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My documented credentials are a double major in Speech Communication/Journalism and Business Administration/Marketing, plus 30+ years of interviewing for articles or sales presentations. I also trained for two years with Leadership Management Inc. (LMI) in the areas of Personal Leadership, Time Management, and Supervisory Training relative to spaced repetition and examination of desired changes.

In one-to-one situations with students who are seeking specific help to achieve goals not previously attained, I can produce both understanding and quantifiable results. Actual learning disability might be outside my skill set, but working the process of thought change that allows for improved comprehension and achievement, that I do well.

While I was involved with scholastic fundraising for three years, teachers frequently commented on the rapport I displayed with students and my ability to engage interest, dispense information, and gain support for specific production, essentially in 40 minutes. Earlier in my career I was a cooking instructor for two classes (of eight) 1st-3rd and 4th-6th graders each week at a Girls Club. I successfully presented the projects-- up to spaghetti dinner from scratch-- where girls learned 21 kitchen skills in 6 weeks and cooked-ate-cleaned up in a 90 minute after-school program.

For three years I was committed to writing-editing a series of children's read-along books for the SC Hugh O'Brian Youth (HOBY) leadership organization. In 2014, with only a 10 minute presentation of baseline expectations and 10 more minutes on Saturday afternoon, I pointed 130 of So. Carolina's best and brightest 15-16 yr. old rising juniors towards a real and attainable goal: focusing their creative talents to produce group essays about leadership qualities (i.e.-confidence, good communication, respect) for an Aesop's Fables-type series of stories. Modesty aside, that material was markedly better than anything I'd received to edit from previous years without that preparation. That example is why I know making a quantifiable difference with one-one communications should be an expectation.

These events, and a documented year of State-level awards as Community Development VP for the Albany (NY) Junior Chamber of Commerce, shows ability to make a pointed differences in the actions-accomplishments of individuals and groups. As a published author, I have a significant grasp of writing style and organization. The COACHING aspect that makes me a good teacher-- determining the goals, putting into effect the changes or additions that will improve whatever subject matter is necessary-- has worked at every level, from 8th grade readers to developing better organizational officers.
My documented credentials are a double major in Speech Communication/Journalism and Business Administration/Marketing, plus 30+ years of interviewing for articles or sales presentations. I also trained for two years with Leadership Management Inc. (LMI) in the areas of Personal Leadership, Time Management, and Supervisory Training relative to Read more

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I've often been willing to negotiate rate downward if a student is going to need longer (3+ lessons) term tutoring.

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I have played basketball since about age 8. Free throws are the basis of good shooting-- if nobody is actually trying to stop you, getting the range and height sets up all other success. I focus on the arc, and that then translates to all other positions on the court.

Dribbling is a necessary skill, you need to be able to move with the ball. Passing the ball gets more difficult as the opponents become bigger and faster, but knowing when to pass is a basic that all future teammates will appreciate.


While I generally regard writing as a matter of style and substance, I recognize in taking the WyzAnt English test that they are including differentiation of homonyms (i.e.- there, their, they're) as well. 'Critically thought-out essays' would seem to indicate we'd be on a similar page-thought process. From both a creative and business writing POV, making specific points has always been an essential aspect; setting a scene creatively, or arranging points to gain the right to offer a conclusion. Even when people say, "Well, I can see XYZ, but I still think..." that means you got YOUR point across enough to register.


In high school I worked on the school paper, and I have a Journalism degree. I have been a freelance writer since 1981, and in May, 2014, I self-published my first book.

While philosophically many people find it difficult to edit their own writing, that's primarily because they 'see what they expect' instead of slowing down and reading each word. If you have to re-read something to have it make sense to YOU, say, because six commas are involved, something obviously needs to be done about the sentence.

Proofreading can be for content (subject matter), style (run-on sentences or fragments), or style and consistency.

