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— Jordan, Overland Park, KS on 9/8/17


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Morningside College
Biology and Business


Morningside College (Biology and Business)

About Jessyka

Need some help studying for the ACT? Didn't get the score you were hoping for and/or needed? I can help! English and Reading are my strongest sections, but I can definitely help you create a study plan for the entire test.

Dreading writing that essay for English, that lab report for biology, or that business plan to pass your senior level class? I can help! Writing is something I truly enjoy doing myself as well as helping others do. Proofreading is something I have much experience doing, and outlines are my specialty.

Need help in your high school level science class OR your college level biology class? I can help! I have a bachelor's degree in biology, and I have worked in two different labs since college.

Wondering who I am, and how I can help? I'm glad you asked! My name is Jessyka, and I currently work as a para at a high school grades 9-12. Because of my job, I am very familiar and refreshed with math, English, and science at the high school level. I work one-on-one with Emotionally Disturbed students as well as general education students. Last year, I worked one-on-one with autistic students at a middle school grades 6-8. This means I can help all kinds of students at all grade levels!

I am also what most people call a book nerd as learning about new places, people, etc. excites me, and I can read all day and night if allowed. Yet, people have been surprised to know I also have a fun side and am able to make learning interesting and as exciting as the books I love to read. I want every student I tutor to realize learning never ends, and school really can be fun and enjoyable.

I tutored classmates while I was in college, and I have tutored two different students independently in the past year. My college classmates could depend on my advice and help, and the high school and middle school student I have recently tutored know I am hard working and trustworthy. I have helped the high school student with everything from his English research papers to answering post lab questions for his AP Biology class. My middle student has needed help in every class, and we've made some great progress.

I have also had the pleasure of tutoring seven different students through Wyzant so far. I helped a freshman find the motivation he needed to get his homework done and study for tests. Plus, after working with a high school student for only one-and-a-half hours the night before he took the ACT, his composite score went up by three points. I was able to give him some helpful pointers on the Reading and English sections, and he said things we talked about (i.e., questions he should be prepared for) were on the actual ACT the next day. I also helped another high school student prep for the ACT. She needed help in all sections, and during our sessions, I was able to identify her weaknesses and suggest a study plan.

I'm both a visual and kinesthetic learner. So, being told how to do something once doesn't help me much. That means I don't just tell the students I tutor what to do; I show them and give examples. Then, I walk a student through the next problem as I observe and guide when needed. I've learned students are more likely to retain lessons if they are physically typing or writing down the work.

I also try to make the lessons fun. If I know the student is a dog lover, I try to give examples using his/her pet as a subject in a sentence or in a scenario explaining terms needed to understand the homework assignment. Plus, I understand a little free time is good during a lesson as not everyone can just hunker down and plow through two plus hours of homework. So, a quick two or three minute break every 30-45 minutes is fine with me so long as the student is ready to get back to homework.

I've learned younger students are generally more comfortable at home, and that's ok because I've realized I sometimes get to love on students' cats and dogs while tutoring. It's a bonus for me I've come to enjoy.

Please feel free to contact me so I can help you and/or your child be more successful in the classroom and either relearn or learn for the first time how fun school really can be if you and/or your child choose(s) to let it be!
Need some help studying for the ACT? Didn't get the score you were hoping for and/or needed? I can help! English and Reading are my strongest sections, but I can definitely help you create a study plan for the entire test.

Dreading writing that essay for English, that lab report for biology, or that business plan to pass your senior
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"Patient Tutor"

- Jordan, Overland Park, KS on 9/8/17

"Jessyka is great!"

- John, Mission, KS on 8/26/17
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Approved subjects

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ACT English

This is one of my two strongest sections on the ACT. I have helped numerous family members, friends, and students through WyzAnt increase their English section score. This is because I excel at grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. I personally earned a 35 in the English section when I took the ACT as a high school student.

ACT Reading

This is one of my two strongest sections on the ACT. I have helped numerous family members, friends, and students through WyzAnt increase their Reading section score and consequentially their composite score as this section is weighted. This is because I know great reading and test taking skills. I have helped numerous students develop ways to get through passages more quickly if they are slow readers, and I have developed ways for students to better understand the material if they find themselves bored and/or distracted in this section of the ACT. I never earned less than a 28 in this section when I personally took the ACT in high school.

