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— Jameson, Boston, MA on 7/2/13


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Harvard (AB magna cum laude)
European History
Harvard Law School
Harvard Business School
Graduate Coursework


Harvard (AB magna cum laude) (European History)

Harvard Law School (J.D.)

Harvard Business School (Graduate Coursework)

About Donald

Students tell me that I help them to become more successful than they ever thought possible. Those I help with law school applications and the LSAT always end up at their first-choice of law schools. Many receive large merit scholarships. As another example of why students are so pleased, all of the students I helped with college admissions tests and applications for academic programs in 2014 and 2015 began attending one of the top 25 colleges in the United States in 2015 or 2016. All of such 2016 students are either attending their first-choice college or a college that their guidance counselors described as a "reach" for them. Most of my students have been diagnosed with learning challenges. So if you want the best possible results, I can help.

I have long been sought by the most effective people in the world to help them advance the state of the art in what they do. From these experiences, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to be extraordinarily effective in important tasks. I delight in meeting and sharing these insights with young people and seeing them excel beyond their dreams.

The difference between someone who is outstanding in performing a task and someone who is average can usually be found in only two to eight practices ... which are unique to that individual. My strength is quickly identifying these differences and demonstrating easy ways to eliminate them. Consequently, my students rapidly become the highest performers in their classes and schools. When it comes time to apply to a highly competitive college, professional or graduate school, or for a job, these students are highly sought by admissions officers and employers. My students obtain merit scholarships and bonuses seldom offered to others. The lifetime value of such advances exceeds the cost of my services by millions of dollars.

I am good at explaining subjects in simple English in many different ways so that it's easy and fast for someone to learn. For instance, in standardized test preparation, students who can quickly stop doing old practices have told me that they achieved their target scores after only one tutoring lesson. English and writing students usually advance two grade levels within three months. Students who have worked with other tutors say that they learn four to five times faster with me.

Each student is different, and I adjust each session to focus on what will help that student the most. My philosophy is to teach the student to excel beyond what occurs in a classroom ... rather than just cover the subject from the text's perspective. I help with more quality and speed of doing school work and standardized tests. Most of my students have been diagnosed with learning challenges or have English as a second or third language.

I love it when my current college and high school students send e-mails for help with papers due in a few hours. It's never too late to create a great paper.

Since I teach students to become outstanding and don't need much time to do it, the total cost of working with me is always less. For example, some students accomplish amazing results in a course after only one lesson. In addition, working with me saves students who are busy with school or work a great deal of time and effort. Further, many of my students earn higher scholarships, fellowships, and stipends than they expected. When that happens, it's as if my services are free in terms of the net impact on student costs.

I have an undergraduate degree in history from Harvard with high honors. My thesis was placed in the permanent Harvard archives. I am also a graduate of Harvard Law School. While in law school, I studied marketing and strategy at Harvard Business School.

I am an author or coauthor of 21 nonfiction books, write professionally about business and education as well, and have one global best seller (The 2,000 Percent Solution). My most recent book, Breakthrough Learning, describes how students can learn 400 times faster. I apply that approach in my tutoring. Many people describe me as one of the most popular book reviewers in the world.

I have been a part-time online business, economics, history, law, science, social sciences, and writing professor and tutor for graduate students in more than 60 countries around the world during the last fifteen years. One of my students won the Texty award for writing the best new physics textbook for college students. For well over a decade, I also taught art, business, problem solving, and reading in adult education classes at Brookline High School and Newton North High School.

Over 50 of my clients for whom I did career counseling went on to become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

I'm the founder of the 400 Year Project (research from 1995 through 2015 to develop ways to accomplish 20 times more with the same or less time, money, and effort). Successful breakthroughs have been accomplished in more than 60 countries by people applying the project's methods.

I am also an entrepreneur who has started more than 100 businesses. My main enterprise is a management consulting firm. I am considered an expert on business innovation, business-model innovation, and entrepreneurship. Rather than being someone who just teaches how to do better, I'm someone who has led a life of high accomplishment. Many students value my mentoring of their career activities.

