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Ill Certified Classroom Spanish teacher offers tutoring

Ill Certified Classroom Spanish teacher offers tutoring


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"Very Creative"

Gabrielle, 11 lessons with Susan

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Susan holds 2 Illinois teaching certificates, a Masters Degree, and a Bachelors Degree in Spanish Education. She has 20 years of classroom experience teaching all ages of students, specializing in high school and college students, and adults. She is a renown Spanish teacher, combining many years of experience with recent academic training of best instructional practices (e.g. scaffolding, modeling, reflective teaching, differentiation) for the acquisition of all skills of foreign language; ...

Susan holds 2 Illinois teaching certificates, a Masters Degree, and a Bachelors Degree in Spanish Education. She has 20 years of classroom experience teaching all ages of students, specializing in high school and college students, and adults. She is a renown Spanish teacher, combining many years of experience with recent academic training of best instructional practices (e.g. scaffolding, modeling, reflective teaching, differentiation) for the acquisition of all skills of foreign language; i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing. Her innovative teaching strategies reflect her vast knowledge and skills in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

In addition to support for the struggling student and enrichment for the succeeding student, Susan offers tutoring for students who are preparing for standardized exams: the Spanish AP language or literature exams, the CEEB language test, or the college proficiency exams.

Susan teaches to a wide range of ability levels and learning styles. She offers her services to special needs students, Bilingual students, adult students preparing for travel or new jobs. She customizes her services for tutoring or teaching to individuals, classes, or other teachers seeking tutorials to improve their own teaching strategies.

Susan distinguished herself when she initiated, designed and taught the first interdisciplinary course of its kind in Illinois for the acquisition of language proficiency through the academic content of social sciences. She also expanded high school Spanish programs to all levels of course offerings and contributed to schools becoming foreign language academies. She has piloted television courses for all domains of language acquisition at the college level. She has successfully persuaded school districts to offer foreign language instruction at the primary grades by her research and presentations as to how the brain learns language.

Susan is a native speaker since early childhood. She has lived in Spain and Costa Rica, has traveled extensively throughout the Spanish-speaking world, and has led student trips.

Here's what others have said about her:

Ms... is very well informed about the subject of early foreign language instruction at the elementary level (Principal of an elementary school on the North Shore).

One of your former students has identified you as the best teacher of her high school years (The College of the University of Chicago).

"Superior" ratings in teaching excellence & significant contributions (Chicago Public Schools).


University of Illinois, Chicago
BA Spanish Education
Northeastern Illinois University
National Louis University, Illinois
Graduate Coursework


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Knowledgeable and insightful as to the best approach to teach the student.

My daughter transferred schools and was placed in a Spanish 4 class however there was a big gap in her Spanish from her previous school. This gap resulted in my daughter failing. After she started working with Susan her grades are now A's and high B's. Susan knows how to relate to the students and let's them know they can be successful. I couldn't be more pleased!!

JoAnne, 14 lessons with Susan

Fantastic kick off session

It's pretty clear that she's good at teaching !! Easy to work with , she knew exactly what I needed from the beginning. Shared materials for me to work with at home.

Anindya, 3 lessons with Susan

Best Spanish Tutor I Have Had

Susan is very dedicated to making sure you succeed and really understand the material, she is extremely pragmatic, flexible and patient. I was surprised and pleased when she began with a short survey to understand my learning style and how to best go about teaching me the material. She also made sure to take into account my personal goals and how to best make sure they get met. Absolutely Worth It.

Trenton, 10 lessons with Susan

Energetic, passionate, gets the job done

My 17 year old son said, "If I had had her as my teacher all along, I would have been doing great in Spanish and not needed a tutor!" She always gets back to me right away and I'm very thankful we found her.

Krista, 13 lessons with Susan

Great experience

Susan did a great job connecting with my 15 year old son who was struglling in Spanish II and had a big test coming up. She identified his style of learning and adapted her lesson to him. My son's confidence level has increased as well.

Leslie, 3 lessons with Susan

Great help!

