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Prairie Bible College
Religious Ed.
Cornell U., Ithaca, NY
Graduate Coursework


Prairie Bible College (Religious Ed.)

Cornell U., Ithaca, NY (Graduate Coursework)

About Charlene

I have taught and tutored English as a Second Language for more than 30 years, in Japan and in the U.S.

My range of experience in teaching is broad, having taught every age group in conversation, in test preparation, in writing, reading, listening, speaking, and in business language. I taught in Japan for 21 years and have tutored in the U.S. since returning. Since returning to the U.S. I have taught Japanese, Chinese, and Saudi Arabian students,
at elementary, high school, and university level.

One of my strengths in teaching English is that I have been a learner of of Japanese as a Second Language. This has given me insight into the problems and needs of ESL students. I taught for the cities of Kagoshima and then Kobe for many years as well as for Mitsubishi Electric Co. I also ran my own classes at our church in Japan.

The length of time I have taught, together with the range of learners, helps me tailor my classes to the needs of individual students.

Teaching English in all its aspects, either as a first or second language, is a joy to me. Helping others to learn gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride in them.

I studied Japanese language at Cornell University in an intensive program called FALCON (Far East Asian Language Concentration). Then we moved to Japan where I lived for 21 years (Kagoshima and Kobe). I enjoy teaching Japanese at a beginners level. It is fun to make it easier for my students than it was for me, and to watch them begin to be able to communicate in this language which is so very different from English.
I have taught and tutored English as a Second Language for more than 30 years, in Japan and in the U.S.

My range of experience in teaching is broad, having taught every age group in conversation, in
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"Honest and patient"

- Claudia, Indianapolis, IN on 5/4/16

"Knowledgeable and creative"

- Nas, Indianapolis, IN on 11/26/15

"Great Tutor!"

- Randy, Indianapolis, IN on 11/10/10
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ACT English, ACT Reading, Bible Studies,
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TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing
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ACT English, ACT Reading, GRE, LSAT,
SAT Reading,
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German, Japanese,
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Bible Studies

I graduated from Prairie Bible Institute with a 3 year diploma in Bible-- then finished work for
a 4 year from Prairie Bible College (Bachelor of Religious Education).

I have taught Bible in churches, to women, and to children.

With my husband, we were missionaries in Japan for 21 years, and I taught Bible while there.

I am Reformed Presbyterian by conviction, although I was raised mainly in military chapels.
The Bible is the greatest collection of books ever written and I enjoy teaching it. Many approaches may be taken to the study of the Bible, depending on the interest of the student. Anyone interested in studying should contact me through WyzAnt and we can discuss whether your interest and my capabilities match up. Charlene

Elementary (K-6th)

I tutored foreign students through their school curricula from kindergarten through sixth grade for a period of about 3 years. I am well educated and bilingual Japanese/English, so I have not found any problems in working with this level of student. My ESL experience over 26 years also helps me in helping the children.


I began teaching in 1982 in Kagoshima, Japan. I continued to tutor regularly in Japan until 2003. I worked for the cities of Kagoshima and Kobe. I also taught for Mitsubishi in Akashi, Japan. I ran my own school out of our church as well. My students have ranged from first graders in elementary school through highly trained professionals.

One of the things which has helped me in teaching is that I am a learner of Japanese as a Second Language. This has given me insight into the learning process from the standpoint of the student, and sympathy with the difficulties involved in learning English.

Because I have worked with such a wide variety of students I have learned to be flexible and to adjust to the particular needs of individual students. As a writer, I have been published, and I also do proof reading and editing.

I enjoy all my students and love the process of teaching. I am certified through the Royal Academy of Arts out of London, England, in ESL teaching. I have a bachelor's degree and 42 credits in Japanese at Master's level.


I have taught ESL in Japan and the U.S. for over 30 years, working with students of all levels and ages. I am credentialed in TEFL through the Royal Society of Arts, London, England.

I have lived outside the U.S.. as both a child and an adult. for close to half my life. 21 of those years were in Japan. Before going to Japan I spent one year doing intensive Japanese as a Second Language training at Cornell University. This has given me an unusual personal understanding of the problems which face students of English as a Second language, not just in terms of the linguistics, but also regarding the cultural and emotional difficulties which face a second language learner. This has proved a help in tutoring ESL students who are attending American schools, as well (elementary through college).


I studied Japanese for One Year Intensive at Cornell University starting June 1981. The program was called FALCON (Far East Language Concentration) and was 42 credits of graduate studies. Our linguist was one of the top three Japanese linguists in the world--a lady who consulted for the foreign service and department of defense. She was a great pedagogical linguist. We lived in Japan for the next 21 years, living among and working with Japanese people. I studied at the Franciscan school in Roppongi, Tokyo, for one summer as well, with Father Joseph, an expert in the history of Japanese characters.
I used Japanese every day of my life in Japan. I teach individual students JSL here in Indianapolis.


