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— Katie, Bend, OR on 11/9/14


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San Jose State University
Chemistry and English
Idaho State University


San Jose State University (Chemistry and English)

Idaho State University (Master's)

About David

I am a lifelong learner, teacher and education advocate. I have 50 years experience working with sciences, math, safety, reading/writing/grammar/spelling, business planning and environmental studies. I recently retired from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's Molecular Foundry, a DOE nanotechnology research facility funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. I had an extensive career in semiconductor microelectronics and business operations for technical organizations in industry, academia and government service. I also have an extensive background in Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) as well as auditing experience in ISO processes. Finally, I have been tutoring students in both specific subject areas as well as standard tests preparation for over 30 years. I offer my students a multifaceted approach to both learning and knowledge application, as well as advice on and practice for successful test-taking strategies. I work with my students to establish and then develop their capabilities by guiding them safely through the difficult and unfamiliar.

My general approach to tutoring is to first understand the scope of the tutoring project by communicating with the learner and parents (where applicable). I provide an estimate of how long - number of hours of study ans well as tutor interface time - the tutoring experience will take to achieve the student's (and parental) desired outcome. In this way, each of us know expectations and deliverable components of our interactions. I continuously provide an ongoing assessment of all progress (and setbacks) towards mutually expected outcomes after my tutoring session. I prefer to engage with a prospective student before the first lessons are scheduled to ensure positive synergy in the student-tutor relationship.

I specialize in preparing my students for college, university and graduate school standardized admission qualification test preparation - a significantly different set of skills than are needed for single subject or discipline mastery. I work with my students to prepare them for understanding what a test question is really asking, what technique(s) are needed to address the question quickly and accurately, and then how best to eliminate impossible answers in a multiple choice environment - all within the allotted time the student has available within their testing regimen.

I look forward to working with students who are motivated to understand and learn - not just memorize - the beauty of knowledge.
I specialize in helping students prepare for college -including both individual subjects and ACT, SAT, GED and GRE exams readiness. I work with each student on test-taking strategies as well as subject matter knowledge; this is often more important than students/parents recognize, and mastering these critical techniques can increase the overall score earned by the student.

I would be honored to assist you with enhancing student understanding of the subjects where I have an applicable and strong background. I am honest, prompt and will work with a student to become proficient in both subject matter and examination methods. I welcome your inquiry into how to work with a student to optimize their educational experience!

If this sounds like the kind of person with whom you want to work in mastering subject knowledge or in qualification test preparation, please do consider my services!
I am a lifelong learner, teacher and education advocate. I have 50 years experience working with sciences, math, safety, reading/writing/grammar/spelling, business planning and environmental studies. I recently retired from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's Molecular Foundry, a DOE nanotechnology research facility funded by the U.S. Department of Read more

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In-person lessons

"Great tutor!"

- Katie, Bend, OR on 11/9/14

"Seemed very knowledgeable."

- Doug, Meridian, ID on 5/4/17

"Very good tutor"

- James, Atlanta, GA on 4/4/17

"Well spoken and informative"

- Kellie, Boise, ID on 3/29/17

"Patient and wise!"

- Gina, Boise, ID on 1/25/17

"Helpful in explaining concepts"

- Lealand, Eagle, ID on 10/6/16

"Best Tutor!"

- Jeneba, Fargo, ND on 1/15/16

"Excellent tutor!"

- Collin, Fairmont, MN on 11/12/15

"David gets to the core understanding of math concepts."

- Linda, Minneapolis, MN on 11/5/15

"Early Review But Like What We See"

- Hugh, Bend, OR on 10/3/14

"AMAZING tutor!!"

- Michelle, Bend, OR on 9/5/14

"Great Tutor!"

- Emily, Bend, OR on 6/6/14
Algebra 1, Algebra 2,
Elementary Math, GED, Geometry, GMAT, GRE,
Prealgebra, SAT Math
ACT Science,
Chemical Engineering,
Ecology, Elementary Science, Organic Chemistry,
Physical Science
ACT English,
ACT Reading, English, Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Public Speaking,
Reading, SAT Reading, Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English,
ACT Reading, ACT Science,
Career Development,
College Counseling,
SAT Math,
SAT Reading, TEAS
Reading, Writing
Special Needs:
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Reading, Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Study Skills,
Vocabulary, Writing

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

I believe there is a writer inside each of my students - sometime more deeply hidden in some than others - and with encouragement and efficient guidance, each can become a better written communicator. Through use of effective grammatical parsing of words, I work with my students to understand the origin of word roots that provide insight into word meanings and allow them to outperform their peers in tests. I also help a student to dissect a paragraph to ascertain what an effective author is trying to communicate to her/his audience. I dearly love those intricate natures of the English language and attempt to promote and convey that beauty to my motivated students!

