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Clark University
Clark University - MA in Teaching
UCLA - MA (2012) PhD (expected 2018)


Clark University (Physics)

Clark University - MA in Teaching (Master's)

UCLA - MA (2012) PhD (expected 2018) (PhD)

About Chris

Who am I?
I am a professional teacher and a Ph.D. candidate at UCLA. (But yes, I live in Miami Beach!) Education is my deepest passion; it is my privilege to help people discover their potential for success in math, science and writing at ALL levels. My work as a tutor is most immediately focused on achieving those "ah-ha!" moments when things finally "click" and make sense so that students can move from a "B" to an "A," pass a challenging class, or improve their test scores. More fundamentally, I always strive to help my students achieve deeper understandings and develop strategies for learning that will be useful later on in their educational experience, with or without my help.

What makes me different?
I am a former professional, in-classroom teacher with four years of high school teaching experience, over a decade of experience in education (including several years of tutoring and university-level work), a master’s degree in teaching, and (soon) a Ph.D in sociology. I am familiar with current best practices in education and I know the challenges and techniques associated with teaching a broad array of students of all ability levels and backgrounds. I deeply believe that all students can be successful. I practice inquiry-based teaching as much as possible, wherein my role as teacher is to guide students to discoveries and help them build their own well-constructed understandings of concepts. The result is not only a deeper knowledge of the material at hand but the development of critical thinking skills and habits of mind that will help students think through challenging problems throughout their life.

What's my background?
I am a California native who grew up in the Bay Area and went back East for college. I graduated from Clark University magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in physics and high departmental honors. I also earned a minor in government and international relations. After completing my bachelor's degree, I continued on to earn a Master of Arts degree in teaching and have taught in large public, small charter, and independent schools. In 2010 I resigned from my teaching post at Midland School (near Santa Barbara) as a math and physics teacher to return to graduate school for a Ph.D. in sociology. I have taught several courses at UCLA as both an assistant and the primary instructor. I have also worked as a professional writing consultant at a university writing center. My strengths and training are thus in math (prealgebra, algebra, geometry, Algebra II, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics), physics, and writing (all subjects and levels). I am also highly capable in chemistry, biology, environmental science, and English, and of course social science.

How do I approach tutoring?
I am not the typical tutor who is smart and well educated but untrained in teaching. I know my subjects and have training and experience as a professional educator. I do not believe in just showing students how to do things without explaining the “why” behind the process. I am also not a miracle worker. I am glad to help you cram for a test or prep for the SAT last-minute, but what the research tells us is true: learning is hard work and takes time, so the best results will always come with steady progress and focus over the long-run. If I sound like a good fit for your needs, please contact me! I look forward to working with you!
Who am I?
I am a professional teacher and a Ph.D. candidate at UCLA. (But yes, I live in Miami Beach!) Education is my deepest passion; it is my privilege to help people discover their potential for success in math, science and writing at ALL levels. My work as a tutor is most immediately focused on achieving those "ah-ha!" moments when
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"Outstanding Tutor"

- Leonardo, Miami, FL on 5/2/17

"Excellent tutor. Really helped turned things around in tough summer Pre-Calculus class."

- Michael, Pacific Palisades, CA on 8/19/11

"A great tutor"

- Kim, Los Angeles, CA on 5/18/11
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Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is the foundation of mathematics education all the way up to calculus--and the foundation a good deal of science classes, too. I have helped to develop a hands-on algebra curriculum for 8th graders, tutored dozens of students in this subject, and even ran a supplemental algebra support course for students struggling in algebra when I was a high school teacher. I can't wait to help you, too!

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is challenging for many students. The jump from linear to non-linear (i.e. quadratic and hyperbolic) equations can be a challenge, as can introductions to trigonometry and exponential functions. As a former math teacher, though, not only have I taught the topics covered in algebra 2, but I also know exactly what students need to know to succeed in the courses that come later. The bottom line is, if you got through algebra 1, you can get through algebra 2, too!

