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— Karen, China Grove, NC on 2/1/17


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About Debbie

I taught in a local school system for 29 years, retiring in 2009. I taught students in grades K-6, with learning disabilities, mental disabilities and behavior problems, many of whom were also ADD/ADHD. At one time, my regular education colleagues and I created a multi-age program for grades 2-6 where we remediated, challenged, and met the individual needs of our students as a team of caring educators. Our program received a visit from the state because of its commitment to meeting the needs of our students.

Upon retiring, I had the opportunity to work at the middle school level. I taught special education at this level part-time, and then had the privilege to teach full-time for 3 months at the 7th grade level.

My strength is in individualizing programs for students. I believe in utilizing multisensory techniques. I will create manipulative games for your child's use at home, to review skills. I have experience working with dyslexic students using a variety of phonics based programs, including SRA reading mastery, Spaulding, Orton, Language!, and other programs. I strongly believe that our students are not being allowed sufficient time for repetition and the teaching of basic skills. Many life skills in mathematics are covered far too quickly for students, especially special education students, to achieve mastery of skills. I can create and design a program to help your child master these skills.

I am a very dedicated person and believe in the worth of every individual. Everyone needs, first and foremost, to feel a sense of self worth. I stress to each and every student that we each have unique and special gifts. No person should feel less worthy because they are not achieving at the same rate as another individual!

There is no insignificant person!
I taught in a local school system for 29 years, retiring in 2009. I taught students in grades K-6, with learning disabilities, mental disabilities and behavior problems, many of whom were also ADD/ADHD. At one time, my regular education colleagues and I created a multi-age program for grades 2-6 where we remediated, challenged, and met the Read more

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In-person lessons

"Patient tutor"

- Karen, China Grove, NC on 2/1/17

"Very Impressed"

- Rosalee, Spencer, NC on 2/25/15

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


Students with attention problems require differentiated instruction that allows them to move and utilize nontraditional teaching methods. They need to take advantage of multisensory (hands-on) instruction. They often require modified and shortened assignments in the classroom setting. These students often have learning disabilities, as well. I will develop manipulative materials to teach difficult concepts to your child. I would love to partner with your child's teacher to help him/her catch up on assignments. Because these students often get behind or miss out on parts of the lesson, they often require reteaching to master the subject content. Provide me with the needed lesson and I will be glad to reteach with a different perspective and environment. I know that the school years present many challenges for these students, as well as untold stress on caring parents, who feel at a loss to help them. Sometimes a third party can help build that bridge of communication between parents and school staff. Most classroom teachers are open to allowing modifications in assignments.


I am a certified Special Education teacher with over 29 years experience teaching Dyslexic students both individually, and in small group settings. I will develop an individualized plan for each Dyslexic student which focuses on the teaching of phonics (sounds), syllabication, repetition, and practice. I have witnessed the success of students who have received phonics instruction, and whose parents have reinforced this instruction with required reading time at home, allowing students to practice their acquired skills. Individualized, or small group instruction is essential to the success of Dyslexic students. In the resource class, or public school setting, the small groups are typically too diverse in nature to allow the individualized instruction required for these students. Please read my phonics description as well, to see more about this method of instruction. I have experience using Spaulding, Language!, Orton, Wilson, SRA Reading Mastery, and my own combination. I look forward to working with you to improve your child's ability to read.

Elementary (K-6th)

I am a certified Special Education teacher with experience teaching all subjects in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade. I also obtained my National Board certification in this area. I taught in team teaching situations with regular class teachers for 29 years. I especially enjoy individualizing instruction for students. I use a variety of materials and methods with students to teach to individual learning styles. Each lesson designed for your child will be written out and preplanned taking into account the progress made from the previous lesson. Often times I will leave materials with you to continue to use with your child. I look forward to possibly working with your child, and regardless, good luck is wished to them in all endeavors!


I taught elementary and middle school students for over 29 years. I taught reading and English skills during this time in the public school system. I am proficient with the English language and love working with students of any age.


I believe that students still need good grammar skills to become successful adults. Grammar is not given the same emphasis today as it was years ago, because it is not an area on the state EOG test. This subject will include subject verb agreement, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence formation.


Phonics methods teach students to read by teaching them the sounds (phonemes) of letters and letter combinations Instruction begins by teaching single consonant sounds, then introducing one single, short vowel sound, usually short a as in "cat". The sounds are blended together, emphasizing the left to right direction by tracing left to right. I have experience using a variety of these methods over the course of my career. I will develop a program of instruction for your child, which teaches the sounds and rules of syllabication (breaking words into parts). This instruction will utilize multisensory techniques and repetition. I will create manipulative activities which will be individualized based upon each student's needs. I would welcome discussing your child's needs and developing an individualized program. In addition to phonics instruction, students should be taught sight or high frequency words. These are words that cannot be decoded by learned phonetic rules. The school system uses a set of high frequency words that each student should master by grade level, upon completion of elementary school. These are taught through memorization, flashcards, repetition and studying the shape of the word. Students also enjoy "making words" with individual letters. Vowels are always a different color than consonants to help with decoding and learning rules.


Reading instruction will include both word recognition skills and comprehension skills. Word recognition will be taught both by sight (words that can't be decoded) and by word attack (teaching letter sounds and rules). Comprehension will include locating facts, finding main idea, author's purpose, making inferences, cause and effect, drawing conclusions, and making predictions from material read. These skills are needed to pass the EOG test in North Carolina.

Special Needs

I spent my 29 year teaching career in the special needs areas. I have taught students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Among these students, were students diagnosed with learning disabilities, mental disabilities, ADD/ADHD and emotional disabilities. I individualized instruction for these students in all academic areas: reading, writing, language arts, math, science and social studies. I have taught students in the public school system in pullout and inclusion models. I am experienced at using differentiated instruction and hands on (multisensory) materials, and methods which teach to each child's unique learning style.


Spelling rules need to be taught systematically, similar to rules of phonics. Students should demonstrate knowledge of sounds in this order: consonants, short vowels, blends and digraphs, long vowels, vowel combinations and spelling exceptions. Exceptions, means spelling rules that are not always true, and this is most of them!!! That's why so many students have poor spelling skills. Students also need to be taught rules of syllabication (breaking words into parts). They also need to be aware of sight words, often called high frequency words. These are words that can't be sounded out. They are taught in the elementary grades and there is a list available. They are taught by the use of flashcards and games that target memorization. There are also lists available for commonly misspelled words by grade level. Contact me and I would be glad to develop a list and/or program for your child to improve his/her spelling skills.

Study Skills

I have over 29 years teaching experience in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. I taught workshops for parents titled "Homework Without Tears." I have experience with special needs students who need help reviewing skills, and studying for tests. I helped teachers modify assignments for special needs students.


Without sufficient vocabulary skills a child's individual progress is crippled. Many students don't comprehend directions given in the classroom setting, because their vocabulary skills are deficient. Students need to master age appropriate vocabulary to succeed. I will provide students with a list of appropriate vocabulary words to practice and apply. These will include basic vocabulary, as well as content specific vocabulary, and vocabulary necessary to pass state required tests, such as the EOG. We'll play games and practice use of these words.


I taught writing in the public school system for over 29 years in kindergarten through 8th grade. I administered the state of North Carolina writing test, and scored student tests both for content and conventions. I taught students with special needs, learning disabled students, and regular education students.

Sacred Heart Convent


Sacred Heart Convent

Patient tutor

Debbie was very helpful to my son and took a lot of time with me before and after the lesson to explain the process. We can not wait for our next meeting with Debbie! Our son was even excited to continue.

— Karen, China Grove, NC on 2/1/17

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