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Concord University
Mathematics and Chemistry
Virginia Tech
Graduate Coursework


Concord University (Mathematics and Chemistry)

Virginia Tech (Graduate Coursework)

About John

Hello! I'm John and I will be happy to serve as your or your student's one-on-one tutor. I was a Math teacher at a private high school for several years. in Peachtree City, GA. I am currently a Chemist at a medical lab near Alpharetta.

I have tutored Algebra and ACT/SAT the most over the past 4 years for Wyzant, as well as other high school Math classes.

My Bachelor's degree was earned with dual majors in Mathematics and Chemistry.

I have been commended for exercising great patience with students. I have students carefully approach problem solving using logic. My techniques include generating multiple simplified examples which help students work toward mastering difficult skills. Students gain trust in applying the same laws and properties of math to solve problems of different types and difficulty levels.
Hello! I'm John and I will be happy to serve as your or your student's one-on-one tutor. I was a Math teacher at a private high school for several years. in Peachtree City, GA. I am currently a Chemist at a medical lab near Alpharetta.

I have tutored Algebra and ACT/SAT the most over the past 4 years for Wyzant, as well as other high
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"Very knowledgeable"

- Lavitta, Brooklyn, NY on 10/4/16

"Good Tutuor"

- Russ, Peachtree City, GA on 1/3/17

"Goes above and beyond"

- Connie, Mcdonough, GA on 10/18/15

"Dedicated to student!"

- Fontella, Williamson, GA on 8/22/15
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ACT English

Teacher with about 10 years' experience in both public and private schools.

Published author of several political articles.

Researcher in Chemistry and pharmaceutical industry -- extensive technical writing skills

ACT / SAT tutor for Club Z and Huntington Learning Center

ACT Math

Why hire me to improve your ACT Math scores?

1. Worked as an ACT Math Exam Prep Teacher

2. Prepared 3 students for only one week and their ACT Math scores improved 15%

3. Tutored 95% Math over 28 years

4. B.S. in Mathematics

5. Taught four high school math courses

Algebra 1

Below are some examples of Algebra 1 problems that students may need help with.

Students will combine like terms and solve equations:
Solve for x in: 5x+2+3x-6 = 10x-7-4x+15
Step 1: Combine like terms: 8x-4 = 6x+8
Step 2: Subtract 6x from both sides: 2x-4 = 8
Step 3: Add +4 to both sides: 2x = 12
Step 4: Divide both sides by 2:
....... x = 6 is the solution of the equation...

Students will examine linear functions:
Using the general formula y = mx + b. A linear function containing the points (-2, 5) and (0,-1) has a slope (m) of [ 5 - (-1) ] / [ -2 - 0] = 6/-2 which = -3.
The term b is the y-intercept, which is the y coordinate where x=0.
The point (0,-1) on this line shows that b= -1
Substitute m and b into the form y = mx + b:
y = (-3)x + (-1) so the equation of the line is:
.......... y = -3x - 1 ..........

Algebra 2

> Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics
>Taught Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry and Pre-calculus in public and private school
> Tutored Math for over 25 years
> Tutored several students recently in 10th and 11th grade Math
> Prepared three students this April for ACT Math, focusing on advanced algebra, plane and analytic geometry skills


I earned my B.S. degree in Mathematics, which included 5 semesters of Calculus. Since, I have taken refresher courses: Calculus I, II, and III / Univ. of Pennsylvania, 2013. Differential Equations / Gordon State College, 2011. I tutored 3 calculus students weekly for 3 years by special request of Campus Peer Tutoring.

An example Calculus 1 problem with solution:
Find the first derivative dy/dx for:
.......... y = (6x^3)sin x ...........
Use the product rule for y = u*v:
dy/dx ( u * v ) = u*dv + v*du

Let u = 6x^3 and v = sin x
du = 3*6x^2 and dv = cos x

dy/dx = 6x^3 * cos x + sin x * 18x^2
Factor out 6x^2:

......dy/dx = (6x^2)( x cos x + 3 sin x) .......


I strongly emphasize that students use The Periodic Table of Elements for its wealth of information. This includes periodic trends, oxidation numbers, energy level, determining electron configuration, and more.
An example calculation:
Find the pH of 2.00 mL of a 16.0 M hydrochloric acid diluted to a final volume of 1000 mL with water.

