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— Dawn, Syracuse, IN on 6/9/16


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Indiana University - Bloomington
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Indiana University - Bloomington (Elementary Education)

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About Tim

With a Master's Degree in Elementary Education and licensed in Indiana for Grades K-6, plus endorsements for Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts K-9, I have taught full time in Kindergarten, first, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh grade classrooms. My most recent teaching assignment included instruction in Honors Language Arts 7 and Reading Remediation 7.

From my classroom experience, it would seem the single most important determinant for success or failure on ISTEP and ECA exams is reading comprehension and reading on grade level. If a student cannot understand written material at his or her grade level, failure in nearly all text-intensive classes and on standardized tests is almost assured. Therefore, any tutoring effort will necessarily include some assessments of reading ability and remediation if the student is found deficient. Reading remediation for students in any grade, but especially in the higher grades, will be successful only if the student is willing to improve. There is no magic quick fix and reading improvement may take a good bit of time unless the student is an enthusiastic learner and willing to put in extra hours of reading practice outside the tutoring sessions.

Instruction in the Language Arts can be broad or specific depending on the needs of the student. Skill areas may include: Grammar, Literature, Informational Text, Composition, Language Usage, Vocabulary, Spelling, and yes, even Handwriting. If appropriate, the student is encouraged to arrange for the use of actual classroom materials.

Social Studies tutoring may include study skills, historical overviews and timelines, historical concepts and building background to improve comprehension. Client is encouraged to use actual materials from courses of study in school.

Science tutoring may include study skills, science concepts specific to the course of study, building science background, close reading of science texts and articles, and how to research to find current scientific findings. Student is encouraged to arrange for the use of actual classroom materials.

Math tutoring for students in grades K through 6 is also available as it is included in the K-6 certification and I have taught it in the elementary classroom environment. The student should arrange to use actual classroom materials.
With a Master's Degree in Elementary Education and licensed in Indiana for Grades K-6, plus endorsements for Science, Social Studies, Read more

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In-person lessons

"Very knowlegable and positive"

- Dawn, Syracuse, IN on 6/9/16

"Professional & quality tutor"

- Jeanette, Warsaw, IN on 10/16/15

"Reading Tutor for 3rd Grader"

- Heidi, Warsaw, IN on 8/14/14
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

American History

History has been one of my passions both as a student and as a teacher. I taught American history as part of the fifth grade curriculum for several years. My Indiana teaching license carries an endorsement for Social Studies K-9. I am qualified to teach this subject up through 9th grade, including 8th grade American history.


I have a very broad knowledge of basic academic skills and have taught them in the public schools for nearly 20 years. I can design a course of study which will compact the knowledge and skills needed for a motivated client to pass the ASVAB. Tutoring efforts will be concentrated on the four subtests that form the basis for the AFQT score. Information for the other five subtests will be made available. Test-taking skills will also be emphasized.

Elementary (K-6th)

I hold a Master's Degree in elementary education (K-6). I have taught elementary classes for 15 years. I have substituted in most grades K-12. Full-time classroom teaching experience includes Grades 3, 5, and 6.

Elementary Science

I have always had a keen interest in science, and I try to keep up with major discoveries and trends in the scientific world. The Master's Degree in Elementary Education includes methodology courses for teaching science. My Indiana teaching license carries an endorsement for science instruction up through Grade 9. I taught science as a part of the elementary classroom curriculum for 15 years.


Learning geography can be fun! Students often need to have their minds opened so they may appreciate the global possibilities a working knowledge of geography can bring about. Basic geographic knowledge has implications for reading comprehension. Students frequently cannot make important connections in literature, language arts, social studies, and even science if they are ignorant of geography--physical, political, and cultural.

I taught geography in my elementary classrooms for 15 years, and most recently used it in my language arts classes as well. I coached a junior high geo bowl team for several years. I have a Master's Degree in elementary education which included instruction on teaching geography, as well as an endorsement on my license for social studies K-9.

Government & Politics

Very important stuff for the middle and upper grades! One of the basic reasons America offers universal, compulsory education is so our country will have a well-informed electorate. Americans need to know their rights and how government works so they may be able to protect those rights. The saga of maintaining freedoms in our country continues to this day.

My credentials include a Master's Degree in elementary education and a license endorsement for teaching social studies up through 9th grade. My own passion for monitoring world news and politics lends additional expertise to tutoring students in this subject.


My most recent classroom teaching gig was seventh grade language arts which, of course, included a very strong grammar component. I've also taught grammar at third, fifth, and sixth grade levels. I have a Master's Degree in elementary education and my license carries an endorsement for teaching language arts up through the 9th grade. I'm very comfortable with teaching or reinforcing grammar skills at almost any level. It can be complex, but it is not rocket science. Anyone with a will to learn grammar can certainly do so.


