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University of Central Missouri
may 24, 1970
Georgia College and State University


University of Central Missouri

may 24, 1970 (Other)

Georgia College and State University (Master's)

About Roland

I have a dozen years' experience in adult education (16 and up) helping students with life skills and GED. The GED is five subjects, but it is all a reading test. Even the math is word problems requiring reading. I can teach the social studies (have done classroom American History and psychology) and science (ten years' work in a chemical lab for the State of Missouri) or writing and language (English). The past few years, volunteer work has let me work with elementary students. Even as a factory manager, my work allowed me to develop the people working for me and above me. Most of my teaching was after working an eight hour shift at another job. Now retired, my experience can help you improve your skills in basic study to improve your life. I have a dozen years' experience in adult education (16 and up) helping students with life skills and GED. The GED is five subjects, but it is all a reading test. Even the math is word Read more

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I would like to charge more to teach in Orlando because of toll roads. $44 rather than $34 seems fair.

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ACT Reading

Passage reading is not like the reading we do for entertainment. We need to see how other readers think as they read for content and implication. I have taught GED for twelve years. I teach it as a reading course, but never tell the student. All tests are reading tests. The skills for ACT reading are learnable.

ACT Science

Ten years experience in the Missouri Department of Transportation chemical lab gave me the ability to read and understand technical information. The ACT science test is a reading test. All of the information needed to answer the question is in the reading passage. This is a different kind of reading than stories or less technical reading. It can be learned with the concepts from a physical science class.

Algebra 1

Algebra should be taught as if it were a game. Learn the rules and you can play to win. The game is science, technology engineering and math (STEM). Where can that take you?

Algebra 2

Math skills have real world applications. While working in a chemical lab for the State of Missouri, I was able to deskill some of the technician's work by using algebra II math on excel. When the computer calculated logs, the fourth decimal place would be off by one or two when using the log tables. Many students have trouble with algebra II because they can not apply what they learned last month. They passed the test then but can't apply the skills now. We will review the concepts and skills of algebra and then apply some of this to a real world subject so the student can use these skills.

American History

Our country wants us to know its history to be an informed voter. President Teddy Roosevelt said, "History is an agreed upon myth." We can be informed by myth, if it is agreed upon. It isn't what we want the past to be. It is what we want the future to be about. America has made advances and made mistakes. Slavery was a mistake. Freedom is an advantage. The key is to bring the people of history to life. They wanted things we would not want. But, they got us where we are today. Now, it is your turn to get America ready for tomorrow.


We live on the Space Coast. It gives deeper meaning to looking up in wonder at the same moon seen in other parts of the world. As a kid, astronomy is what I wanted to do when I grew up. I studied some in college. I never did it professionally. I still enjoy understanding what is out there. Like any other study, it only enriches our lives.

Help our President improve America's science scores. Help your child learn astronomy.


The ASVAB is a test of many things. All the questions require reading ability. You will learn to read better but it will seem like we are not learning to read. The military is a good career for many people. It will open doors for you as you earn a living.


Many people live in Florida because of an interest in Biology. People have changed the biology of Florida, however, we have much of interest left to look at. We live on the transition zone of tropical and temperate zones. We can see both and drive north or south to experience more of either. The plants, the birds, the fish, the lizards in your yard, attract people to live or visit here. Any education only makes life more fun. Knowing a little biology will improve your life, and help you win friends and influence Florida people.


Ihave a Master of Science degree from Georgia College and State University, 1974 in business. I have worked as a quality assurance manager an a manufacturing manager. Opened a new factory in Mississippi for Angelica Uniform. Built a 180 employee night shift for H D Lee (jeans) to 360 employees in Lebanon Missouri.

Career Development

I have taught career development to adults (16 and over) in Missouri and Florida for fifteen years. I am certified as an adult educator in Missouri. Florida does not certify adult educators. I do hold a valid Florida secondary teaching certificate.


My chemistry education began with a very good high school teacher. I use his methods in any class I teach full time. Using chemical concepts in quality assurance, geography, and in other sciences has given me a practical view of chemistry. Other than math, chemistry is the most basic of sciences because all we know we sense as matter or energy affecting matter.


Economics is a different way of looking at and interacting with the world. It can give the learner insight others would miss. It talks about how resources, products, and services are utilized in our society. You do all that. You will live better if you understand what you and others are doing in the economy.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have tutored second through sixth the past two years. In Missouri, after retiring, I substituted in both secondary and elementary. Currently I am a rolling reader for a third grade at Coquina Elementary School in Titusville. I never took child psychology, but I have read Piaget, the guy who was the founder on the subject. I am Laubach trained in reading and have taken reading in the core content areas from the University of Wyoming. For a graduate course, neurology and learning, from University of Northern Colorado, I observed preK to high school to see how the brain develops. This included elementary.

Elementary Math

Many of the concepts of algebra are now used in elementary math. Parents who know these concepts use them. The child sees this and models the thinking. This is difficult for the child who has no exposure to the concepts. However, it makes algebra simple later. If you had some difficulty with college algebra, give your child a tutor who can model the process for them.

Elementary Science

The United States lags behind other nations in science education. Your child will have a better life if they can use the ideas of science at work and at home. This will also provide a background to help your child learn more useful science later in their educational career.
You can use the ideas of science to make your life better. You don't need math to know how heat moves in your home. You can make better choices in life if you know a little science.


What good is your education if you can't communicate? Many people do not write at work nor at home because they fear making mistakes. Give your child the gift of freedom to communicate without fear. You will only improve their chances in life by doing so.


