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I'm excited to be of service to students with Learning Differences! I don't call them disabilities because I am recovering from them myself, and I developed the program I teach because it has helped me and other students I teach! I am an Educator with a BA in Elementary Education, a Flutist, Certified Music Practitioner (therapeutic musician), Health Rhythms Drum facilitator, and Color therapy Facilitator. I have combined these disciplines into a unique, one of a kind teaching format to help stimulate, relax and energize the brain! Brain-imaging studies show music processes large-scale networks through both sides of your brain, activating areas responsible for language, listening, motor skills, creativity and more! It is a fact that listening to Live therapeutic music does equalize brain waves!

If you are having challenges with reading words, paying attention, spelling, music or counting I can help! I am a very unique teacher, and understand how to help those suffering with various challenges like Dyslexia as well as ADD/ADHD. It was a music teacher who trained and certified me with the Brain Gym format. I have taught beginning flute players who have learning "differences." In fact, learning to play the flute would be a great opportunity to de-stress your child. Deep breathing is required to play the flute, and that can alleviates stress. Shallow breathing is one cause of stress!

The main reason rhythm is such a powerful tool is that it permeates the entire brain! Vision for example is in one part of the brain, speech another, but drumming accesses the whole brain! The sound of drumming generates dynamic neuronal connections in all parts of the brain, even where there is significant damage or impairment such as ADD. So, this can help retrain the brain! Research also shows an improvement in total mood disturbance when one is engaged in this type of drumming! Let's reduce stress in the learning process! Let's be Joyful instead!!!

The use of color therapy is known to alleviate visual stress, helping Dyslexia as well as other learning challenges. while using both the left and right brain hemispheres. Creative endeavors use your right brain and logical math processes use the left side. Both sides need stimulation! When reading black text on white paper, you may skip lines, jumble words, musical notes, or numbers etc. So I change the background colour on which the text is superimposed on! It has helped me and many others!

In a controlled study conducted at the Portland Optometric Clinic, children with dyslexia and other learning differences were treated with two particular colors. After 26 treatments, their field of vision which was considerably narrower than normal, was then found to be normal or nearly so. Improvement was also noted in behavior, reading ability, length of attention span and athletic ability!

Last but not least, I always teach brain gym movements, aka "Edu-K." Each week the student will take home a new movement to practise. This is a readiness program involving specific movements and strategies for improving reading, writing, spelling, math, speaking, listening and performance skills. This promotes stress free learning! Brain Gym provides a structure that any learner can apply to any skill or situation to enhance his/her ability to learn! With all of these positive aspects, I look forward to being of service to you and your family!
I'm excited to be of service to students with Learning Differences! I don't call them disabilities because I am recovering from them myself, and I developed the program I teach because it has helped me and other students I teach! I am an Educator with a BA in Elementary Education, a Flutist, Certified Music Practitioner (therapeutic musician), Read more

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I have received grants from VSA (Very Special Arts of Florida) to work with students in a Behavioral Health Hospital setting whose diagnosis was ADD/ADHD. As I was an employee with this hospital system, my program was implemented on a regular basis after the grant was completed. I performed one-on-one Therapeutic music with color therapy and Brain gym exercises. There is evidence that these modalities promote brain stimulation. My groups consisted of Character Building Drum Rhythms, brain gym and group color therapy with live therapeutic music I played on my flute, Native American & Silver Alto. It is a known fact that Live therapeutic music equalizes brain waves. It is also known that Brain-imaging studies have shown that music is processed in large-scale networks throughout both brain hemispheres, activating areas responsible for language, listening, motor skills, memory and creativity, among others. Research has also demonstrated that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain synchronizes the 2 brain hemispheres. The right side for creative subjects, such as art, music, drama, cooking and more. While stimulation of the left side promotes logical number sequences, science, math and analysis. Drumming accesses the whole brain! Just the sound of drumming generates dynamic neuronal connections in all parts of the brain even where there is damage such as ADD. In regards to color therapy, there was a study conducted in the Portland, Oregon area. Children with learning disabilities were treated with 2 specific colors, used as a sensory stimulant. After 16 treatments, their field of vision which previously was narrower than normal, (common in these types of patients) was then found to be near normal. Improvement was noted in behavior, reading ability, length of attentiion span and athletic ability. I personally have used this combination of modalities to help my own Dyslexia, ADD and Brain injuries, as well as being an Educator who understands and works with children through adults with varying levels of Brain imbalance, such as ADD/ADHD. Many of these students enjoy also playingthe flute, a wind instrument as deep breathing promotes less stress.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

