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The best tutor imaginable!
— Amy, Wellesley Hills, MA on 5/27/12


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Math, Literature
Harvard University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Math, Literature)

Harvard University (Other)

About Matt

I'm an independent tutor in my late twenties. I specialize in rigorous academic tutoring and test preparation for highly motivated high school, college, and graduate students.

BIO: I studied theoretical mathematics, literature, and philosophy at MIT and Harvard. I also have extensive research experience in the sciences; I've done work in molecular biology, biomedical engineering, cognitive neuroscience, and natural language processing at NASA, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, and MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. I'm the first person in my family to go to college, and I didn't have tutors myself, so I don't take education for granted. When I'm not teaching, I’m an editor at a political and literary magazine, where I work on essays across a wide range of subjects in intellectual and cultural history. I've always been broadly interested in both the sciences and the humanities, and I firmly believe in the importance of a rigorous liberal arts education. I’m grateful that tutoring allows me to share my passion for reading and learning, books and ideas.

TEST SCORES: SAT I: 2400 800 Math, 800 Reading, 800 Writing. SAT II: 800 Math IIc, 800 Biology M. GRE: 170 Math, 170 Verbal. GMAT: 790 (51Q, 48V).

EXPERIENCE: I have more than a decade of professional teaching, tutoring, and mentoring experience. I've worked with students at most of the high schools and universities in the Boston area, and I Skype with students around the world. I tutor every day of the week, so I’m always thinking about teaching.

TESTIMONIALS: Check out my student feedback page to read what students say about what it's like to work with me. I have more than 50 testimonials -- more than any other tutor in New England specializing in the subjects I teach. Not all of these are visible because WyzAnt now displays only the 25 newest testimonials, but I'm happy to email images of all my testimonials from old versions of this website.

PHILOSOPHY: My teaching is driven by critical reasoning. I do not dispense facts or information; I teach how to think, clearly and creatively. No matter the subject, I focus on logical and conceptual understanding, not the rote accumulation of knowledge. I teach how to analyze and explain and problem-solve rather than how to memorize, regurgitate, and forget. My goal is always to empower my students to learn how to learn on their own -- so that they never need a teacher again.

I use test preparation as an opportunity to teach real subject matter content and valuable critical reasoning skills, not common-sense test tactics or ad hoc strategies. In short, I never teach to a test; I just teach. “Tricks” and “cheats” are not in my vocabulary. Doctors and personal trainers know that the keys to weight loss are exercise and healthy eating, not the latest pill or crash diet the company down the street wants to sell you. The best way to beat a standardized test is equally obvious: learn the material and think carefully. This has always been my approach, and it’s why my students see such huge improvements. I don’t believe in quick and easy fixes: you might get lucky, but the odds are you won’t, and you may even take a step backward. Real learning takes time and effort, but it’s the only way to ensure permanent results. As the exercise gurus like to tell us, no pain, no gain. You don’t improve if you aren’t challenged; I promise to be serious and challenging. Refining your powers of analysis and explanation will lead not only to better grades and test scores but to deep and lasting understanding.

STYLE: I take my cue from the philosopher John Dewey, who wrote, "Practical skill, modes of effective technique, can be intelligently, non-mechanically used, only when intelligence has played a part in their acquisition." Unfortunately a lot of what we do in school is mechanical and has no intelligence in it. I try to show how it doesn't have to be that way. My meetings are friendly and conversational -- like a good Socratic dialogue, not a lecture -- but the work is intense and rigorous. I ask questions constantly, and I expect to be asked questions. Every session is unique; I don't prepare a script in advance. I know and love the material I teach, so I can talk about it on the fly: that is part of the fun, and it allows me to tailor every thing I do to the exact nature and source of your confusion.

LOGISTICS: I'm very flexible. We can meet as frequently or as infrequently as you want, for as long as you need. I do not require, and indeed don’t recommend, committing to a set number of hours in advance.
I'm an independent tutor in my late twenties. I specialize in rigorous academic tutoring and test preparation for highly motivated high school, college, and graduate students.

