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— Macgregor, Tampa, FL on 12/7/16


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University of Central Florida
Pure Mathematics and Computer Science
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Engineering Physics


University of Central Florida (Pure Mathematics and Computer Science)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Engineering Physics (Other)

About Paul

Dear Students and Parents,

My name is Paul, and it would be my honor to upgrade your learning experience.

I am an expert private tutor with the passion and gusto to improve lives through mathematical mastery.

See my students' reviews either at the bottom of this page, or in my Reviews tab.

My Teaching Style:

Direct communication, consistent effort, team work, simple solutions, and satisfaction are the cornerstones of my style. Furthermore, as a valued customer, YOU DESERVE LESSONS THAT ARE MEANINGFUL TO YOU. To that end, I very much welcome your input on formatting tailor made lessons.

Since 2006, I have had the pleasure of serving over 500 terrific students and families. Through teamwork, we catch up, increase confidence, improve grades, get ahead, matriculate to university, ace tests, graduate, and earn professional certifications. During this time, I have been fortunate to work with a variety of students ranging from 4th graders to graduate students to industry professionals. Regardless of background, we set realistic goals, and make a game plan to make them a reality.

Typical short term goals are improving grades or scores, and acing a particular class. Long term goals might include one or more of the following: getting into the school of your choice, earning a degree/promotion, and being confident in your skills as an industrious problem solver!

How Do Online Lessons Work?

We have access to a fantastic fully interactive online digital classroom specifically designed for one-on-one math tutoring. Once logged in, we are able to see and hear one another through video chat software, and have access to 30 digital whiteboards. Documents, such as photos/screenshots/scans of homework assignments, can be uploaded to our whiteboards. From there, we are able to write solutions and concepts on our digital documents as if we were together in-person. Notes and a brief lesson summary are emailed to students after each lesson. Best of all, No Download Is Required!

For more information regarding private lessons, feel free to contact me.
Dear Students and Parents,

My name is Paul, and it would be my honor to upgrade your learning experience.

I am an expert private tutor with the passion and gusto to improve lives through mathematical mastery.

See my students' reviews either at the bottom of this page, or in my Reviews tab.

My Teaching
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"Intelligent, empathetic, creative"

- Macgregor, Tampa, FL on 12/7/16

"Awesome Tutor"

- Brooke, Orlando, FL on 12/3/17

"Effective, smart, and personable tutor"

- Silvia, Hilton Head Island, SC on 10/13/17

"Very Knowledgeable and Easy to work with!"

- Julie, Dunedin, FL on 10/8/17


- Bashie, Brooklyn, NY on 9/28/17

"Helpful Tutor"

- Jacob, Castle Rock, CO on 8/28/17

"Humble brilliant tutor w very deep knowledge of his subjects"

- Shirley, Chevy Chase, MD on 8/12/17

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Hector, Kissimmee, FL on 5/18/17

"Demystifies math"

- Lissette, Miami, FL on 5/13/17

"Awesome math tutor"

- Mary Beth, Solon, OH on 5/13/17

"Awesome tutor!"

- Jonathan, Jacksonville, FL on 5/7/17

"Very good at explaining concepts"

- Andrew, Lawrenceville, GA on 4/5/17

"Amazing Tutor!"

- Alessandra, Coeur D Alene, ID on 3/8/17


- Diane, Miami, FL on 3/6/17

"excellent, one of the best"

- Marc, Waxhaw, NC on 2/28/17

"Very helpful!"

- Cameron, Jacksonville, FL on 2/13/17

"Excellent Tutor!"

- Besim, Clearwater Beach, FL on 2/2/17

"Great Tutor"

- Brock, Tampa, FL on 12/21/16

"He's Amazing!"

- Jenae, Fort Pierce, FL on 10/3/16

"Excellent tutor for ACT, calculus, upper level math"

- Anna, Sebastian, FL on 9/18/16

"Takes time to help me understand the fundamentals"

- Stan, Okeechobee, FL on 9/5/16


- Jeffrey, Porterville, CA on 8/27/16

"Helpful and listens to my needs."

- Megan, Windermere, FL on 7/14/16

"Great tutor!"

- Mikaella, Loxahatchee, FL on 5/25/16

"He has been an incredible help."

- Roger, Vero Beach, FL on 5/1/16

"Good tutor for Math or Physics help"

- Brian, Vero Beach, FL on 4/22/16

"Patient, friendly, knowledgeable"

- Beau, Stillwater, OK on 4/12/16

"Great tutor!"

- Lavonne, Casselberry, FL on 4/4/16

"One of the best tutors around!"