The final [H+] concentration is:
(16.0 M)*(2.00mL) / (1000mL / 1L) = 0.032 M in H+.
pH = - log [H+] where [ ] means Molarity, moles/L
The solution's pH is - log (0.032) = - (-1.49).
This very acidic solution has a pH of 1.49.
Chemical equilibrium example:
For the reaction at equilibrium symbolized by:
3A + 4B < == > 2C + D
Use the reaction coefficients as exponents:
........K eq = [C]^2 * [D] / [A]^3 * [B]^4 ........


Tutorial: Algebra 1 for GED Math Tutoring

I am a retired Certified Teacher who taught Algebra 1, among many Math courses. My BS degree majors are Mathematics and Chemistry. Below are some Algebra 1 problems that often cause students difficulty.

Students will combine like terms and solve equations in one variable step-wise through applying real number properties of algebra consecutively.

For example, consider 5x + 2 + 3x - 6 = 10x - 7 - 4x + 15
Step 1: Combine like terms: 8x - 4 = 6x + 8
Step 2: Subtract 6x: 2x - 4 = 8
Step 3: Add +4: 2x = 12
Step 4: Divide by 2: x = 6 is the solution.

Basics of linear functions in the (x,y) coordinate plane using the general formula y = mx + b. The function variable y is dependent upon x, as well as the slope of the line (m) and its y-intercept point (0,b). A linear function containing the points (-2, 5) and (0,-1) has a slope of (y1 - y2)/(x2 - x1) = [ 5 - (-1) ] / [ -2 - 0] = 6/-2. m = -3. Since y= -1 at the y-intercept, the equation of this line is y = -3x -1. The standard form is 3x + y = -1.

The quadratic function y = x^2 + 5x + 6 is a simple polynomial of order 2 with three terms. Factoring is the process which converts an order 2 (quadratic) trinomial to the product of two binomials. Factors of +6 which add to a sum of +5 are the following: +2 and +3. The trinomial function can then be written as y = (x+2)*(x+3). To solve for the roots of the equation, where y=0, set (x+2)=0 and (x+3)=0. Therefore, the roots are x = -2 and x = -3.



I had not thought of the idea, but I like the idea of "tutoring golf." I love to help others enjoy both academics and sports so they can go through life with several interests. I have been a baseball umpire in my 20's and 30's. I played and coached baseball beginners, tennis- (the high school team), and basketball beginners. I was invited to be an assistant golf coach this spring, but was needed when my son had two knee surgeries. I would be a good and determined golf tutor for several reasons.

I am 46 years old and have spent over 30 years of my life playing golf, starting at age 15. I was a successful part of a good high school golf team- a letterman for three years in golf and tennis.
Except for about a total of 8 years when I played very little golf, I have practiced golf on ranges and greens at least once a week. I have played on weekends only for 1/2 the time, but played twice or three times a week many years, with lots of practicing on ranges and greens. During these years, my USGA handicap stayed between 12 and 18 based on how often I was playing. I have played almost no golf during winters, but the 20 years I have played in the Southeastern US have had short winters.


One of my sons, several friends, and a nephew have benefited from the time I have taken to instruct them. I can help young people and others with their golf swing not only because of all my experience playing. My lessons with several golf pros stuck in my mind over all these years. I enjoy the golf tips given on CBS golf telecasts and watched carefully. I have subscribed to Golf Digest and Golf magazines for over 25 years, and have kept several magazines over the years. I read the instructional information in these very carefully and sometimes write down the best simple swing thoughts and refer to them often. I study over full-swing pullouts from the magazines which help me to analyze both my and others' swings.


Since I have spent 25 years teaching teenagers in high school or tutoring high school students, I am good at communicating with students. I could organize a lesson and have students read golf instruction or view it online for homework. After learning lesson planning as a teacher, I use that to maximize improvement on what is most important quickly.

When tutoring students in Math and Science, I can ask about their outside interests and possibly reach WyzAnt's current account holders and add golf as a subject. It would benefit the relationship between the student, tutor, and parents. Golf is played in a socially and morally positive manner. I would enjoy bringing the influence of a sport that requires good character, etiquette, following rules consistently, sportsmanship, honesty, and builds responsibility to students I tutor in Math or science.

I love have loved golf since I was young, and nothing would make me happier than to be a part of influencing young people to eventually enjoy golf as much as I have for over 30 years.

Thank you for your consideration.

Physical Science

Subjects I tutored in the past have included all of the math courses, chemistry, physics, and physical science. A few years of my career were spent teaching at the high school level full time. I taught chemistry, physics, algebra 1, precalculus, and trigonometry. During my 15-year career in industry, my job functions were analytical chemist, scientist I, and scientist II.