As an Educator BA, Therapeutic musician (Certified Music Practitioner) I have worked with many Autistic students. Some of the students are on a very high level, while others are in the 10th grade but functioning on the level of a fourth grade student, at best. I enjoy these students because they don't operate out of character vices, they really can't relate to such behavior. The Autistic students I have received grants to work with respond first to hearing me play my flutes with the Oceon Drum, a soothing relaxing sound of waves. Over the top of that I play my Silver Alto flute, Pan flute or Native American flute. I do a few brain gym movements with them using a colored stage lamp or scarves depending on the situation. Through my methods of drumming, I have seen a group play together with fairly even beats! Even complicated rhythms are learned and committed to memory as I use the say it and play it method. The color therapy works very well with these students, giving them a calming and soothing experience. Studies have confirmed the positive effects of using color gels, glasses and even lighting to stimulate and relax the brain. During the "Say it & Play it" drum time, these students are learning how to spell words using the drum, as well as counting while playing the instrument. Not only are there studies to confirm what I have used on myself and other students, I have witnessed a non verbal student speak clearly to the other members of the group. That same student was also able to play the Recorder, (flute like instrument as an improvisation, while his classmates were playing the hand drums! Now, one-on-one I have used my "Lu'Musik" method. That is a combination of color therapy and Live therapeutic music played by me. It is very effective and especially when the person is well hydrated. (Drinking enough pure water) One's brain needs lots of water to function well. Using the word Courage, its demonstrated as a 6 beat rhythm and is learned by spelling it out in a certain pattern. It is true, that these students shine in other subjects while learning in such a creative manner. The sound of the drum does resonate in both sides of the brain! The right side of the brain is for the creative subjects Art, Music, Drama and cooking to name a few. But it takes both sides! The left side is for words, numbers, logical and linear thinking. The students spell out words like "Responsibility," a 7 beat pattern. There are many other words they can learn to spell along with short sentences that fit into a rhythm. Usually the Autistic student is very right brained and has the potential to be very creative! All one needs is a chance to shine! I do give these students a chance to do just that. Either in a group or one on one, I joyfully give my best to make a difference! I look forward to serving you and your family!


I have experience in using unique creative tools to help stimulate the brain. In addition to having a degree in Education, I do work with students with varying learning challenges such as Dyslexia, ADD and those in the Autism spectrum. I incorporate Edu-K/Brain Gym to stimulate both sides of the brain for readiness to learn. I am a trained therapeutic musician. There is research that shows simple hand drumming helps to stimulate both sides of the brain for less stress in learning. There is also evidence that using a yellow clear gel sheet over reading material can help the students ability to focus. I have used all of these methods myself as a Recovering Dyslexic.


I have been playing flute for over 35 years. I play the Silver Alto flute, Concert C flute, South American Pan flute, Kana, Shakuachi and the Peruvian Whistling Vessel. I always like to teach beginners. I specialize in teaching proper breath controlthis de-stresses the player and gives one a solid and a strong tone. I like to teach the notes with the fingering first before the written notation. A feeling for the instrument is essential, so one can feel the music before seeing it in black and white. Should the student have blocks in learning as we go along, I utilize Brain Gym movements to unlock the blocked area in the brain. I learned this method and was trained in these movements from a music teacher. These movements provide a structure of various movements that help de-stress the student, while he/she is learning a new skill, integrating it into their system in a gentle manner. This is holistic education! So this method offers the learner a self-directed system with which to pace his/her individual learning needs. In addition to learning written musical notation, sounds and fingerings, the student will take home a brain gym movement each week to practice and master!
I have another method which works really well if the student can't follow a line of music or gets lost, in addition to brain gym movements, I use a color transparency over the sheet music and that helps the brain focus easier. I know it works, I have done it for myself and others! Studies even prove color therapy improves attention span, reading ability and lessens eye strain! I look forward to serving you and your family! Best wishes Cheryl aka "Chery"

General Music

I can teach general music, have taught flute and class Recorder to 5 & 6 year olds. I have a special skill set for special needs students. I include Brain Gym as that is something I learned from a music teacher, which helps the brain focus!


I can help students improve their brain function so that reading is easier, especially teaching "Brain Gym" exercises to improve the focus, staying on track while reading and of course stimulating the brain with the methods I have used to help those with "Learning Differences" including reading, I have been working with students at "The Able Center" with my unique methods and holistic educational approach. Holistic education is considering the the child's whole being, body, mind and spirit. Even not drinking enough pure water can stress a child's brain to a point where he/she has trouble in staying focused and perceptive.

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