- Marko, Miami, FL on 3/31/16

"Patient and Knowledgeble Tutor"

- Amanda, Miami, FL on 3/28/16

"Great First Lesson"

- Carlos, Orlando, FL on 3/18/16

"My boy was very happy and confident"

- Mafe, Hollywood, FL on 2/25/16

"Great tutor"

- Alexandra, Hollywood, FL on 1/28/16

"Amazing Tutor"

- Ryan, Vero Beach, FL on 1/13/16

"Polite, and friendly"

- Alexia, Vero Beach, FL on 12/1/15

"Nice and patient tutor"

- Sandra, Vero Beach, FL on 10/31/15


- Barb, Vero Beach, FL on 10/28/15

"Awesome Tutor"

- Marshal, Gainesville, FL on 10/22/15

"Professional & Responsive"

- Leslie, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 10/14/15

"Knowledgeable, Articulate, Approachable & Relates well to teens"

- Carolyn, Orlando, FL on 10/8/15

"Life saver"

- Stephanie, Miami, FL on 10/6/15


- Tracey, Deltona, FL on 9/21/15

"Math Genius"

- Becky, Port Saint Lucie, FL on 7/25/15
ACT Math,
Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Common Core, Differential Equations,
Elementary (K-6th), Finite Math, GED,
Logic, Prealgebra, Precalculus,
Probability, SAT Math,
SPSS, Trigonometry
Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, PSAT
Test Preparation:
ACT Math,
AFOQT, CLAST, Common Core, GED,
Regents, SAT Math,
Special Needs:
Common Core, Elementary (K-6th)
Elementary Education:
Common Core, Elementary (K-6th), Homeschool

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT Math

As a perfect scorer, professional tutor, and trained mathematician, I am your perfect partner for success on the ACT. I am often asked, "What is the difference between ACT Math and SAT Math?' While the two aptitude tests are similar in style, scope, and purpose, the ACT allows students to use a graphing calculator for the entire math section. Moreover, the ACT includes material from PreCalculus, as well as Trigonometry. In my opinion, advanced high school mathematics students seeking to matriculate to university ought to take the ACT.

Utilizing my database of practice tests, we can examine questions developed by ACT test writers. During our lessons, I will enable you by providing options, easy wins, and organization.

Algebra 1

Choose me as your Algebra tutor, and I will devote myself to your success!

Algebra 1 and Intermediate Algebra are important milestones in a student's development. The abstract nature of this material can be burdensome for many; however, with sufficient training WE CAN overcome these technical difficulties. My approach to teaching these ideas is to keep it simple, and use relevant examples that apply to daily life.

When am I ever going to use this?

Algebra is widespread!

It is an incredibly powerful idea that is marvelous in its applications and brilliant in its theory. Scientists use algebra to describe cell growth, human behavior, as well as electrical circuits. Engineers use it to construct jet airplanes, bridges, and smartphones.

Algebra is required to graduate from high school, college, and to enlist in the military. It appears on many standardized tests including SAT, ACT, GED, ASVAB, GMAT, and GRE. Nursing, computer programming, and aviation are just some of the careers that require an understanding in algebra.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2, and College Algebra are some of my popular subjects to tutor. Additionally, I have completed graduate coursework in Modern Abstract/Applied Algebra. So, I understand the roots of algebra, as well as the advanced discipline it is today.

The key to success in all of these courses is CONSISTENT effort. I provide consistency to my students by keeping them organized and motivated. As with other subjects, my approach to algebra is to keep it simple and accessible.

When am I ever going to use this?

A solid foundation in algebra can lead to success in more advanced disciplines like, calculus, physics, engineering and computer programming.

In fact, techniques from linear algebra are used to manipulate, categorize, compress, and encrypt/decrypt information on the internet. This very sentence would not be able to reach you if we weren't using algebra!


Relating new mathematical ideas to my students' hobbies is invaluable when it comes to making progress with confusing material. By its dynamic nature, calculus, more so than algebra, lends itself to these comparisons. My hope is that we can use what you already know about your hobbies, work, and daily life to make sense of ideas discussed in the classroom. This should bring about a feeling of comfort which facilitates problem solving and mechanical operations.

When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

Like all math, calculus is a descriptive language.

In calculus, we often describe changes and amounts. The change in velocity of your car as you merge onto an exit ramp, and the amount of designer bags needed to be sold to maximize a company's profit margins. We use it use to engineer medicines, computers, smart-phones, race cars, airplanes, spacecrafts, and much more.

For more information regarding private lessons, feel free to message me.

I want you to actualize your potential!

Differential Equations

Choose me as your Differential Equations tutor, and I will devote myself to your success! My experience ranges from formal study to years of one-on-one instruction with students of engineering, science, and math. Personally, I have aced Ordinary Differential Equations I and II, Applied Boundary Value Problems, as well as Partial Differential Equations. Understanding the breadth of these subjects enables me to discuss analytic and series solutions, derivations and proofs, algorithms and numerical methods.