I'm a member of the Massachusetts bar.

Please tell me how I can best help you.
Students tell me that I help them to become more successful than they ever thought possible. Those I help with law school applications and the LSAT always end up at their first-choice of law schools. Many receive large merit scholarships. As another example of why students are so pleased, all of the students I helped with college admissions tests Read more

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"Great Tutor!"

- Jameson, Boston, MA on 7/2/13
Donald replied on 12/8/2016

Jameson is very generous with his comments. At our only lesson, I diagnosed that he had only one issue that was keeping him for scoring high. Over the course of three hours, I was able to explain that issue and successfully give him directions for how to overcome it. Most of my students have two to six issues that require improvement, so it's more typical to need six or seven lessons with me, rather than just one, to earn a high score on the LSAT.

"December 9, 2017 Lesson"

- JUSTIN, Hopkinton, MA on 12/10/17

"Knowledgable and patient tutor."

- Coco, Boston, MA on 10/26/17

"Don is a Tremendous Tutor"

- Kevin, Andover, MA on 9/26/17

"Phenomenal LSAT tutor"

- Ariana, Middleton, MA on 9/24/17


- Joan, Stow, MA on 9/13/17

"Great Tutor with Effective Methods"

- Michael, Cambridge, MA on 6/14/17

"So Helpful!"

- Don, Salt Lake City, UT on 5/3/17
Donald replied on 6/6/2017

Don posted this response to his first lesson in the LSAT. I was able to explain three different approaches Don could use to meet his goals in ways that he immediately understood and could apply.

"Focused right in on my daughter's needs"

- Sheila, Wayland, MA on 4/29/17
Donald replied on 5/10/2017

During the diagnostic lesson for a college entrance exam, Sheila's daughter learned what she needed to do to improve and felt she could accomplish the results without further lessons.

"Knowledgeable, Observant, and a Joy to work with so far!"

- Lindsey, North Reading, MA on 3/17/17
Donald replied on 12/5/2017

Lindsey worked hard and did well. As a result, she was accepted by many law schools that provided her with merit scholarship offers.

"Knowledgeable and patient"

- Anna, Elmhurst, IL on 2/28/17

"Best tutor I have ever worked with"

- Brandon, Carmel, IN on 1/16/17

"Thorough, patient, kind"

- Lissa, Concord, MA on 12/19/16

"Little Time, Large Improvements."

- Vicky, Skokie, IL on 12/9/16

"Why make things complicated?"

- Courtney, Midland, TX on 12/5/16

"Knowledgeable and Patient tutor"

- Mark, Needham, MA on 10/22/16
Donald replied on 12/19/2016

Mark's daughter earned a quite high score on the ACT, well above the level of her scoring when I first met her. Her hard work paid off, and she was accepted by her first choice of colleges.

"Great coach, communicator"

- Tao, Westford, MA on 10/15/16

"Don is simply the best"

- Jon, Fairfax, VA on 6/24/16
Donald replied on 6/30/2016

John lives far from me, yet we have been able to accomplish a great deal through telephone conversations and exchanging e-mails. I look forward to assisting him with future learning!

"Wonderful Human Being and Teacher"

- Matthew, Somerville, MA on 6/6/16
Donald replied on 6/29/2016

Matthew's hard work paid off, and he earned a high score on the June 2016 test that should enable him to be accepted at a top 10 law school.

"Outstanding Educator and Mentor"

- Michael, Waban, MA on 4/29/16
Donald replied on 11/1/2016

Michael's daughter improved greatly on the SAT, enough so that she now has a sufficient score to be seriously considered by all of her reach colleges.

