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ULTRA HIGH Quality Tutor. Super knowledgeable-- ACT, SAT, GRE

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You want a coach, not a tutor.
— Nicholas, Saint Paul, MN on 7/28/13

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University of Minnesota
University of St. Thomas


University of Minnesota

University of St. Thomas (MBA)

About Payman

Hello! Please understand that quality counts when you choose a tutor or academic coach. I am a very high scoring 99th+ percentile scoring tutor. I can work with all levels of skill. I also know how to teach and work with a wide variety of people! I work extremely hard to be the best at what I do. I firmly believe that one hour with me is worth several hours with most other tutors. I specialize in teaching the ACT, SAT and GRE.

As you can see, my feedback and ratings from students are highly superior. Feel free to compare! The good thing about WyzAnt is that all the ratings come from customers who supply payment directly to WyzAnt. Paying customers are very motivated to give accurate feedback. As a result, it should be pretty apparent that I care a lot about my students and that I know exactly what I am doing.

I received a near perfect score on the GRE, which is essentially the SAT/ACT for graduate school students. I know almost everything about the ACT and GRE test. While high scores on standardized tests help me be an effective tutor, other qualities are just as important. These qualities include the following:

* Understanding the unique perspectives of parents and students.
* Having the ability to teach motivated and non-motivated students.
* Caring deeply about students.
* Knowing when to be structured and when to be flexible.
* Becoming a friend, a mentor, and an authority as needed.
* Studying cognitive science and how people learn.
* Being highly strategic.

I analyze not only how you solve problems, but how you reason! I generate homework to get you from your current skill level to the end-goal as quickly as possible. I provide copies of everything we do together in either electronic or handout form. I have an endless supply of books and materials to share during our studies.

My objective is to customize teaching methods to your specific needs. Trust me to give you the service you deserve.
Hello! Please understand that quality counts when you choose a tutor or academic coach. I am a very high scoring 99th+ percentile scoring tutor. I can work with all levels of skill. I also know how to teach and work with a wide variety of people! I work extremely hard to be the best at what I do. I firmly believe that one hour with me is worth Read more

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"You want a coach, not a tutor."

- Nicholas, Saint Paul, MN on 7/28/13

"Extremely Knowledgeable!"

- Madeline, River Falls, WI on 7/11/14


- Nicole, Inver Grove Heights, MN on 2/7/14
Payman replied on 2/9/2014

My pleasure, Nicole. Many kids underperform and simply need guidance to reach more of their potential. Your son is an athlete and does really well when he thinks of tests as opposing teams that need to be beaten.

"Making progress!"

- Ellie, Saint Paul, MN on 11/6/13

"Outstanding, Patient, Smart & Fun!"

- Casteele, Saint Paul, MN on 10/24/13

"Great tutor!"

- Amy, Saint Paul, MN on 8/25/13


- Madalena, Hudson, WI on 7/22/13

"A genuine and organized tutor"

- Angie, Minneapolis, MN on 6/30/13

"Very perceptive!"

- Patricia, Osseo, MN on 6/22/13

"Very efficient and a good sense of humor."

- Connie, Eden Prairie, MN on 5/24/13

"Great ACT prep tutor"

- Dave, Minneapolis, MN on 5/4/13

"Excellent Tutor"

- Stefanie, Osseo, MN on 4/11/13

"Outstanding Tutor and a really great guy"

- Abe, Minneapolis, MN on 4/9/13

"Oustanding tutor, results-oriented, smart, patient, encouraging and very flexible"

- Harrison, Minneapolis, MN on 2/18/13


- Michael, Minnetonka, MN on 2/10/13

"Very patient and smart"

- Sarah, Saint Paul, MN on 2/8/13
General Computer
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math,

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

To improve your skill on the ACT English section, it is important to have a good sense of the proper usage of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech. In addition, understanding parallel sentence structure, misplaced modifiers and other common grammatical errors will help you improve your score. There are many nuances to the English language, but these details can be understand through pattern recognition. Once these patterns are mapped out in your mind, you will find that recognizing written errors becomes much easier.

