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Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
University of Limerick, Ireland


Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (Music)

University of Limerick, Ireland (Master's)

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Hello ^_^

My name is Alex, and I am a long term student and practitioner of the musical and visual arts. I have been a musician for the past fifteen years practicing my skills in Flute, Piano, Musical Theory, Orchestration, Arranging, Electronic Production and Midi. I have earned two college degrees relevant to music: my undergraduate degree is a bachelors in music, and my graduate work includes a masters degree in ethnomusicology (cross-cultural musical analysis and research). As a result of my education, I have been well versed in most forms of existing music: from the common and well known traditions of western culture (Ancient, Classical, and Modern music methods of Europe and the Americas), all the way to the vastly mysterious traditions of music that originate from all around the world (including: Traditional Irish, Javanese Gamelan, Traditional African Drumming & Percussion, Tibetan Throat Singing, Virtual Composition of Japan, and many many more).

I have spent three years professionally helping students achieve more from their hobbies and desires in music and art; but anyone who knows me knows that I am a teacher 24/7; always looking to help anyone learn more about the things that confuse them. I am an easy person to get along with, and can ensure free-flowing ease of learning in the subjects that I teach. I excel in hands on experience and multiple perspective learning, giving each student I have the opportunity to transition from one learning method to the next until they find the method that suits them best. I really hope to help people who want not only to learn more about the subjects of music and art, but also to bring something new and inspirational to your artistic practice. Please feel free to get in contact with me so that I can begin helping you asap!

I have worked internationally with a design company in Cambridge, England.
I have traveled internationally to study artistic practice at the worlds largest art conference in Basel Switzerland.
I have been trained in photoshop and traditional methods of drawing.
I maintain many projects in art at a time; constantly building up a repertoire of my work.

I have two degrees in music, of which my masters was earned internationally in Ireland.
I designed an internationally produced educational tool that helps to teach music theory.
I have composed and produced four cd's worth of music, working both in a group and alone.
I have performed live in multiple formats, both in a group and solo.

I will make you a promise right now:
If you are a person who is curious to learn about the worlds of music or art, I guarantee you that you will benefit from spending time in my presence. I will help you learn things that you never knew existed, and I will ensure that you walk away from each of our tutoring sessions together feeling that you have learned something new and important!

If you are not satisfied with my work, we can stop at any time, and I will refund up to one full session.

I hope to work with you soon!
Hello ^_^

My name is Alex, and I am a long term student and practitioner of the musical and visual arts. I have been a musician for the past fifteen years practicing my skills in Flute, Piano, Musical Theory, Orchestration, Arranging, Electronic Production and Midi. I have earned two college degrees relevant to music: my undergraduate
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"Knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor"

- Rosemary, Worcester, MA on 11/16/15
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As a student, I have taken three years of anthropology with a focus in sociocultural globalization, and music. My masters degree is in ethnomusicology, which is the anthropology of musical interactions cross-culturally. My favorite authors include: Colin Turnbull (The Forest People), Dean Cycon (Javatrekker), and Karen Miller (Game Sound). I have also spent eight months practicing field work in the analysis of traditional Irish music and dance.

Composition (Music)

As a musician, one of my top skills is composition. As a hobby I practice the art of Counterpoint as defined by Johann Joseph Fux (translation by Alfred Mann in The Study of Counterpoint). In addition, I frequently compose music electronically using Ableton live, and traditionally with pen, paper and an instrument. Composition has been a part of my musical practice for about 6 years.


I am very confident in the kitchen. I cook nearly every meal that is eaten in my household, and I prep the food for my entire family. I have experimented with harvesting my own food from the wilderness, as well as gardening my own crops. I also specialize in baking, and have worked in a bakery for the past 9 months. Amongst my cooking inspirations are world food traditions, ethnic cooking techniques, and Julia Childs.


I have taken six years worth of classes in art between high school and college. I have created many works for commission as a freelance artist. I have drawn in many different styles, using: pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, and digital techniques, including using a tablet with Photoshop. I am very knowledgeable of perspective points, and two or three dimensional art practice.

Ear Training

I have earned a masters degree in ethnomusicology. As a core piece of this process, I have been trained to listen to and analyze music from all major regions and traditions from around the world. My aural skills are especially good because of my training in singing with a world choir from this same degree experience. As well, a related favorite subject matter of mine in music is the scientific phenomenon of Synesthesia; which has proven to be a very useful reference tool in teaching aural skills.


I have been playing the flute for fifteen years. I have had eight years of schooling and private lessons on the instrument. I have studied and practiced performance in Classical Music, Traditional Irish, and Jazz techniques.

General Music

I have taken many classes in music, all the way from very basic skills, to the most advanced forms of theory and analysis. As a part of this learning process, I have spent three years as a teachers assistant for the subjects of: General Music, Music Theory, Counterpoint, and Music History. In addition to these qualifications, I have also been the lead designer and composer for a musical learning tool that was produced by the company Novalia, located in England.

Graphic Design

As an artist there have been many times that I have needed to embrace graphic design in my professional appearance. I have designed my own business cards, my own album artwork, my own book, and many other smaller projects. Each experience of graphic design practice in my career has been influenced by three classes that I took while in my undergrad, and these three classes taught me how to understand the world visually. My particular mastery in graphic design is in typography, font design, and visual page layouts.


As an owner of Macintosh products for nearly a decade, I have been well trained in the usage and applications of Macintosh software. I have a commanding understanding of the software used in owning Mac Computers, as well as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Additionally, I have all keyboard shortcuts memorized for faster workflow, and computing without a mouse. Even if I do not immediately know the answer to a question regarding Mac equipment, I am well versed in solving issues and fixing problems.

Music History

As a long term student of music, history has been a necessity for improving my skills. I am very knowledgable on all of Western music history: (from ancient details as early as Pythagorean, to writing in neumes for Gregorian Chant, to the birth of theory from the Classical era and all the way to modern). In addition to this, as a student of ethnomusicology, I also have a strong grasp of musical history from other parts of the world: (from African, European, Asian, Russian, and Oceanic cultures).


For the past three years I have practiced the art of knitting. I started with humble hobby beginnings and then began specializing in Irish traditions and Aran Isle techniques with knitting. Once I became more knowledgeable in the design language of knitting, I became very good at making my own patterns for clothes. As a result of practicing pattern making, I eventually wrote a book of one hundred designs that I self published about a year ago.


As an undergraduate, I was trained in digital photography, analogue photography, and dark room developing. I have spent eight years practicing my skill as a photographer, and for four of those years I was in charge of a photography club that had a yearly attendance of 30+ photographers. I also have an antique collection of cameras that I help to preserve as an extension of my interest in the hobby.


I have practiced piano for eight years between personal practice, schooling, and private lessons. I have performed works by George Winston, and classical pieces live as a part of my education. I use the piano to compose almost every day, both analogue and digitally. I also utilize the piano to exemplify and teach music theory concepts to students who need hands on experience.


In high school I was a competition player for tennis. I played on our schools varsity team as a singles and doubles player. I have also been an avid fan of watching the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Olympics. I am still well versed on the intricacies of the sport, the rules, and the culture; and I still play for fun in my spare time.

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
University of Limerick, Ireland


Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (Music)

University of Limerick, Ireland (Master's)

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor

Alexander has great teaching skills. He was easily able to assess my needs and was clear and concise in his explanations. He was quickly able to teach me some Photoshop tricks to help save time. I feel that he is A+ in his skills and desire to tutor.

— Rosemary, Worcester, MA on 11/16/15

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