"Helpful and patient"

- Fadia, Mendon, MA on 4/6/16

"Knowledgeable and encouraging tutor"

- Eric, Medford, MA on 3/29/16
Donald replied on 7/7/2017

Eric did an exceptionally good job of preparing. On his first LSAT, he didn't come up to the potential that he and I saw in his practice results. He used his notes from preparing for the first LSAT to take the test again. On his second try, he earned an exceptionally high score ... at or above the median for entering students at any law school I know of. Well done, Eric!


- Kyle, Quincy, MA on 2/25/16

"A Calming Force"

- Christine, West Newton, MA on 12/28/15

"Exactly what we needed."

- Tamsin, North Easton, MA on 12/23/15


- Benjamin, Portland, ME on 7/20/15

"Excellent Tutor"

- Christin, Hampstead, NH on 10/28/14
Donald replied on 6/19/2015

This young lady will be attending a top Ivy League college in the fall due to her hard work in high school and learning to do well on the SAT.

"Great tutor. Helped my son to get a very high ACT score."

- Massie, Newton Center, MA on 8/14/14
Donald replied on 6/30/2016

Massie's son earned the enviable composite on the ACT that enabled him to attend one of the most competitive colleges in the nation. His younger son was also tutored by me and achieved an equally high score on the ACT. This young man should also be able to attend anywhere he wants.

"Great Tutor"

- Homaira, Boylston, MA on 7/14/14

"Amazing ACT Tutor!"

- Parisa, Brookline, MA on 7/10/14
Donald replied on 4/29/2015

Parisa continued to improve after sharing this comment. She went on to gain admission to her ideal program at her first choice of colleges.

"Great algebra 2 tutor"

- Deb, Sudbury, MA on 6/17/14
Donald replied on 6/30/2016

Deb's daughter went on to become an outstanding math student who needed no more tutoring. She earned a merit scholarship to an outstanding college.

"The most amazing tutor you will ever have!"

- Melissa, Somerville, MA on 4/20/14

"Stellar Tutor"

- Dianne, Weston, MA on 3/16/14
Donald replied on 12/16/2016

Dianne's son went on to earn a very high SAT score and now attends his first choice of colleges. I also tutored Dianne's daughter who earned extremely high scores on the SAT and ACT and will be attending her first choice of colleges as well, one of the top 3 rated schools in the nation.

"One of the best teachers/scholars I have ever met."

- Rakesh, Southborough, MA on 11/24/13

"The best tutor we have ever hired!!"

- Justin, Lexington, MA on 7/21/13

"Great Teacher with Inspiring Energy"

- Walter, Boston, MA on 7/10/13

"Great Tutor"

- Deon, Lexington, MA on 7/9/13

"Very relaxed!"

- Griff, Chestnut Hill, MA on 6/5/13
Donald replied on 9/29/2013

Griff was a student then at a very highly regarded college taking its introductory course in economics. I was able to help him turn the theoretical knowledge presented in lectures and in the text into practical understanding that he could use to devise effective solutions and to answer test questions correctly.

"Good tutor with effective teaching method"

- John, Wellesley, MA on 5/13/13

"Very knowledgeable"

- Chloe, Andover, MA on 4/21/13
Donald replied on 6/30/2016

Chloe now attends a very highly regarded college where she is doing outstanding work.

"The shortcut for all recent immigrants who want to learn English and American culture!"

- Steven, Weston, MA on 4/7/13

"Very patient and comfortable for my son to work with."

- Shari, Burlington, MA on 1/15/13

"Encouraging, knowledgeable tutor!"

- Theresa, Sharon, MA on 1/9/13


- Mira, West Newton, MA on 11/20/12

"Easy to reach, very knowledgeable."

- Tania, Brookline, MA on 11/13/12


- Nita, Westwood, MA on 10/10/12
Art History,

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

This is a test where speed and accuracy count. By practicing and locating where you make the most incorrect decisions, you can focus your attention on quickly improving your score. By strengthening your understanding of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, I can help you do much better with relatively little effort. One of my most recent students earned a 35 on this part of the ACT. Many people don't think they can learn grammar, punctuation, and spelling if they aren't native speakers. I helped a recent student improve by 8 points who is not a native speaker.

