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— Cara, Narragansett, RI on 7/31/13


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University of Vermont


University of Vermont (Premed,Finance,Math)

About Christine

I am an accomplished actuarial and finance business professional, skilled in many areas. My tutoring background is in prep exams (SAT ACT) with great success, college level exams, paper reviews, research assistance, and college and professional exam tutoring. I am also quite good at college counseling, including scholarship searches.

I previously taught high school, and raised two children, one an honors student in accounting (learning disabled), the other on a full scholarship to a tier 1 school (disabled). I am professionally quite accomplished. I taught high school for five years, but returned to the business world for compensation reasons. I am very good at teaching mathematics, from remedial math through calculus, and am really good at explaining things and helping folks grasp difficult concepts, and to become better learners. I am also extremely effective at writing.

My career is as an actuarial consultant, and so I understand the beginning actuarial exams very well and can help you pass them.

My focus right now is primarily on college test prep and college admissions counseling, but I also tutor in various high school, college, graduate school and professional courses. And, I enjoy editing papers.
I am an accomplished actuarial and finance business professional, skilled in many areas. My tutoring background is in prep exams (SAT ACT) with great success, college level exams, paper reviews, research assistance, and college and professional exam tutoring. I am also quite good at college counseling, including scholarship searches.

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"Wonderful Tutor!"

- Cara, Narragansett, RI on 7/31/13

"Great Tutor!"

- Courtney, Norwood, MA on 6/28/16

"Very Knowledgeable and great communicator"

- Chris, Walpole, MA on 12/16/15

"Great Math Tutor"

- Alison, Boston, MA on 12/13/15

"Always great!"

- Diana, Dedham, MA on 10/18/13

"Very knowlegable in all areas. A great asset."

- Linda, North Kingstown, RI on 9/27/13

"Great tutor!"

- Maryellen, Hopkinton, MA on 9/17/13

"The best!"

- Hannah, Sharon, MA on 9/6/13

"Christine was absolutely amazing"

- Elena, Canton, MA on 8/25/13

"Conscientious Tutor"

- AJ, Rumford, RI on 8/19/13
Christine replied on 8/19/2013

Thanks! The areas of study were Excel, including macros, Access, VBA and SQL, and essay writing. Additionally, introductory coding in VBA, SQL, SAS & R was demonstrated.

ACT Math,
Actuarial Science,
Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Differential Equations, Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Financial Accounting,
GED, Geometry,
GMAT, GRE, Linear Algebra,
Managerial Accounting,
Microsoft Excel,
Precalculus, Probability, SAT Math,
ACT Science,
Anthropology, Biology,
Botany, Chemistry,
Ecology, Elementary Science, Physical Science, Physics, PSAT
C, C++, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Fortran, General Computer, Java, MATLAB, Microsoft Access,
Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft PowerPoint,
Microsoft Project,
Microsoft Windows,
Microsoft Word,
QuickBooks, SAS,
SQL, Visual Basic,
Web Design
ESL/ESOL, Farsi, Reading,
TOEFL, Writing
American History,
Anthropology, European History, Geography, Government & Politics, Religion, Social Studies, World History, Writing
Special Needs:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Phonics, Reading,
Special Needs,
Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar,
Phonics, Reading,
Spelling, Study Skills,
Fitness, Soccer,
Track & Field

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ACT English

I write a lot for my career in insurance, and therefore write very well. I made As in English in highschool and college.

ACT Math

I am an actuarial analyst, and have taught math in the past at the high school level for five years.

ACT Reading

I am currently tutoring in ACT reading with great success. I also have two children who did very well on the ACT and SATs. I am also did very well. I am able to teach children the nuances of reading and reading interpretation and the meaning of words and intent and context.

ACT Science

I am well qualified in science as I was originally a biology major and pre-med at Tufts University (with great grades). I am also a former teacher, tutor, and a great test taker.

Actuarial Science

I have worked in the actuarial field for 20 years. I am also a former educator of actuarial science.


I have had significant classroom experience teaching learning disabled students of all kinds, including students with ADD/ADHD.

I have such a son, and have experience tutoring him to great results.

I have been trained in the education of active young students, especially boys, and had several individual cases while teaching that I have managed to position outcomes.

