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Bruce's helpful online tutoring
— Ian, Buford, GA on 4/11/17


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George Watsons College
Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland


George Watsons College

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland (Other)

About R Bruce

EXPERIENCED Math tutor - Online Specialist - algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, ESOL, Portuguese, etc. ALL ages.

Patient, creative, and knowledgeable turns confusion into understanding quickly and easily.

Kids and adults welcome!

1st Class Honors Graduate engineer from Scotland - years in US multinationals around the world, and

more years of teaching many, many subjects (even foreign languages).

Math, Computers, or Languages all share one thing in common. We need to learn “how to learn” it.

I KNOW how you feel if you're having a hard time. Confused? Lost?

I KNOW - I was there once!

I found the way to learning success and will love to share it with you.

Studying can be easy and fun when you "get it."

I get a kick out of helping students “get it”, because it's awesome to share the "light-bulb" experience.

Learning can be fun with common sense, light, and easy teaching methods.

PS: I home school my two boys.
Can you imagine an old guy like me with two kids?
I tell you – that is a lot of fun.

Why do I tutor?
From my tutoring experience, with hundreds of regular students, I see that I can help - a lot. That's it.

Here to help you with:
Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Microsoft products, Mac, Physics, SAT, ACT, Language Arts, Career Development and resumes - even Portuguese!
EXPERIENCED Math tutor - Online Specialist - algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, ESOL, Portuguese, etc. ALL ages.

Patient, creative, and knowledgeable turns confusion into understanding quickly and easily.

Kids and adults welcome!

1st Class Honors Graduate engineer from Scotland - years in US multinationals
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"Bruce's helpful online tutoring"

- Ian, Buford, GA on 4/11/17


- Mindy, Cumming, GA on 7/3/17

"Knowledgeable and thorough"

- Kim, Cumming, GA on 5/22/17

"Knowledgeable and patient Tutor"

- Simone, Upper Marlboro, MD on 4/8/17

"The Best Online Tutoring!"

- Matthew, Hanover, NH on 4/6/17
R Bruce replied on 4/6/2017

All I do is share the road map, the hills and valleys of math. Matthew did all the hard work.
I just have to say how impressed I am at his positive energy, consistency, and determination. He will be an extremely successful person with these assets.

Congratulations on his awesome grades. Very, very well deserved!!

"Immediate improvement in grades"

- Susan, Cumming, GA on 3/30/17

"Friendly and great at explaining math !"

- Kathy, Alpharetta, GA on 3/2/17

"great teacher"

- Erica, Boston, MA on 2/17/17

"Efficient and Stress Free"

- Juls, Alpharetta, GA on 2/16/17
R Bruce replied on 2/21/2017

Thank you for your kind words. I have been working to improve online learning for years now. This is the future of learning. Online is more flexible for both students and teachers. Students can be anywhere at anytime and receive the help they need.
As always - a great pleasure to see Juls grow in confidence as she learns better study skills.

"Help with Geometry"

- Christy, Cumming, GA on 2/12/17

"Wonderful and Honest, Incredibly patient and Friendly!"

- Derek, Cumming, GA on 1/19/17

"Good Tutoring Lesson"

- Chetna, Suwanee, GA on 1/9/17

"Bruce was wonderful in Physics"

- Aria, Cumming, GA on 1/7/17

"Great Tutor for Calculus"

- Shelly, Suwanee, GA on 12/5/16

"Great tutor"

- Lauren, Duluth, GA on 12/5/16

"Caring and knowledgeable"

- Jo An, Alpharetta, GA on 11/27/16

"5 STARS ***** Beyond our Expectations!!!"

- Tracie, Buford, GA on 11/21/16

"Very enthusiastic and patient tutor"

- Kristen, Suwanee, GA on 11/4/16

"The best there is!"

- David, Cumming, GA on 11/3/16

"Very helpful"

- FRANK, Loganville, GA on 11/1/16

"Knowledgeable Tutor"

- Eddie, Roswell, GA on 10/31/16

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Ash, Suwanee, GA on 10/26/16

"Knowledgeable and personable tutor"

- Carter, Alpharetta, GA on 10/14/16

"Great Tutor!"

- Jacob, Seattle, WA on 10/9/16

"Very helpful!"

- Jodi, Buford, GA on 10/7/16

"Great teacher!"