ACT Math

Math is a language that makes sense if you take the time to break it down into its component parts. Sure, the ACT math section will have some questions that may seem abstract or confusing. In reality, however, the difficult ACT math questions are just made from simple concepts that are built upon each other and made to look difficult. If you have math phobia, then let me help you overcome your anxiety and help you improve your ability to solve problems. If you find certain math concepts confusing, we can work together to find easier ways to conceptualize the ideas. No matter what your current level of skill, we can find better ways for you to visualize mathematical ideas so that you can associate the ideas to real life.

ACT Reading

Reading comprehension is often a tricky task for students. This is often the case because students will try to remember everything they read in a passage and then become overwhelmed with the amount of information that they have to hold in their minds. If a student is more strategic about how he or she reads, and if the students knows how to read for structure and organization, then the student can improve his or her skill level. People who read a lot tend to do better at reading comprehension, of course, but even if you don't read regularly, we can find ways to improve your reading comprehension by turning you into a reasoning machine that looks for paragraph structure.

Algebra 1

Highly skilled at algebra 1 and capable of making confusing concepts simple. Extremely patient and caring math tutor. I always put the needs of the student first.


I have all the ASVAB materials you will need. I will be happy to share them with you. These materials will allow me to rapidly diagnose your current skill level and then help you improve your skills as quickly as possible. You can see from my ratings that ASVAB students have had great success with my system.

Elementary Math

Elementary Math provides a foundation upon which "derivative" math skills are developed. Many students develop a fear of math early in their life. It is my job to turn math into a challenging game that can be understood, mastered and appreciated. Math is really applied common sense and elementary math is at the foundation of this basic reasoning. I love to help students understand that if they change the way they think about math then many improvements can take place and that these improvements can be achieved while having fun.


The English language can be broken down into its components. English has rules that appear complicated, but if you understand them from a logical perspective, then the rules become easy to understand. For instance, three common grammatical errors are subject/verb agreement, parallel structure and misplaced modifiers. Each of these errors can be spotted easily through practice. As I write this paragraph, I am actively monitoring my own writing for these errors. By paying attention to the words you utilize in both speech and writing, you too can vastly improve your English.


The GED is similar to standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT and GRE. The difference is that the content is just a little less advanced. As a result, many of the techniques used to help students pass typical standardized tests will work for the GED. I love helping students improve their math and verbal skills in preparation for the GED. This needs to be done highly strategically in order to increase efficiency and improve the value that students receive for their money.

General Computer

It is very important in contemporary society to have at least a basic understanding of computer use. Skills that are very important include online browsing, word processing, and computer troubleshooting. Learning how to become comfortable with computers can take time. Many computer skills resemble muscle memory in swimming: once you develop the skills, they will stay with you for a lifetime. I can help with all aspects of this computer education.


Geometry can be understand in several different ways. Some people like to learn geometry by visually analyzing shapes and envisioning those shapes in the mind's eye. Some people prefer a mathematical approach whereby they calculate angles based on known formulas. I love to help students find methods that suit their natural mathematical tendencies.


The GMAT is a test that requires good verbal, analytical and mathematical skills. Being familiar with the test design is also very useful. Many GMAT problems appear complex because shortcuts are buried behind lengthy passages and long word problems. Developing a sense of common patterns appearing on this test will improve performance. I can help you develop this sense quickly because I have mastered the techniques.


Grammar is all about patterns. Certain grammatical patterns appear over and over again. They appear to be complex, but they aren't. For instance, it is quite easy to know whether you should use "who" or "whom" in a sentence. Simply substitute "he" or "him" for "who" or "whom" and if "he" sounds better then use who. If "him" sounds better then usually "whom" is correct. There are many tricks that can be used to help a student vastly improve his or her grammatical skills. I love to show students how much potential is in them to achieve this goal.


I have a tremendous amount of experience dealing specifically with the GRE. I know how these test makers think and I have access to all of the best study materials. I can diagnose your current level of skills and give you a plan that will increase your odds of success. I also have a bunch of GRE related videos that I have put together and that I will be happy to share with you. If you need to study for the GRE, and live in the Twin Cities, then I'm an excellent choice.


Prealgebra courses are very important for the development of math skills. Prealgebra helps students develop a sense of "algebraic reasoning" before facing abstract algebraic variables. Mastery of prealgebra will prepare you for many types of problems that commonly appear on standardized tests and in real life. I can help you develop these skills because I know how to simplify abstract ideas.