Choose me as your GED tutor, and I will devote myself to your success!

The General Educational Development test, or GED, is a bridge to opportunity. Passing this test opens doors in business, academics, and in life. (Ask about GED discounts.)

To me, tests are like checkpoints. We see them coming, and can prepare for the encounter. It would be my pleasure to help you prepare for the GED, so that you are confident when reaching the checkpoint.

The GED test our knowledge of mathematics, science, social studies, reading, and writing. I am able to provide you with instruction for all of these subjects. Both test strategies, and subject specific content are incorporated into lessons. We will focus on material that is covered on the the GED test.


Geometry has impacted our lives in so many ways wonderful ways. From old sailing maps to modern GPS, from MRI's to fashion magazines, geometry and its many benefits make our lives easier and more fun!

Literally, Earth measure, geometry has been synonymous with education and power since the beginning of recorded history. The ideas concerning geometry being taught in high schools around the world today were developed out of necessity. Our ancestors needed to solve practical problems like dividing parcels of land for a new invention: agriculture. Governments were interested in areas of land for taxation purposes. In fact, the Egyptians even gave rebates to farmers when the Nile flooded farmland.

When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

Are you using a mobile device? If so, chances are it is using ideas involving elliptical curves to secure your personal banking information every time you make an e-commerce transaction online. Some of the original work was done by a teenage girl for her local science fair less than thirty years ago!


As a perfect scorer and professional GRE trainer, I have the experience to upgrade your GRE performance. My students and I use GRE practice tests to learn exam structure, simple to remember test taking strategies, time saving methods, and to discuss correct/incorrect responses. I am proud that all of my GRE students reach their desired level of mastery.

If you would like to schedule a lesson, feel free to contact me.


Choose me as your Pre-Calculus tutor, and I will devote myself to your success!

Pre-Calculus is a steppingstone to more sophisticated mathematics. It previews a myriad of concepts which range from matrix algebra, to limits, and from trigonometry to conic sections.

When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

We use ideas from Pre-Calculus when studying advanced theories, as well as when studying science and engineering. For example, trigonometry is used to analyze vectors like velocity and force which are fundamental concepts from physics. These ideas together with some from conic sections are used investigate celestial mechanics: the motion of worlds.


Empowered with an understanding of PSAT test writers tactics, easy to follow test taking strategies, and meaningful justifications of correct/incorrect responses my students are well prepared to achieve their target scores. My experience with the PSAT is that of personal/professional achievement. I am a perfect scorer and winner. Moreover, I have had to pleasure to work with families committed to the improvement process, which is the path to success.

SAT Math

As a perfect scorer, professional tutor, and trained mathematician, I am your perfect partner for success with SAT Math.

Method of Operation:

Except in the case of emergency lessons, I ask that my students take a diagnostic test before our first lesson. Information from your responses and scratch work will allow me to determine your strengths, weaknesses, as well as organize the topics we need to discuss from simplest to most challenging.

I recommend using Official SAT Practice material directly from College Board rather than secondary resources. This allows us to examine questions developed by current SAT test writers.

For a link to this material see my Profile, then go to my Resources which is just above my Reviews, and click on the thread titled "SAT - Free Practice Tests."

During our lessons, I will teach you SAT rules/format, mathematical content, calculator apps, and the somewhat unconventional style of SAT exam writers. Our goal is for you to be proficient in the necessary math, aware of any "back doors" that simplify our solutions, and most importantly, to be mentally determined to succeed.

Send me a message if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a lesson.

I want you to actualize your potential!


Choose me as your trigonometry tutor, and I will devote myself to your success!

Although many ideas covered in trigonometry are complicated, they can be understood in terms of more fundamental ideas. I can clarify how the fundamental identities lead to advanced identities, when, and how to use them.

When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

In addition to mathematical theory, application plays a large role in trigonometry. This course is needed for professional careers including medicine, engineering, surveying, and aviation.

University of Central Florida
Pure Mathematics and Computer Science
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Engineering Physics


University of Central Florida (Pure Mathematics and Computer Science)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Engineering Physics (Other)

Intelligent, empathetic, creative

Intelligent, empathetic, creative and witty only begin to describe Paul and his teaching style. I sought his help with College Calculus. I greatly struggled with the complex theories and desperately needed a good grade for my graduate school application. Paul was able to translate calculus into a language I could comprehend. He used topics I could identify with, like music and sports, to conve

— Macgregor, Tampa, FL on 12/7/16

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $144.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

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Paul will travel within 40 miles of Vero Beach, FL 32967.