- Laurel, Lawrenceville, GA on 9/30/16

"Your the Best Bruce!"

- Joyce, Flowery Branch, GA on 9/29/16

"Very Thorough and Helpful Tutor"

- Chand, Alpharetta, GA on 8/21/16

"Finally! The tutor we've been searching for!"

- Emily, Duluth, GA on 8/15/16
R Bruce replied on 8/16/2016

You are too kind. I just do my best and go the extra mile. She is a fine young lady and will be very successful!

"Great tutor, very professional and helpful"

- Govind, Alpharetta, GA on 8/13/16

"Very Fun"

- Amsh, Cumming, GA on 6/18/16

"Great Results - Addendum"

- Kevin, Lawrenceville, GA on 5/18/16

"Calculus II tutoring that made a math lover out of my son"

- Jake, Duluth, GA on 5/6/16
R Bruce replied on 5/9/2016

We both know that Jake is a very special young man. I am sure he will be extremely successful in whatever avenue life takes him.

"Wonderful tutor!"

- Frankie, Cumming, GA on 5/2/16

"Excellent tutor!"

- Karen, Lawrenceville, GA on 2/21/16

"Teaches not just the concept but HOW to understand to get to solutions"

- Connor, Cumming, GA on 2/17/16

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor."

- Karen, Cumming, GA on 2/7/16
R Bruce replied on 2/8/2016

Thank you, Karen, You are very kind.

"Bruce is the best!"

- Louisa, Suwanee, GA on 1/29/16

"Knowledgeable and Great Confidence Booster!"

- Hollie, Cumming, GA on 1/11/16

"Bruce is great in restoring confidence in math!"

- Zoica, Dacula, GA on 10/28/15


- Robin, Cumming, GA on 10/9/15

"Thank You Bruce!"

- Neka, Lawrenceville, GA on 10/8/15

"Confident and competent tutor"

- Verughese, Roswell, GA on 10/5/15

"Very knowledgeable and kind. He made everyone feel very comfortable. He definitely knows what he is talking about."

- Josephine, Buford, GA on 9/25/15

"Wonderful teacher."

- Debra, Lawrenceville, GA on 9/24/15

"The Perfect Tutor"

- Nilda, Duluth, GA on 9/7/15

"Great First Lesson!"

- Erica, Suwanee, GA on 9/1/15

"Great tutor and easy to work with"

- Heath, Cumming, GA on 8/31/15
R Bruce replied on 9/1/2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help a fine young lady. She will be successful in whatever she decides to do in life. Awesome!

"Mathematic Genius"

- Lashonda, Alpharetta, GA on 8/29/15
R Bruce replied on 9/1/2015

Thank you, Lashonda, for the nice comment. But, really, I am no genius! I just discovered in myself that I could do math. Remember - I struggled in high school too - but turned it around. You will too. :-)

"Great Tutor"

- Ben, Suwanee, GA on 8/29/15

"Knowledgeable tutor"

- Heidi, Alpharetta, GA on 8/9/15

"The best money I could spend - Patient and knows the subject"

- Jeill, Alpharetta, GA on 5/7/15
R Bruce replied on 5/9/2015

Wow! I am blushing here! But, Paul gets all the applause as he worked really hard, paid attention, asked great questions, and practiced a LOT. Awesome student!!

"Great tutor!!"

- Kelly, Cumming, GA on 4/30/15

"Awesome as usual"

- Scott, Suwanee, GA on 2/7/15

"Good First Session"

- Venkatesh, Suwanee, GA on 1/24/15

"Fantastic and a genius!"

- Andy, Gainesville, GA on 11/18/14
R Bruce replied on 11/20/2014

Hi Andy,
Thank you for your flattering feedback, but really I am NOT a genius. Take a look at my blog, here at WyzAnt, where I share My Big Secret. There's a good reason I'm able to help a LOT.

Very glad I was able to help your son see the light so quickly. He's bright - he got it.
So, keep me posted, please.

"An absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable tutor!"

- Mona, Suwanee, GA on 11/13/14
R Bruce replied on 11/14/2014

It is so encouraging to see the next generation has such outstanding young men.
N. has it all and will be successful in whatever future he cares to build. Awesome!!

"Great first lesson!"

- Jackie, Lawrenceville, GA on 9/22/14

"Just exactly what I needed!"