Algebra 1

I taught Algebra in high school for five years and tutored two children in the subject.

Algebra 2

I am a former Algebra II teacher, and was quite good at it. I have a degree in finance and accounting with a minor in math.

American History

I studied AP History in high school, and latin american history in college, and am an avid historian and former teacher. I am very good at helping students (including my own children) understand the meaning of historical events, and to cull important facts from them, as well as studying for standardized tests.


I studied biology through pre med at Tufts, receiving As and a 5 on the AP exam. I worked in a lab at that time as well and am familiar with lab protocol and write-ups.


I have an undergraduate degree in business administration with a focus on STEM, Finance and Accounting. I am a trained actuarial consultant. I also operate a small business. My degree had a significant element of marketing as well.


I took three semesters of calculus in college, and had an A- average. I also had to study the topics for actuarial exams on all three semesters and linear algebra, which I passed, which means that I know the topic very well. I am also formerly trained and have experience in education.

Career Development

I have developed a successful career in the actuarial field through years of work as an actuarial consultant. I have successfully passed many exams. I am a highly regarded product development analyst.

In education, I have been successful in getting my education license as a second career, and completed many graduate level education courses. I was very successful with many types of learners.

In business, I have developed a great career in crowdfunding, and guide others in developing their careers in it as well.


I did very well in AP Chemistry and pre medical chemistry in college. I am a former teacher and great at helping students understand topics.

College Counseling

I have successfully guided two students, my own children, to successful entrance into a tier one college (with a full scholarship) and a tier 2 college with a learning disabled background.

One applied and attended on an athletic scholarship for football and was invited to a D1 school for ski racing and academic scholarship.

The other went successfully through a very rigorous elite scholarship process, and, in spite of being legally disabled, did receive a full scholarship in STEM.

I have great contacts in international placements as well, and a good understanding of scholarship programs (Academic and athletic) and of the environments of many schools across the country, and a few in Canada.


I took introductory and intermediate economics in college, and had to study more economics for actuarial exams.


I've always done very well in English, got a 5 on my AP exams and took many English courses in college.


I majored in finance in college, and minored in math. I have worked in the finance and accounting and insurance fields for twenty years. I have also taught, including business math, for many years.

Financial Accounting

I have a degree in accounting and finance from UVM. I have worked as an actuary, in addition to owning my own business. I've previously tutored my own children and others quite successfully.


I am a former middle and high school credentialed math teacher, including geometry. I have taught basic geometry previously, as well as having tutored in it.


I have written a lot in my career, got 5s on all my AP exams and As in my English courses.

Linear Algebra

I took Linear Algebra in college (theoretical and applied). I got an A-.

I also minored in mathematics, and passed the actuarial exams that include linear algebra.

I am a former teacher, and very good at teaching and tutoring topics.


I have taken many literature courses in college, where I received As. I also got a 5 on my AP Literature test.

Managerial Accounting

I have a degree in accounting and finance from UVM. I have worked as an actuary, in addition to owning my own business. I've previously tutored my own children and others quite successfully.


I minored in marketing in college. Additionally, I have implemented marketing programs for several insurance companies successfully.

Microsoft Access

I have programmed analytical databases in Access to backend surveys and Excel based analysis for over twenty years. I am highly qualified to teach how to use this, as well as how to program the VBA associated with it.

Microsoft Excel

I am expert in the use of Microsoft Excel, VBA, SQL and Access. I have used it in significant data analysis and presentation in educational and professional formats. I am expert in teaching the topic, and am currently tutoring in it. I am also a trained educator and experienced tutor.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I am expert in the use of Microsoft powerpoint, having used it for high level presentations in insurance, and for presentations in academia. I have done so over the past ten years. I am quite good at teaching the topic, and have done so with many colleagues I've trained.

Microsoft Project

I have used microsoft project and been trained in it's use as a professional in the insurance industry.

I have used it to manage the development and launch of products, and in managing man hours and project scheduling.

I have done this over the course of the past ten years, having used microsoft products for the last twenty.

Microsoft Windows

I have worked with Microsoft Office developing many different types of documents including papers, essays, resumes, technical requirements to legal documents among many others. I have been doing so for twenty years, as well as training others.

