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I have tutored friends in Latin, Hebrew, math and Greek, having had an age-old love for learning and sharing what I have learned, which began before Kindergarten. I tested out of first and second grade in elementary school and all my general studies in college. My ACT score was in the top three percentile. I graduated from high school with 45 college credits and from the university in three years with a BS in English, which is one of my strong subjects, the others being history, spelling, reading, geography, languages, linguistics, and the like. Being also a certified literacy coach, I taught my son to read his first book on his own at age two.

As a tutor in 32 different subjects, my teaching goal is to capture your imagination about the subject matter and gently lead you to a light bulb moment regarding the topic. I will welcome your undivided attention; I will thank you with your own picture that I will draw for you when you give it. My 29 years in the Holy Ministry have taught me many skills that I am eager to share with you as have my six years as a certified substitute teacher at all grade levels. I know you want to learn and I will do all I can to help you do so!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
I have tutored friends in Latin, Hebrew, math and Greek, having had an age-old love for learning and sharing what I have learned, which began before Kindergarten. I tested out of first and second grade in elementary school and all my general studies in college. My ACT score was in the top three percentile. I graduated from high school with 45 Read more

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In-person lessons
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Composition (Music), Music Theory,
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Architecture, Composition (Music), Drawing,
Graphic Design, Painting, Video Production
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ACT Reading,
Graphic Design, Microsoft Windows, Video Production
Elementary Education:
ADHD, Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Science,
Homeschool, Phonics,
Architecture, Economics,
Public Speaking,
Cooking, Golf, Poker

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ACT Reading

I love taking tests. My favorite are the essay tests. ACT Reading is more a multiple choice exam, but very necessary for getting into a desired college or university. Whatever school of higher learning you desire, it is my desire to get you there as best I can!

American History

All history came alive for me when one teacher unfolded it as one long, interesting story! Indeed, truth trumps fiction every time! My history teacher encouraged me to major in history of all kinds. I love, as an American, teaching what is so imprinted on my mind!


I have always been fascinated with the human body, and I soak up everything I hear or read about it. I easily could have been a doctor, I suppose. Anatomy comes from the Greek for "cut again"!

Bible Studies

I have loved studying the Bible all my life, so much, that I became a pastor twenty-nine years ago. I have taught the Holy Word to my flocks. The Old Testament is the unfulfilled testament, and the New Testament is the fulfilled testament of our Lord Jesus.


Botany is the study of plants, how they grow and how they reproduce. I took college botany in high school and have taught it as a substitute teacher. I would love the opportunity to teach it one-on-one!


I have always loved drawing and each artist's unique style. I am self-taught, for the most part, but have also taken classes. I can draw anything I see or imagine. I taught a class of first-graders to draw a complex picture of a boy on roller skates in one hour; they all did well and were beaming with pride!


I took economics in college. It can be difficult to adjust to all the new terms, but the important thing to remember is that it's all about supply and demand. I would relish the opportunity to share what I know about economics!

Elementary (K-6th)

I have taught elementary school as a substitute teacher for many years. I love teaching the basics so that the students get a firm foundation for the higher grades soon to come. I learn so much from teaching children, which makes me a better teacher. I can't wait to tutor an elementary student!

Elementary Science

I love science, which means "knowledge". As a former pupil and a substitute teacher, I have soaked much of it in. I feel very confident in teaching it.


I majored in English in college. I have had much experience teaching it as a substitute teacher, and using it as an English speaker and proofreader. I have every confidence in my abilities to teach it.


As a life-long English speaker I have always been fascinated by the similarities of all languages. Without these similarities, such as grammar, no language would make sense. Grammar and vocabulary and parts of speech are universal and make teaching and learning English easy!

European History

I love history. It is one, long crazy story. European history is no exception. As a substitute teacher for all subjects and grade levels, I am very confident in teaching it.


I love geography. I have taught it for years as a substitute teacher. I enjoy learning and teaching about where people live around the world.


I've loved geology most of my life. Since I earned a scout camp merit badge for it, I've enjoyed the study of rocks. I like that it is so basic, as a rock can only be igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary. Let the teaching begin!


Grammar, as I learned in college, is much more than stuffy rules. It is how we understand a language. One person finds it difficult to comprehend what another's saying if that other person uses an unaccepted grammar. English grammar has always been tricky especially when you find out that the first English grammar book was in Latin! Oh well that's grammar for you!


I started collecting Greek words before I started school, because my mom told me I needed to know Latin and Greek to be a veterinarian, or an etymologist. I received a Greek textbook in junior high and took classical Greek as a dual credit in high school and koine (common) Greek at seminary. I have used my Greek almost daily for over twenty-nine years as a pastor and have tutored friends in it. Three cheers for Greek!