- Scarlet, Bennington, VT on 5/27/14

"Capable of winning a student’s trust and attention"

- Matthew, Lawrenceville, GA on 2/11/14
R Bruce replied on 2/11/2014

I am humbled by your feedback and don't really know how to reply.

I can only say a big thank you for allowing me to help D. find the success she so richly deserves.


- Cynthia, Duluth, GA on 1/28/14

"The best tutor."

- Crystaly, Dacula, GA on 9/25/13

"Excellent Tutor"

- Ceci, Snellville, GA on 5/20/13
R Bruce replied on 5/20/2013

Eva has an excellent attitude. Isn't it funny how kids give more respect to outsiders? Guess what - most kids are like that! You can be very proud of her as she will be very successful.

"Excellent teacher and easy to reach"

- Sateesh, Anniston, AL on 5/19/13
R Bruce replied on 5/20/2013

And our online sessions were simply outstanding. Your son challenged me many times with really unusual problems - but we figured them all out and he was there every step of the way. Fabulous young man - even if he did say, "Yes, sir" a thousand times and make me think I was OLD! Imagine that!!

"Has made a good connection with my child."

- Thad, Buford, GA on 5/6/13
R Bruce replied on 5/6/2013

It is such a pleasure to work with your daughter. Her great attitude assures her future success.

"Outstanding tutor, very personable and charismatic gentleman"

- John Louie, Lawrenceville, GA on 5/4/13

"Dedicated tutor."

- Sharon, Buford, GA on 5/2/13

"Great tutor"

- Biplab, Duluth, GA on 4/13/13

"Excellent tutor, very flexible."

- Gina, Lawrenceville, GA on 4/12/13
R Bruce replied on 5/20/2013

George was a lot of fun to work with. He has a very sporting and competitive edge which drove him forward through the problems. Great job - well done.

"Great Tutor!"

- MARK, Lawrenceville, GA on 3/22/13
R Bruce replied on 3/22/2013

Like I said yesterday, it is an enormous pleasure to see such a major shift in attitude bringing awesome results so fast!! Fabulous!!

"Great and very helpful tutor"

- Maria Lucia, Alpharetta, GA on 3/22/13
R Bruce replied on 3/22/2013

You are very kind. When a student has your high level of energy and determination to learn English, it becomes a great pleasure and a lot of fun. You are outstanding!!

"On-line Tutoring Is Effective"

- Lynn, Atlanta, GA on 3/19/13

"Pleasant & Knowledgeable"

- Lynn, Hoschton, GA on 3/12/13
R Bruce replied on 3/12/2013

He's a great kid and holds up his end in spite of the arm bothering him so much. Rock solid attitude makes him a winner!!

"Great tutor all round."

- Suzanne, Roanoke, VA on 3/5/13
R Bruce replied on 3/5/2013

It's young folks like your son that make it all so worth while. He is dedicated, energetic, focused, and so willing to go the extra mile to get it done. And he did it! Great job - great kid !!

Now, I can say to my friends that I knew him before he became world famous!

"Superb tutor!!!!"

- Jonny, Lawrenceville, GA on 3/4/13

"A truly great professional."

- Vito, Cumming, GA on 3/2/13

"Bruce is an excellent tutor!"

- Chris, Dacula, GA on 2/27/13

"What a great experience!"

- Kim, Lawrenceville, GA on 2/26/13

"Very Impressive!"

- Elizabeth, Duluth, GA on 2/23/13
R Bruce replied on 2/25/2013

It's great kids getting that light-bulb experience that makes it all worth while. Great pleasure to share some time with you. Thank you.

"Simply the best!"

- Kelly, Lawrenceville, GA on 12/15/12
R Bruce replied on 12/18/2012

It was a great pleasure to help such a fine young lady. She has an excellent attitude and I am confident she'll be very successful. Thank you for the heart-warming feedback.

"Very helpful."

- Laura, Lawrenceville, GA on 12/12/12
R Bruce replied on 12/12/2012

He will be fine. He just needs help to connect some dots for him. Great pleasure to see him smile when he gets the ideas.

"Great tutor, very encouraging"

- Marie, Snellville, GA on 12/4/12

"Saving Grace!"

- Cynthia, Lawrenceville, GA on 11/21/12
R Bruce replied on 11/21/2012

You're very kind. Your son's success makes it all so well worth while. Thank you!

