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Kylie's Awesome
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Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL
Elementary, Deaf Ed.


Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL (Elementary, Deaf Ed.)

About Kylie

Currently offering ten free writing sessions for PreK 4-Grade 3!

An avid learner, I enjoy helping children reach their full potential in reading, mathematics, writing, and specialized subjects. I have worked with children from infancy through college in areas concerning schoolwork, enrichment, and test prep. Whether it be homework help or the implementation of lesson plans (which I design for each client I work with), I care about the needs and overall well-being of your family. I have experience with children who are D/deaf, have special needs (i.e.; ADHD, autism, lack of focus, and communication difficulties), and can also be of service to children with anxiety. I am also available after scheduled hours through email, text, and phone calls for additional questions and concerns.

With toddlers and children, I use multi-sensory learning while incorporating all three learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic). Through hands-on activities, videos, books, and one-on-one support, I help children to not only succeed, but actually enjoy learning. Whether the goal is to improve a child's reading, writing, math, communication skills, specialized subjects such as science and social studies, or his/her development (social, emotional, and/or cognitive), I will help your child go above and beyond. I am familiar with several reading and math curriculums currently supported in schools, the Common Core, and state testing as well. Overall, I am able to look through a child's eyes and teach the way he or she learns: through play, writing, exercises, and real-world experiences. If you want someone to connect with your child on a personal level, teach them creatively, and help them excel, I am just the tutor you've been looking for.

As for adolescents and teens, I use a similar technique; however, the work is more difficult and I tend to rely on the students themselves to explain their difficulties and areas in need of improvement. Some of my tutoring work includes Envision Math, AP English Literature and Composition, and Algebra II. After just two weeks of working together, a previous client of mine, a sixth grader, went from receiving D/F test grades in math to As and Bs! I put a lot of time and effort into my students' progress and success because they are my top priority. I hope to see them happy and successful.

I am currently in the process of obtaining my degree and certification in Elementary Education (General) and Deaf Education (Special Education, K-12) with additional certifications in Reading and ESOL.
Currently offering ten free writing sessions for PreK 4-Grade 3!

An avid learner, I enjoy helping children reach their full potential in reading, mathematics, writing, and specialized subjects. I have worked with children from infancy through college in areas concerning schoolwork, enrichment, and test prep. Whether it be homework help
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"Kylie's Awesome"

- Jill, Saint Augustine, FL on 9/19/17

"knowledgeable, engaging, and patient tutor"

- Carolyn, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ on 8/17/17

"Kylie Is An Excellent SAT Tutor For Our Daughter"

- Steven, Cranford, NJ on 8/9/17
Test Preparation:
SAT Math,
SAT Reading

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

I have tutored several Algebra courses, both Algebra I and II. I explain the concepts and break them down step by step so a student can see how the problem is completed. I provide several visual representations such as videos, the use of a whiteboard and manipulatives to explain concepts and work through problems. Additionally, I spend time on skills in need of remedial work and enrich upon skills that are stronger.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have assisted children between the ages of five and twelve for four years. From math remediation to improving test scores, from phonics to writing, I have helped students to not only improve their performance but their confidence as well. This includes raising a sixth grader’s failing math scores to As and Bs in just two weeks of working together and helping a student in special education transition to a regular-education English class. Additionally, I currently tutor reading, writing, and mathematics to several other elementary students.

I am familiar with Wilson, ELA, and SFA English curricula in conjunction with Connected, Everyday, and Envision math curricula. Furthermore, I have over seventy hours of training in early childhood development and education; I have also worked with special needs students (including students with autism, difficulty focusing, ADHD, and chronic illnesses).

Elementary Math

Elementary math is one of the subjects I tutor most often, seeing as the fundamentals learned in these years are built upon throughout the rest of the student's educational and adult career. I am familiar with Envision, Connected, and Everyday Math curriculums, and have assisted with schoolwork, as well as have developed my own lesson plans for tutoring clients. One of my previous students, a sixth grader, went from D/Fs to A/Bs on her math tests after just two weeks of working together! I was so proud of her hard work and she was extremely excited. I have recently tutor a third grader and fourth grader in math, too. During my teaching sessions I am able to use activities, books, games, and more to facilitate learning. Each lesson is tailored to incorporate kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning styles.

Elementary Science

Elementary science includes a basis of several sciences--physical, chemical, and biological. I work well with all three and spend time developing an understanding of the concepts with each student. I use hands-on activities to promote understanding as well as interactive assignments, videos, and manipulatives.


English is a passion of mine that I exercise regularly. I enjoy taking the time to help others improve and feel confident in their skills; I love helping children and teens find the ability to express themselves. I have worked with elementary, middle, high school, and college students in English, and they have been very pleased with my services. In the past, I have had discussions, friendly debates, and have written outlines for essays and school assignments with my clients. I also help two elementary school girls with their reading, spelling, and vocabulary through games and books. Additionally, I have assisted a middle school child in bringing his compositions to the next level; we expand upon previous lessons and learn to use new vocabulary and structures to improve his writing.


From my experience, grammar is a subject learned from doing rather than reading. I teach grammar skills through text; however, I mostly do work with writing, including assigning papers and short paragraphs, which are then edited. I use the editing period to focus on the areas that need improvement and to also point out which areas are strong. This targets where the student is struggling with grammar the most and is much more constructive than reading from a textbook.


