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Lovely and Knowledgable Tutor with a great way of relating to my daughter.
— Elizabeth, Forest Hills, NY on 7/10/15


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Boricua college
Adelphi University, NY


Boricua college (Bachelors)

Adelphi University, NY (Master's)

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If your child lacks confidence to succeed, then I want to help your child discover the joy in learning. If your child seems to always be behind, struggling, and has no interest in doing homework, then I'm the person that can help your child find his or her way to feeling confident and able in the classroom. I've been a NYC teacher for over 14 years. I've worked with ESL, ELL, and children with IEP's who had different educational needs but where placed in a regular class setting. I started as a Bilingual Teacher and then a regular monolingual teacher. Before this, I was a paraprofessional. I worked with bilingual and special needs students. I've worked tutoring after school and on weekends. I've also worked to help my own students by going online and working with them from home.

I've seen children who couldn't read or write become independent, fluent readers with care and dedication. As a classroom teacher, I know how to assess your child and look for areas of special needs. Just talk to me and see if I'm the teacher or tutor to help your child break out of the failure mode and into the freedom of loving education and seeing what an amazing child they really are. I want to help your child shine. Give me the opportunity to work with your child and together we'll celebrate the victories!

I can meet you at your home, the Library, or place you select. I can even work with your child online. Just let me know how I can best meet your needs and we will work together to put your child's needs first.
If your child lacks confidence to succeed, then I want to help your child discover the joy in learning. If your child seems to always be behind, struggling, and has no interest in doing homework, then I'm the person that can help your child find his or her way to feeling confident and able in the classroom. I've been a NYC teacher for over 14 Read more

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If there are two students, the price will be discussed in order to best help parents and students. Ask me about special rates offered by Wyzant when you prepay a few lessons in a pack.

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"Lovely and Knowledgable Tutor with a great way of relating to my daughter."

- Elizabeth, Forest Hills, NY on 7/10/15

"Thorough tutor who is engaging and patient."

- Dana, Brooklyn, NY on 3/6/13
Angeline replied on 3/6/2013

Ms. Dana,
Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I am looking forward seeing your daughter again and working to help her meet all her educational goals. Lets hope for good weather this weekend. See you then.

English, ESL/ESOL,
Grammar, Proofreading, Reading,
Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
Common Core
General Computer
Social Studies
Special Needs:
ADD/ADHD, Autism,
Phonics, Special Needs
Elementary Education:
Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science,
Grammar, Handwriting, Homeschool, Phonics, Reading,
Study Skills,

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I've worked in the classroom where I had inclusion of students with learning disabilities, autism, behavioral and learning problems. Before I was a teacher, I was a teacher's aide where I worked with students who have multiple scoliosis, were on wheel chairs due to spinal injuries but were still able to learn at their levels. I've always made it a priority to follow IEPs for all students that were with me half a day or full day, in a regular classroom setting. Creating differentiated lesson plans to meet all the students needs was a priority and the only way to ensure success for all my students. I'm also a parent and know that we want someone that is patient, caring and will work to bring the best in our child. In order to become a NYS certified and licensed teacher, I had to take Special Education courses. My degree and license is in Elementary Education from PreK to 6. I've taught all subjects.

Common Core

As an educator, my professional development and training was based on using the CC to not only plan my lessons, but to differentiate instruction and make sure that I was setting goals for all my students using the CC, according to their personal needs and the expectation for each month. I had to make sure my planning was aligned with the CC. I was also trained to use the Core Body of Knowledge in my planning. As I became an Educational Director, I soon used my experience in planning, differentiating, goal setting and alignment to make sure that I can now help teachers understand how to plan, assess, evaluate, create lessons for all students, and use the different resources available that have been aligned to the Common Core. Now directing in the preschool, I can help teachers see how Creative Curriculum has also been aligned to the NYC DOE Common Core and how we also use the Core Body of Knowledge to help direct us as teachers and educational leaders. The CC gives us an outline of where children should be according to their grade but it also helps us create a path of where they are or should be going if they're not able to meet those goals at a specific time. I make sure children are getting ready for the next level and I make sure that as we set goals, our eyes are on the standards before us so that all can succeed in learning.

