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He knows Calculus and the background
— Carole, Saint Augustine, FL on 4/4/17


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Attending University of North Florida (Senior)
Discrete Mathematics


Attending University of North Florida (Senior) (Discrete Mathematics)

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I am absolutely passionate about mathematics, but it has not always been this way as one might expect. When I was in middle school I hated mathematics and science--I was thoroughly struggling. My rapid turn around occurred when I sought help from a tutor, of whom I owe a lot of what I have become today. She not only helped me succeed in those subjects, but she instilled my addiction for mathematics. I desire to implant that same fervent desire to learn and succeed in mathematics into another student who has not had math "click" into place for them. I have had a first hand account of how difficult mathematics can seem, but I can also attest to how much fun you can have when you realize the intrinsic nature of mathematics. Once the concepts start falling into place, you will begin to understand the interconnectivity between all forms of mathematics and other school subjects or life applications.

I feel that I have a unique platform to be able to teach mathematics to high school and middle school students. Being a college student currently, I am not too far out of the loop on what goes on in high school and middle school. I understand what is circulating through a student's mind and can give first-hand advice on any questions or problems that occur inside or outside of school. Overall, my goal is to be as relatable to the student as possible while still retaining a rigorous learning environment.

I have tutored everything from middle school mathematics to college level mathematics over the past 5 years. I began to teach math when I was a junior in high school where I was a TA for a middle school math class. My job there was to reinforce concepts to students who were not fully understanding the material. After high school, I went off to college to start on my math degree. It was then that I started to tutor more seriously. As I have progressed through my degree, I have continued to tutor higher and higher level mathematics. I have also spent some time tutoring for the university up through Calculus III and Linear Algebra.

In terms of teaching style, I am very heavy on intuition. Simply teaching my student how to algorithmically complete the problem accomplishes nothing. Give it five years and they will have forgotten how to do the problem. For this reason, I strive to teach the underlying concepts of a topic. After the firm conception of the intuition is reached, I will then move on to explaining how to do the problem. Another trick I like to utilize is foreshadowing. For example, if the student is learning algebra, I will allude to a complimentary subject in calculus. This creates a sense of mystique on how all the mathematics courses really interconnect. Eventually, the student will be able to say, "Well maybe calculus is not as hard as everyone says it is. Maybe I can really do it!" Just like that, a preconceived notion is broken down and a sense of excitement ensues.

I am currently a senior at the University of North Florida pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Discrete Mathematics with a minor in computer science. I am currently two classes away from graduating, and will be graduating December of 2017.

As I am still a college student, I do not have a free range of scheduling available, but I will have at least a few hours each day to devote to tutoring. I personally feel that a student will work best in their own home with face to face contact, but a public space that is quiet will also work if needed. I also now offer online tutoring. The site offers many resources to make the experience excellent, and I myself have the resources and technical know-how to make it a very professional, enjoyable experience.

I hope I will hear from you soon, so we can discover all the awe-inspiring concepts in mathematics together!
I am absolutely passionate about mathematics, but it has not always been this way as one might expect. When I was in middle school I hated mathematics and science--I was thoroughly struggling. My rapid turn around occurred when I sought help from a tutor, of whom I owe a lot of what I have become today. She not only helped me succeed in those Read more

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"He knows Calculus and the background"

- Carole, Saint Augustine, FL on 4/4/17

"Our Mathematic Angel!"

- Gina, Jacksonville, FL on 2/13/17

"Great Tutor!"

- Sue, Jacksonville, FL on 11/18/16

"Fantastic Tutor."

- Tamika, Jacksonville, FL on 11/13/16

"Awesome tutor"

- Michael, Jacksonville, FL on 9/30/16

"Got an English student through math with an A!"

- Daniel, Jacksonville, FL on 5/8/16

"He gets math!!"

- Susan, Jacksonville, FL on 6/15/15
Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Differential Equations, Discrete Math,
Finite Math,
Geometry, Linear Algebra,
Guitar, Music Theory
General Computer, Java

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Algebra 1

I received a grade of an A in Algebra I when I first took the class in 9th grade. It is the class I have also tutored the most since almost everyone struggles with it. I can teach all the concepts, and I know how they relate to higher level mathematics.

Algebra 2

I have had multiple chances to tutor Algebra II over the last few years. Along with Algebra I, it is the most foundational mathematics there is for secondary and post-secondary mathematics. This makes it extremely important for me to always teach the intuition so that the material is not easily forgotten.


I received an A in my first year programming class covering the C programming language. I have also taken many classes on computing theory and can explain both the computational paradigms and the formal mathematics behind them. This will help in explaining the intuition behind programming in C.


I have been through the complete calculus sequence of Calculus 1, 2, & 3 and passed each with either an A or a B. Since most people struggle with calculus, I have had a lot of experience tutoring calculus over the past couple years!

Discrete Math

Discrete mathematics is the concentration of my math degree, and it is really where my passion lies. I have studied basic discrete topics such as: set theory, cominatorics, graph theory, computing theory, and biomathematics. I prefer these topics in mathematics over the continuous side of mathematics such as calculus.

Finite Math

Finite mathematics is essentially discrete mathematics without rigorous proofs. Since the focus of my degree is discrete mathematics, the concepts covered in a finite mathematics class are my specialty. I understand both the subjects and the theory behind the subjects. I have also tutored finite mathematics a hand-full of times both privately and for my university.

Linear Algebra

I completely understand the concepts in undergraduate linear algebra that include: matrix mathematics, reduced row echelon form through Gaussian elimination, the concept of the determinant of a matrix, subspaces and the idea of a basis, and eigenvalues and eigenvectors and how they relate back to subspaces and the determinant of a matrix. I received a B in my linear algebra course, but I feel like I really learned a lot, and would feel comfortable teaching it. I have never tutored this subject outside of helping other classmates, but I would enjoy to help those who are struggling in the future.


I have taken multiple classes covering logic and introduction to proofs. This knowledge has been further solidified by many more upper level math classes that hinge on the ability to make valid arguments which lead to correct conclusions. I have also had experience tutoring this topic on multiple occasions.


Pre-algebra is where I really began to love mathematics. The first time I saw algebra concepts, I did not get the material, but now mathematics is my passion. Once someone learns the basics, it is really not hard to learn!


I took Precalculus three times; each time I got 98% or higher. Not only have a tutored it before but I know all the tidbits of information that each teacher presented differently. Consequently, there are multiple ways I can teach the subject effectively.

Attending University of North Florida (Senior)
Discrete Mathematics


Attending University of North Florida (Senior) (Discrete Mathematics)

He knows Calculus and the background

Caleb helped me understand derivatives and when to use them. He is very good at explaining things and helped me work problems. I was very comfortable with him from the start. I think he has a talent to help others because he has struggled in the past also and knows how it feels. A very positive experience!

— Carole, Saint Augustine, FL on 4/4/17

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