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— Lauren, Miami, FL on 11/2/16


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Washington and Lee University
Econ and Philosophy
Southern California Institute of Architecture


Washington and Lee University (Econ and Philosophy)

Southern California Institute of Architecture (Master's)

About Blair

I had a successful career with teaching experience at the graduate level for Architecture, and mentoring my own employees. I have run my own firm as well. Before starting architecture, I received my BA in philosophy and economics from Washington and Lee University. I also founded a .com company focused on credit card risk prevention and data warehousing. I was SVP of systems design, creating applications in Java and on large mainframes.

I scored 30 points short of perfect on the GRE, so have a rare balance of analytic and written skills.

I teach through inspiration, finding the real love for a discipline. Wrote memorization is sometimes important, but if you can feel the shape and form of a problem in your gut, you know it forever.

I look forward to helping you find the passion that will drive your studies and remind you why you signed up for whatever class you are in.

I am currently starting a new business and am tutoring in order to have a fulfilling way to make income while I seek funding.
I had a successful career with teaching experience at the graduate level for Architecture, and mentoring my own employees. I have run my own firm as well. Before starting architecture, I received my BA in philosophy and economics from Washington and Lee University. I also founded a .com company focused on credit card risk prevention and data Read more

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"Knowledgeable and fun"

- Lauren, Miami, FL on 11/2/16

"Blair seems to know everything about Microsoft"

- Jacomina, Miami, FL on 6/18/15

"Balance and ease with method, rigor, and a friendly approach."

- Sylvie, Miami, FL on 3/20/14

"Look no further!"

- HANS, Miami, FL on 10/18/13
ACT Math, GRE,
Microsoft Excel
ACT English
Test Preparation:
ACT English, ACT Math, GRE
Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft PowerPoint

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Approved subjects

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Adobe Illustrator

I have used Adobe Illustrator for 14 years. It is my primary program used for architectural presentations. I also use it for artwork and marketing material.

I have technical expertise in the software, as well as being an award-winning designer.

Illustrator is a very powerful program, but can be extremely frustrating until you learn its tricks. Looking forward to getting you to a place of flow with the software.

Adobe InDesign

I have created professional presentations using InDesign for the last 7 years, importing data from Excel, formatting, Master Pages and layout.

I have created proposals for multi-million dollar projects in InDesign, that have been funded.

Adobe Photoshop

I have used Adobe Photoshop professionally for 14 years. My main use of the software is architectural renderings, mixing 3D models with real world photos.

I also can help with the basics of the software as well.

Photoshop can be a bit temperamental, and working out a personal workflow for yourself is a key to mastering the software.


I received my Master's Degree in architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in 2005. Following graduation, I taught for two years at the graduate level. I opened my own firm in 2006, concurrent with teaching, and successfully completed many complex projects in Los Angeles.

Teaching architecture is my favorite passion. I entered the field with very little experience and had a tremendous time getting acclimated to the combination of technical and artful experience required to be a success in this field. So I am very sensitive to the needs of students entering this intense discipline.

Studio projects require a mix of 'knowing' and 'not-knowing'. Synthesizing the pragmatics of structure, safety, aesthetics, and presentation doesn't happen right away, it is a long process, and learning to be OK in that process is one of the keys to success.

I help students find a process that works for them. Everyone has to discover their own workflow, and most of my teaching involved enabling students to get 'unstuck' whether they were stuck because of a technical issue, an emotional issue, or a focus issue. Architecture requires 'all of a person' and I can help tune your approach so you can learn to 'flow' in your work.

As well, I can spend time focusing on specific aspects of the design process, whether it is learning tools, working on representation techniques, or perfecting your presentation.

I have spoken at Harvard, Cornell, and IFA in Paris on architecture, and have sat on juries in those same institutions. I know the pressure of these type presentations and can help students prepare their presentation for success.

Art Theory

I have taught architecture at a leading university where critical art theory led the discussions. I have debated with leaders in the field and have a good understanding of it, especially from the post-modern era forward. I also produce art and can help you contextualize your own work into the current discourses in art theory.