ACT Science

I have Bachelor's degrees in chemistry and English, as well as Master's in chemistry and environmental engineering. I work with my students to explain the concepts behind the equations so that problems on homework or exams are easier to comprehend and then solve! I enjoy working with students who are very motivated to understand - not just memorize their lessons.

Algebra 2

I have been successfully tutoring algebra for high school, college admissions (SAT, ACT, GRE) and college students over the past 30 years. I tremendously enjoy working with a student and derive significant satisfaction when success is at hand) in helping them understand the basis for concepts and equations used in their studies, as well as how to study for their exams to help ensure their highest possible grade. I enjoy engaging with motivated students who want to excel and push to attain the highest possible achievements.


I have effectively used my math and English capabilities to help pre-military students in optimizing their 4 categories AFQT percentile ranking needed in all military service entrance qualification scores. Through knowledge refreshment and strong test taking strategies enhancements, I use my employment background to work with students in properly preparing them for the military service of choice. The ASVAB battery of tests is considered a challenge for many who seek to enter the military, but with hard work and a motivation to succeed, I have a 100% student qualification record over 4 years!


I have extensive career experience in business operations, product marketing, and consulting for new technology start-ups and training program development for multiple types of business organizations and their employees. I have my own successful consulting company which I run as a sole proprietorship. I have helped many scientists prepare and present their ideas to venture capitalists and angel investors to obtain multiple rounds of funding. Finally, I have been a successful financial marketing analyst for manufacturing groups via analysis and control of critical factors that determine the average selling price needed to ensure operational success.

Career Development

I have mentored students at the high school and undergraduate college level for over 30 years. I have also worked with employees to help them select career paths for which they seem to have an aptitude, based on working together in industry. I have tutored many colleagues in subjects where I was also the manager or supervisor responsible for my employers' workforce development. I recently mentored a Masters of Science student and then worked with potential employers to market the student's skills.

Chemical Engineering

My career has spanned over 50 years of using my formal chemistry education and applying my knowledge to problems that needed solving. In my recent past, I have worked on teams that were attempting to create viable artificial photosynthesis, hydrogen fuels, efficient new thermoelectric materials, and helping in the quest to design integrated systems that can be applied to these engineering challenges. I am skilled at considering the diverse impacts of chemical engineered systems, including costs, environmental and marketability.


I have an extensive educational and work background in chemistry. I have earned both Bachelors and Masters degrees in chemistry and engineering. I work with a student to promote their understanding and application of fundamental concepts in atomic structure, the periodic table, valence, solving redox equations, and chemical thermodynamics. Once a student masters a concept, I help them to apply knowledge to homework and tests for earning the highest grades possible. As a chemist myself, I help a student with mastering their best approach to understanding the world in which they live and the chemical make-up of our amazing planet.

College Counseling

My background experience includes working with both undergrads and grad students in guiding their formal education to prepare them for careers in science and engineering. In this capacity, I was employed at Idaho State University (1992-1995) and University of Alaska Fairbanks (2001-2006) where these activities were part of my job descriptions; in both instances, I utilized my position as team manager to counsel students and define recommended college courses to take. I also have had an extensive career in personnel management of both small and large teams of employees in many successful organizations throughout the world. I found that combining work duties with formal education electives offered students a stronger than average chance of succeeding in academic efforts. I also recently completed mentoring a Masters of Science student in industrial engineering (she graduated and successfully defended her thesis in autumn 2013 at the University of Catania in Sicily). By using a combination of her one year work internship integrated with her course work and thesis preparation, she successfully prepared herself for work (January, 2014) in technical operations at a large multinational corporation based in Italy.


I have helped many students prepare for the graduate school of their choice through an understanding and application of test taking strategies, knowledge refreshment and the critical writing skills a student will need to be successful in graduate school. I help to remove cobwebs of past knowledge off the neurons needed to excel in the GRE. I have helped over 50 students in the last 5 years to not just pass their GRE the first time, but also to optimize their scores in both quantitative and verbal reasoning test sections. I encourage a student to study hard in preparation for the GRE, but find (as they do) that the benefits far outweigh the efforts involved. I hope you will offer me a chance to work with you as you prepare for what might well become the most important aspect of your formal education!