"Great at explaining and funny! Made things plain!"

- Larry, Lawrenceville, GA on 11/8/12

"Great tutor"

- Michelle, Snellville, GA on 10/31/12
R Bruce replied on 10/31/2012

Your son is a great young man. I really enjoy working with him and he's doing great with online classes. For sure, you are VERY proud of him.

"Very accommodating"

- Denise, Stone Mountain, GA on 10/18/12
R Bruce replied on 10/19/2012

Last minute solutions -is the beauty of online classes. It is easy to click and join, but often impossible to face traffic and give a last-minute class. As always, it's a pleasure to help. Your daughter is outstanding!

"Online tutoring with Bruce"

- Tracey, Suwanee, GA on 10/2/12
R Bruce replied on 10/3/2012

I am so pleased the class helped her.
You can see I enjoy it when students get that "ha-ha" moment and b-o-o-m all the lights go on!

"Luv it" as they say.

"Great teaching style"

- David, Dacula, GA on 9/26/12

"Life saver for my daughter!"

- Denise, Suwanee, GA on 9/19/12
R Bruce replied on 9/19/2012

Your daughter is a fine lady with great spirit. She really wanted to get it and get it she did!!
Very enjoyable helping her and looking forward to a year of BIG success!


- Ransche, Buford, GA on 9/19/12
R Bruce replied on 10/3/2012

I explain it the way I wish it had been explained to me when I was struggling in high school.

I know how it feels to struggle and this motivates me to find ways to make ideas and concepts so obvious that the student "gets it" and never forgets.

It works!!

"Very good tutor"

- Rotimi, Lawrenceville, GA on 9/12/12
R Bruce replied on 9/12/2012

Your son is a fine young man with a great attitude. Attitude helps enormously.

"Very happy with my selection"

- Linda, Snellville, GA on 9/7/12

"Great Tutor"

- Kim, Snellville, GA on 8/28/12

"Great tutor, very patient!!"

- Mariel, Buford, GA on 8/24/12


- Christine, Lawrenceville, GA on 8/21/12

"Relates well to teenagers"

- Polly, Norcross, GA on 5/25/12

"Outstanding Tutor and Person to work with!"

- Dr. James, Loganville, GA on 5/7/12
R Bruce replied on 5/8/2012

Really, your daughter deserves all the credit because she put in a LOT of hard work, self-discipline, and energy into her personal progress.
All I did was take all her fragments of math (rather like a jigsaw puzzle), show her the lid (with the overall picture) and help her build it.
She is VERY bright and picked it up in record time.
All kudos to her - and bright hopes for a brilliant future.

"Excellent Teaching Technique"

- Penny, Lawrenceville, GA on 5/7/12

"Amazing Tutor"

- Sreeni, Suwanee, GA on 4/6/12
R Bruce replied on 4/6/2012

We work as a team and great team members make g-r-e-a-t learners who can have fun "getting" it!

ACT Reading, ESL/ESOL,
Grammar, Proofreading,
Public Speaking,
Reading, SAT Reading, TOEFL,
Test Preparation:
ACT Math, ACT Reading, ASVAB, Career Development,
SAT Reading, TOEFL
Reading, TOEFL
Special Needs:
Elementary Math, Phonics,
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math, Grammar, Phonics,
Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 can seem like a big step from the concrete world into abstracts. This can bamboozle many students - but it's not that hard... There are really simple and quick ways to make this a seamless and EASY process. Algebra is a very powerful tool in multiple situations, so it's well worth the effort to make it work for you. Repeat - work for you - not scare you.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 kicks in with much more powerful analysis tools to describe and evaluate real-life situations in hundreds of scientific disciplines. It is a must for those following the sciences - but can intimidate if the core concepts aren't fully mastered. Getting a solid grounding in core concepts is the key to turning Algebra 2 from a scary snake into an inoffensive (but very useful) worm.


Calculus is where math really brings years of preparation into fine focus and offers powerful ways of resolving extremely complex problems - easily and quickly.
Many students are unecessarily scared of calculus. Don't be! If you study and master the basic concepts then (as in other disciplines) you will find you can hold your own and smile at your prowess.
Two major calculus areas are; "differentiation" - which looks at rates of change of functions, and "integration" - which allows you to calculate areas and volumes of functions which, otherwise, with lesser math skills, would be impossible to calculate.
This is "turbo-math" at is very best! Enjoy it!