As leader of my study group, I taught Hebrew to my fellow classmates. As a pastor I use the language frequently. Although it has a different alphabet, reads right to left, and has no vowels or tenses, it is easy to learn. I'd love to teach it again!


I love Latin. I have studied it since age four and, especially since age eleven, when my parents gave me a primer in it for Christmas, and took it in high school as part of my classical education. I also tutored friends in it while still in high school and still use it often today!


The Law has always intrigued me because, with just a few words, it establishes both freedoms and restrictions. My mother always said I'd be a good lawyer, as she said that I loved to argue! I guess I could have been one, at that, but all I ever wanted was to get my point across before my family shouted, "Drop it!" :)


I have read since before I started Kindergarten, where I tested into the third grade. I started off reading mythology and fairy tales from the encyclopedia and have read all the literary classics. Literature is writing at its best, and, as a reader and writer, I enjoy learning and teaching it!

Music Theory

I have played and composed music since age seven. Music is indeed the universal language. Classical music is the most profound and moving. Keys, signatures, types of notes and registers all take music from theory to reality!


I learned phonics in grade school and phonetics in college. When I took Russian and learned the Cyrillic alphabet I was intrigued by the letters which were consonant blends in English. Phonics are a great way to learn to speak and spell.


My dad taught us three kids how to play poker when we were young. We played with no money, just chips, learning five-card-stud and draw, and seven-card stud, and calling any card at all a wild card. He, Dad, taught us how to read tells and the most efficient ways to remember played cards! Royal flush beats four of a kind, which beats a straight flush, which beats a full house, which beats a flush, which beats a straight, and so on, if memory serves me correctly. I haven't played in a while, but that's mainly because I usually win, and I don't like taking money from overly zealous opponents who can't afford to lose.


My first job out of college was as a proofreader. I proofread advertising copy. Because of my Bachelor's of Science degree in English, I easily got that work, though none of my peers thought it worth a slap on my back. Maybe it wasn't an exciting career, but it was essential!


I took the ACT as a high school junior and the PSAT as a college freshman, testing in the top percentile. I found the latter much easier than the former. I know I could be a great help in aiding a student to prepare for either test, but, especially the PSAT.


I am both a study and student in psychology, as I am a patient who has suffered from mental illnesses and have read much about them. I am both grateful for modern medicine and would never even entertain the idea to quit taking it. I am a schizophrenic and bipolar son of an alcoholic, subject to clinical depression, but a normal guy otherwise.

Public Speaking

As a pastor, I have written and delivered hundreds of sermons, which are all public speeches. In high school and college, I interpreted poetic, humorous and dramatic speeches, going to state twice. I also took speech and oral interpretation classes and taught a class how to read Shakespeare aloud for the best effect.


I have always had my nose in a book. I read before I started Kindergarten, where I tested in reading and other subjects on the third grade level. By sixth grade, I tested on the twelfth grade level, and just kept on reading. When I was disabled and couldn't read, I made up stories for my kids, and, when I could only hold very small books, I read my growing youngsters the condensed classics. I'll never forget when my two-year-old read his first book or when my four-year-old daughter commented, "My favorite author is Poe."


Religion is how man understands and relates to the divine. As a parish pastor I have taught religion for over 26 years, from Buddhism to Islam. I studied religion and its history at seminary and feel I am competent and confident to teach it.

Special Needs

All students learn at their own pace. Special needs students are no exception. About half my time as a substitute teacher for six years was spent in special needs classrooms. Whether they are developmentally, physically, or emotionally challenged does not matter, as I can work with any student.


My dear mother taught me how to spell fifty words before I started Kindergarten. Since then, spelling has always come easily for me. I automatically see a correctly spelled word in my mind when I hear it. Though English orthography has nothing to do with intelligence, it is essential for clear communication.

Video Production

As a Mass Communications minor, I worked a lot with video production. I was on and behind the camera and in the production booth as a sound man and a director. I learned video editing while working for our on-campus PBS station, where I was a writer and where my professor asked me to produce a magazine show. I love TV and am confident I can teach video production.


Vocabulary has always been fun for me. Because words and their origins have always intrigued me, my mom said I should be an etymologist. At the age of eight I read the dictionary to put all the vocabulary possible into my head. Every day is a new day for increasing my vocabulary!

World History

World history is fun, not just because Mel Brooks spoofed it! Learning how the first civilizations formed and what transpired after that is one spell-binding story. I love everything about world history!


Writing is exciting because it conveys the most precious commodity of the human mind. It communicates the human thought. I would love a chance to teach others what I know and have discovered about the elements of style!

UCM, Warrensburg
Concordia Seminary St. Louis


UCM, Warrensburg (English)

Concordia Seminary St. Louis (Master's)

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