ACT Math

I like the thorough way that ACT math tests pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry. Anyone who has a good grounding in these topics and reads the questions carefully can do almost perfectly. It's a great feeling to prepare a student to do so. One of my most recent students earned a 36 on this part of the ACT. Another of my recent students improved by 10 points on this part of the test after our work together. No matter how poorly you feel you know math, I can help you earn a top score in this part of the ACT.

ACT Reading

ACT Reading calls for making judgments about what authors are trying to accomplish and what their words mean. You'll focus more on the big picture than the little one, a quality that can frustrate some people who like to make fine distinctions. Work with me, and you'll know just how to characterize these reading questions. One of my recent students earned a 34 on this part of the ACT. Many students find it hard to read and answer the questions in the time allowed. I have helped several students to increase their speed in reading and accurately answering questions by more than 100 percent. Even if English is not your first language and you are a slow reader, I can help you do much better.

ACT Science

As an attorney with training in science, I am familiar with the logic and proofs involved in drawing conclusions from scientific evidence and exhibits. The questions on ACT Science test for understanding such observations and correctly interpreting them in a brief amount of time. I can develop and explain examples in many different scientific contexts to help students. I can show ways to answer the questions faster, as well as more accurately. One of my recent students earned a 35 on this part of the ACT. Another of my students improved by 12 points after tutoring with me. Why not earn a high score in this part of the ACT?

Algebra 1

I love to help youngsters learn Algebra I because it provides so many helpful tools for finding solutions to everyday problems. There's also an element of reading and thinking carefully that helps develop a sense of logic that can be used in other subjects. Also, once someone grasps these concepts, they are rarely forgotten, even late in life. Most students understand almost everything they need to know, but lack enough practice with all types of problems to develop skill and confidence sufficient to do well on math tests. I can easily explain what's missing and provide the necessary practice. Most students don't need many lessons from me to be able to handle this subject on their own.

Algebra 2

These are valuable skills to master for higher mathematics. I encourage students to develop a very firm grounding before moving on to other forms of math. Drills are very useful for identifying misunderstandings about how to perform various operations. There are also many resources for obtaining additional insights into how to do this work. I also direct students to those resources when appropriate.

American History

As part of my undergraduate training in history, I studied under many of the world's leading scholars in American history. I'm also the leading online reviewer of American history books. I've read widely in American history and have visited the sites of many major events.

My specialty is improving essay writing. History essays are different than English ones, relying more on logic and factual evidence. There are also more subtle issues of interpretation. I am happy to help students improve in these areas.

Art History

Art history has been a passion of mine since I first visited an art museum as a youngster. I've read hundreds of books on the subject, collect art, and write about it.

I have especially deep knowledge of 19th and 20th century art.

Bar Exam

I'm a member of the bar in Massachusetts and have practiced here for over 40 years. I am a graduate of Harvard Law School. I can sharpen your ability to answer bar exam questions by helping you review the law, prepare efficient study plans, and gain insights into more efficient ways to develop correct answers.

Bible Studies

Bible studies have many great benefits: appreciating God's plan for each of our lives, being aware of the deeper meanings of well-known histories and stories, increasing ability in drawing lessons from Scripture, and applying Biblical lessons to daily issues and problems. Even if you know little or no Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, you can appreciate more of what you read by adding understanding from those languages. I can also assist with reading multiple English translations to gain additional insights.

Even if you have no religious interest in the Bible, knowing Scripture will add many valuable dimensions to your other reading. Almost all Western authors draw references from the Bible to enrich their writing.

I've spent many hours daily in Bible studies for over ten years and have learned many different methods for doing so. I've also studied under many of the most respected Bible scholars.