Elementary (K-6th)

My degree is in Elementary Education with a Bilingual Extension. My early classroom experience was as a teacher's assistant. I later became certified as a teacher and continued working in the field I love, teaching students and working to leave a positive impact on every life, especially a love for learning. I've worked as a Bilingual teacher as well as a regular Monolingual Teacher. I have success preparing students for yearly exams and take great pride in seeing them learn and succeed. My other interests are teaching Art, and bringing in the Arts into the classroom. Technology is also huge in my classroom as it is part of who I am, always using what I need to keep my students interested.

Elementary Math

My approach to math is simple and fun. Once I identify the areas the student needs to work on, I find all the necessary resources to make learning time fun! I am a hands on and visual learner. For this reason, using art, technology, and visual aids/manipulative is important to me because its the way I learn best. There are many ways to find an answer and many strategies to use for one problem. I look for ways to help your child find their area of comfort and confidence as they learn to discover and cultivate the hidden mathematician in them. Math can be scary for many students and when we look for ways to make it fun, the challenge becomes one more video game they want to complete. Let me work with your child and help bring out the amazing love for math they never knew was possible.

Elementary Science

As an educator for preschoolers and elementary age students, my science lessons have always been planned as hands on, inquiry based, and experience it all type of moments. Using the Depth of Knowledge and Bloom's Taxonomy, as well as acknowledging the different Learning Styles, my science classroom was a fun, messy, sometimes loud and other times a quiet place as we explored, questions, sought answers, investigated together and in small groups and also prepared to present before the class as "scientists". My planning went side by side with the Common Core Standards and grade expectations for the school's program. This opened the door for me to plan the Science Program for PS257 for two years. I enjoyed researching for the best way to present lessons and get students excited about Science. Today, as an Education Director, I encourage and challenge teachers to also research and create hands on learning spaces in their classrooms. My favorite part is the Preschool classroom because no matter the mess, there is evidence of fun learning. I encourage teachers to create science journals, logs, use charts, incorporate math (graphs, measurement) into their logs. I share all I've done in my classroom with teachers under my care and I love watching them grow as well.


My life has been blessed with the honor of working with Bilingual students, English Language Learners (ELLs) and students that are ESL (English as a second language learners). As a teacher, my experience ranges from having students from Ukraine, South America, China, Korea, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Ghana. I am fluent in English and Spanish. So, having students that spoke no English from other countries at first, early in my teaching career, was a little scary. I am somewhat of an artist, and was able to use my art and my love for dance to work with these amazing children. They were able to pass their exams and be placed into a regular monolingual class setting. Some students remained in the program for two to three years, as was allowed, because they were still learning and many traveled back and forth during the school year. Later on, I was allowed to open up a Basic Computer Class for adults (parents and caretakers) of students in the school. I had two sessions on Saturdays, for two years. Each class had 24 adult students. The greatest challenge was working with adults that didn't know how to read or write. So, my class became a place where I began to teach basic writing and reading as if we were in a kindergarten class. But, it was wonderful! They opened up to me and we became a big family. My greatest accomplishment, was watching my first year students come back and then start helping the newer adults, and not only help guide through the computer task, but begin to use English, not just Spanish. I had one father who spoke Chinese, but his English was just enough to have simple conversations. I love my language learners, regardless of age, learning stage or ability. We all have gifts and being able to grow together through communication is an amazing treasure indeed. If I tutor your child or come for an adult that needs ESL/ESOL help, I hope you will find that I will go out of my way, using fun conversations, create dialogue, art, creative writing and discussions about life and those things that are interesting to you. My job will always be to help you.


I am experienced in preparing students in elementary grades for state and city exams. I have training with new standard testing requirements. I can teach your child test taking strategies to help them become confident while test taking.

