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Amazing physics tutor
— Jackie, Englishtown, NJ on 1/31/17


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Rutgers University
Physics, Biology
Columbia University School of Dental Medicine
Graduate Coursework


Rutgers University (Physics, Biology)

Columbia University School of Dental Medicine (Graduate Coursework)

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A former Columbia University School of Dental Medicine scholar, I achieved a perfect score on the "Quantitative Reasoning" section of the DAT, along with the highest overall score among the members of my entering class. Accepted into the 2014 New York City Teaching Fellowship Program, I am a certified physics instructor, possessing a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. In addition, I am a proud recipient of the "ETS Recognition of Excellence Award" for the attainment of a score of 195 on the General Science: Content Knowledge Praxis II Examination.

I have been employed as a part-time lecturer and TA for the Rutgers University Physics Department where, once per week, I conducted a 200-minute physics laboratory consisting of thirty students.

I tutor all students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, SAT, ACT, English, Proofreading, Calculus, and all other mathematical disciplines in existence.

Physics is, unequivocally, my favorite subject to tutor, and, if my A-game is accompanying me, the likelihood of presenting me with a problem for which I am incapable of rendering a solution rivals that of a blind squirrel discovering an acorn.

There are those who may refer to the aforementioned words/attitude as "hubris" or "cockiness"; however, such assertions could not be any more antithetical to reality. Quite the contrary, I would define such statements as merely confidence, providing the perfect segue for elaboration upon the three central constituents of my instructional philosophy.

The first of the three tenets central to my educational philosophy is “Confidence.” The unmitigated significance of improving students’ comprehension of concepts, while eradicating any misunderstandings related to said concepts is a responsibility bestowed upon all tutors that is undebatable.

However, what many tutors/teachers fail to recognize is that the building and reinforcement of a student’s confidence is, or should be, of no less importance, as it is crucial to academic success and, of even greater importance, life success. Because of the myriad interactions between myself and other individuals, especially students/young adults, it has become increasingly clear that most students severely underestimate their academic abilities and, as a result, suffer from a significant deficiency in confidence.

I vehemently assert, "Confidence precedes success," and completely and categorically dismiss the idea of "Success preceding confidence.” Therefore, it is my stalwartly held belief, that success is unattainable by a person bereft of confidence. My confidence, as should be readily discernible from my writing is quite “real,” and its development in every student with whom I agree to partner is a priority that is second to none.

My dogmata regarding the association between success and confidence could not be more appropriately and succinctly exemplified than the following reference to a quotation immortalized by Ford Motor Company founder, Henry Ford: Whether you think you can or you can’t….you’re right.

The second of the three principles central to my instructional philosophy is “Comprehension.” The increasingly pervasive prevalence of memorization in our nation’s educational environments is a trend that necessitates eradication. Students have become progressively more dependent upon rote memorization in their misguided attempts to accomplish mastery of conceptions that should be comprehended and understood.

Effective education in Math and the Sciences should focus on emphasizing the "Why" behind every concept and making certain that the student can successfully respond to questions posed in multiple contexts. Memorization, the lowest form of learning in the Cognitive Domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy, will only permit the student to respond accurately to a certain question in the precise context in which it was memorized.

In contrast, well-comprehended procedures, theories, etc., facilitate the treasured higher-order reasoning required to arrive at the proper solution, regardless of the context in which it is presented. Higher-order thinking is a very valuable skill in today’s workforce, and its development and cultivation in my students is central to my instructional methods. I incessantly preach, "If you have to memorize something, then you do not understand it sufficiently."

The third of the three doctrines around which my instructional philosophy revolves is “Care.” Often attributed to Teddy Roosevelt, a quotation that eloquently and succinctly encapsulates my position is, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” My interpretation of that quote refers to the degree of commitment that I am indebted to each and every student with whom I work.

As a professional writer with over fifty published articles, and a mass-market publication due out in the fall, I derive tremendous enjoyment from proofreading, in which one presents me with an essay or written composition and I revise said composition to render it more harmonious to the reader. Concomitant with such revisions, I enjoy educating the writer regarding the justifications for such revisions, i.e., sentence structure, grammar, spelling, subject-verb agreement, vocabulary, etc.

I provide bi-weekly contributions as an editorial sports staff writer at a major media website. I have also been a guest on a popular, prominent NY sports-talk radio program, providing complex, sabermetric baseball analysis regarding the team that I cover on a regular basis.

My third and final area of expertise is standardized test preparation, e.g., SAT, ACT, DAT, etc.

I have an incomparable record of accomplishment in assisting students attain remarkable increases in their ACT/SAT scores. My proudest achievement occurred when one of my SAT students elevated her SAT Math score from 420 to 640.
A former Columbia University School of Dental Medicine scholar, I achieved a perfect score on the "Quantitative Reasoning" section of the DAT, along with the highest overall score among the members of my entering class. Accepted into the 2014 New York City Teaching Fellowship Program, I am a certified physics instructor, possessing a Bachelor of Read more

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"Amazing physics tutor"

- Jackie, Englishtown, NJ on 1/31/17

"Helpful tutor for Geometry"

- Natalie, Cranbury, NJ on 9/18/17

"Knowledgeable and patience tutor"

- Sunny, Morganville, NJ on 6/23/17

"Great Tutor"

- Lisa, Monroe Township, NJ on 6/10/17

"A Wonderful Experience!!"