ACT Science

I have a biology degree which makes it easier for me to explain the science behind the graphs and chart listed in the ACT Science section. Having experience creating charts and graphs makes it easy for me to teach students how to interpret the charts and graphs which I have successfully done with several students.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Last year, I worked in a middle school with special education children. All of the children in my program were autistic. Some could communicate while others were hard to understand or were pretty nonverbal. This year, I am at a high school working with Emotionally Disturbed students. I am able to work around the temper tantrums, frustrations, and distractions in order to help students learn. If I need to come up with six different ways to teach a student one concept, I do it. If a student understands how to do something on Mon, but not on Tues, we relearn it on Tues and practice it Weds.


I have a biology degree, and I took various science classes to earn that degree. I am familiar with General Biology, Genetics, Paleontology, and Ecology. I have held two laboratory positions, so I am able to apply what I learned in the classroom to the professional world.

Elementary Math

I have tutored math at the 7th grade level and up. Yet, some of the students have needed help understanding elementary math before progressing to math at their grade level. This is something I excel at because I have worked with students with learning disabilities that are sometimes accompanied by IEPs. This has enabled me to learn to teach concepts in multiple and varying ways until a student grasps the concept.


English is a subject I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember. This is probably because my mom is an English teacher, and I have a strong knowledge base from grammar to essay writing to reading comprehension. I have been getting extra lessons drilled into my head for a very long time thanks to my mother. This has helped me since high school edit my friends' and peers' research papers and other projects/assignments. I love editing and helping students write everything from lab reports to research papers to simple essay questions as homework assignments.


I have never received less than a A on a paper when it comes to grammar. In college, a professor touted she would remove points from scores due to grammatical errors. I found five spelling and grammatical errors in her syllabus that first class. I never lost a point to a grammatical error in her class or any other in high school or college. I excel at explaining the uses of commas, apostrophes, quotation marks, etc. Grammar is a subject I know backwards and forwards, and it's come in handy when writing papers, when editing others' work, and when taking standardized tests.

Physical Science

I have a biology degree and as such, I took many classes pertaining to the subjects contained within most Physical Science courses. Many of my classes went much more in-depth on the same subjects covered in Physical Science, so I know more than the basics. Science is a love of mine, and has been since elementary school. The high school student I currently tutor hates biology, but I'm slowly getting him to change his mind.


I have tutored math at the 6th grade level and higher. Plus, I currently work as a para at a high school after working at a middle school. This requires me to work-on-one with students in various classes, including prealgebra through algebra three. Being "back in school" has refreshed my memory on many concepts and reminded me how I much enjoy helping others excel at math.


Most people struggle with proofreading because they either find it boring or because they don't have the knowledge base. I LOVE to proofread. My mom is an English teacher. As such, I have had grammar rules drilled into my head since I was very young. This has given me the ability to never earn less than a B on a paper in high school or college. I'm competent with both MLA and APA styles as MLA was what I used in high school, and I used APA in college.


Test-taking skills are something I love to share with students through WyzAnt. The ability to eliminate answers, search for key words in passages, etc. are all things a student needs to know how to do to succeed on the PSAT. I am easily able to teach a student these skills.


When I meet a student who hates to read, I do my best to discover the reasoning behind it. A lot of times, a student struggles to read, and I teach the student reading strategies he/she needs to come to enjoy reading as much as I do. I can tutor students who are just learning to read as well as students who are proficient readers and just struggle with comprehension.

SAT Reading

I only took the SAT once, but the Reading section was one of my best sections. Vocabulary is one of my strong suits, and I know I can help students do well on this section of the SAT.


I played fast pitch softball during middle school and high school. My best positions were pitcher, first base, and right field. I have also dabbled in slow pitch softball. I have been both a player and a coach. My strengths are my ability to catch and to throw long distances. I have taught players the basics of the game and helped others to better their catching and throwing abilities.

Special Needs

I work in a special education classroom currently. I am familiar with IEPs after working with students with them every day and because I have tutored students independently with them. Plus, my sister was special needs all the way from elementary through high school.


I excel at teaching students how to covey the message they wish to get across to their audience. I help students with organization, word choice, and conventions. Outlines and concept maps are essential tools I teach students how to create. I also thoroughly enjoy helping them proofread their work.

Morningside College
Biology and Business


Morningside College (Biology and Business)

Patient Tutor

We worked on some of my grammar skills and skills needed to know for the ACT. We had some conflicts pop up for meeting the first time but she was very understanding and make time for another date.

— Jordan, Overland Park, KS on 9/8/17

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