistics: I've taught business statistics, probability, probability distributions, biostatistics, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and ANOVA analsysis.

Mechanical Design: I am proficient at SolidWorks. I can introduce you to how to use the software to draw parts, assemblies in 3D or to make 2D drawings.

Please feel free to ask me if you need assistance with other related subjects.

I am also skilled at coaching for test preparation such as SAT, ACT, GRE, large parts of the MCAT, and other exams. I would focus on both learning the material and the best strategies for achieving success, given your particular situation.

I'll make good use of your time with me. These subjects can be very interesting and worthwhile studying, but often there may be a concept of two that is difficult. My goal is to get you on track, identify those stumbling blocks, and work through them. My goal is to get you comfortable and competent in the material so that the entire learning experience is rewarding in many ways. Longer term, that approach can open up many opportunities in the future, that may be hard to anticipate now.

I love teaching high school and younger students as well as college or others. For me, a big part of the reward in tutoring is making these subjects understandable and hopefully enjoyable.
I'm a well educated and patient tutor for help with science, math, and English. I have worked as a post-doctoral fellow in neuroscience at Princeton, have a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard, and graduated with a B. Sc. from Columbia. I was a mathematics olympiad regional winner in high school. My background allows me to teach a broad range of Read more

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"Best tutor in Boston"

- Ken, San Francisco, CA on 5/5/14

"Great Actuarial Tutor!"

- Khadijah, Boston, MA on 5/29/16

"Great Tutor"

- Michael, Alexandria, VA on 5/9/16

"Highly qualified and effective tutor"

- Stephanie, Belmont, MA on 4/29/16

"Helpful GMAT Review"

- Edward, Natick, MA on 1/31/16

"Super Bright and Stays On Topic!"

- Stacey, Auburndale, MA on 1/30/16

"Anton has knowledge and endless patience"

- Wagner, New York, NY on 1/30/16

"Very flexible and accommodating"

- D, Lexington, MA on 11/23/15


- Mary Beth, Newton Highlands, MA on 10/31/15

"A great tutor"

- Maria, Princeton, NJ on 10/27/15

"Knowledgeable, intelligent tutor"

- Omkar, Newton, MA on 7/22/15


- Joanna, Medford, MA on 7/17/15

"Simply the best"

- Pepper, West Newton, MA on 7/13/15

"Patient, effective, works well with students."

- Amanda, Arlington, MA on 6/3/15

"Intelligent, patient, thoughtful and most of all EFFECTIVE"

- Diane, Belmont, MA on 5/28/15

"Intuitive Teacher who reaches kids and produces results"

- Margaret, Larchmont, NY on 2/16/15

"Outstanding Tutor"

- Mary, Milton, MA on 2/14/15

"Beware! Math SAT results went down with Anton."

- Dara, Winchester, MA on 11/26/14
Anton replied on 12/5/2014

Too bad you feel that way because your daughter was on her way to a significantly improved score. It is worthwhile to try to improve, but an improvement depends on many factors including how much time is allotted and how much effort is exerted.

This score occurred after a month of weekly lessons, and I never assured anyone that would be enough time to yield a significantly improved score. According to the College Board, it is unlikely for some students to improve their SAT math score. For example, 72% of seniors who retake the SAT and who as juniors scored in the range of 630 points to 670 points in math obtain scores that changed by less than 40 points compared with their junior scores. For that group, any score change of less than 40 points is NOT SIGNIFICANT, A FLUCTUATION, and within the MARGIN OF ERROR. Some students in that group still improve, but beating the odds requires dedication. In this case, your daughter did not expect a big improvement because immediately post-test, she decided to retake it. Our strategy was effective and established and included PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Prior to this SAT trial, I administered nearly 4 hours of timed official SAT math test sections to her, over 180 SAT math questions, and taught her how to answer each question optimally.

There were significant improvements in timing, confidence and accuracy. You wrote that "for the first time she [your daughter] didn't run out of time on the math section…”, and that I have “been a big help with her confidence.” Furthermore, your daughter’s accuracy was improving: in one timed official SAT math section I administered, she attained a near perfect score.

I used your daughter’s time well and I helped her.

"Friendly and capable tutor, but not responsive to my level of knowledge or preferred pace"

- Jeff, Cambridge, MA on 10/12/14
Anton replied on 10/30/2014

If one can’t complete the complex problems, it is often that the fundamentals are not mastered. One of my obligations as a tutor is to make sure that the fundamentals are understood, so that the student can apply that knowledge to more complex and difficult problems in the future. Mastering fundamentals is a key to success in science and math, because fundamentals and advanced topics go hand in hand. Humility and patience are essential virtues for both scientists and mathematicians.