Humans are not very good at understanding complex probability. Probability can be deceptive and misleading. Solving difficult probability problems is not nearly as easy as understanding the basic concepts. Learning the right way to break probability problems apart can lead to much better success in this often confusing subject. I have worked with and solved many advanced probability problems. I also have a facility for explaining the solutions.


Proofreading is a very good test of one's overall English skills. To be a good proofreader you need to have good grammar, punctuation, style and verbal reasoning skills. These skills can be developed over time. I have mastered many of these skills.


The PSAT is essentially a simpler version of the SAT. The PSAT does a very good job of predicting SAT scores, assuming that one does not do any additional preparation.

It is very wise to begin preparing for the SAT early, and the PSAT is the perfect place to start.


Psychology is a subject that is fun to teach; moreover, it is a subject that most people can relate to. There are some topics in psychology that are hard to grasp for many people: statistics and cognitive psychology can be difficult for some.

Psychology can sometimes be difficult because certain concepts are counter-intuitive: people do not always behave as we expect them to.


I am a strategist when it comes to teaching reading. Students need to change a wide variety of behaviors in their lives in order to see broad-based changes in performance. This includes day to day reading. Through time, a student can vastly improve his or her skill by making changes in behavior.

SAT Math

Standardized test makers will tend to take simple mathematical concepts and make them look quite complicated. This technique often makes SAT math problems look intimidating to students. Students panic and end up running out of time on the test. My goal is to make math less intimidating to students. The first step in this process is to diagnose a student's current skill level and then systematically build upon that skill as efficiently as possible.

SAT Reading

The SAT Reading test is essentially a test of reading comprehension. This is a skill that appears repeatedly in scholastic testing. I have taken and done extremely well on tests that have much harder reading comprehension passages than the SAT. This allows me to easily break down and explain SAT passages to students.

SAT Writing

The SAT writing test is very similar to the GRE writing test. I know what the test writers are looking for. For instance, length of your essay is very important. In addition, making sure that you write in and organized and logical manner is important. Over time, I have developed a good sense of what makes a powerful written argument.


Good spelling is a basic skill that helps one write in a fluent manner. Even though we have word processing spell-checkers, it is important to improve spelling because homonyms can cause one to use an incorrect word that is actually spelled correctly.


The SSAT tests math, reading and writing skills. Obviously, this is a very common theme for scholastic tests. I love to help students improve their scores on the SSAT by focusing on improving their reading, writing and arithmetic skills. These skills will transfer to many future tests.


The TOEFL is a test of English proficiency that can be dealt with strategically. After carefully evaluating a student's current level of comfort with the English language, a plan can be put together. Some students struggle with auditory comprehension more than written comprehension. Other students have more difficulty with basic grammar than they do with vocabulary. Everyone is unique, but there are certain patterns that emerge. Even a 10 minute conversation with a student will reveal quite a bit about his or her strengths and weaknesses. By asking a student the right questions, you can learn a tremendous amount about his or her profile.


Vocabulary is very fun to teach. It is also one of the most rewarding things to learn. By increasing your vocabulary, you will gain a better understanding of what you hear on a daily basis. Movies, the news, and everyday conversations will make more sense to you. Never underestimate the power of a good vocabulary.


Improving your writing is not as difficult as you might think. There are several groups of common grammatical mistakes including parallel structure, subject/verb agreement, and misplaced modifiers. Once you recognize these common errors, you will begin to notice mistakes more easily. Combining good grammar with creativity, sound logical argument, and style can result in excellent writing. I really enjoy helping people improve their writing.

University of Minnesota
University of St. Thomas


University of Minnesota

University of St. Thomas (MBA)

You want a coach, not a tutor. — Payman was very easy to contact to set up a meeting, and we were able to meet in my neighborhood. He has a very simple and effective system for diagnosing my strengths and weaknesses on the GRE. He also has an abundance of practice materials and problem solving tactics at his disposal for catering a study strategy that fits my schedule and helps me reach my goals. A tutor might spend hours workin ...

— Nicholas, Saint Paul, MN on 7/28/13

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