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Hi, my name is Angie, and I would love to work with you! I have been tutoring in various capacities since 2001, when I was hired as an undergraduate sophomore to peer tutor in my university's Writing Center. Since then, I have worked with writers in the local publishing industry, and I also spent the last four years working for the ACES Program in Guilford County Schools. There, among my many hectic duties with children, ranging from 5-11, I did my best to help my children not just finish their homework, but want to get it right. I currently nanny for both a seventh grader and a third greater, and I tutor both of them, as well. Pick Me! Hi, my name is Angie, and I would love to work with you! I have been tutoring in various capacities since 2001, when I was hired as an undergraduate sophomore to peer tutor in my university's Writing Center. Since then, I have worked with writers in the local publishing industry, and I also spent the last four years working for the ACES Program in Read more

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Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Science, Phonics, Reading, Special Needs,
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Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Science, Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Study Skills,
Vocabulary, Writing
ESL/ESOL, Public Speaking, QuickBooks, Writing

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As an undergraduate student, I minored in Anthropology, in addition to majoring in English literature. I loved studying all the things I'd only formerly read in books, and I love learning about new cultures in addition to new definitions of cultures and subcultures. But I know the vocabulary, I know the way it works. In college, I took a special interest in the cultures of genders, the study of linguistics and also Ethnography: and it's function, purpose, and representation of anthropology beyond the arm chair. I can focus on the tutoring, just letting you know why I've been passionate enough about this subject to learn the ropes of the rest of it.

Bible Studies

I have read and studied the Bible in depth, and in various translations. I have read it cover to cover 4 times in the past 6 years, and I am pretty certain I can help just about anybody beef up her/his Bible knowledge, and the tricks to remembering which books contain which information. I have studied the Old Testament in greater depth as an adult, although I already have been more familiar with the New Testament as that's what I focused on back in Sunday School. I don't really know what to say about a concrete qualification for working with a student on her/his Bible studies, but I have taken numerous Bible Studies courses at my church, plus I am an expert in World Mythology, which sometimes overlaps in Biblical literature. My favorite OT books are actually Genesis, Judges and the Samuels and the Kings. In particular, I am fascinated by the chronicle of the evolution of man and how he chooses or is forced to be governed: hence my great fan-hood of Judges.

Elementary (K-6th)

I feel more than qualified to work on any level, and in virtually any subject, with elementary (k-6) students. For the past five years, I have worked exclusively with children in an after-school program, where I immediately received a crash course in elementary education, and I found myself relearning long division and those things we forget after years of doing other activities and taking on other interests.

The after-school program is run by Guilford County Schools, and it is an educational after-school program in that in addition to new learning opportunities, I also tutored students from the ages of 5-12.

I currently am a private nanny, part-time, so I have a flexible schedule, a good relationship with the school system, and if I don't personally know the answer to a child's specific question, i can and will track it down in record time.


Sometimes, I believe I am a lifelong academic student when it comes to religion. I have read the Christian Bible 4 times, cover to cover, and completed various Bible Study Courses, in addition to reading a lot expository literature; not just on the individual books, but also on the meta-structure of the seemingly pieced together collection of sacred texts.

I also have read a little of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but in regards to other religions, if mythology counts, I'm an expert in Greek and Roman mythology, and at least a novice in Buddhism and Hinduism. I have read and studied on a formal level, texts from each of these religions, and many others.

I do not claim to know all religions in every respect, but I'm pretty sure I know more than enough to tutor comparative religion, or even in depth studies of the history or philosophy of any of the major world's religions.

I also used to live in Ireland, where I studied a lot Celtic religious lore in addition to the evolution of The Republic of Ireland's Catholic tradition, both formally and socioculturally.

Special Needs

While I do not claim to be some sort of revolutionary expert in the matter, one of the things that I learned most in college, is that every individual student, from 5 to 85 has a button, and this button is the only button one has to find to help the child learn. Or actually, a lot of the time, the adult, too. When I worked for three years in the Writing Center with both peers and graduate students on their Masters' Theses, we incorporated many different visual and multimedia approaches to the subject we studied. With essays, sometimes we'd highlight in different colors to color code our main points, or cut up the printed essay and rearrange the printed sentences. I have no special degree, but I was both the youngest and the longest standing tutor in the Writing Center at my University, and the majority of my appointments were those booked with ESL students from countries around the world, in addition to many special needs students. My philosophy is that if your client can only think outside of the box, get out of the box, too.

Study Skills

The approach that I take to helping students beef up their study skills starts with looking at the potentially overlooked tools provided within the text books and in the teacher's notes. Books are organized with pictures, diagrams, bulleted lists, charts and review/discussion questions, and glossaries; sometimes students need a little help taking a surplus of information and taking mental snapshots of these visual cues.

As a tutor in the Writing Center at my university, I also worked with the organization of how students categorize and interpret what they are reading, writing and studying with tools such as color coding, flash cards, mnemonic devices, even drawing pictures of how the dots really do connect. No one learns identically, and I don't believe, personally that any two people study identically, either. Sadly, not everyone realizes that, and it can make children feel less than adept tackling a major subject.

Hollins University


Hollins University (English)

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