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Very good, detail oriented tutor that is easily accessible and flexible
— Isabel, Huntington Beach, CA on 1/30/13


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University of Waterloo
Mechanical Engineering


University of Waterloo (Mechanical Engineering)

About Ioan

I am here to help student not only increase their grades, but to help them analyze problems more logically
and analytically; ultimately, I aim to teach each of my students that learning is an investment into their own success and that it can be a fun challenge.

Here is a bit about my tutoring journey. Initially, when I got in the tutoring world about 10 years ago as a high school math peer-tutor, I did it because I just simply liked helping other students and that was gratifying enough. However, in the last four years since I tutored on a permanent basis, I came to the realization that tutoring should not be about making myself feel good but it has only one purpose: it is a way of investing in the intellectual development of students with the objective of helping them to become a better version of themselves. Therefore, my students benefit not only from my vast knowledge base (spanning all high school math and physics courses) and not only from my enthusiasm, but especially from my commitment to see them succeed in their school. My commitment translates in several practical ways:

- I have a “free question email” policy where students can email me questions with attempted solutions and I can check their answers and point them into the right direction, at no charge
- I spend time with the parents to devise an optimal strategy and I regularly inform them about the progress of their child
- I provide free career advice when requested
- I provide free tips regarding pending student projects

In 2012 and 2013 I worked at various private educational facilities teaching small groups a variety of high school courses during evening, weekend and summer classes. From August 2013 until March 2016, I worked as a design engineer at an aerospace company in Los Angeles, However, because I like tutoring so much I have been tutoring students on an part-time basis since I launched my engineering career. As of March 2016 I moved to Georgia and I look forward to serve students in the North-West Atlanta area.

As part of my degree I completed half a dozen math courses, two physics courses, and dozens of engineering courses, not to mention the thousands of assignments and projects. I also passed four years ago the Fundamentals Examination - an 8-hour exam required to start the certification process for becoming a professional engineer. Since my knowledge base extends well beyond high school, I also tutored college students in Business Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, Vector & Multi-variable Calculus, Statics, Dynamics and Thermodynamics. I look forward to expand my client base with both Mechanical Engineering entry-level courses (such as Calculus, Physics, Materials Science) and more advanced ME courses such as Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Mechanical Design, Control Systems.
I am here to help student not only increase their grades, but to help them analyze problems more logically
and analytically; ultimately, I aim to teach each of my students that learning is an investment into their own success and that it can be a fun challenge.

Here is a bit about my tutoring journey. Initially, when I got in the
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"Very good, detail oriented tutor that is easily accessible and flexible"

- Isabel, Huntington Beach, CA on 1/30/13

"Knowledgeable and friendly"

- Reneee, Woodstock, GA on 2/10/17

"Great Teacher!"

- Randy, Canton, GA on 8/23/16

"Just what we needed!"

- Bert, El Monte, CA on 1/21/16

"Very patient"

- Zenna, Anaheim, CA on 3/26/15

"A great help!"

- Amanda, La Mirada, CA on 12/13/14

"Excellent Tutor Who Sincerely Cares about His Students"

- Jeremy, Riverside, CA on 11/2/14

"Totally worth it!"

- Ye, Huntington Beach, CA on 3/17/13
ACT Math, Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Differential Equations,
Linear Algebra, Prealgebra, Precalculus,
SAT Math,
Test Preparation:

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

I taught Algebra 1 as an intensive summer course at a private education facility. I am intimately familiar with the curriculum. I tutored several students privately as well and I would love to help your child to establish a good foundation for future math courses.

Algebra 2

I master all the Algebra 2 concepts, such as:
- Linear equations/functions and inequalities
- Systems of equations and inequalities
- Quadratic equations/functions and graphs
- Matrices and determinants
- Polynomials and polynomial functions
- Exponential and logarithmic functions
- Conic sections
- Rational equations/inequalities and functions
- Probability and statistics (combinations and permutations)
- Trigonometry ratios and functions
- Trigonometry identities


I tutored on a daily basis AP Calculus AB/BC students dealing with the following topics:

- Limits and Continuity (including L`Hopitale Rule)
- Rates of Change
- Explicit Differentiation Rules: (sum/difference, product/quotient, power, chain rule)
- Implicit Differentiation
- Applications of Differentiation
- Basic Antiderivatives
- Riemann Sums
- Trapezoidal, Rectangular Rule
- Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
- Average Function Value
- Substitution Method
- Trigonometric Integrals
- Partial Fractions
- Integration by Parts
- Differential Equations and Slope Fields
- Applications of Integrals: areas, volume, arc length, curvature, - Series, limits and convergence criteria

Differential Equations

I took two undergraduate courses pertaining to differential equations: Ordinary Differential Equations, and Partial Differential Equations.

The former course is the one I could offer my expertise on. The course started with the classification of differential equations (first/second order, linear/non-linear, constant/variable coefficients) and continued with solution methodologies for different types of ODEs and for systems of ODEs.