Public Speaking

As a long-time salesperson, I've taken frequent advantage of seminars (3-4 a year for 20 years is a legitimate estimate) where the training was presenting facts that open up introduction of material in the next part of a presentation, then to listen for objections to material and answer appropriately. Presenting the facts of a project and gaining acceptance-cooperation from a diverse group, or developing a sense of how to pose a question and deal with information 'on the fly' is exactly the same skill that needs to be developed for scholastic debate.

From my current organization (Keller Williams Realty) back to my first-- TIME, Inc.-- the training has most frequently focused on presenting specific facts in 1-1 scenarios. With Great American Opportunities (3 years), training involved gaining the interest of large and small groups through the delivery of a well-rehearsed, 30-minute, presentation that included group interaction and a call to action.

The building blocks of intro-rapport-facts-call for action or conclusions-- many times involving two or three 'kickoff' presentations a day, were built on principles of repetition, and there is almost no substitution for practice.
Varying presentations with comfort comes once 'scripted' information has become second nature.

The importance of tone and pacing in effective public speaking was a major factor in the techniques learned during 6 years of Chamber of Commerce programs for Executive Board members.

As a Junior Achievement counselor (3 years), I taught student officers how to prepare for year-end interviews for awards programs by 'slicing' a question to more closely fit their prepared answers. This represents another aspect of effective public speaking, an essential skill whether the task is something repetitive involving the dispensing of information, as I did in scholastic fundraising, or various managers are required to do while updating groups of subordinates-other managers.


Its impossible not to recognize that my writing ability is directly related to amount of reading I did at an early age-- I had a 9th grade reading level in 3rd grade. Reading COMPREHENSION isn't as much about speed as it is the filing of facts and ideas; checking how someone is applying the rules of phonetics to what they see on a page is a process that should be checked on regularly. Giving a young reader a chance to question parents about individual words is something I put into a series of read-alongs I recently wrote for a youth leadership program.


I was a high school and collegiate swim team member, and have maintained a regular regimen of swimming during warm months for over 30 years. I am most proficient in crawl stroke and backstroke. Swimming is important as an overall body muscle and endurance builder, and even more importantly, its the only sport that can save your life.


I played 3.5 level for 25+ years before knee injuries. Good stroke proficiency begins with weight transfer through the hitting zone, nothing helps more than hitting a lot. Depth and location are as important to eventual mastery as anything I can state.

I coached a Women's Ice Hockey Club in college, you'll do the regular things in tennis that copy movements from softball as well, especially bringing the head of the racquet through batting.


Vocabulary is generally built on a base of reading a larger volume of words in a wide variety of settings. Speaking to the level of your audience is essential; you shouldn't overwhelm children with poly-syllabic words, and you won't hold an older audience by using idioms and vernacular that is unfamiliar. People like speakers who appeal to them in a direct and understandable manner, very few will stand for being talked down to or harassed about some factor in harsh or negative language.


Almost everyone needs help with putting material in effective ABC-123 order. Structure, especially commas, punctuation, and paragraph length, is an absolute strength. The most obvious 'problem' for most writers is the seven comma sentence.

My background runs the range from sports to business, political campaigns following a consistent theme, shorts, procedures, feature length, even a 73,000 word book. Much of my 30 years of business writing has been topical/subject matter related, with fact checking, using quotes appropriately, and formatting a major part of writing projects.

As a freelancer, I turned 'numbers' (ie.- number of flights for a municipal airport, or hospital patient intakes and cost for various procedures) into readable articles. As an admin person, 'ghosting' quarterly reports or writing an executive's speech for a luncheon address were handled several times.

Having edited material from an Executive Compensation handbook to a children's read-along book series, I have great flexibility in working with simple or complex words or thoughts to make specific points. I can provide samples of informational pieces if necessary.

Brockport St (NY)


Brockport St (NY) (JournalismBusAdmin)

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I've often been willing to negotiate rate downward if a student is going to need longer (3+ lessons) term tutoring.

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