BIO: I studied theoretical mathematics, literature, and philosophy at MIT and Harvard. I also have extensive research experience in the sciences; I've done work
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I don't have a car & must meet all students in Boston or Cambridge; otherwise we can Skype. I assess a cancellation fee for the entire booked time for any cancellation without 24 hours' notice.

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"The best tutor imaginable!"

- Amy, Wellesley Hills, MA on 5/27/12

"So lucky we found Matt"

- Cathy, North Sioux City, SD on 11/4/16

"Fantastic GMAT tutor"

- Tom, Boston, MA on 10/31/16

"Dedicated to and excellent at providing conceptual clarity"

- Perry, Chestnut Hill, MA on 9/19/16

"Best MIT Tutor!"

- Josh, Cambridge, MA on 5/19/16

"Incredibly knowledgable"

- Haseeb, Boston, MA on 5/8/16

"One of a kind"

- Shafi, Cambridge, MA on 4/27/16

"Is able to understand and tutor me in the way my class teacher presents the material. Just much, much better."

- Max, Melrose, MA on 4/16/16

"An exceptional tutor!!!"

- Anna, Boston, MA on 4/14/16

"Best Tutor"

- Michael, Newton Center, MA on 3/22/16

"Most Knowledgeable Tutor I Have Met. Was able to increase my score from C to A."

- Ahmed, Cambridge, MA on 3/11/16

"Making GMAT fun!"

- Kettianne, Medford, MA on 3/1/16


- Chris, Boston, MA on 1/25/16

"Brilliant intellect combined with extraordinary teaching talent!"

- V, Belmont, MA on 10/27/15


- Charles, Portland, OR on 10/26/15

"Where learning becomes a hobby!"

- Anshuman, Bedford, MA on 8/13/15

"Thoughtful, well organised and very good at conveying knowledge"

- Viji, Quincy, MA on 8/1/15

"Absolutely the confidence boost I needed!"

- Andrew, Boston, MA on 7/11/15

"Excellent Tutor!!!"

- Trip, Boston, MA on 6/29/15

"Superior tutor in every aspect"

- Nathaniel, Boston, MA on 1/13/15

"Great Linear Algebra Tutor!"

- RC, Canton, MA on 12/15/14

"Amazing. Any issue in stat, this is THE guy to hire!"

- Kathleen, Dallas, TX on 12/9/14

"Great First Time!"

- Jeff, Chestnut Hill, MA on 5/4/14
Matt replied on 6/29/2014

Jeff's son was a pleasure to work with: he worked very hard in a short amount of time (only one month) to prepare for the June 7 SAT, and I'm happy to report that his hard work paid off! He improved his SAT writing score 140 points from the 70th to the 95th percentile and boosted his essay score from an 8 to an 11 (out of 12). Few students see such impressive gains in so little time. He has my congratulations and best wishes!

"Boston's Best Tutor"

- Shelly, Boston, MA on 4/26/14

"Very easy to understand and thorough!"

- Tiffany, Cambridge, MA on 3/4/14

"Outstanding teacher! Four weeks with Matt raised my GRE by 20 percentile points."

- Dan, Belmont, MA on 1/24/14
Matt replied on 3/14/2014

I just heard some good news from Dan, so I have to brag about him! Dan has already had a distinguished career in public service, despite not having a college degree. But he hired me to help him boost his GRE to have a better shot at getting into the Mid-Career MPA program at the Harvard Kennedy School. I'm thrilled to announce he's been admitted!

Dan is far and away one of the most driven and intelligent clients I've worked with: he impressed me time and time again in his ability to handle the very rigorous work I assign, outshining almost all the college and post-college students I've worked with. I'm so grateful to have been a very small part of his remarkable journey, and I look forward to hearing what he goes on to accomplish after Harvard.

"Excellent tutor."

