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Janine is a great tutor that enjoys her work!
— Jason, Shawnee, KS on 5/20/13


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I am a very motivated person to help people become proficient in reading and able to decode words. I have raised a son who has the learning disability of dyslexia. In order to learn the best style of teaching for him, I did my own research of dyslexia, went to seminars put on by the Meninger Hospital, at that time it was in Topeka, it is now in Texas, and through a lot of blood, sweat and tears learned how to help him. By the time he got to high school, he was able to do his homework by himself. He had an IEP every year from the time he was in 2nd grade up until he was a sophomore in high school and was able to do his studies keeping a grade point average never lower than 3.0. Very few people get out of the Resource Room once they are identified for Special Education. Because of seeing the torment he went through to get through anything to do with language and also seeing how being dyslexic has affected every aspect of his being, I have continued to learn about dyslexia. I have a wonderful program that is a ten-level program based on the Orton-Gillingham system, which is the only type of system that will help dyslexics. The wonderful thing about this program is that it helps anyone who is needing to become more proficient with the English language from phonemic awareness all the way up to learning Greek and Latin roots. I have such a passion for reading and feel that in this country there are far too many people graduating from high school that have a problem with reading and language skills; many that have never been identified or addressed in their formal education. I just want to help as many people as I can learn to read well and become proficient in the English language. I am a very motivated person to help people become proficient in reading and able to decode words. I have raised a son who has the learning disability of dyslexia. In order to learn the best style of teaching for him, I did my own Read more

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"Janine is a great tutor that enjoys her work!"

- Jason, Shawnee, KS on 5/20/13

"Terrific Tutor!"

- Dawn, Olathe, KS on 10/4/12

"Great Tutor"

- Kathleen, Basehor, KS on 9/1/11
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Dyslexia literally means difficulty with language; dys-difficulty, lexi-language. Some of the facts involving dyslexia are these:
1. 1 out of 5 people are dyslexic, 20%.
2. 50% are girls, 50% are boys.
3. It is hereditary. If you know of someone dyslexic in your family, your child has a 50/50 chance of being dyslexic.
4. There is a specific way a dyslexic needs to be taught in order to make sense out of language.

There are many more facts about dyslexia, but I would like to zero in on the specific way that a dyslexic person needs to be taught. Since the dyslexic person deals with issues of direction, many letters can be confusing to them. Such as b-d confusion, p-q confusion, p-b confusion, q-d confusion, m-n confusion. There are ways these can be taught that are very logical that can help the dyslexic have tools to use to figure it out. Dyslexic people are very smart, but many times are considered slow because of their difficulty with language. This can cause low self esteem that they will feel their entire life. If the dyslexic child gets help at a young age, some of these emotional scars can be avoided. The way that a dyslexic person needs to learn is to use an Orton-Gillingham type system. This is a system that is very logical in the order that language is taught. Tools or "tricks" are taught in order to give the dyslexic person logical concepts that they can fall back on and reach the potential that each one possesses. Dyslexics are very successful because there are areas where they have sometimes hidden talents. If you can tap into those talents, the dyslexic person will find their worth and astound those around them with their area or areas of talents. Dyslexia is becoming more and more understood and the quicker a child can be identified and helped, the quicker that child can learn to use their learning disability to their advantage. Parents who may wonder if their child is dyslexic, do the research, there is lots of research out there. Educate yourself, so your child gets the best education taught in the way they need to learn.

My experience with dyslexia is largely due to raising a dyslexic son. I learned how he needed to learn, and was able to successfully help him to the point of his homework being done by him on his own by the time he was in high school. He was able to not have to go to the resource room by the time he was done with his sophomore year.

I do have a program that is wonderful for teaching dyslexic children. With this program, I have successfully taken three students through the first three levels, with these students having reports from their teachers and dyslexic testers of measurable improvement. I have two students in level 3, one of them in kindergarten, and she is able to read words with blends at the beginning and blends and the end of words and she knows what the vowels are supposed to say; therefore, she is able to sound out, at this point, any one-syllable word. The other student in level 3, is also having measurable differences in his reading level in his school setting. This program is written in such a way that a dyslexic person and people with ADD/ADHD can learn in a logical manner how the English language works. Parents and teachers are thrilled with the progress that they see in the students that I have taught with the Orton-Gillingham program that I am currently using.


To be phonemic aware is the start of understanding language. Phonics will enable you to be confident in the English language enabling you to have the skills to sound out any word. There are rules to the Enlgish language and I have a program that will take you from the very start of language all the way up to learning Greek and Latin Roots. This program will fill in any of the "holes" that are occurring in your language skills enabling you to read, fill out forms with proper spelling, and speak in a clear concise manner.
I have learned how to help my dyslexic son by researching how he needed to learn and making subjects come alive for him. He is now able to do his own homework, at a college level, and maintain his classwork with a minimal amount of difficulty. I would love to help anyone I can with the English language making it easier to deal with on a day-to-day basis in all situations of life.


In order to help your child with reading, the program that I use starts with the first step of reading and that is listening, making sure of phonemic awareness and going up from there. Each lesson builds on what is learned from lesson to lesson in a clear, logical way for the English language to develop.

Hutchinson Community College
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Hutchinson Community College (Medical Records)

Janine is a great tutor that enjoys her work! — My wife and I are so happy we found Janine to help tutor our 4 year old son, and get his learning of English off to a great start early in life. Janine is always on time and arrives prepared to get right to work with him. Janine is very patient and understanding; she is very good at adjusting the lessons to fit the way he learns and adepts well to his short attention span. He is ready, waiting, ...

— Jason, Shawnee, KS on 5/20/13

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