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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Chemical Engineering


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Chemical Engineering)

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I enjoy helping others and am always willing to assist someone who needs it. I have a lot of knowledge in various school topics, along with athletics. Throughout high school I was often the student who many would ask for help on a math problem or proofreading English papers. I have always been a driven individual and have tried my best to help others strive to do be driven and do their best. I have lived the majority of my life helping others, especially with my six younger siblings, and find that it is something I enjoy a lot.

If you believe that I am the tutor you would like to hire for assisting with any academic challenge, I can guarantee that I would do my best to not only raise the students test scores, but would make it a personal goal to ensure that there would be a stronger understanding of the subject as well. If there is any struggle, I will always be patient and make sure to go the pace of the student to make sure that the student understands the subject well.

I am currently studying chemical engineering and mathematical analysis, so chemistry and math are my strongest subjects, but I have had a lot of success in English and other literature classes, along with success in History classes, so if you need someone to help all around and get the student to a higher level of knowledge in schooling, I can personally guarantee that there will be success.
I enjoy helping others and am always willing to assist someone who needs it. I have a lot of knowledge in various school topics, along with athletics. Throughout high school I was often the student who many would ask for help on a math problem or Read more

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"Very Helpful"

- Susan, Minneapolis, MN on 12/10/15

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ACT Math

I received a 34 on the math portion of the ACT as well as a perfect score of 800 on the SAT Math 2 subject test.

Algebra 1

I have assisted in teaching pre-calculus at Park High School and have helped individuals who struggled with the algebraic techniques as well.

Algebra 2

I never got less than an A in math in high school when I attended, primarily due to my strong test scores.


I have been actively involved in weightlifting for seven years and have been active in bodybuilding for the last four years. I also am going to be getting my certification for personal training in the near future. Overall I have extensive knowledge in bodybuilding through personal experience as well as hundreds of hours of research.


I am a senior in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. For my major, calculus is the primary mathematical technique used in problem solving. I have experience in helping students within my program with difficult calculus topics and ultimately I have a strong understanding of the fundamentals which allows me to teach a wide range of levels within calculus.


I am a Chemical Engineering senior at the University of Minnesota. As such, chemistry was the foundation of my degree program for the first two years of college. I have taken General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry (as well as Polymer Chemistry). From this, I feel I could assist in any chemistry problem of varying difficulty.

Differential Equations

I have taken the science and engineering Linear Algebra and Differential Equations course at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and received a B+ in the course. I also have completed all calculus levels for undergraduate, which includes four years of calculus study. I am two classes away from a math minor and five away from a math major and am very confident in my ability to teach mathematics, including differential equations.


I have taken five drawing classes in the last six years and am related to many talented artists. I personally enjoy drawing and would love to assist someone in learning basic techniques in drawing so they can love it as well. I am best at geometric drawing, but I do have the ability to teach shading techniques for more organic art as well.

Elementary Math

I have experience tutoring elementary school students at my old Elementary School (Armstrong Elementary). From this, I feel I can connect well in the basics of mathematics (operations, basic theory) which tend to be neglected. The axioms of math are typically overlooked in elementary math, but I learned them at a young age and this knowledge has allowed me to excel throughout my education. I feel I could not only help kids survive early mathematics, but thrive during a very important developmental period for logic and reasoning.


I was a varsity football player in high school and am currently teaching my younger brother proper throwing progressions and reading skills for being successful at the quarterback position. I used to practice at other positions in my down time to help teammates get better and feel that I could be a great assistance in improving for football. The off-season is very long and that is very valuable time for an athlete to sharpen technique, unfortunately not many coaches have the time to help, but I could help if they need it.


I have played guitar for five years and have taught a few friends the basics. I still have my old beginners book along with tabs of many popular songs. I believe that I am well qualified to teach guitar.


I have used MATLAB countless times for my Linear Algebra/Differential Equations class and can assist in many different applications of the program. I know how to use graphical features, functions, systems, algorithms, and the storing feature. I feel that I could help someone use MATLAB for many uses and I still have helpful worksheets from a close acquaintance who helped design MATLAB.

Microsoft Windows

I know how to navigate and organize on all Windows models (post Windows 98/Millennium). I am great at using Windows 7, and am improving on navigating through Windows 8. I have played around with computer since I was really young back when Windows 98 was the new model, and I understand the standard Windows format.


Physics is the primary rules of engineering. As a chemical engineering student (senior) I have based my education on physics principles over the last couple years and am confident I can teach the concepts and "quick checks" associated with physics problems. In terms of calculations for problems, I understand the fundamentals of balance equations and differential equations as well as the algebraic forms for kinematics and energy.


I am a Chemical Engineering student, so I feel fully qualified to assist in any pre-algebra topics and could convey them well. Typically, this involves standard math axioms and identity rules. Also order of operations and introduction to variables. This focus is around equations and equivalent operations to isolate variables. I feel fully qualified to help in any early topics of mathematics.


I have assisted in teaching pre-calculus before in my high school. Pre-calculus is the fundamentals of all non-calculus topics learned in algebra and trigonometry, and I feel that understanding graphical behavior and conics is the "new" topics most students would struggle with while reviewing "old" topics from trigonometry and Algebra 2 is typically a set-back tasked with tutors. I am a Chemical Engineering student, so I feel fully qualified to assist in any pre-calculus topics and could convey them well.

SAT Math

When I took the SAT Math 2 Subject Test, I scored an 800 out of 800, so I know I am fully capable of assisting in any mathematical timed test. Typically standardized tests are focused around many problems which need an intuitive approach to find solutions quickly instead of solving every problem. Process of elimination and practicing timed tests is the best approach when preparing for the SAT Math portion. Any early topics can be related typically to trigonometry and algebra 2 in high school, and I feel fully capable of assisting in any problems regarding the subjects.


Spelling is based around phonics and mostly memorization. Teaching the phonics is the primary focus for spelling when initially learning new words. After this, practice in spelling and making connections between words and unique relations between the pronunciation of the word and the spelling is the key to further development. I feel I can convey these fundamentals well and am patient enough to keep on pace with the child's learning.

Study Skills

I have excellent test scores and although I used to struggle with organization and time management, I have since improved and feel that I could really help others do the same. I know that routine and organization are key to studying effectively, along with knowing how long to study before it is not effective. I also can teach a few tricks I learned through experience that have helped me become successful at studying and retaining information.

Track & Field

I was varsity in shot put, discus, sprinting and long jump in high school. I still do shot put, but I have since read up and own a few books on coaching track and field. I understand how to become a better athlete and found that methods that my coaches had taught when I was younger are not effective and feel that I could really contribute to an athlete's success in track and field.


Trigonometry is best related to geometry rules learned early on, such as the diagonal of a square and the intrinsic proportions of a triangle. After this, the focus is around the unit circle and definitions of sine, cosine and tangent. Once this is understood, the final component to trigonometry is the relations between the definitions and algebraic trigonometry. I understand fully the content of trigonometry and have experience in assisting teachers with teaching the content.

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Chemical Engineering


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Chemical Engineering)

Very Helpful — Steven is very helpful to Ben in explaining math concepts and Ben's grades are improving as a direct result. thank you! ...

— Susan, Minneapolis, MN on 12/10/15

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