I hold a full professorship in graduate business studies at an online university where I teach MBA and DBA students in strategy, entrepreneurship, making breakthroughs, and marketing. I am the author or a coauthor of seven business books, including a global bestseller. My specialties are adding and retaining customers, acquisitions, business model development, cost reductions, developing new offerings, entrepreneurship, leadership, management, market research, problem-solving, project management, reducing investment needs, stock-price improvement, and strategy.

I bring a lot of practical knowledge to your business subjects and issues. From these perspectives I can help you grasp case studies and paper topics at a more fundamental level.

Career Development

I am a professor at an online university where I tutor mid-career graduate students and provide career counseling advice. I have also written a book about career development, 2,000 Percent Living. Career development benefits from working in several activities including (1) becoming aware of career choices (2) adding relevant skills and knowledge (3) becoming more effective in working with others (4) obtaining regular feedback in personal and team effectiveness, and (5) improving in hiring and developing others. I enjoy working with individuals in all these aspects.

College Counseling

I teach graduate school students at an online university and serve as a faculty advisor for them in preparing their courses of studies, filling in for any gaps in their skills and knowledge, and helping them to focus on their most productive interests. I enjoy the counseling part of this work the most. I find that many high school students need someone who wants to get to know them to help direct their exploration of college choices in the most helpful ways. Having guided four children of my own and the children of countless friends, I know what you want from a college counselor.

Criminal Justice

I trained in criminal law at Harvard Law School. I'm a member of the bar in Massachusetts. I'm familiar with criminal justice issues and the history of jurisprudence in this area.

Elementary Math

I like teaching elementary math. It's a great way to lay a solid foundation for higher math later on. Students can also learn to read more carefully, adding to their understanding of all their work.

I favor teaching to the student's unique needs, rather than just laying out the subject matter.

Elementary Science

Teaching elementary science for me is an opportunity to help create a sense of wonder about the world around us. I love to explain how science develops, how scientists think, and how science can make everyday life better. Youngsters become more interested when they understand how they can use science in day-to-day life.

I look forward to assisting your elementary science student.


I'm very committed to reading, having read and written book reviews of over 4,000 works. I love to share my enjoyment with young people so that they can find joy in English studies, as well. Whether it's reading faster, gaining comprehension, capturing information in more useful forms, writing, or applying what is learned, it's all English to me!


One of my pleasures in life is helping people improve their English reading, speaking, and writing. I like to adjust how I do this to help with the applications that most interest each student. Building from such a base, greater skill quickly spreads into other aspects of English communications. Please let me help you to enjoy and command English.

I also teach the cultural information needed to apply English more successfully in the United States. Many students find this information of even more value than their improved command of English.

European History

I was a modern European History major at Harvard, graduating magna cum laude in that field. I wrote an undergraduate thesis involving original research that was much admired. I have good language skills in French. I have been through three years of tutoring to prepare me to do original research and writing in history. My undergraduate thesis is part of the permanent Harvard collection at Widener Library.


Passing the GED is a wonderful achievement for those who do. I love to make it a little easier by providing methods that make finding the right answer more certain.

A little applied work in grammar, reading comprehension, punctuation, and arithmetic can make a huge difference. Let me help you!


I like to enrich learning about geography by helping students appreciate the culture and beauties of each nation. I had a teacher who did this for me, and it has led me to many wonderful journeys.


Geology is one of my favorite sciences. You can feel like a scientific Sherlock Holmes at times in evaluating what's available today to determine what happened in the past ... or what you might be able to accomplish in the future. Field trips are a special joy ... to be out enjoying nature.


I enjoy teaching geometry because of the logic involved. It's a great tool for finding ways to solve problems by adding perspectives together to draw bigger conclusions. Once students understand the process, they usually find the subject to be a lot of fun and relaxing.


I find that the key to improving GMAT performance is to identify what mistake patterns occur with which style of questions so that better analytical strategies can be learned and practiced. Eighty percent of errors will occur from fewer than 20 percent of the question styles. In this way, eighty percent of errors can be eliminated with relatively little effort. Let me help you to diagnose what is causing your errors and then to become effective in avoiding those errors. I can show you how to improve more in 10 hours than you can probably learn on your own in 200 hours.