My dozen years of adult education experience has led me to work with speakers of many foreign languages. This really began in the 1960's when I worked with an Arabian friend's Arabian wife to improve her English. English is important because it is the language of technology. It is not easy because it takes words from many diverse languages.

European History

Most of us had ancestors who came from Europe. The rest of us have to learn what Europeans did to get us where we are now. Agree with it or not, we are an extension of Europe. How did this happen? It's all history to me. Give your child the understanding of how our world got so violent in the past century. What good has come from Europe? Some people, like Condaleezza Rice, know more about the good Europe has given us than other Americans know.


I am still certified to teach GED in Missouri. Florida does not certify GED teachers. My Florida certification is in social studies. I have used math all my life and worked over ten years in a chemical lab in Missouri where math was needed daily.
Math is only one of five GED subjects. I teach them all as reading courses. A good reader can pass the GED test. It will not feel like reading when I teach you. However, you will be a better reader when you are done, and you will be able to write the GED essay.


Geography is a mixture of science and social studies. It takes material from geology, meteorology, and oceanography and applies them to history and sociology. Geography is the study of where. Where can you get help for that? Contact me here.

Government & Politics

I had taught national government in Jefferson City. I thought I understood how a bill becomes a law. I then had Stewart Simington's personal secretary in my Sunday school class. She told me more. For example, there is still a drawer in the Speaker's desk with all bills under consideration by the House. If a member wants the bill to be brought to discussion, they sign the page for that bill. Only when enough have signed will the bill be brought to the floor of the House. It is always a challenge to make this subject relevant for the student. There are over two and a quarter centuries of examples of life under our Constitution.


To show other people what we think or know, we need to use writing. This is in school and in a career. I have known people who never wrote at work for fear someone would say bad things about their spelling of grammar. What a waste of manpower for our economy. Let your student move to the front of the pack by being able to put ideas on paper (or screen).


I taught reasoning and problem solving while teaching high school psychology. These skills were again used in adult education for a dozen years. You can see WyzAnt has certified me in elementary and high school writing and math subjects. Let me help your student develop reasoning ability by following my modeling and working the problems provided by me.


Literature blesses us with, not another world, but with a clearer view of our own world. The symbolism within the stories brings psychological insight into where we all came from. Literature releases the cultural framework of the culture which produces it. We can not understand people until we know the truths their literature reveals to us.

Physical Science

We seek to control matter in our 3D world through the physical sciences. We get close enough to put people on our moon and bring them back. Understanding the fundamentals of physical science your student will be able to better control the world around them.


High school physics is the most useful course I have ever taken. And I have over 300 college credits and a masters degree. I spent the next 20 years applying the concepts every day until I learned them. Everything is physics, including the thought you had as you read this.


I have taught high school psychology in the class room in Missouri. Psychology will not teach you to read other peoples minds. It will teach you to understand your thinking and other people's motivations.


The gift of being able to know the thoughts and ideas of people thousands of miles or thousands of years away. That is what you get from being able to read. For a dozen years I taught adults 16 to 60 to pass the GED by improving their reading. I now have reading students as young as six. Younger than six we make them sit in shopping carts, where they might believe the tabloids they would read in the checkout lane.

SAT Math

If you have taken algebra one and two and geometry, you have studied what you need to pass the SAT math. You know this stuff if you passed with a C or higher. You are not sure of your ability. A little review can give you the confidence you need to get an average grade (515)or higher. All of this is to show you can do the math required to graduate from college. Every four year college requires college algebra. Algebra was invented by Arabs. But you use the basics, or more, every day in your thinking.

SAT Writing

All of our lives we will be judged by how we write. People who do not know how to communicate well on paper, will not do so out of fear. Give your student the freedom to express ideas to others and to influence others by learning the fundamentals of English.

Social Studies

I am certified to teach this subject at high school level in two states. I have taught American History and psychology in the classroom. After graduation I continued to gain college credits in this subject while in the US military.

Study Skills

Study skills was part of a reading in the content area course I took fifteen years ago. Luckily, my seventh grade core subject block in Kansas taught this subject to me way before then. Neither taught that a good part of study skills is motivation.


I helped many TEAS students while working as a GED teacher evenings after work. Most need help in English and math. The TEAS test only measures academic ability. We miss many good potential nurses who have high motivation by using only this one indicator of a student's future success.


Since my undergrad years (Class of 1970) I have worked with foreign nationals in learning American English. While teaching GED and life skills it has been my pleasure to work with learners from four continents. English is a strange mix of many languages, but is the language of technology and engineering.
Most students just need a few pointers on usage to come up to par. Phrases such as "up to par" require a little learning.


Vocabulary is important on examinations for FCAT and SAT/ACT, and for graduate schools. Your student needs to learn word meanings now to be ready to pass to the next level tomorrow.

World History

It is more than Europe and the United States. History happened in other places and at times that found the other two in the stone age. We need to know about the other places to learn from their culture and to see that ours is not the only way to live.


What good are you to others, including employers, if you cannot express yourself on paper? Many employees I worked with would never leave a note for fear they would use poor grammar or would spell something wrong. What a handicap to their career and to their employer. Let people know you have ideas and opinions.

University of Central Missouri
may 24, 1970
Georgia College and State University


University of Central Missouri

may 24, 1970 (Other)

Georgia College and State University (Master's)

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I would like to charge more to teach in Orlando because of toll roads. $44 rather than $34 seems fair.

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