- Meredith, Dover, MA on 12/30/13

"Highest Possible Recommendation"

- Greg, Bronxville, NY on 12/30/13

"Straight up miracle worker."

- Sarah, Boston, MA on 12/9/13
Matt replied on 3/27/2014

I'm happy to report that all of Sarah's hard work paid off! Today I found out she was admitted to Harvard Business School for her MBA.

Of all the students I've worked with the last few years, Sarah stands out to me as the most disciplined and assiduous. She read and reflected on every word of the material I assigned her, engaged thoughtfully with the ideas we studied, and asked probing questions. I look forward to seeing what she goes on to accomplish after Harvard.

"Up 26 percentile points on the GRE in less than a month!"

- Karen, Somerville, MA on 10/30/13
Matt replied on 7/22/2014

Michelle was a pleasure to work with, and she has my congratulations as she starts a PhD program at Harvard Business School this fall!


- Rives, Cambridge, MA on 9/15/13
Matt replied on 9/17/2013

Rives sells himself short in this review: he actually tackled much more than "advanced algebra and calculus," covering as he did a majority of the important applied topics of undergraduate mathematics -- from Lagrange multipliers and constrained optimization (in multivariable calculus) to eigenvalues and their applications to diagonalization (in linear algebra) to the analysis of autocorrelated time series (in stochastic processes) -- in only a few days! It was a tall order, but it was a pleasure to help someone so dedicated do it.

"Excellent Tutor"

- Julie, Cambridge, MA on 9/7/13
Matt replied on 7/24/2014

Julie was a great student who reached her target score on the GMAT and now will be heading to her dream graduate program at Cornell! I'm excited to see what she goes on to accomplish.

"Insightful, effective and well worth the money."

- Ahmad, Chestnut Hill, MA on 8/25/13

"Perfect GMAT tutor for all stages of the preparation cycle"

- Giuseppe, Malden, MA on 7/23/13

"Wonderful tutor."

- Susan, Boston, MA on 7/2/13

"Best tutor I've ever had."

- George, Milton, MA on 5/31/13

"Best Tutor Around"

- Drew, Chestnut Hill, MA on 5/24/13

"Stop looking, and pick this tutor, NOW!"

- Andrea, Hingham, MA on 5/23/13

"Terrific Experience!"

- Julia, South Hamilton, MA on 5/17/13

"Very good SAT Tutor!"

- Elizabeth, Newton Highlands, MA on 5/1/13

"Very Cool Guy, Amazing Tutor!"

- David, Chestnut Hill, MA on 3/30/13
Matt replied on 3/28/2014

David was such a pleasure to work with, bright and driven, yes, but also curious and magnanimous. He is a model student and a constant source of enthusiasm. I'm thrilled to have gotten the chance to work with him, and I'm happy to report that I just heard he's been admitted to Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, the University of Chicago, Williams, and Amherst.

Few students could win the attention of so many excellent schools. I couldn't be more excited for him!

"Such a big help, a great tutor. Patient, helpful and efficient"

- Holly, Brighton, MA on 3/23/13


- Drazen, Cambridge, MA on 3/7/13

"Terrific calculus tutor."

- Rebecca, Brookline, MA on 3/3/13

"Great Tutor"

- Chrissie, Boston, MA on 2/25/13

"Incredible GRE Tutor"

- Myra, Boston, MA on 1/7/13

"Very effective."

- Pamela, Boston, MA on 1/2/13

"Excellent teacher"

- Axell, Cambridge, MA on 12/11/12


- Linda, Bedford, MA on 12/3/12

"Great tutor"

- Richard, West Newbury, MA on 9/3/12

"Great Tutor, even for the most reluctant of students"

- Debbie, Sudbury, MA on 6/26/12

"Great tutor"

- Diana, Cambridge, MA on 4/3/12

"Great tutor"

- Joseph, Hanover, MA on 3/5/12

"Great teacher"

- Linda, Lincoln, MA on 2/26/12

"great tutor across the board"

- Madeleine, Natick, MA on 12/5/11

"Fantastic Tutor, Great Learning Experience!"