American History

As a professional sociologist who uses comparative and historical methods, I have to be deeply familiar with history and politics. Further, because I study processes in the U.S. and Europe, I have to know American and European history especially well. I am happy to help you prepare for that history exam, write that history paper, or to help you understand exactly how and why particular historical events sit in relation to each other. Let's get to work!


As a physics major who has taken astronomy courses in college and dabbled in amateur astronomy, I am eager and excited to help you with your basic astronomy course. If you need help deriving Einstein's cosmological constant, I might not be your guy (send a message to Stephen Hawking instead), but I'm happy to help with your intro or high-school level astronomy course. Let me know how I can help!


Biology can feel like a pile of Latin words and abstract processes that make little sense. But it's also a fascinating and rich topic--I'd love to help you through the subject, whether it's thinking through evolutionary theory or memorizing the processes of DNA replication and the Krebs cycle. My formal scientific training is in physics, but since beginning my Ph.D. at UCLA I have taught several courses very, very heavy on biology (e.g. "Integrative Approaches to Human Biology and Society.") I also maintain an informal affiliation with UCLA's Institute for Society and Genetics. I'd love to help you get ready for that bio exam, whether you're in 9th grade or starting college.


Calculus is easily the most daunting of all high school/early college mathematics. The fact that many students find it challenging is not surprising. First of all, calculus carries an aura of difficulty around it, kind of the way physics does. It just *sounds* scary! But second of all, calculus requires a fundamental shift in thinking. Most math learned up to this point is essentially just more and more complicated versions of algebra 1. Calculus, though, requires new kinds of thinking and new approaches to solving problems--approaches that many students are intimidated by! As a former physics teacher, a student of physics, and a social scientist who has to use calculus in the statistical modeling work I do, I know these fears and how to help you overcome them! Whether it's simple derivatives or integration by parts, I promise: it's not as hard as it seems. I look forward to helping you master the concepts of calculus.


Chemistry is a baffling subject to many people. Stoichiometry and units conversions trip many students up, and memorizing all those shells and sub-shells in atoms can be a pain. As a former science teacher and physics student, though, I know the topics of chemistry quite well! (Chemistry, after all, is really just a side effect of quantum mechanics--I can explain later!) So let me know how I can help you prepare for the exam in your chemistry course or what you need help with in your lab or on your homework. Let's get to work!


Need help on your English paper? Analyzing a play? Getting ready for an oral presentation? Let me know--I'm here to help! The skills of most English courses are really the skills of analytical and abstract thinking--the kinds of things that I do all day as a sociologist and that I've helped many, many students with as a writing consultant. Let me know how I can help--and let's get you that "A" in English!


Geography is a huge subject with all kinds of nuances and specialities. I can't promise to write you a whole new python script to process remote sensing data, but I can help you through a high school or intro college geography course--and nearly all college-level human geography courses. (Human geography and sociology overlap quite a lot--and I will have my Ph.D. in sociology in 2017 or 2018.) Let me know how I can help!


Not another proof! The abstract, logical thinking required in geometry courses is baffling to many math students--and I 'get' why: nothing in "real life" looks like a geometry proof. But don't worry! I can help. As a former high school math and science teacher, I have taught and tutored geometry hundreds and hundreds of times. Whether it's the law of sines or this or that postulate, I can help you get ready for that geometry test or move through your homework. Let's get to work--and get Pythagorus working for us, too!

Government & Politics

Most people think that because I am a professional sociologist, I study how people think and feel. In reality, I study government and politics--and so do a lot of political and economic sociologists like me. So, whether you need help memorizing how a bill becomes a law, studying the constitution, or are a college student looking for help on a final paper, I'm your guy. Like physics (before I became a sociologist, I was a physics teacher), this is one of my strongest subjects. So how can I help? Let's get to it!


Most people think that literature is all about interpretation and that thinking through great literary works is fluffy, touchy-feely stuff--the opposite of math. I disagree! There is certainly lots of interpretation and there are not clear "right" and "wrong" answers, but analyzing and understanding literature actually requires careful logical reasoning, thoughtful selection of evidence to support your arguments, abstract thinking, and careful, clear writing. Not so different than math, after all! So whatever task you have before you, let me help you tackle it! I can't read your book for you, but I can help you dissect themes, formulate arguments, and put together cogent analyses--indeed, that's what I do day-in and day-out as a social scientist. Dickens, Morrison, and Steinbeck have got nothing on us!