Many people feel that they can only do well on the math portions by mastering a wide variety of math skills. If you are weak in math, I can show you ways to score quite well without mastering all those specific skills.

Government & Politics

Understanding American government and politics is based on knowing history and law. As a Harvard trained historian and lawyer, I'm especially well prepared to assist you to understand and address governmental and political questions and issues.

I also have extensive knowledge of government and political processes in most major nations during the 19th through the 21st century.


Grammar can seem daunting to youngsters and those for whom English is not a native language. There are short cuts to making rapid progress that I can show you. If you also study writing with me, I'll begin by noting which grammar rules you don't seem to understand and provide you with easy ways to remember what to do in such circumstances. From there, I'll teach you rules that will make other parts of your writing easier to do. After that, I'll show you how to find out and apply the rules for yourself.


The GRE is a great test to take for graduate school. If English isn't your first language, you may need extra help in preparation. Most questions have a language component that can trip you up.

Otherwise, like any test, you'll have more trouble in some areas than others. After identifying what those areas are, I can help you quickly become expert in performing those tasks.

I can also show you ways to score higher without developing lots of basic skills that you may not have.


I'm a graduate-school professor who is very familiar with ways of helping students with the subjects of this test. For tutoring the ISEE, I often find gaps in knowledge of vocabulary and math that are significant.. I carefully diagnose any knowledge deficiencies in those areas. In doing so, I explain the key methods in a variety of simple ways until I find ones that are easy for a student to understand and apply. Then, with directed practice through drills, skill rapidly builds.


Studying law is something that I found quite difficult to learn, but once I knew how, I was thrilled to see how easy it can be. I will be glad to help you develop the kind of helpful habits that made legal studies so much easier for me.

When you first study law, it can seem quite hard to understand. I can explain legal principles in simple, practical ways in ordinary English that will make sense to you.

I can save you lots of time preparing for exams and writing papers, while gaining much better results.


One of the most moving applications for reading skills is for appreciating and learning from literature. Through short stories, plays, and novels, we can appreciate important questions and lessons that cannot be captured in any other way.

Your enjoyment of reading is greatly increased by how much literature you read and how much analysis you make of its contents.

I'm one of the world's most popular online reviewers of English literature. I draw on that experience and knowledge to help you read literature to gain more from it, to understand more, and to write well about it.

Let me know how I can help you.


As someone who has helped many people score well, went to a top law school, and is a member of the bar, I can help you succeed where many others cannot. I've helped students improve by as much as 20 points in two weeks. All my students have improved by at least 10 points within two months.


My specialty is microeconomics as applied to business. I'm a business professor at an online university with students in over 50 countries. I have founded over 100 businesses.

I can explain economics in many different ways until I find one that makes easy sense to a student. From then on, progress is rapid.


I studied marketing at Harvard Business School. I'm a business professor at an online university where marketing is one of my specialties. I've written or coauthored seven business books that look at superior ways to accomplish marketing. I'm particularly interested in two aspects of marketing: Finding ways to add customers quickly and retain them, and minimizing the cost of acquiring and retaining customers. I see the solutions as usually coming from employing new kinds of information development activities, testing, and involving nontraditional marketing means in innovative business models.


My specialty is microeconomics as applied to business. I'm a business professor at an online university with students in over 50 countries. I have founded over 100 businesses.

I can explain economics in many different ways until I find one that makes easy sense to a student. From then on, progress is rapid.


Studying philosophy is an especially rewarding activity. You learn the foundations of thinking, understanding, and truth. You gain a lot in terms of careful reading and critical thinking. Your writing becomes much more precise and accurate.

One of my strengths is being able to explain philosophers and their ideas in simple terms that are easy to remember.

My students find me to be a great help in developing their thinking about what to include in papers.

