Public Speaking

I am a highly motivated and energetic educator with over fifteen years of experience. I have a BA and MA in Special Education (Teacher of the Handicapped). I have had the pleasure of working with students from the preschool level through high school with and without disabilities. I have worked in self-contained, pull-out replacement, one-on-one and inclusion settings. Being an educator requires one to be able to be in front of people on a daily basis, present information in an organized fashion, speak loudly and clearly, and show enthusiasm and inflection in voice. Many people fear public speaking, so in my classroom, we get the students up front often, whether it be a small or large presentation or just sharing information to their peers. I have worked with students to find their "niche" for public speaking. I have helped to create notecards, PowerPoint Presentations, posters, etc. I have worked with students to overcome their fear of speaking in front of their peers or strangers.