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Experienced Teacher in ALL Social Sciences Certified AP US & World

Experienced Teacher in ALL Social Sciences Certified AP US & World


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I'm Erik and I have 16 years of professional teaching experience ranging from grades 7 to 12, with some tutoring and mentoring of college students and student teachers. I graduated from Concordia College with degrees in History, Political Science, Sociology, and later completed my teaching credentials there as well. I also completed a Master of Science at St. Cloud State University in History, and did post-graduate work in Military History, Literacy, Special Education, Bilingual Education,...

I'm Erik and I have 16 years of professional teaching experience ranging from grades 7 to 12, with some tutoring and mentoring of college students and student teachers. I graduated from Concordia College with degrees in History, Political Science, Sociology, and later completed my teaching credentials there as well. I also completed a Master of Science at St. Cloud State University in History, and did post-graduate work in Military History, Literacy, Special Education, Bilingual Education, and doctoral-level work in Public Policy. Clearly, I love to learn and that came from having those few teachers that stood out throughout my life that taught me to never stop learning. It is a skill I worked hard to pass to each and every one of my students through my dedication to them as individuals and ensuring that they know that their personal goals and unique experiences matter to me. Still, I’m fully aware that many students find History (and many other Social Studies’ classes) “boring,” “difficult,” or they just don’t see a connection to themselves. How do I overcome that as a teacher? I remember the simple truth: it’s about telling the full story, including the details that bring the actors (especially those often forgotten) behind the events to life. When you bring passion, energy, and you’re not afraid to be a little dramatic at times, History goes becomes the engaging story of the past it should be. This often meant that lessons involved creating a “living history” as often as we could, with my lectures recorded online for them, and class dedicated to brief reviews and then exploratory learning through different lessons ranging from debates to simulations to seminars to mock trials or allowing the students to choose their own creative expressions. My desire to connect my students to “living history” led to working with local veterans, who then experienced my teaching first hand for themselves. The proudest moment of my career came when I was bestowed with the 2015-16 Minnesota VFW Teacher of the Year, because it personifies how my love of history, my dedication to my students, and my desire to serve my community all come together.

One of the aspects of tutoring or working with smaller groups of students is the ability to really break the material down and help them reach a personal connection to the material to increase their own understanding. Our class sizes ranged from 34 - 39, so I held open tutoring sessions on certain mornings or by appointment. I also spent many years working as a homebound instructor for students unable to attend classes. These smaller settings really allow a teacher to focus in on what the student needs and give them the type of guidance specifically designed for their problem.

Prior to becoming an AP teacher, Minnesota once had a writing portion on our MCA state tests given at the 9th Grade level. My cohort and I made our professional development goals center on improving writing ability to help our students gain an edge in this area. We developed methods of allowing them to build on their skills incrementally towards mastery, while making use of the material, through small writing assignments that targeted a specific skill, i.e. thesis development. We often made it interesting by doing newspaper articles where they had to argue against their own views or write historical fiction. For a time, the state experimented with "high-stakes" testing, connecting the MCA's to graduation. My cohort and I each held a passing rate in the 90 percent range. I used a similar, but more advanced method once I moved to Advanced Placement World History. The students achieved a 70% pass rate overall, exceeding the global averages, with the majority finishing in the top quarter. The key again was to break it into pieces, but also find ways to make it interesting.

While the different fields in History are a passion of mine personally and professionally, they also provide areas of constant research for me. Besides my Masters in History, I gained College Board certification in both Advanced Placement United States and World History. My professional history includes teaching experience in Advanced Placement World History, Honors US History, US & EL Collaborative US History, but also other Social Studies courses including: Economics, Government, Sociology, Crime & Justice and Constitutional Law. I have worked with both high-end learners and those who needed the most help. As stated, my AP World students exceeded the global averages, but I also take tremendous sentimental pride in my work in Credit Recovery US History. During this course, I worked with a small group of students after school not only to help them earn their History credits for graduation, but study skills to apply for other courses. These students often slipped through the cracks in larger classes, but benefited greatly from the more individualized attention.