Microsoft Word

I have used Microsoft Word consistently for technical and academic writing for the past two decades or so. I am expert with all of it's applications and uses. I am also a great tutor on business and educational topics, and can teach it's use for either purpose.


I have years of experience programming in pascal, and in programming in general, including current languages. I have taught programming to other colleagues in informal tutoring sessions, and in a classroom setting.


I taught pre-algebra for many years to all types of students.


I've written and read many documents in my educational and professional career. I am very good at writing. I am a former teacher as well.


I am an excellent tutor in SAT, ACT and PSAT exam taking. I did quite well on them, as did my children (one an NM Scholar competitor). I am an experienced educator and tutor as well.

Public Speaking

I have had extensive experience in public speaking. I taught for five years in a mathematics classroom.

I also have dealt extensively with presenting complex material to financial and government regulators in insurance and finance, and in presenting to institutes of higher learning.

Finally, I present regularly on a speakers circuit for crowdfunding, a complex financial process and evolving market.


I am very good at teaching how to interpret what is being read. I got a 5 on my AP English test and over 700 on my English SAT.


I have programmed in SAS extensively in my job as a product and systems analyst in insurance over the past twenty years. I have written complicated code including data pulls, analysis and output using various statements against multiple data tables.

SAT Math

I have tutored my own children and other children to successful, meaningful improvement in their scores on these exams. I have a background teaching mathematics relevant to this test as well. My background focuses on test taking strategies, too.

SAT Reading

I am a very accomplished tutor of reading interpretation and question answering on the SATs and SATs. I am an accomplished tutor and educator as well. Additionally, my own children did quite well on their standardized exams.

SAT Writing

I am an accomplished writer of essays and technical writing. I took many humanities courses in college, and got all As in them. I also write for a living, although technically. I am currently tutoring two students in SAT essay writing, and it is going quite well. My own children, one having a writing disability, are AP Scholars and honors students, and I tutored them. I also received a 5 on my own AP English exam (a while ago).


I played varsity soccer for a Metro Division team that resulted in three All New England, one All American and one state championship. I also played varsity soccer for one year on a collegiate team that won ECACs. I played wing and goalie. I am a very good goalie trainer.

Special Needs

I taught high school for five years, and was a licensed educator for 6th through 12th grade. I had mostly special needs-mainstreamed kids from disadvantaged socioeconomic groups. I specifically successfully taught mathematics through Algebra 1 to students with neurochemical disorders (schizophrenia, depression, anxiety), as well as kids with Asperger's and ADD/ADHD, the latter including my own son, who is an honor student in college now. I believe that every child can succeed and should not be left behind.


I have programmed in SPSS and SAS for many years in college, and in my actuarial work.


I have worked as an actuarial analyst and consultant for 15 years. I have passed all the beginning exams and VEEs.

Study Skills

I am highly qualified in study skills, having taught them to many disadvantaged, advantaged, and average students as an educator. As a highly successful student and adult, I am good at teaching preparation and organization. I am an excellent at studying and note taking, having done very well in high school and college.

Visual Basic

I have programmed for decades in Visual Basic to develop queries and to automate excel based processes in highly computational environments, including analysis and formatting output. I have trained many colleagues in the use of VBA for automating processes in Excel. I am also an experienced tutor and teacher in mathematical, computer programming, and other technical topics. I am currently tutoring in Excel.


I have a great vocabulary and had a great education. I also taught for many years.

Web Design

I currently am working with virtual programmers through Odesk to design my own website, using skills I have developed over years of programming and design. I also run a website development business, and love teaching new students how to design websites.


I am a very good writer. I did well in college, and got a 5 on my AP English exam. I also write a lot for my career in insurance.

University of Vermont


University of Vermont (Premed,Finance,Math)

Wonderful Tutor!

Christine is a fantastic tutor! She has helped my son prepare for his ACT test in all subject areas. She is able to determine exactly what his strengths and weaknesses are and has been nothing but a positive influence! She is patient and very kind. I Highly recommend Christine!

— Cara, Narragansett, RI on 7/31/13

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $150.00

Cancellation: 12 hours notice required

80% of the base rate per hour for each additional student, up to five students total. Mandatory 2.0 hours minimum sessions.

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