Susan has a way of using various teaching methods to stimulate the learning process. She does an amazing job of connecting with my son. His grade in Spanish has skyrocketed and he has a confidence in the subject that was not there before meeting with Susan.

Susan, 26 lessons with Susan

Great 1st Lesson!

My 10th grader had her first lesson with Susan last week. Prior to the session Susan had an initial phone conversation with us to understand our child's focus areas for tutoring. She understood quickly what was needed. The tutoring session began with conjugation of verbs in the present tense based on a selection of visuals, which was followed by a review of preterit tense endings and drill of present to preterit tense before then taking the 50 visuals of verbs to create a story, which was then followed by a retelling of the story and the writing of the story as it was being told. My child remarked that she had never had as much sustained conversation in Spanish as during this initial session, supported by the visuals. She walked out of the session very confident. The next day in class, she reported back that she was able to converse with the teacher better than she had been the week before. In one 90 minute session with Susan she progressed. Additionally, my child is very picky when it comes to tutors, and is very shy. I peeked into the session once and my child was laughing and smiling, engaged, she walked out saying it was a great session. For a 15 year old to say that says a LOT about the experience she had. Most such sessions are "Boring" or a " a waste" or "I didn't learn anything". This was not the case with Susan's lessons. She is looking forward to her next session.

Sharon, 23 lessons with Susan

Incredible Results

My son has struggled throughout his entire Freshman year of Spanish 1, never getting higher than a C. As the end of the year approached, he had a D with only a couple of opportunities to improve his grade. After a couple of weeks of some intense tutoring from Susan he received 49 out of 50 on an exam. In the first session, Susan quickly realized why my son was struggling and came up with a plan to help him succeed. She is very accommodating with her schedule and has helped my son achieve results that he didn't think were possible. I highly recommend Susan!!!

Chris, 25 lessons with Susan

Above and beyond. And beyond even that.

Susan came to me in the middle of my semester. I was struggling with Spanish 101 (I am not wired for language) and desperately needed help. We were, effectively, seven or so weeks behind the class because I had made the naive mistake of signing up for an online course with no in-person instruction. As language is a social concept, doing it completely online or through a textbook felt all but impossible no matter how many hours I spent with my nose to the grindstone. But Susan changed all that. We went back to the beginning and made a plan. We had a little over a month to get me ready for my second exam. A month after was the oral exam. Two weeks later would be the final exam. I had already failed the first exam and was caving under the stress. But no matter how frustrated I was at my own situation or exhausted I got, Susan kept pushing me forward. She found the insanity of it, just like me, trying to learn a language without anyone to practice with. And so we got to work. For over two months, she more or less lived at my house. We took over the dining room table, notes and written exercises and home-made visual flashcards for vocabulary in no less than fifteen different colors were strewn about to every corner of the room. In plastic bags, on massive piles of papers, and hidden within the physical textbook. For 8 hours a week, she focused entirely on ensuring that I would succeed and pass this class. As she said nearly 100 times: "When I take a student on, I fully take them on." And that was completely true. Susan doesn't work on Saturdays, but she did for me. She'd arrive, I'd make her some tea and help her with her bags, and then we'd get to work. Every aspect of the language, every part of the syllabus, every bit and piece of the textbook; we'd pour over all of it with as much efficiency and effort as we could muster. Over and over and over and over again. Her teaching methods were specifically tailored to me. Every lesson was perfectly constructed so that I could best understand it, and internalize it, as quickly as possible, because we were in a game of constant catch-up. No matter how hard things got, no matter how stressed or ill or exhausted, she kept pushing forward because she knew, without a doubt, that I could succeed. And I did. I got a B+ on the final, a C+ on my oral exam, and an overall C for the class. That completely blows my mind. So, thank you, Susan. Thank you for your patience and creativity. Your sense of humor and your sincerity. I couldn't have done this without her, and I look forward to working with her again, soon. Just, hopefully not this insane of a degree again. I think we could both use a break from that.

Griffin, 93 lessons with Susan


Susan N.


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