My purpose in joining the profession was simply to improve the lives of the students I worked with and help them advance forward to reach their goals. I am always open to new resources to add to my collection and welcome these and suggestions from parents and students, while providing timely responses. While I have significantly more availability to work with students online, I will also work with students in person, especially those needing help in US/World or each of those AP Courses. Feel free to contact me with additional questions or to schedule a lesson. I look forward to working with you!


Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
Hist. Poly Sci, Soc.
St. Cloud State University
Norwich University / Military History
Graduate Coursework


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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

While completing my majoring in Sociology, I spent a great deal of time focusing on different theories behind the causes of criminal behavior. This meant we examined more of the external factors, such as environment or education, rather than biological ones. While teaching Crime and Justice, we focused on both internal and external factors, while drawing comparisons. We also assessed the different ideas behind punishment, the rights of the accused and the Supreme Court cases that helped establish or solidify them, and examined the Justice system. We also took time to look at how evidence can influence a case in that system, and how it can be tainted to alter the results, even inadvertently.


American History,

American History

I earned my degree in History in 2000 and did graduate-level work that included studies in American History. I was certified by the College Board in Advanced Placement US History in 2016. I have 10 years experience teaching various US history courses, ranging from our High-Performance (Honors) Course, ALP (Gifted & Talented), US Studies 7th Grade, US History 9th & 10th Grades, EL Collaborative US History, and Credit Recovery US History. I also completed graduate work analyzing how US History is taught in American schools, assessing the strengths of an engaging curriculum, while also demonstrating the flaws which often appear. I have served on numerous curriculum teams, writing lessons and creating the grading standards for our district to align with MN state Social Studies' Standards.
Political Science,

Political Science

I completed my BA in Political Science at Concordia College and focused mostly on International Relations, Foreign Affairs, and Elections. I also did seminar coursework during my graduate studies on the politics that contributed to the World Wars and the failure of diplomacy during that time period. I taught Government for 5 years, where Political Science is a key aspect of the class. However, it was also one of the main themes addressed during AP World History as the key areas of it often served to influence the events we examined throughout the course.
Social Studies,

Social Studies

I have been licensed in all Social Studies subjects since 2004 and taught the following courses: AP World History, High Performance US History, EL Collaborative US History, Credit Recovery US History, US History 9th and 10th grade, Standards-Plus US Studies (7th Grade), Human Geography, Economics, Government, Sociology, Crime & Justice, Constitutional Law and ALP which is a collaborative course with an English instructor designed for gifted/talented students. I have experience teaching every grade level from 7-12 and did work with 6th graders during my student teaching experiences. I have a Masters in History and graduate level course work in Military History, Instructional Approaches to US History, Special Education, Literacy/Writing, and Bilingual Education, and doctoral level coursework in Public Policy. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!
World History,

World History

I completed my Master of Science in History in 2008 with coursework based upon the idea of establishing a College in the Schools course. This allowed me to take a diverse curriculum and write smaller "starred papers" instead of one larger thesis. In 2017, I was certified by the College Board Certified for Advanced Placement World History. My teaching methods translated into test results exceeding the global averages. I also completed Post-graduate work in Military History which focused primarily on Asia and the Middle East and its influence in culture and technology that spread to the Western World.
European History, Government & Politics


Government & Politics

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Very Knowledgeable

Erik was a great help! He provided a review session for my son’s World History test. My son ended up with the best grade he’s made all year. We will definitely be reaching out again next year for US History.

Tammy, 1 lesson with Erik

Great “AP WH teacher”

I didn’t know how hard it was to find a good AP WH teacher until our daughter needed one. Erik is very easy going and wonderful to work with. Most of all our daughter enjoys his lesson. He’s very knowledgeable and seems to love the subject and teaching it. We’re looking forward to working with him all through this academic year and the next year for US History. Thanks Eric❤️

Bonnie, 6 lessons with Erik
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