Students and parents have consistently appreciated my work because I diagnose where students miss concepts. Once the basics are solid, my students learn at an accelerated pace, and the results speak for themselves. Many of my students have been with me for over a year, have learned entire courses just from me, and have returned to me to study several other subjects. They remain in contact. My students have learned the concepts fundamentally, have earned high marks on their papers and assignments, have obtained high grades and test scores, and some have landed great jobs.

Jeff, you asked for a review so as per your request we skipped chapters 1,2, and 4, did 6 sections and 12 problems in chapter 3, and reviewed some then completed one difficult problem in chapter 5. We used your time well. You are a very bright and talented student and I wish you all the best for your future.


- Karen, Cambridge, MA on 6/19/14

"Great Tutor"

- Mark, Needham, MA on 5/29/14

"A big help to my student"

- M. Alexandra, Winchester, MA on 5/25/14

"Patient, Reliable, and Knowledgeable"

- J.B., Newton Center, MA on 5/8/14

"Anton is diligent, reliable, and trustworthy"

- Charles, Long Island City, NY on 5/5/14

"Excellent Tutor, Highly Recommended"

- Carol, Lexington, MA on 5/3/14


- Kimberly, Medford, MA on 4/7/14

"Doing very well with my identical twins."

- Catherine, Woburn, MA on 2/2/14

"Excellent tutor."

- Stefan, Boston, MA on 1/23/14

"Excellent tutor."

- Ron, North Andover, MA on 10/26/13

"Great tutor with extreme patience and creative thinking"

- Wenjing, Bayside, NY on 8/27/13


- Wendee, New York, NY on 8/22/13

"Amazing Tutor"

- Bonnie, Scarsdale, NY on 8/1/13

"Great for Graduate Studies As Well!"

- Matt, New York, NY on 6/30/13

"Outstanding tutor."

- Charles, Queens Village, NY on 6/29/13

"Highly recommended"

- Laura, Middle Village, NY on 6/11/13

"Fantastic Tutor"

- Lynn, Bronx, NY on 5/18/13

"Innovative Approach"

- Mahmoud, New York, NY on 5/6/13

"Excellent Matlab Tutor!"

- Ashley, Newark, NJ on 4/30/13

"Great tutor"

- Robin, New York, NY on 4/29/13
ACT Math, Algebra 1,
Algebra 2, Calculus,
Differential Equations,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
GRE, Linear Algebra,
Microsoft Excel, Prealgebra, Precalculus, Probability, SAT Math,
SPSS, Statistics,
ACT Science, Astronomy, Biology, Biostatistics,
Chemistry, Electrical Engineering,
Elementary Science, Physical Science, Physics
ESL/ESOL, Grammar, Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT Math, ACT Science, GMAT,
SAT Math,
SAT Reading, SAT Writing
Computer Programming,
Computer Science,
General Computer, Java,
Microsoft Excel, Photography,
ESL/ESOL, Reading, Writing
Special Needs:
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Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Reading
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Grammar, Reading, Writing
GRE, Microsoft Excel, Writing

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

I have a PhD in physics. I've tutored with much success to high school students in all sorts of math. Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, precalculus, and calculus. In some cases, I've worked under difficult circumstances. Either because of time pressure, or otherwise, where we had a lot of material to cover quickly. My students have done well, especially those that I worked with over several sessions.

My goal is to make the subject clear so that you learn it. If you learn it well, it will serve you well for a long time to come. It is a crucial skill to have, and I'd make sure you do have it.


I studied Arabic intensively and know the language well. After taking several courses as an undergraduate, and having taken an intensive Arabic summer course in Middlebury College, I was accepted at the Center for Arabic Studies Abroad in Cairo, Egypt. There I participated in a year long course learning Arabic at a professional level. I passed a Foreign Service Fluency Exam in Arabic with a score of 3.7/5, meaning that I achieved a Professional level of fluency. I lived in the Middle East for well over a year between Cairo and the West Bank.

Now I speak with my two young children in Arabic predominantly.


You can see from my profile that I tutor in statistics frequently. I have had many statistics students and some have written excellent testimonials on my behalf. I also am approved in biology. I have done a post-doctoral fellowship in neuroscience so I know biology. Biostatistics is basically statistics applied to biology. This is well within my area of expertise.


C programming is essential for many languages. C has many similarities to C++ but in C, there are different preferred methods. C has many current applications, for example operating systems and device drivers.