Social Studies

As a social studies teacher, I have always felt that the best way to teach history is to let the stories come alive in the classroom. I bring photos from my trips and things I collect when I go on vacation to bring into the classroom and create a hands on, living environment where students don't just read about it, but explore, act out, research, view and enjoy. Going online and researching the past has been something that has connected me with my students. By this I mean, I was able to create pages with references and resources where students could view videos, interview, documents and photos of the period being learned. This took the boring and empty learning of just looking at a book and listening to a lecture. Visits to museums and historical landmarks helped the students recreate the moments we learned about in class, and then create their own made up journal entries and stories to bring those moment back into existence. My older students were able to create short skits and thus revisit the learning by sharing what had been learned in their own words and style. If I get the opportunity to help your child with history, any social studies need, your child will be able to take a trip into the time period, the places and the people of that historical era. It is important to use your creativity and imagination in order to help a student make connections of the past with those things available in their present. Books are awesome tickets into another place and another time. But we as teachers need to take it a step further and help them use researching tool to navigate and truly try to experience those moments in the past that are still speaking great volumes of life and teaching into our time as well. My family trips to historical sites created in my children a love for history as well. It is this love for the past I work diligently to birth into the children I work with as well.

Special Needs

As a teacher and when I was a paraprofessional, I had students with special needs who required help with the most basic daily routines. With great love and patience,as well as utmost respect, I guided and assisted each student to help them become independent writers and thinkers. My approach has always been to win the student through a smile and get them to know they can trust me. Through repetition, eye contact, questions and meaningful interaction, students that didn't want to talk to others, spoke to me like a chatty teen. Students that couldn't do math, began to use their hands to move pieces as I love using art, tactile objects, music and what I can, even toys, to get a student involved and able to learn. IN working with adults, I find that they still need the same love and attention a child does. I will use technology, games and even movement to get the lesson across to the child or adult according to their needs. I will always ask families first what makes the student comfortable. I believe knowing their comfort levels and what may get them to lock me out are important because at the end of the day, what matters is the student receiving what they need most and I will go out of my way, asking, researching, training and doing what I must to meet the needs of each special need in my care.

Study Skills

Students need great study skills in order to achieve in today's classroom. What they practice early on, will become a pattern for success as they enter upper grades, college and even in their personal lives. This is why I believe that children can learn early on to organize, not only in keeping things orderly, but knowing priority, what to do first, next, and last. This goes hand in hand with time management. During a test, they will need to know what to do and remember that they have only a certain amount of time. Planning a strategy from the different strategies learned through experience and hands on in school as well as life. I get my students to decide what their strengths are and what strategies they excel at. Then, we learn to organize and plan knowing they will be timed. Many educators are against memorization, but today's students can benefit from memorizing basic concepts that help them move quickly, for example in math, knowing multiplication facts. Sounds old school, but I believe it can still help many children that need the extra support and confidence.In my classroom as well as in my home, we have a study area designed and set aside for the privacy of enjoying a good book, going online, or being alone to study and do homework. Myself, as well as my kids, can testify that when these little things are put in place, children will want to study and read and do their work. Sometimes children will need a buddy system to better study and I put children to help one another. There are many ways to improve study skills and I will do my best to help your child achieve.


There are different ways to approach writing. Many teachers use the Writing Workshop model where students start with a big idea that breaks out into seed topics. Webs are created to help students organize and bring their thoughts about and it really can make for some great writing. There is also the writing that just spontaneously happens from the heart. Our feelings can turn our pens into instruments of poetry and heart felt sharing. I love to bring students to a place where they feel free to share, their own way and at their pace. I also love to write, so let the stories begin.

Boricua college
Adelphi University, NY


Boricua college (Bachelors)

Adelphi University, NY (Master's)

Lovely and Knowledgable Tutor with a great way of relating to my daughter.

Angeline came to meet with my daughter, a middle school student who is working on deepening her writing, and me, for the first time yesterday. She connected with us both in such a warm and positive way! She clearly knows a great deal about reading in an in depth manner, writing and working with kids in these areas. She was knowledgeable and a great listener. She gave us really helpful feedbac

— Elizabeth, Forest Hills, NY on 7/10/15

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Standard Hourly Rate: $65.00

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If there are two students, the price will be discussed in order to best help parents and students. Ask me about special rates offered by Wyzant when you prepay a few lessons in a pack.

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