Reading comprehension is all about making mental connections with the material being read. By reading a vast and diverse quantity of literature, the reader builds background information to make ever more connections with the printed word. Tutoring in literature includes exploring the themes of the student's assigned literary works, examining some of the devices used by authors, thus enabling the reader to have greater understanding of the works being read, and to formulate a strategy for use in close reading and comprehending other works.

My credentials include a Master's Degree in education, a teaching license endorsement for language arts up through 9th grade, and several years of teaching literature as part of the language arts curriculum. I am also a voracious reader myself which may help give the struggling or reluctant reader a motivational boost.


Phonics was the principal approach to teaching word attack skills when I attended primary school. I taught third grade for several years during which I delivered phonics instruction as part of the reading program. I recently taught some seventh grade reading remediation classes, and reinforcing word attack skills through phonics instruction was one of the teaching components in the class. My Indiana teaching license contains an endorsement for Language Arts K-9, a subject area which includes phonics.


Reading well is hugely important for the success of any school student, and reading has been a centerpiece of personal leisure during my entire life. It began with "Dick & Jane" in first grade (Oh, see Jane! See Jane run, run, run!) and has continued its hold on me till the present day. Reading remediation begins with reinforcing word attack skills and fluency to lessen the tedium of the experience for the struggling reader. Then skimming and scanning, close reading for comprehension-- differentiating between main idea and details--and summarizing are employed to open up the meaning of what is read.

I learned to teach reading while working with third graders. My Master's Degree in Elementary Education includes the teaching of Reading Skills. In recent years I have taught 7th Grade remedial reading classes. I have attended numerous seminars and conferences on the teaching of reading.

Social Studies

I hold a Master's Degree in elementary education (K-6) which includes the study of methodology related to the teaching of social studies. I taught social studies in the elementary classroom environment for 15 years. My Indiana teaching license includes an endorsement for teaching social studies in Grades K through 9. I passed all the tests on this site which are related to social studies and for which I expressed an interest in tutoring.


I was a champion speller in school, and I continue to appreciate the value of being able to spell commonly used words whenever I need them. A basic knowledge of phonics, spelling conventions and word structure can go a long way toward improving spelling. In studying spelling, one begins to appreciate how that knowledge can impact other academic endeavors. Knowledge of word structure and origins can be key in comprehending more dense text like that found in some contemporary textbooks, as well as biographies and novels written before the middle of the 20th century. A working knowledge of spelling conventions can go a long way toward unlocking the code.

I have coached a number of spelling teams and individuals in academic contests. I have also pronounced many school and county spelling bees. Spelling is a component of the language arts for which I'm licensed up through 9th grade.


Vocabulary is the main determinant used in grade-level testing for reading proficiency. Age-appropriate vocabulary words are tested in isolation and in context. Every student who wishes to be successful in the school environment and beyond needs a personal, active scheme for acquiring and retaining new vocabulary. Adequate reading comprehension depends upon the size and scope of the reader's working vocabulary. One of the very real dangers of today's obsession with phone texting is the possible loss of vocabulary breadth and facility due to the need for abbreviating conversations and written text.

I overtly taught vocabulary as a part of my most recent language arts teaching assignment. I also guided students in finding vocabulary acquisition methods as a part of their study skills. I am a licensed teacher in the language arts up through 9th grade, but can lend assistance to older students as well.

World History

Studying world history is like watching a great movie: full of bigger-than-life characters, lots of problems and crises between people to be solved or averted, and relating a saga of mankind's movement forward--sometimes real progress and sometimes not. Having a grip on world history gives the serious student an advantage: it provides valuable context and background to facilitate the acquisition of other knowledge. Being in the know when it comes to world history puts the student in the position of having much greater comprehension of material to be read in the classroom, on the job, or simply when interpreting the international news of the day.

I've always been a student of world history and love to help students learn it and understand it. With a Master's Degree in education and experience teaching history in the classroom, I can help students succeed in this important subject area.


My professors in college were indeed lucky we didn't have word processors on which to write our papers and essays! I would have been pressing up against maximum length requirements all the time. As you may be able to tell, I love to write. I also love to make sure my writing has clarity, the number one priority for written communication. If such communication doesn't make sense, what's the point?

A Master's Degree in education and plenty of experience teaching writing (composition) insures that a student will get useful help developing winning strategies for producing clear, concise written communication.

Indiana University - Bloomington
Elementary Education
Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne


Indiana University - Bloomington (Elementary Education)

Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne (Master's)

Very knowlegable and positive — Tim worked with my son going into third grade. My son struggles with his reading phonics and confidence. We have been very impressed with his knowledge and how well he relates to our son. We are so pleased with the improvement we are seeing. ...

— Dawn, Syracuse, IN on 6/9/16

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