I am a retired Certified Teacher who has taught Prealgebra, among many math subjects. I have taught Pre-algebra to two very different groups: (1) 7th to 9th grade students and (2) adult students entering or returning to college after several years.

Learning to find Least Common Multiples will provide the background needed to add and subtract any combination of fractions. For example, the LCM of 2 and 8 is found to be 8. Adding 3/4 + 1/8, we can rewrite the fraction 3/4 as (3*2)/(4*2) or 6/8. Adding 6/8 + 1/8 results in (6+1)/8 = 7/8 for the final result.

Ratios and proportions are fractions that are important for the study of many sciences, as well as shopping, accounting, and even cooking. If oranges are sold at 3 oranges for $1.59, then the cost of a dozen (12) oranges is found using a ratio. 12 oranges * ($1.59 / 3 oranges) = $6.36 for a dozen oranges.

Proper addition and subtraction of decimal quantities, such as dollars and cents is important for many applications. If your bank account contains $1,010.00 and then you write three checks for the amounts of $12.10, $101.12, and $211.00, the balance is found by subtracting the total of the checks from the original balance of $1,010.00. Understanding the place value of all the 0,1, and 2 digits in this problem is crucial to finding the correct balance of $1010.00 - $324.22 = $685.78.


I'm a retired Certified Teacher. I taught pre-calculus, among other high school math.

Pre-calculus is the study of functions f(x) and interpreting graphs of the functions. Students can improve by graphing the functions for each problem on paper, or using readily available websites.

Since functions always have only one f(x) value on the vertical axis for each x value on the horizontal axis. To determine if a graphed equation is a function, students can use their pencil to move parallel to the vertical axis. If the pencil ever touches two points on the graph at the same time, the graph is NOT a function.

A function where the highest exponent is n is said to have an order of n. A function of order n has, at most, (n-1) critical points. These points are where the functions turns around from positive to negative (or vice-versa) or stops rising or falling (at a point of inflection) and then continues to rise or fall. These critical points can be maxima, minima, or points of inflection: y=x^3 is a good example, since it has a point of inflection at (0,0). The highest maximum is the global maximum, while other lower maxima are local maxima. The same is true for minima. Using only pre-calculus, graphing can show where these are located. Using calculus, it becomes much more simple.


My nine individual relevant WyzAnt tutoring certifications include:

- Proofreading and Grammar
- English, Reading, and Writing
- SAT Reading and Writing. ACT English and Reading

SAT Math

I helped three students prepare for SAT and ACT exams.Their average improvement was +15%.

I have "The Official SAT Study Guide" written by The College Board. Along with my other experience, this book provides me and my students with important strategies for answering particular types of questions.

This book contains 10 complete SAT tests, with answers and solutions. Using another book and other sources of sample tests, students can get extensive practice with SAT practice exams. Progress can be tracked to determine when their preparation has hit a maximum.

One student who graduated this past May was tutored by me in Math and Science during all four years of high school.

I am currently tutoring a WyzAnt student in SAT Math. I have accumulated several shorter sets of test questions and answers online. We work together on these and she also completes them for homework.


High School Math Teacher

I taught high school Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus and Calculus full-time in both public and private schools.

I have been preparing a student for ACT Math for six months. He has improved his ACT Math scores consistently over three successive tests.

I have tutored one student extensively for the past four years in high school Math.

I tutored college algebra many times. This covers all high school Math.


Certified by WyzAnt in all verbal, reading, and writing areas they offer: SAT reading, Writing, English, Grammar, English, Proofreading, and ACT reading and English.

Several of my Letters to the Editor were opinion compositions about current events in our state and country, and have been published in the Griffin Daily News.

I have been paid to proofread several term papers for students while in college, proofread my children's high school level work, and helped students improve written lab reports and other compositions while I was working as a Certified Teacher.

Concord University
Mathematics and Chemistry
Virginia Tech
Graduate Coursework


Concord University (Mathematics and Chemistry)

Virginia Tech (Graduate Coursework)

Very knowledgeable

My nephew stated, John was really great, patient and good at explaining the material. This was husband first session with John and he would like to continue.

— Lavitta, Brooklyn, NY on 10/4/16

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Standard Hourly Rate: $70.00

Cancellation: 3 hours notice required

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John will travel within 25 miles of Mcdonough, GA 30253.