I have 14 years experience using the software. Producing architectural drawings for my own practice. Layer discipline, lineweights, drawing critique and markup. At this point AutoCAD is an extension of my self more or less.

Have also produced engineering drawings, detail drawings, and drawings for art projects. My AutoCAD experience is focused on architectural production.

I also managed and trained my staff and interns to use the software, so I understand how to teach its use quiet well.

Computer Programming

I was SVP of Systems Design for a .com from 1996 to 2000. I hired and trained staff to program in Java, RPG and C++.

My talents are especially strong in database design and network architecture.

I have written a data warehouse web-application using Java that was used at banks across the country. While working, I also tutored three students in C++. Writing clean code, and documenting the code, is crucial to success in coding. There are many ways to solve problems with programming, but some are more 'elegant' and efficient than others. That is where the real passion of coding comes in--finding the most elegant solution to a problem.

As well, I try to use real world examples to help students escape the abstract world of programming and relate the symbolic language to their physical world.

I also work with 'Use Cases' to first lay out a problem in its real world situation, then move to pseudo-code, and then to the actual language code. I find this transition helps connect the abstract language to reality.

Looking forward to helping you master the compiler!


I have 15 years of experience drawing as an architect. This work includes digital production as well as analog. I tend to work across mediums, using analog and digital methods. I can assist with perspective drawing as well


I have a BA in Economics from Washington and Lee University, and have continued to apply much of what I have learned in business since then.

Economics has become a very interesting topic as the world's systems have challenged the traditional notions of the discipline. Behavioral economics, The Austrian School, and theories of money have impact on our lives directly these days. I am here to help connect the sometimes abstract theories to your personal lives, so you can have a more intuitive understanding of the graphs and theories of the discipline.

General Computer

I have been working with computers since I first bought my Apple II in the beginning of the personal computer era. From programming to simple operations, I wrote software for banks and helped install that software and train users across the country. Whatever level your problem, and whatever you want to learn, I am 'your guy'.


I scored nearly perfect on the GRE, and have taken a lot of tests in my day, including the architecture registration exams.

I know the tricks, and the fundamentals to improve your scores and get you past this hurdle. The techniques I learned, beyond the fundamentals, helped me increase my scores by 10-20% on technique alone.

There is a way to successfully take tests. Looking forward to helping you with the content and form of these exams.


I wrote some of the first Java code to be accepted in American Express. I wrote Java code for about 5 years and ran a staff of about 20 coders.

If you are programming correctly, Java is FUN. Getting the idiosyncrasies of the syntax is the first step, and learning to write pseudocode helps tremendously. If you can't construct the problem in natural language, you are going to have a really hard time working it out in code.

Looking forward to helping you learn this great programming language.


Aside from graduating with a degree in Philosophy, my work with logic continued into my days programming computers.

Fallacies, syllogisms, and cognitive biases are something of a hobby for me.

I would be very interested to teach logic.

Microsoft Excel

Excel. I love it. I want you to love it. It is such a powerful piece of software. I currently use it to create proformas and summarize them into a real estate fund.

From complex waterfall distributions to simple accounting, I have done it all in excel.

I also taught clients how to use custom excel spreadsheets that I have created for their business. Linking to databases, visual basic, and layout and design of spreadsheets, I have you covered.

Microsoft Project

I have managed teams of up to 25 people using Microsoft Project and have been using the software professionally for about 20 years. Yes, it can be a frustrating tool to use, but once you understand its interface, it can become extremely powerful, from cost tracking to staffing, Project is very helpful, especially in the construction industry.

Washington and Lee University
Econ and Philosophy
Southern California Institute of Architecture


Washington and Lee University (Econ and Philosophy)

Southern California Institute of Architecture (Master's)

Knowledgeable and fun

Blair made Economics fun and interesting. He provided a lot of real life examples to make it easier to understand. He really helped with studying for my test!

— Lauren, Miami, FL on 11/2/16

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