- Marlene, Plainsboro, NJ on 6/7/17

"Helpful Tutor"

- Andy, Monroe Township, NJ on 5/9/17

"Excellent tutor"

- Charlene, Englishtown, NJ on 5/7/17

"Best Tutor for Math"

- Anita, Plainsboro, NJ on 3/31/17

"Shows Commitment"

- Vinod, Trenton, NJ on 2/9/17

"Knowledgeable tutor"

- Michelle, Monroe Township, NJ on 1/26/17

"Good chemistry honor review class"

- Shirley, Plainsboro, NJ on 1/22/17

"Very patient and committed"

- Judith, North Brunswick, NJ on 11/15/16

"Tutor with sense of purpose, willing to go the extra mile"

- Sharon, Trenton, NJ on 10/21/16
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The acquisition of a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of Human Anatomy requires intensive didactic study of anatomical functionality coupled with repeated, distributed practice in the identification of such anatomical structures as they exist naturally and collectively within the human body.

In addition, the identification of said structures in diagnostic images, e.g., PET, CT, MRI, SPECT, X-RAY, etc., should be a competence present in the toolbox of any capable anatomist.

As a student at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine, I was privileged to acquire such knowledge via the dissection of multiple human cadavers under the tutelage of some of the most acclaimed instructors in existence.


The study of Biology is extremely detailed and comprehensive, possessing concepts common to many disciplines, including chemistry and physics.

A typical course in General Biology will explore most, if not all, of the following very broadly characterized topics: Biological molecules, Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells, Genetics, Evolution, Evolutionary History, Animal and Plant Physiology, and Ecology.

I can be of great assistance to those struggling with these topics, or to those who desire to delve into any of the aforementioned topics at a level of detail greater than one is currently experiencing.


A former student at the prestigious Columbia University School of Dental Medicine, I attained a faultless score on the “Quantitative Reasoning” portion of the DAT. I have excelled in all Calculus courses, e.g., Calculus I, II, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.

To emerge triumphant in Calculus, or any Mathematical discipline for that matter, the practice of memorization must be eradicated. Instead, The rationale for all Mathematical Operations should be clearly understood, and not blindly applied in a manner similar to that of a “recipe” that has been passed down through numerous familial generations.

My proven teaching methods encourage students to embrace the concepts that they are to apply, mastering the “Why” and not merely the “What.”


A certified high school physics instructor, I have successfully tutored Chemistry for many years.

My expertise in the field of Chemistry has been irrefutably demonstrated, as I am a proud recipient of the "ETS Recognition of Excellence Award," for the attainment of an astronomical score of 195 on the General Science: Content Knowledge Praxis II Examination; a passing score of merely 152 on said test is a prerequisite for "teacher of science" licensure in the state of NJ.


Superlative oratorical skills in tandem with the ability to generate fluid, expressive literary composition are two of the most prevalent traits possessed by those occupying the highly-coveted, well-compensated leadership positions throughout society.

If you have the desire, I would like to assist in your advancement.


The Criminal and Civil Justice Systems in this country are two of the oldest and most fascinating institutions in American History. Were one to eavesdrop on a conversation regarding our Civil Justice System and its associated infractions, one would, more likely than not, encounter a serve-and-volley exchange and dissemination of purely fictitious verbiage. For example, how many people have heard the fallacious assertion, "One cannot record a telephone conversation without alerting the other party"? That statement is utter nonsense.

In the state of NJ, known as a "one-party" state, only one of the telephone call participants, in this case, me, is obligated to be aware that the conversation is being recorded, assuming that the party I am calling also resides in NJ, or in one of the other nearly forty "one-party" states. It is also entirely within my legal rights to call someone with whom I am conducting business or finalizing an agreement, record the entire conversation sans the utterance of a word, and, if necessary, present said conversation to the court were any "unplanned deviations" from said agreement to present themselves.

I hope that my readers have found this post informative and useful. I am often asked when one should employ such a tactic and my response is typically: anytime that the person on the other end of the line has been engaging in a pattern of harassing or threatening behavior, or one is ratifying an agreement that is strictly oral in nature, and concrete evidence of the existence of such a covenant is desired.


While studying at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine, I attained the highest DAT score in my entering class.

I am a certified physics instructor in the state of NJ and I have served as a TA for a weekly "General Physics 206" Laboratory at Rutgers University.

Physics is a subject that cannot be learned through memorization. There are simply too many concepts that may be applied in too many different ways. Well-comprehended subject matter is the only formula for success.

It is my job to ensure that the relevant concepts are understood and not merely memorized.


Human/Animal Physiology is typically studied using an organ-system methodology. Organ systems are formed via hierarchies of cells, tissues, and organs, and each organ-system is dedicated to a particular domain of function.

For example, some of the most commonly referenced organ-systems include the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the nervous system and the excretory system.

Central to the study of Human/Animal Physiology is "Homeostasis," the maintenance of the internal environment of an organism's body within a very narrow set of parameters, despite large fluctuations of such parameters within the external environment.


The ability to speak and write at a high level is not only a scarce trait among members of the human population, but it is one assigned significant value in our present society and economy.

As a result, there exist few activities more conducive to one's societal and personal advancement than the cultivation and improvement of one's skills in said areas.

I can be of great assistance in improving such skills.

Rutgers University
Physics, Biology
Columbia University School of Dental Medicine
Graduate Coursework


Rutgers University (Physics, Biology)

Columbia University School of Dental Medicine (Graduate Coursework)

Amazing physics tutor

Tracy made my 17 year old son feel comfortable right away and explained everything very clearly. He taught by example, showing Jacob how he would attack the problem while explaining and checking Jacob's understanding. Tracy was funny, patient, and extremely knowledgeable in the subject area. We have already scheduled another lesson and I am confident that with Tracy's help, Jacob will improve in p

— Jackie, Englishtown, NJ on 1/31/17

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