- Jillian, New York, NY on 11/15/11

"The Absolute Best!"

- Erin, Cambridge, MA on 10/6/11

"Great Tutor"

- Laura, Newton Center, MA on 8/18/11

"Great tutor: effecftive and focused"

- Spencer, Cambridge, MA on 7/14/11

"Great Tutor"

- Michael, Reading, MA on 6/29/11

"Cracker Jack!"

- Deborah, Belmont, MA on 3/28/11

"Incredibly Talented Tutor!!!!"

- Christopher, Newtonville, MA on 3/6/11

"Amazing Tutor!"

- Tom, Cambridge, MA on 1/27/11

"Insightful Tutor"

- Alka, Boston, MA on 10/21/10
Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus,
Differential Equations,
Discrete Math,
Geometry, Linear Algebra,
Prealgebra, Precalculus,
Probability, Statistics,
Physical Science, Physics
English, Grammar,
Literature, Proofreading, Reading, Writing
Test Preparation:
Elementary Education:

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I hold a degree in mathematics from MIT and specialize in quantitative methods in business and management science, including business statistics, quantitative modeling, single and multiple regression, linear optimization and decision theory.


I hold a degree in theoretical math from MIT, and I've taught every level of calculus -- from elementary to AP (both AB and BC), to advanced multivariable calculus at MIT, to calculus on differentiable manifolds for applications in mathematical physics -- for more than ten years.

Most tutors aren't truly qualified to teach calculus because they don't have the depth of understanding that comes from having a mathematics degree. I help my students acquire real mastery by fitting the specific topics they study into a bigger picture.

Differential Equations

I studied math at MIT, and I've tutored ordinary and partial differential equations to math, physics, and engineering majors at Boston-area colleges for years. I can teach any topic in the undergraduate curriculum, including:

-- systems of linear first-order ODEs
-- differential operators and annihilator methods
-- series solutions (Legendre, Bessel, Hermite functions)
-- Laplace and Fourier transforms
-- delta functions, convolution, and Green's functions
-- first- and second-order PDEs (wave equation, heat equation, Laplace equation, Schrodinger's equation)
-- eigenvalue and eigenvector problems (Sturm-Liouville theory)
-- qualitative phase plane analysis
-- dynamical systems in science and engineering

Discrete Math

I have a degree in theoretical math from MIT and have taught discrete math to students at most of Boston's colleges.


I took econometrics at MIT and have tutored the subject to many graduate students in the area; I'm especially familiar with the course given at BU.


I earned A+'s in Econometrics and Microeconomics at MIT. My teaching focus is in mathematical economics, including multivariate statistics, regression, and convex analysis. I specialize in helping college and graduate students who lack the advanced mathematical background required for higher-level coursework in economics.


I hold a degree in theoretical mathematics from MIT and am fluent in the applications of advanced mathematics in finance -- especially in derivatives options theory -- including stochastic calculus, partial differential equations, and Black-Scholes theory.


I earned a 790 on the GMAT (51 quant, 48 verbal with more than an hour and fifteen minutes left to spare!). I studied math, literature, and philosophy at MIT and Harvard and have taught the GMAT for years with rave reviews. The GMAT is my favorite standardized test because a competitive score requires deep conceptual mastery and critical reasoning ability. My students focus on developing the higher-order skills they need to tackle even the most difficult GMAT questions.


I studied literature as an undergraduate at MIT and Harvard and took many courses in formal linguistics, and I'm currently an Assistant Editor at the Boston Review -- a national magazine of politics, literature, and the arts -- so I'm well-trained in both the science and art of English grammar. My grammar and SAT writing students learn how to analyze the deep structure of sentences by taking them apart and identifying the phrases and clauses that make them up.