Solution strategies were presented for several types of ODE configurations. For first degree ODEs I learned the following strategies: separation of variable, substitutions of variable, Bernoulli DE, Exact DE

For second order DE I learned the following methods: fundamental sets of solution,complementary solutions for constant, homogeneous DEs, method of undetermined coefficients and of annihilators for constant, non-homogeneous DEs, method of variation of parameters and Euler's Method

I also learned how to combine the DE general solution with the given initial conditions in order to obtain specific solution. Application problems were from the areas of mechanical vibrations, flow, heat transfer, concentration, etc.

At the end of the course, I learned Laplace's transforms as an alternative for solving ODEs.


I master the following subjects in Geometry, and I teach them on a regular basis:

- Coordinate geometry: cartesian system, line equations
- Distance, length, and midpoint formula
- Angles, Lines and Points: definitions, parallel lines, angle relations in triangles and polygons
- Special Triangles: isosceles, equilateral
- Right Triangles: properties, Pythagora's theorem, introduction to SOHCAHTOA
- Solving Triangles: Sine and Cosine Law
- Congruency and Similitude proofs in Triangles
- Polygons: Parallelograms, Rectangles, Squares, Hexagons, regular polygons
- Circles: properties, formulas, equation
- 3D bodies: classification, properties, surface areas and volume formulas

Mechanical Engineering

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering within a co-op program, which means that I got to apply a lot of the concepts that I learned at school in real-world problems.

I am qualified to tutor in any Mechanical Engineering subjects because I completed numerous projects for each course, some on an individual basis and some on a collective basis. I received excellent marks and I am convinced that I can help any ME student to do the same. I also participated in numerous tutorial sessions, as each course had its assigned course tutorial taught by a PhD student.

I still have most of the textbooks and I passed from the first attempt the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering examination - an 8 hr exam which is mandatory for professional engineering licensing and which coverd every single major topic in Mechanical Engineering.


I graduated mechanical engineering so I successfully completed the following courses:

- Physics I: Newton's Laws, Energy, Momentum, etc. for linear and rotation systems
- Physics II: Oscillatory Motion, Sound & Optics
- Dynamics: Newton's Laws applied to kinematics and kinetics for single particles and for rigid bodies. That includes linear and circular motion systems, linear and circular momentum and impulse, energy analysis
- Thermodynamics I/II: Conservation of mass, Conservation of Energy, 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, analysis of thermodynamics systems (plants, engines).


I have plenty of experience in tutoring precalculus, gained both from private tutoring and from my current employment. I master all the precalculus topics, such as:

- line equations and inequalities (including the ones with absolute values)
- cartesian system of coordinates
- functions: notation, domain, range, composition, transformations, inverse functions
- Polynomial functions and their simplification and graphing (quadratic, square root)
- Rational functions: evaluation and graphing
- Trigonometry: SOHCAHTOA, unit circle and CAST rule, trig identities and formulas, trig equations, parent graphs and transformations, data modelling
- Logs and exponent: notation and evaluation, simplification formulas, equations, applications (growth and decay)


I grew up in Romania for 15 years and I studied Romanian language, grammar and literature up to 8th grade. I am proud of my Romanian heritage and I would love to share my language with anyone interested.

SAT Math

I recently taught SAT I math at Academic Education Center. In my teaching and in my private sessions I use Barron's SAT I textbook, which includes all the topics on the SAT I test, including but not limited to: Arithmetic concepts such as fractions and decimals, ratios and proportions, averages; Algebra I concepts such as equations and inequalities, polynomials, word problems; Planar geometry concepts such as lines and angles, triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons, circles; Solid geometry concepts such as volumes, surface areas of common solids; Coordinate geometry concepts such as coordinate system, point coordinates, distance; Functions and their graphs concepts such as line equation, slope, functional notation, function graphs and manipulations; and Counting and probability concepts, including arithmetic/geometric sequences, permutations and combinations.

In addition, I also tutor SAT II Math to individual students, where I cover more advanced concepts and their applications, such as Algebra II, Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, etc.


- Angle ratios (sin, cos, tan), their variations (csc, sec, cot) and their inverses
- Applications in right triangles and scalene triangles (sine and cosine law)
- CAST rule, reference and co-terminal angles, radians
- Pythagorean identity and its variations; simplification of trig expressions
- (Systems of) trig equations
- Double angle formula and its variations
- Graph of trig ratios and inverses; graph transformations of trig ratios (amplitude, period, translation)

University of Waterloo
Mechanical Engineering


University of Waterloo (Mechanical Engineering)

Very good, detail oriented tutor that is easily accessible and flexible

My daughter fell behind in her Honors PreCalc class due to an illness and she returned just 2 weeks before her midterm exam, so she needed help to catch up quickly. We were looking for a tutor that could jump right into the lessons that she missed and teach her the concepts quickly, thoroughly and with patience. Ioan exceeded her expectations, and therefore I would gladly recommend Ioan to anyon

— Isabel, Huntington Beach, CA on 1/30/13

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $45.00

Cancellation: 12 hours notice required

Rate may change based on the geographical proximity of the client and based on the difficulty of the subject taught.

Travel policy

Ioan will travel within 15 miles of Canton, GA 30114.