I tutor in C/C++ on a weekly basis and have done so for 6 months or so. I make sure that the main ideas of the program at hand are understood first. I make sure the syntax is also clear, so the results can be applied.


First, I have a Ph.D. in Experimental Atomic Physics from Harvard. I've programmed for about 25 years. I am certified in MATLAB and in Programming because I've completed large data analysis and instrument control projects in various languages, such as C++, MATLAB, LABVIEW, Pascal and Mathematica.

I've learned C++ through B. Stroustrup's book the C++ programming language. That book is the reference for professionals who work with C++. I also learned through other books such as Scott Meyers, Effective C++ and Barton and Nackman's book. I've written thousands of lines of C++ for various applications. I am using C++ to design a complex platform for a commercial medical device.

C++ popularized the important concepts of Object oriented programming, generic programming and inheritance. I know how these concepts are implemented in C++ and also in Java. I know how to program using C++'s native structures. This is important for writing efficient and easily comprehensible code.

I've mastered C++. C++ can be viewed as a federation of languages, such as C, the Standard Template Library, Object Oriented Programming and inheritance structures, and Generic Programming structures. I know all these subjects and I know how to write efficient code.

I also have studied algorithms. For solving problems in C++ this is critical for it allows one to solve problems in the simplest way, by writing proven structures, or using existing ones. It allows one to solve problems one could not have otherwise.

As a Tutor, I bring a love of the C++ language and patience. I can play a critical role in programming for I can quickly spot why some software doesn't work. I will make sure that my students master and perhaps love the material.


I have a solid understanding of calculus gained through earning a PhD in physics and from learning mathematics in a profound way. I was always interested in mathematics and in high school and was a mathematics olympiad regional winner. Physics and computer science both requires a deep command of mathematics, and so since then my knowledge and abilities have continually grown.

I'd make sure the concepts are understood. They come up naturally in problems, and we'd go through them at the appropriate level of detail. I'd also make sure you can apply them to problems.

I've been well rated as a calculus tutor. I'm also well rated as a tutor in general because I take tutoring seriously.

Computer Programming

I have a Ph.D. in experimental atomic physics and I have been programming for 30 years. I know Java, C++, MATLAB, and some older less used languages such as Pascal and Mathematica.

I've written over 500 routines for graphing and data analysis in MATLAB. I have written hundreds of lines of code in Java and C++. I know how to write and to debug in object oriented languages.

Computer Science

I have a PhD in physics, and spent much of my career writing software primarily for data analysis, data visualization, for control and interfaces to instruments, and teaching. I have taught MATLAB, Mathematica, C++, C, Java, SPSS, computer programming, and 2D computer graphics. I am also well versed in algorithms and that is often the focus of my teaching. Above and beyond the language, I like to teach programming principles and practice. I've had many students in C++, Java, and in MATLAB and often they return for other work.

Differential Equations

I have a PhD in physics and I tutor extensively in math including calculus, and linear algebra. I studied differential equations in college and graduate school. At Columbia University I was a teacher's assistant in differential equations. I helped teach this course at least two times, so I got to be very good at teaching it. Now I also could teach differential equations.

Electrical Engineering

I have a PhD in physics and a B. Sc. in applied physics. While in graduate school and as a postdoctoral fellow, I built and designed perhaps 100s of components using both digital and analog electronics. That design experience gives me insight that would be difficult (if not impossible) to learn from books.

I've also taught computer science for hundreds of hours and that experience also gives me a knowledge of how to reach both computer science and electrical engineering students.

Elementary (K-6th)

First I would say that I've taught many, many hours of elementary school education. I now have two eighth graders that I tutor to and I received high marks for that. You can see testimonials from two children, one in second grade and another in fourth grade. Another fourth grader in math continually asked me when I would come back to New York to help tutor him. I also know the elementary school curriculum. I've tutored in math, science and English.

Elementary Math

I have tutored math to elementary school students. I have a good sense for the curriculum, and I have a good sense for what concepts are easy and what concepts are difficult for some students.


I've tutored in Geometry frequently, often where we reviewed the entire subject. I am adept at teaching proofs, triangle properties, parallelogram properties, and those of circles. I also can integrate these properties to help foster a deep understanding and appreciation for Geometry.


I've taught all the math subjects that are included within the GMAT, including algebra, geometry, and word problems. I've taught statistics and business statistics with good results as you can see below. I have used quantitative reasoning in writing research papers and in analyzing data to determine what conclusions are justified.


I've taught Java to several students in high school and college. I've taught fundamentals of the language, inheritance, and key algorithms such as stacks, queues, sorting, symbol tables and graphs.