Career Development

As a graduate engineer, entered multinationals via steel manufacture (England) and then auto parts (US Steel, Brazil). From there moved into hospital products (Johnson & Johnson Brazil) and on into self employment. Taught Career Development in Technical Colleges (resume building, interview techniques, behavior, anger management, office technology, etc). Great experience in change management and its impact on careers.

Experience as a technical person in manufacture, engineering management, upper level management on to directorships - going through the multiple changes required in personal style, leadership, and behavior.

Graduate in Manager Development Program of US Steel leading to world-standard management. Well-versed in Transactional Analysis and Emotional Intelligence applied to business.

Differential Equations

I have experience tutoring differential and integral calculus with another tutoring service for 3+ years. This encompasses the study of differential equations. The students have all been 11th and 12th grade in various schools around Gwinnett county in Georgia.

Some functions can be more complex and require powerful ways to find their differentials, (which can also be called "prime" of a function).
Examples are:
The Chain Rule which resolves prime of f(g(x)) into f'(g(x)) x g'(x) which can be put into words as, prime of the outer function times prime of inner function. Note: rather difficult to demonstrate this example on a keyboard.
The Product Rule resolves (f.g)' - the differential of the product of two functions, f(x) times g(x) which becomes
f'.g + g'.f i.e. the prime of f(x) times g(x) plus the prime of g(x) times f(x).


I lived in Brazil for 30 years and had a school teaching English to executives in multinational companies.

We developed an easy system to show how English works.

English is very different from Spanish and Portuguese. Understanding the differences helps you to see HOW to speak English.

We know how hard English can be for people from other countries.

queremos ayudarle a aprender rápido y fácil

hasta luego,

ate logo

General Computer

I was really lucky to find a fabulous computer teacher in the 90's. He taught me how to knock down and rebuild a computer and all the fancy stuff that software could do.
I was then on PC's and stuck there for years. Most of my clients were on Windows, so there was no option. But, three years ago I was able to move over to Mac and love it.
Whatever your needs, software, search engine optimization, even basic HTML - I have resources to help you.
Remember that the secret is NOT to know it all, but to know WHERE to look!


Geometry can seem daunting because you "have to" memorize so many theorems.
But, in reality, if you break each theorem down into common sense (often with a quick sketch) then a hazy notion or idea can turn into a clear understanding instantly.


I learned Microsoft Windows in the mid 1980's with a great teacher, but, it didn't take long to discover that Windows really is a massive bandage covered in band-aids! Just look at the volumes of updates they put out constantly to "fix" issues.

Two years ago, I finally made it to my MacBook and they say, "Once on a Mac - Never Go Back!

It takes a little while to adjust to Mac's interface. That's where I can help you.

I studied and spent a many hours digging around to become fully familiar with the system. That's time I can save you!

Once you know your way around, you'll find that Macs are intuitively easy to grasp and manage. They make common sense, and you'll see that many of MS recent ideas are really copied from Mac.

I can help you feel comfortable with your Mac in just a few short hours.

Microsoft Word

MS Word is the international standard for producing text. Mastery of Word makes it easy to produce tip-top professional-looking documents with more resources available than most of us can imagine. It's a VERY powerful tool TOO powerful for most - but can be mastered relatively quickly with a little one-on-one training.


Phonics is the art of translating vowel sequences into long or short sounds. Long sounds can be equated to the sounds of the alphabetic vowels, a, e, i, o, u. The short sounds, are like, cat, get, bit, cot, and cut.
Most consonants, in English, carry a stable sound pattern and can be memorized easily. Consonant sequences, like 'ph', 'th', and 'sh' all carry a specific sound. Once a vowel sequence is recognized as such, then reading capability increases exponentially.
I have used phonics to teach reading to both my boys, whom I home-school, with enormous success. It not only has taught them to read well, but has enhanced their spelling abilities.

Phonics is a tool I have used to help teach adults English as a Foreign Language. I set up and ran an English school for executives in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1990s) where I designed, wrote, and taught all the major concepts of the English language (from basic to advanced levels). This included phonics to improve pronunciation and accent reduction, while enhancing reading skills.
I recently taught ESOL here in Suwanee, Georgia (Donna/Dr. Davis - Dental Office) where phonics was the initial focus. The students left that office recently.