I have training in the specific time tables, skills, and activities that promote fine motor development, which is crucial to good handwriting, as well as training in childhood cognitive development. In addition to this, I am familiar with the Handwriting Without Tears certification program and implement their strategies, such as the efficiency and transition order, for both print and cursive writing. I have worked with toddlers and children in the development of their occupational and fine motor skills, which can then be transferred to handwriting (grip, wrist movement, etc.).


My tutoring sessions focus on three main points: understanding the literature, analyzing the piece, and responding to the work. I have used this method with an eleventh grade student and it has proved very successful for it encompasses what schools and colleges are looking for; they want a student that can read a piece of literature, understand its concepts and importance, and then comment on the nature of the piece. Responding to literature shows more than comprehension; it takes the text further and puts thought to paper. Understanding literature is also a feature I focus on because it lays the groundwork for future material and also develops connections between time periods and social issues.


When teaching phonics, I take great care in preparing the student for further reading. After all, phonics is the key to a strong reading foundation. I have worked with a rising first grader and in our phonics lessons I used Wilson Reading, Orton-Gillingham, and Reading Recovery techniques. This combination of multi-sensory learning helped the student succeed and learn to read fluently. Part of the problem older children have with reading is that they memorized words instead of learning to decode the vocabulary and blend the sounds. I work to teach students how to read and write phonetically. My approach involves basic pen and paper techniques, in addition to activities such as singing and dance, books, and imaginative play. I also use Phonics books (such as Progressive Phonics, BOB books, and Fun Phonics Books), Wilson words/letter pairs, and traditional worksheets to supplement learning.


Satisfactory understanding and completion of prealgebra is necessary for high school mathematics. A solid foundation in prealgebra leads to better performance in Algebra I, a course a student does not want to fall behind in. I go through concepts and equations step by step so that a student knows how to solve the problem on his/her own. I also help with skills in need of improvement and can provide enrichment work for skills that require a challenge.


Proofreading comes naturally to me for I take great pride and care in my work. I like to teach students how to be mindful of their mistakes and how to proofread their own work because they won't always have someone to do it for them.


Reading comprehension and fluency are essential to the growth of each student in terms of his or her education and adult career. I use a hands-on approach that dives into the material, while also acknowledging its real-world applications. After all, many students don't want to study a subject they can't see the value in. Coupled with this, I organize sensory activities for younger or special needs students (read and perform the action, sing and dance, read and cook) to correspond with the material covered. In the past, I have spent time with a five year old covering phonics, reading comprehension, fluency, and writing. She is now able to read for longer durations of time and is no longer daunted by the prospect of another reading piece; now she loves selecting new books to read. Additionally, I have worked with a kindergartner who was a rather strong reader but needed some additional practice with fluency and vocabulary, using context clues, and having motivation. I have also worked with a high school junior requiring assistance with AP Literature and Composition.

SAT Math

I can assist with SAT math, the raising of scores, and helping to improve confidence before the test. This includes working through practice problems and exams, focusing on troublesome strands, and reviewing several concepts. I will also provide additional motivation and assist in the preparation of a SAT study schedule.

SAT Reading

SAT reading is strongly based in comprehension and vocabulary. I will assist in raising scores, confidence, and the development of a study schedule. I teach vocabulary, Latin roots, and work with several interesting reading pieces to improve comprehension. Finally, practice questions and exams will be used for preparation purposes.

Special Needs

I have assisted students who are d/Deaf, have ADHD, autism, anxiety, and speech/language impediments. I have also tutored students with medical concerns. I am able to take a lesson and incorporate movement, extra or limited stimulation, and even put lessons into real-world contexts.


I have experience supplementing speech therapy for a child between the ages of three and five. I have completed the advanced level of American Sign Language, have taken courses in Communication and Language Development, and am familiar with Wilson Reading. I teach phonics, pronunciation, and mouth movement, and I can also assist in expanding a child's speech/vocabulary.


I can assist both younger and older students with spelling. I work to teach the common principles of spelling, to expand their vocabulary and to teach common testing/school words. I can help to improve testing scores and also help with writing compositions.

Study Skills

I currently work with sixth and eleventh grade students, both girls who want help with studying for exams in addition to help understanding the concepts taught. Due to a difference in age and grade I modify my lessons, test taking strategies and study skills to fit what is needed and what can be handled at the time. With the sixth grader, I teach her how to pace herself, how to make flashcards, several memorization techniques (tips and tricks) and a time frame for studying. The eleventh grader, who participates in many AP courses, needs more advanced help. We work on proficient outlines, time management, completing questions efficiently and oral data presentations. Moreover, organization, accuracy and double-checking answers are also found in the lesson plans.


A large vocabulary is a tool of a strong writer and orator as well as a great test taker. I work to expand vocabulary bases through latin roots, words belonging to specific categories (for younger children) and to help with definitions. I also spend time putting the new vocabulary into context and teaching memorization skills.


I tutor writing, not only in terms of English class, but for all writing pieces inside and outside the classroom. I have worked on AP Literature and Composition and Honors US History II, both writing-intensive courses, with a high school junior. We have discussed outlines, spelling, and grammar with a specific focus on content. I have done very similar things with college students. With younger children, I work on staying in tense, getting ideas across clearly, and expanding upon sentences. We work on varying sentence structure, as well as focusing on the intended audience. Additionally, I work on spelling and clarity.

Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL
Elementary, Deaf Ed.


Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL (Elementary, Deaf Ed.)

Kylie's Awesome

Kylie is great with our 9 year old daughter. She helps her feel comfortable and her teaching methods stick with her. Kylie is very knowledgeable in a number of subjects and teaching methods.

— Jill, Saint Augustine, FL on 9/19/17

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