Political Science

While an undergraduate at Harvard, I studied political science related to most forms of government in use by various countries. These courses included in-depth investigations of the effects of such forms and methods of government. In addition, as a law student I gained considerable insight into how regulatory bodies affect social benefits. I have often tutored students who have an interest in such subjects at the university level.


Prealgebra is a wonderful subject to teach because mastering these skills opens the door to doing well with algebra and adding a lifelong set of useful tools. As someone who has been teaching algebra for many years, I often see deficiencies in prealgebra skills that need to be remedied.


I enjoy drilling those who study math on the concepts in precalculus that give them the most trouble. With practice, these calculations and simplifications become second nature. There are also many resources available to help students between tutoring assignments, and I enjoy directing students to such resources when appropriate for additional assistance.


As the author or primary coauthor of thirteen nonfiction books and countless professional articles, I have become adept at proofreading. In addition, I often assist my Ph.D. students to proof their dissertations and books. Many people tell me that I'm the best proofreader they have ever met.


The PSAT now includes the 2016 changes in the new SAT. Taking this year's PSAT is an excellent way to identify how well prepared you are for the new SAT, while also allowing you to potentially qualify for a National Merit Scholarship. I have done an extensive study of these revisions, tutored many students successfully in dealing with them, and would be pleased to help you do well. I can teach you skills that will be a great help for the SAT and the rest of your life.

I was a National Merit Scholar when there were very few chosen, and I appreciate how valuable that accomplishment was for opening college and career doors. I have helped several students to gain this distinction, as well.

Public Speaking

I've been training public speakers for in-person, on radio, and on television occasions for decades. I especially value helping speakers master speaking in sound bites and reviewing with them videos of their speaking. With practice and coaching, most people can become highly effective speakers and shed a lot of anxiety in the process. I can help with the nervousness, as well. Let me help you!


I am considered an extremely talented reader in terms of speed, comprehension, recall, and ability to apply what I read. As evidence, my online reviews of books garner more "helpful" votes than any other reviewer in the world. I've read many thousands of books.

I work with a friend who has developed a superior technology for improving reading among those who don't have an easy facility ... so it can be rapidly gained.

Once someone has such facility, I can help develop superior reading skills that few can teach.

If you want your youngster to be able to learn well from others, my tutoring can make an important difference.

SAT Math

Doing well on SAT math is different from doing well on math in courses. Certain types of questions repeat, designed to test your ability to apply a few basic rules of math. Learn to identify what type of problem you are facing and the easiest way to apply the appropriate rule, and most questions can be done quite quickly. I look forward to helping you gain such facility. My most recent student earned an 800. I've helped students improve by more than 125 points from prior tests. Most students need very few lessons to perform near perfectly on this test.

SAT Reading

I love to read and enjoy helping others build such affection for the written word, as well. SAT reading tests for comprehension, analysis, logic, and vocabulary. There are analytical skills you can use to score better -- even when you don't know the answer. I can help you master all of these skills, as well as guide you to improving your everyday reading for more fun and understanding. I am flexible in how I teach so I fit the student's favorite learning style. My most recent student earned a perfect score. I've helped students improve by more than the equivalent of 75 points in this part of the new SAT.

SAT Writing

SAT writing is really testing understanding of vocabulary, grammar, colloquial English, style, argument flow, and common usage. These can all be learned quite easily. Most students have weaknesses in just a few areas. By identifying and concentrating on those areas, rapid improvements can be made. I can also help with writing an essay that will impress colleges, beyond your grade level and overall SAT score. My most recent student scored perfectly on this section. I've helped students improve by as much as the equivalent of 90 points on this part of the new SAT.