I earned a perfect score on the GRE (170 math, 170 verbal, 6.0 writing), studied math and literature at MIT and Harvard, and am one of Boston's most sought-after GRE tutors. My students learn the higher-order critical reasoning skills they need to tackle even the most difficult GRE problems.

Linear Algebra

I studied theoretical math at MIT and have taught linear algebra -- the study of vector spaces and linear transformations -- to students at many of Boston's colleges, including BU, BC, Northeastern, Harvard, Wellesley, Suffolk, and Simmons.


I studied theoretical math at MIT, where I took courses in formal logic---which covered everything from the metatheory of propositional and predicate logic to Godel's incompleteness theorems and computability. I'm also currently enrolled as a master's student in philosophy at Tufts.


I scored a 178 on the LSAT, studied theoretical mathematics, literature, and philosophy at MIT and Harvard, am an editor at an award-winning magazine of ideas, and have thousands of hours of experience teaching logical reasoning, argument analysis, and reading comprehension to college and graduate students. My students learn the high-level reasoning skills they need to ace all three sections of the LSAT.


I'm currently enrolled as a masters student in philosophy at Tufts, the most highly ranked philosophy MA in the nation. As an undergraduate I took several philosophy courses at both Harvard and MIT.


I took the advanced sections of mechanics and electricity and magnetism at MIT. I've tutored Physics I and II to many high school and college students around the Boston area. I have a degree in theoretical math from MIT.

While an undergraduate at MIT, I specialized in mathematical physics -- the study of the mathematical structures and techniques that underlie theoretical physics. I'm fluent in the many advanced formalisms of special and general relativity and quantum mechanics, including classical Hamiltonian and Lagrangian dynamics, quantum mechanical Hilbert spaces, Riemannian geometry in general relativity, and the geometry of gauges (connections on fiber bundles) in classical and quantum field theory.


Precalculus is a gateway course for more advanced mathematics -- so it's no surprise that many students, even those who have a track record of good grades in math, find themselves overwhelmed by both the depth and breadth of the material. I've tutored the subject since I was in high school and earned a perfect 800 on the SAT Math II subject test, which draws almost all of its content from a course in precalculus. More recently, in the Boston area, I've worked with students taking precalculus at Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Belmont High, Lexington High, Newton South, West Roxbury, Buckingham Browne & Nichols, and the BU Academy: I'm extremely familiar with the precalculus classes at these schools.


I studied math at MIT and have taught probability theory and statistics to high school, college, and graduate students for many years. I'm especially familiar with courses given at BU, Northeastern, Suffolk, Harvard, and MIT. I use Stata and R and can teach at any level, including graduate-level multivariate statistics, regression, and econometrics.


I took trigonometry my freshman year in high school and have been teaching and tutoring it ever since. Most high schools these days don't offer a course solely in trigonometry; rather, trig is typically integrated into a pre-calculus, algebra 2, or geometry course.


I studied literature as an undergraduate at MIT and Harvard, and I'm currently an editor at a national magazine of politics, literature, and the arts, where my daily work involves managing, editing, proofreading, and fact-checking essays written by some of the nation's most famous public intellectuals. While in college, my writing won major prizes in both the sciences and the humanities.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Math, Literature
Harvard University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Math, Literature)

Harvard University (Other)

The best tutor imaginable!

According to my son, Matt is the best teacher he's ever had for anything, anywhere. And he is not prone to overstatement! Matt helped him get back up to speed on Algebra I after he'd missed a fair amount of school for health reasons, and the results could not have been better. My son loved the way Matt explained concepts, had my son articulate his reasoning to be sure he'd really grasped those

— Amy, Wellesley Hills, MA on 5/27/12

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Standard Hourly Rate: $250.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

I don't have a car & must meet all students in Boston or Cambridge; otherwise we can Skype. I assess a cancellation fee for the entire booked time for any cancellation without 24 hours' notice.

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Matt will travel within 10 miles of Boston, MA 02116.