Linear Algebra

I have a Ph.D. in physics and linear algebra is used all the time for daily work. I've used it to solve all sorts of numerical problems.

I've been tutoring in linear algebra and recently helped a student at Columbia learn this subject. As a tutor, I've taught math topics such as differential equations, algebra, calculus, vector calculus, precalculus, trigonometry, probability, and statistics.

I've had some excellent results with my tutoring. In some cases my students have turned around some tough situations. I played a role in that by making concepts understandable and by addressing their needs directly and quickly.


I've programmed extensively in Mathematica. I used it to analyze my thesis Data for my Ph.D. in physics.

I've also programmed extensively and know many different computer languages, so I can put this language in context.


I've used MATLAB to analyze data for my research in neuroscience for about 10 years and for three years at least a large fraction of my day was spent writing MATLAB code. I've written more than 500 data analysis and software routines in MATLAB and I know all the commands and how best to organize software.

In addition, I know how to design software gained through studying programming and by writing long applications.


I have a PhD in physics and I worked as a post-doctoral fellow in neuroscience. This has trained me in most of the sections in the exam.

The exam is divided into several parts. One section is the Physical Sciences, essentially physics and chemistry. The topics in that section include force, energy, momentum, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, electric circuits in the physics section, and electronic structure, the periodic table, thermochemistry, acid-base reactions, the structure of molecules, , electrochemistry in the chemistry section. I cover all these subjects through my approval in physics and chemistry.

Another section of the test is analytic reasoning and deciding what conclusions one can draw from medical data. I tutor in statistics and know how to infer conclusions based on the data. I've written scientific papers where I've applied that knowledge as well. That section, where one assesses the strengths of ones data and infers conclusions is also something I tutor in regularly.

The remaining main section is the biological sciences, and large sections of this I also could cover. I cover the properties of nerve cells and neuroanatomy. I did a postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience, where that knowledge was crucial in order to do research.

For MCAT tutoring, students generally specify which subjects they want tutoring in. I would apply to those positions where my strengths are needed.


I've studied photography for 10 years. I've submitted photographs for competitions as well. I know all the mechanics of photography, setting light, exposure, speed, lenses and setting the aperture. I also have developed a sense for how to shoot. What angles work in photography and how to capture the moment. I would be able to tutor in basic as well as advanced topics in photography, both indoor and outside.


I have a PhD in experimental physics (Harvard). I have several students that I tutor in physics in high school, and elementary school, and I have also tutored and taught students in college and graduate school.


I've taught programming for hundreds of hours for all related languages such as C++, C, and Java. I also have taught Python now for some 50 hours. Python is a simpler language than the others, yet it shares nearly all of the same the concepts and an only slightly modified syntax. I am very good at teaching programming principles. Most of the code that I have helped students write works with few if any programming bugs. I am very good at teaching programming principles to students learning Python.


I tutor in elementary mathematics and science to several students in high school currently. These subjects have included physics, mathematics and chemistry.

My tutoring experience has taught me what questions are asked on the Regents and what difficulties students have. I also have studied for the Regents myself, so I have a sense for the questions.

I have a PhD in physics, have worked as a post-doc in Biology and was a mathematics olympiad regional winner in high school. In addition, I tutor and have tutored in mathematics from elementary school to high school and throughout college. I have a good command of the material, even well beyond the regents themselves.

SAT Math

SAT math is composed of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and precalculus. I've tutored repeatedly in all of these subjects individually and I've received very good reviews and testimonials for that work. I've also tutored for SAT math as a subject where not only are these subjects tested, but also under test is your speed and your choice of questions.

I have a PhD in physics and was a mathematics olympiad winner in high school. I've always been extremely good at math.


I learned statistics through my PhD thesis in experimental physics to infer the accuracy of my measurement. I also used it to write papers for neuroscience. I have regular students that I tutor in statistics, probability and business statistics.

Columbia University
Harvard University
Harvard University


Columbia University (Physics)

Harvard University (PhD)

Harvard University (Master's)

Best tutor in Boston

Anton is the best tutor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His seemingly limitless knowledge of mathematics helped me get an A in an advanced statistics graduate course that I did not have much background in at all. I have since accepted a statistics position and have begun my career. Always on time and impeccably organized, Anton is worth every penny invested.

— Ken, San Francisco, CA on 5/5/14

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $200.00

Cancellation: 12 hours notice required

Cancellation: 12 hours required except for a documented emergency, else a one hour fee.

Travel policy

Anton will travel within 15 miles of Princeton, NJ 08540.