In Japan most of the MK's were home schooled. In order to prepare them for their LSAT's I took them through the tests times as they would have to take them under the real test conditions. After the first test we dealt with areas of difficulty, and then re-took. We went through this process three times, and the students did well on the tests. By doing so many times tests and then reviewing the weaker areas
they improved with each test.


Growing up in Scotland, phonetics was a substantial part of our school training. I prefer the word phonetics to phonics, and I believe strongly in tying the 'phonics' to reading and to elocution (working on the phonics out loud). I use some of the same techniques I use in ESL. I should be able not only to help your child, but enable you to help him/her. Phonics should be fun, because language should be fun. Phonics should help your child's pronunciation as well as visual reading skills. My goal would be to help you put your child ahead of his class reading level. But the methods would be based on 26 years teaching as a second language.

Public Speaking

My main claim to being able to help you with public speaking is that I have had to do public speaking myself. I have been trained in oral interpretation, have taught ESL for many years,
and have been a public speaker off and on over a period of 30 years. Much of my speaking has been in a teaching context, much as an invited speaker, and some in the context of translating from Japanese to English for international conferences, for instance. I have done voice-overs for documentary videos, reading of books on tape, and taught Shakespeare to children in an acting context.


In teaching English as a Second Language (which is my specialty) I have to be able to break English into its component parts and teach my students to understand these separately and together. Teaching them how to read any piece of literature is part of this. The ability to understand how a text is put together, what are the key components the student is looking at are all things which can be taught. For those to whom reading does not come naturally, this teaching is necessary if the student is to learn to read well. I use various ways to help a student to read, depending on their particular difficulties and their particular goal or goals. There are ways to help students who have trouble focusing visually, students who have limited vocabularies, students who have difficulty with grammar. My work of more than 30 years in ESL helps me to assess the particular difficulties of each student, and to devise a plan for helping them through their difficulties.


I am a retired Japanese missionary who studied Bible at Prairie Bible College, graduating with a Bachelor's in religious education, major in Bible. I have taught Bible to children and to women for several years. I teach from the Bible and not from popular Bible studies, although for my own preparation I certainly use source books, like concordances, historical and archaeological sources, and word studies as needed. Two years of Biblical Greek lets me go to the original language source as needed.

The most basic point of the Bible is that God speaks to man clearly and understandably. For those who are seeking after God this is a wonderful truth. The Bible is also a deep, rich, collection of books which must be understood in context to understand the history of the Western world, including the governmental experiment which is the United States.

SAT Reading

Reading for any test requires the same skills--the ability to understand the overall flow of the writing, to be able to read quickly, picking out the salient points of the article, remembering what each section talks about and where to find it quickly, and to understand exactly what is being asked for in the questions pertaining to the reading. I have helped many students acquire and improve these skills for many different kinds of tests, including SAT and LSAT.

SAT Writing

I have worked with students preparing them for SAT successfully. I have also tutored students through eleventh grade English. I have helped edit and proofread papers for Graduate School Entrance. And I have been published in three magazines. As a writer/tutor I make my students think through what they are doing. I break down the parts so that they can master each part individually. As a teacher of ESL I have learned to tailor my teaching to the differing needs people have based on their learning style, their current skill level, and what they need to accomplish. I attempt to help them grow as writers by dealing not just directly with grammatical skills, but with how to think through a piece of writing.

Study Skills

I have taught English as a Second Language for over 25 years. So, I have had to address myself repeatedly to the matter of study skills relevant to my students and their varied backgrounds. I have dealt with the kinds of fears which keep people from learning, to the kind
of student who must be challenged to keep his boredom level from defeating him.

I have also had to deal with study skills myself in an unusual way and this has taught me a lot.
My dad was military and we were constantly moving. I was either ahead or behind at every school I attended, so had to learn quickly how to catch up if I was behind.

The main things to learn are to give yourself adequate time and to learn to relax. Then one can look at the means that work best for you.


English has been my passion since I first learned to read. I have taught ESL for over 30 years and very often write my own material. I have been published in three magazines. I have also prepared students for the SAT successfully and worked with high school students in their English course work, including poetry. I have worked with college students preparing papers for entrance into grad school, and worked with high school students and adults preparing for tests, teaching them how to read the questions, think through the questions, and generally prepare them for the tests. In teaching writing I try to teach a student how to approach his writing, how to break it down into parts, and how to think through the things he needs to say in order to meet the goal of what he is writing.

Prairie Bible College
Religious Ed.
Cornell U., Ithaca, NY
Graduate Coursework


Prairie Bible College (Religious Ed.)

Cornell U., Ithaca, NY (Graduate Coursework)

Honest and patient — It is apparent that she cares about the student and their concerns. Even after one lesson I feel comfortable and would highly recommend her to others. ...

— Claudia, Indianapolis, IN on 5/4/16

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Lessons of more than one hour may be had for individuals at a lower rate than lessons of one hour. Group lessons will depend on the number of students in the group.

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