Physics is a fascinating subject and universally useful. But, it can seem daunting at first. The secret is to keep your cool and get clear explanations of the concepts. Once this is down and mastered you'll see that you can do it too!


Portuguese shares common roots from the Latin. English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese all share many points of convergence - more than at first meets the eye. Years of in-depth experience has shown that learning a foreign language is more a matter of mastering the structure of the language (convergence and divergence) than anything else. Once the "mechanics" of the structure are mastered it's a simple matter to build vocabulary and add on words and phrases. The speed of learning can be astounding.


Most students struggle with Algebra because they haven't gotten their minds around the notion of strange variables like "x".

This barrier can be broken down in minutes with a common sense explanation.

Algebraic math is a major stepping stone to multiple sciences and must be mastered to facilitate future academic progress in the sciences.


As algebra skills consolidate, we move toward calculus (differential and integration calculus) which employs extremely powerful math skills. Pre-calculus is the bed rock of algebraic math upon which calculus stands. Most schools only get into full-blown calculus at college levels - not high school.


Probability is the calculation of the likelihood of something happening, or not. If it is certain, then it gets a 1, meaning 100% certain. If it is impossible, then it gets a zero.

This branch of math has applications in a myriad of life and work situations, like insurance, financial decisions, business strategies, and even gambling - they all use probability calculations to make them viable.


I first got involved - deeply - in languages when I moved to Brazil and had to learn Portuguese VERY quickly. The methods I learned in that process stood me in good stead when I later set up and ran a very successful school teaching English to executives in Brazil.
Subsequently, I became very involved in translating and interpreting (both simultaneous and consecutive) and had to delve even deeper into the nuances of language across cultures.

Proofreading was a useful spin-off from all this experience, as I had found ways to quickly spot errors (both in substance and grammar) very quickly.

Public Speaking

Many say they would rather die than speak in public - but it is easy with practice and knowledge. I first learned with Toastmasters Club. We would meet once a week and each of us would make a brief presentation on our week and the week to come. Practice makes perfect! There are many helpful techniques, like voice projection, for example which allow for good clear diction without forcing the vocal chords - scanning the audience as if in a conversation - doing mouth relaxation before to soften facial expression - speech rhythm and modulation - body language - how to prepare and then use notes. Finally emotional and mental posture play a major role in conveying the message adequately. I have stood on stage hundreds of times, and spoken before groups of tens and also tens of thousands with equal ease - in English and in Portuguese. It's easy when you know how!

SAT Math

SAT, ACT, GMAT, and other exams are used to test general skill sets in math, language arts, etc. These skills are needed to form a solid grounding upon which more advanced algebra, trigonometry, and geometry can develop.


Teaching of English as a Foreign Language is a particular skill when it is applied to adults.
A mother tongue is a powerful part of our psyche and can be used to facilitate, or hinder, assimilating a new language.
Children, by nature, do not have this potential barrier.
A fast and successful learning curve can be obtained for adult students when constructive comparisons are made with the essential structure of the mother tongue and target language.
When essential structures, like grammar, syntax, prepositions, etc. all make sense, then learning becomes more fun and far more productive.


Trigonometry is basically the mathematical measurement of shapes and the angles that form them.
Terms like tangents, sines, and cosines - are concepts that must be mastered in order to move forward.
As "trig" progresses, then the relationships between these terms, trig identities, and unit circle, become even more fundamental and important to an understanding of graphing and transformations.
A solid foundation of the basics is vital - with that - trig is really very easy.
Trig has myriad applications in science - it's important.

George Watsons College
Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland


George Watsons College

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland (Other)

Bruce's helpful online tutoring

My son has done both styles of tutoring, face to face with another tutor and currently online with Bruce. He gets just as much out of the online tutoring as he did with the face to face tutoring, but with the added convenience of not leaving home. Bruce is also an excellent and patient tutor. He has only been working with my son, on ap calculus ab for a couple of weeks, and already his grade i

— Ian, Buford, GA on 4/11/17

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $48.00

Cancellation: 3 hours notice required

Increments of half hour - for online classes. Otherwise, if driving to class - minimum 1 hour.

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R Bruce will travel within 40 miles of Buford, GA 30518.