I have worked in technical marketing for several large organizations, both in the U.S. as well as Europe from 1978 through 1995. As the international product marketing manager for AMI (American Microsystems, Inc.), I represented my employer to both domestic and international customers (IBM; General Motors; Nintendo; Ricoh, etc.) In this work, I represented AMI and its products to customers as well as providing feedback to improve AMI's overall chances for business success. Beginning in 1996 and continuing over the next 30 years, I have also been performing my own marketing services for my sole proprietorship consulting company; these efforts have been very successful and continue to bring in new business in my retirement. I also do my own marketing to represent myself to new potential students via WyzAnt, as well as direct contact with teachers and school administrators; the association with WyzAnt began about 2 years ago and has led to an increasing number of students being attracted by my marketing efforts.

Organic Chemistry

I have a Master's degree in chemistry and engineering processes, which focused on environmental remediation and habitat restoration of areas that had organic contaminants. I have worked for greater than 50 years with both organic and inorganic chemicals, including advanced artificial photosynthesis, thermoelectric materials, organic LEDs and organic solvents used in advanced manufacturing processes.

Public Speaking

I have been involved in public speaking as a marketing representative who provided product information for customers. I have also been an animal rights activist who debated the pros and cons of animal abuse in several states of residence. I have represented my employers in dealing with OSHA and EPA proceedings where a strong understanding of the technical issues needed to be clearly communicated to groups of stakeholders as well as using simple verbal explanations in response to their questions. For the past 29 years, I have been the sole proprietor of Headon Designs Consultants; as such I develop and present environmental, health and safety training to educational, public, private and government entities. To date, I have presented over 1500 hours of training courses in clear concise terms that contains the results of constantly updated information. I have a minor in English from San Jose State University in California and enjoy communicating the wonders of science and technology to audiences who are eager to better understand difficult concepts and their impact on their daily lives.

SAT Math

I have tutored many students in their preparation for the SAT - both with and without the use of a calculator! I encourage my many previous students to understand basic math concepts and then apply them to define a best approach to obtaining the correct solution in the least amount of time. I encourage a student to think about, understand and then apply multiple math concepts to a specific problem, based on the fundamental approaches that can be utilized to obtain the "right" answer!


I have been a soccer player in the U.S. and Europe for over 40 years. I have coached both youth and adult teams and hold a National "D" license. I have refereed soccer games for men, women and children over the last 20 years. Most recently, I was certified as a referee in California in 2012. I am also an avid soccer spectator who follows English Premier League, German Bundeslega, and Dutch Erdedivisie games on TV to improve my knowledge of players and team styles throughout the world.

Study Skills

I have been an independent tutor for nearly 30 years through my consulting business. I earned a 4.00 GPA in graduate school and never got less than a "B" on any test I took. As a member of the American Chemical Society, I tutored students in need during sessions at National and regional ACS meetings. Finally, I have tutored my daughter (now a senior in high school) with study skills in all subjects; she currently has a 3.78 GPA as well as a National Honor Society member. I have also mentored employees who worked for me as they prepared for tests (many employers require at least a "B" be earned by the student in order to pay for their tuition and books).


I have earned multiple academic degrees in areas of chemistry, English and environmental engineering between 1963 and 1995; that allow me to tutor many students for TEAS IV and V; this helped me prepare students to excel in their new academic challenges of admission tests in nursing academic areas. Thus, my combination of education and experience allows me to tutor pre-nursing students in TEAS V, which are focused on basic essential knowledge at the 10th-12th grade level.

While enrolled in graduate school between 1992 - 1995, I tutored hundreds of undergraduate students in the sciences related to nursing, including industrial hygiene, data interpretation, report writing and the statistical interpretation of data - all skills that will be needed in being accepted to and graduating from nursing schools in the U.S.

San Jose State University
Chemistry and English
Idaho State University


San Jose State University (Chemistry and English)

Idaho State University (Master's)

Great tutor!

David has been really great to work with! I leave each tutoring session feeling more confident in my abilities! He is very patient and encouraging.

— Katie, Bend, OR on 11/9/14

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