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Since I was a child, I have enjoyed learning about American history, European history and Asian history. Learning history is not only important to avoiding repeating of mistakes, but it also affords students the opportunity to learn critical thinking skills. My tutoring experience includes assisting classmates at Georgia Southwestern State University by way of informal sessions, as well as working with teachers with the Pasco County School District during the Great American Teach-In. In addition, I gave educational tours of the William Root House Museum in Marietta, Georgia as part of my internship with the Cobb Landmarks and Historical Society. I also developed lesson plans for area schools based on the Root House Traveling Trunk Show Program. What I have enjoyed more than anything else about tutoring my friends and family has been the conversations we engage in where we apply the lessons of history to the current day. The discussions we have to this day resonate with me on how important learning about what has happened in our past is to understanding the present so we can have a better future.

I served as Editor of my college newspaper from 1994-1996 and again in 2011. I also have three books published in both e-book and paperback, and offer writing services through an online marketplace. I am able to take a subject which is considered "boring" by many students and make it interesting through a conversational approach. Rather than merely rote learning, I use an interactive, issue-oriented approach to relating past events to present-day challenges and how we can use historical perspective to formulate and implement solutions. My ultimate goal is the pursuit of a Master's degree as a means of teaching at a college or university level. I hope to learn from my students and clients in the same way I hope to teach and assist students in fully understanding material in order for them to apply it and reach the next level of their education.

I am available for both online and in-person sessions. Meeting must be in public locations at all times, but can be moved to more quiet surroundings such as a library, university hall, or other location which is both secure and public. I value both my personal safety and the safety of my students.
Since I was a child, I have enjoyed learning about American history, European history and Asian history. Learning history is not only important to avoiding repeating of mistakes, but it also affords students the Read more

24 hours notice required

I will consider group pricing for more than 3 students. Please send me information with details and I will make a rate offer.

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American History

Most people know that George Washington was the first President of the United States, but not many know he invested in swampland, was a whiskey distiller, and enjoyed watching the theater in his native Virginia. Most people also know that Andrew Jackson was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans, but not many know he's the only President to ever pay off the national debt. Also, how many people know that Connecticut once claimed part of northeast Pennsylvania as its own territory?

That's just a tiny fraction of the knowledge I can share with you or your student. My teaching method is engagement, not rote memorization. Yes, the essentials such as dates, names and locations are fundamental and integral, but what good are they when one doesn't learn the rest of the story? Why learn about December 7, 1941 without learning about how many sailors died, why the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred, and how the United States Navy managed to recover so quickly and overwhelm Japan so soon after? (Answer: almost all of America's carrier fleet was out to sea when the first torpedoes were dropped!) This is the sort knowledge and expertise I can bring to you - and do so in a way that drives education in a manner that doesn't feel like "classwork," but rather like a tour through time.


Consider this scenario:

You are taking a test in which you need to be able to not only identify all 50 American states, but also the capitals of both them and the provinces of Canada. In addition, you are asked to name major cities nearest to the tallest peaks in the states of Georgia, Florida, California and Alaska.

Sounds tough? If so, let me help you. I can help you learn the capital of Washington (Olympia) as easily as I can help you learn where the highest peak in Georgia is (Brasstown Bald), and can also tell you where the capital of the European Union is (Brussels). In addition, I can also tell you two city names which Russia and America have in common (Moscow/St. Petersburg), as well as where Tampa is both a big city (Florida) and a tiny town (Kansas). Trying to learn what the capital of Mongolia is (Ulan Baator)? Need to be able to rattle off the nation with the world's dryest point (Ecuador)? How about knowing which Interstate Highway is the only one to enter both Canada and Mexico (Interstate 5)?

That's just a start of what I can teach. When you learn with me, you learn through interaction, not just memorization. Example, explanation and engagement are what makes knowledge stick. Ask, and you shall receive.

Government & Politics

Do you remember watching the Saturday Morning ABC short about "How A Bill Becomes A Law," featuring a cute cartoon "Bill"? Well, it's a lot more complicated than that. There are conference committees, hearings, and rules which must be followed on the floor of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Most people are unaware that only the House can introduce tax and budget bills, and the Senate is the only body which can ratify treaties. What does it take to even be elected?

Sounds boring, doesn't it? Not when I'm teaching. Think about this; how many times have you watched local government? Probably never because it's boring. Now, what if I told you that boring government meeting often holds the key between paying $1 and $1.25 for that cheeseburger you love. Why? Taxes that nobody knows about because nobody goes to the meetings.

That's why learning government is important, and that's where I can help you learn it. Rather than just focus on the boring details, I demonstrate how those details translate into real-world situations. Radio hosts go on and on about political parties, but most people don't know that our Founding Fathers warned against them for the very reason they are creating gridlock today. Civics teachers often overlook these details because they are pressed for time. I'm able to fill in the gaps.

Please, allow me the opportunity to help you learn and understand. You'll be glad you did.


Here are two words which sound similar but are vastly different in meaning: "fart" and "fard." The former is used as both a noun or verb having to do with flatulence, the latter is a verb used by Britons in reference to applying cosmetics.

Learning vocabulary comes down to two primary strategies - understanding the meaning of the word, then applying it in context. As a writer with over 20 years' experience, I have learned how to apply various words in context, but that first requires one to understand what the word actually means.

Here is another example; the word "french" differs based on capitalization. A capital "F" makes the word a reference to ethnicity or national origin. A lower-case "f" makes it a word referring to a style of culinary cut. Saying "french fries" doesn't mean the potatoes come from France, but instead refers to the narrow cutting style used to produce the quick-cooking vegetables.

I bet you didn't know that! So, if you are struggling with your vocabulary lessons, or just would like to work with someone who can help you learn in a way which goes beyond rote memorization, let me know. I'll do everything to can to help you learn.

World History

History major at Georgia Southwestern State university graduating with a BA in History. Have tutored friends and family members.


There is a principle most writers understand: one tends to write the way they speak. If your understanding of the written word is limited to "text speak" or emoticons, you are already at a disadvantage.

I'm here to help.

My writing experience includes everything from basic business correspondence, to prose and poetry. Trouble with dangling participles sounds like a personal problem to some, but it's a critical issue which can demolish a wonderful, grade-critical essay, or proposal needed to land that important contract. I have three novels to my credit, editorial recommendations from my publisher, and awards from my college newspaper tenure to prove I can put my writing money where my mouth is.

If you are looking for a tutor with enthusiasm, passion and a desire to help you or your child reach that "next level" of writing, let me help you. I make a simple promise - complete dedication and patience, as well as an uncompromising approach to personal accountability.

Georgia Southwestern State University


Georgia Southwestern State University (History)

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I will consider group pricing for more than 3 students. Please send me information with details and I will make a rate offer.

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