Social Studies

I have an undergraduate degree in Modern European History, with a specialty in the social history of 19th century France. For my work, I apply microeconomics and do lots of survey work. I have developed my own applications of statistics in the field of valuation. I also learned decision-making during graduate school and can help with that, as well. Social studies includes many different disciplines. I find that the most useful way to understand what's going on is to become familiar with more of these disciplines, to understand the methodologies that each discipline employs, and to look for confirmations from at least three disciplines to draw the correct conclusions. In many social studies curricula, the number of disciplines employed is too limited. It's ultimately all about people, and you should have a wonderful time learning in the process.


Many people see spelling as a waste of time in an age of spellcheckers. It's actually still needed. The spell checker will give you a choice of words, and you still have to pick the right one. Trouble with spelling can also be a sign of reading difficulties, and those should be addressed. So it's worth taking a little time to appreciate what's going on with someone who has difficulties with spelling. I love to help!


I enjoy helping youngsters prepare for the SSAT. It's a good way to diagnose ways to improve their reading and thinking methods. In addition, practice allows them to take the test with more confidence. In the process of learning, students increase their interest in doing well in high school. I like to adapt the studies to focus just on those areas where a student can make major improvements.

Study Skills

Most people can improve their study effectiveness by more than 20 times through better scheduling, improving reading speed, increasing reading comprehension, taking better notes, and organizing study materials. Those with stalled performance in certain subjects (such as math and writing) can also benefit from finding a learning resource that provides more comprehension and structure. I'm delighted to assist with all these things. I've been helping students improve study skills for many years. I also wrote a book that contains information on the subject.

Tax Accounting

Tax was my specialty in law school. Since being admitted to the bar in Massachusetts, it has been my primary area of practice. I often assist public companies to develop tax-based strategies to increase the value of their enterprises. I am also well-informed on tax policy issues and have helped draft legislation related to telecommunications.


I love the way that TOEFL tests for skill in English. The exam is very fair and students who prepare for it will also improve their English proficiency in useful ways. I enjoy helping those who would like to gain more command over English and to score well on this test. In doing so, I focus on teaching the student... rather than just the subject.

My most recent student improved her score by 19 points after two months of tutoring.

If you absolutely have to reach a certain score level for a professional qualification or to be admitted into a school you want to attend, I can get you there quickly.


Learning a new word can add ways of appreciating things from a different perspective. It can also open the door to better presenting your ideas. You will also be able to read better books and learn from them. When it comes time to take standardized tests, you'll do even better than you would otherwise. I'll help you add a thousand helpful words very quickly, with little effort.

World History

World history has always fascinated me by the way studying the past provides clues to better alternatives for today and tomorrow. I also love to learn about different cultures and ways of thinking. I was a history major at Harvard and have always benefited from that training. I enjoy sharing what I've learned with youngsters who are just developing an interest in and knowledge of world history.

My AP world history students rapidly improve in their scoring on the multiple choice questions and the essays without doing much additional work.


In high school, my English teacher predicted that I would flunk out of college because I was such a poor writer. Well, I felt encouraged to improve. And I did. I graduated near the top of my class, with much praise for my undergraduate thesis that was selected to be placed in the Harvard archives.

In the process, I became aware that the way most people teach writing makes it harder -- not easier. In recent years, I've helped people who didn't think they could write to create works that are viewed as outstanding by everyone who reads them.

Whether the problem is finding a topic, getting organized, putting the words down, or straightening out a draft, I can make it much simpler and more fun.

Most of my students advance two grade levels within three months. While I can't promise that all students will, that will be my goal.

Harvard (AB magna cum laude)
European History
Harvard Law School
Harvard Business School
Graduate Coursework


Harvard (AB magna cum laude) (European History)

Harvard Law School (J.D.)

Harvard Business School (Graduate Coursework)

Great Tutor!

Don is a great teacher. He has an innate ability to see things from the students perspective and explain to the students where their thought process has gone awry. And to do this in a way that the student can understand. I was struggling with my LSAT score and after a three hour session with Don I was able to see where I was going wrong. He explained it to me so simply and clearly that I was shock

— Jameson, Boston, MA on 7/2/13

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