Microsoft Excel

I am a self-taught master in Excel. From sum formulas to vlookup to pivot tables, I can help you get done what you need to do in Excel. So what are you waiting for? Let's do it! With a little help from me, and a little more from the Google machine, you'll be on your way to being a master, too.


Of all basic science, physics is the most intimidating. It can also be counterintuitive, and all that math can make physics seem even scarier. But fear not! Math is merely the language of the universe, and the great thing about physics is that every math problem you do has a basis in a real, physical example. This often means that you can think through physical processes to figure the math out, especially as you get a better and better sense of how physicists themselves think. And I know how they think: I majored in physics (and earned high departmental honors when I graduated), taught physics for several years in high schools, and I have tutored physics from the most basic levels through AP and college-level. This subject, in short, is my passion. I am very excited to help you excel in your physics course!

Political Science

Tutoring in political science is not terribly common, but if you need help with that research project or paper coming up, I am happy to offer my assistance. I am a doctoral candidate in sociology at UCLA, and my focus is on political (and economic) sociology along with organizational theory and so on--core subjects of political science. Furthermore, my methodological training and my dissertation are international and comparative; my research draws directly on many elements of comparative political economy and international politics--core subjects of political science. And of course the canon of political theory also overlaps heavily with the canon of sociology. So let me know if you need help--I'm here to offer my expertise!


Even students who excel in math up to precalculus often struggle with this subject. Logs, limits, and trigonometric identities can be baffling and confusing--they seem not to follow the basic rules that many students have come to rely on as they approach math problems. But fear not! I can help you get through these challenges, which really aren't as hard as they seem. Indeed, I taught precalculus as my full-time job when I was a high school science and math teacher, and I have tutored on the subject dozens and dozens of times with many students. I look forward to helping you figure out that problem that has been driving you crazy--and making sure that you do well on that upcoming test!


Tutoring sociology is not especially common, but if you need help, I'm happy to offer it. Indeed, I *am* a sociologist: I am a doctoral candidate in sociology at UCLA, where I have been studying the subject since 2010, and will be graduating with my Ph.D. in either 2017 or 2018. Whether you need help on a midterm paper, a research project, or just need someone to talk through your dissertation with you, I'm happy to help. I know the discipline quite well! One has to in order to publish sociological research in leading journals like the American Journal of Public Health and the Annual Review of Sociology. Let me know how I can help!


Statistics are everywhere. 1 out of 3 people use them to justify at least 84% of the statements they make. (See what I did there?) But understanding stats can be difficult: permutations, combinations, z-scores, t-scores, null hypotheses, and OLS regressions--it gets confusing fast. As a social scientist, advanced statistical methods are a core part of my work. I would be happy to help you improve in statistics, from calculating that annoying standard deviation to running fixed-effects regressions on panel data. Let me know how I can help!


Whether you are in 6th grade or 16th, writing is one of the most important skills that we all learn--and that we never stop learning. I have written and published in peer-reviewed journals, am in the process of writing my first book manuscript, and have worked as a writing consultant at the Writing Center at my alma mater, Clark University. Still, I feel as though I am always learning and improving as a writer. The good news is that there are tricks to becoming a better writer, and skills I can share to help you with your writing overall. I am eager to share my knowledge to help make your writing clearer and stronger! No matter the precise content, I'm here to help with that midterm paper in ANY subject, your book manuscript, or even just your book report. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get to it! Writing--and editing--take time.

Clark University
Clark University - MA in Teaching
UCLA - MA (2012) PhD (expected 2018)


Clark University (Physics)

Clark University - MA in Teaching (Master's)

UCLA - MA (2012) PhD (expected 2018) (PhD)

Outstanding Tutor

Linear Programming. Patient, organized, polite, explains all the details of your needs. A real professional who teaches well and is easy to understand. He explained step by step what was needed to complete my project, he is also aware of every doubt that you might have, and also clarifies each one of them.

— Leonardo, Miami, FL on 5/2/17

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