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— RENEE, Opa Locka, FL on 2/11/15


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Elem. Ed.


FIU (Elem. Ed.)

About Sandra

Dedicated, caring tutor with many years' experience helps strengthen confidence with your child's educational needs.

Hello, my name is Sandy, and I'd like to be your child's tutor. I bring experience as a seasoned classroom teacher, and I am highly effective in teaching and tutoring at the Elementary level. I have taught many Elementary students and helped them to become successful in school, and I especially love working with students who may need extra time in developing to their potential.
I have also worked with Beginning ESOL/ESL students and Special Needs students.

*Beginner's Spanish, Grammar, Poetry, and Creative Writing (Elementary School level) lessons are also available.

I can help your child to reach his or her potential, and increase your child's confidence. I specialize in providing remediation of all skills for the students. I use direct, explicit instruction and repeated practice to teach all skills, and my goal with children is to introduce and/or reinforce the skills taught in school, while providing fun, caring, and encouragement to help them. I use a variety of assessments in order to target the student's specific needs.

*Reading Vocabulary-
I believe, that a strong vocabulary helps you to achieve high levels of reading, helps you to read faster, and helps you understand what you read. I also feel that knowing how to use vocabulary words effectively will help you to acquire knowledge, that is crucial to understanding, processing and answering the questions on your test. Also vocabulary is a fundamental tool for acquiring knowledge to help you boost your Reading level for your School Exams. My Reading Vocabulary and Study Skills help prepare your Reading Test, and with my careful,designed vocabulary and instruction, including definitions,and context clues, (choosing the best word for a specific content) and my challenging materials will help to increase your Reading scores.

* 6th and 7th grade Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary, (with definitions and context clues) also available.

*Reading: First, we "learn to read," then we "read to learn." Therefore, reading is one of the most important skills that they will need to gain information independently. I provide support for struggling readers. Often, early elementary students struggle to read and comprehend, primarily due to poor reading, fluency and deficient phonetic skills.

*I can really help your child with his or her phonics, vocabulary, inference, comprehension, drawing conclusions, context clues, main idea skills, spelling and creating Book Reports.

*Math - A student may need to review (practice basic steps that he/she may not have yet mastered). Strategies are taught to increase functional learning levels.

*Lots of practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, word problems, clocks, money, and more for those students who need extra help or enrichment.
(*I have some very easy/ effective Multiplication practices to help your child learn his or her Multiplication Facts.) * I also have some very easy ways to learn subtraction.

*I believe in all that whatever my students do in their future, will be a reflection of how I have helped them to succeed, gain confidence, master their skills,find their strengths, and to become "the best they can be."

* This is the perfect time for your child to to start / and or continue reading from a Chapter Book.
Flat Stanley, Berenstain Bears, and Beverly Cleary Books, such as Ramona Quimby Age 8, Henry Huggins, Ralph and the Motorcycle, and Ralph S. Mouse, seem to be a big favorite with my students, as well as many others.
(Comprehension, Reading Skills and Book Reports are also included with my Chapter Books.)

*Reading , Study Skills, and Test taking Strategies- *Now is the perfect time to work on Reading Vocabulary, Comprehension, the Main Idea,Cause and Effect, Author's Voice/ Purpose, Inference Skills,Generalizations, Detailed Questions; as well as Study Skills, and Test-taking Strategies to study and prepare for the Reading section of the ACT Test. Reading Passages will be on Prose Fiction (from short stories or novels), Humanities, (memoir of personal essays) (real people/real events) Social Studies,(generally discussions of research with support and presentation of facts) and Natural Science. (any form of scientific writing, lab report,article, textbook, with scientific language, facts, and figures,) *There are 4 Reading passages, which should take you approximately 9 minutes per passage.
*You have 35 minutes to answer 40 questions. *Allow yourself plenty of time to start preparing for this test. (This is the perfect time to start.)

***Special Rates for new students - 1 1/2 hrs. of tutoring, *** ($45.00 an hr.)
($45.00 for the hour and $22 for the extra half hour)
(Total tutoring fee will be $67 for 1 1/2 hrs. of tutoring.)
***Also , Special Affordable Family Rates for 2 or more family members. (Also, $45.00 an hr.)
(special rates effective only after first lesson takes place)

I'm looking forward to meeting you and working with your child or (children)

Thank you.
Dedicated, caring tutor with many years' experience helps strengthen confidence with your child's educational needs.

Hello, my name is Sandy, and I'd like to be your child's tutor. I bring experience as a seasoned classroom teacher, and I am highly effective in teaching and tutoring at the Elementary level. I have taught many Elementary
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24 hours notice required

Cancellations made in 24 hrs. or less will have a $20.00 fee to compensate the tutor for lesson preparation and time management. *Request to prepare extra lessons will be an extra $6.00 an hour.

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In-person lessons


- RENEE, Opa Locka, FL on 2/11/15
Sandra replied on 3/12/2015

Dear Renee,
Thank you for taking the time to rate her lessons, and a really big thank you for the nice review for other WyzAnt students to see.
It really made me feel good, that in such a short time you have already seen lots of improvement with your daughter's Reading and Math.
She really seems to enjoy the one-on-one, of someone sitting next to her, while she's working on her skills.
She's making good progress, and I thank you for allowing me to tutor her. She's a very special little girl. :)
I was very touched by what you wrote. Thanks a million. :)

"Great Tutor"

- Roxana, Hollywood, FL on 9/15/16
Sandra replied on 8/12/2017

Thank you for writing such a beautiful review about my tutoring, and always taking the time to rate my lessons. :) It is very appreciated.
It is a pleasure to work with parents, who want the best for their child. :)
It has also been a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with your daughter. She is such a cute, adorable,happy, smiling and cooperative little girl. I'm so very proud of how she has such a positive attitude, when working with me. Every time I work with her, I can see how she's improving in her skills,while growing academically, and confidently.
Working one-on-one with her is so beneficial to her in her learning. She loves someone sitting
next to her and helping her with her skills. :)
I hope I will be able to help her for a long time.

"Lovely first approach"

- Francisco, North Miami Beach, FL on 1/12/16
Sandra replied on 1/14/2016

Dear Francisco,

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." Chinese Proverb
"If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world." Ludwig Wittingstein

It is a pleasure to work with your son. He seems to be very enthusiastic, and has a very positive attitude toward learning. I am so impressed with how he remains focused,and can be depended on, to do what he is asked to do.

With lots of practice with me, in school, and at home, he should become very successful in writing, reading,speaking, and understanding all that he is learning.
Your help and encouragement to help him be "the best he can be", will keep him motivated to learn.
Looking forward to helping your son in all our future tutoring sessions.

"Great Teacher"

- Sandra, Hollywood, FL on 11/10/15
Sandra replied on 11/14/2015

Dear Sandra,

Thank you for writing something so nice for my profile. :)

"Believing in yourself is your first step to success." Junaid Raza

Your daughter is a very happy, well-adjusted child, and it is a pleasure to work with her. She bubbles over with interest and enthusiasm. :) She also has great potential, and works toward achieving it. I'm so excited to see what she can do, and I look forward to helping her to be successful in being "the best she can be."

"Great Tutor!"

- STEPHANIE, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 11/8/15
Sandra replied on 11/10/2015

Dear Stephanie,

"The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step." Leo Tzu

I was very proud and impressed by the way your son followed directions, and did his very best on his first tutoring session. Fantastic job!

"Very thorough, right on target"

- Aliya, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 10/19/15
Sandra replied on 10/21/2015

Dear Aliya.

"Education is wonderful, it helps you worry about things all over the world." Joey Adams

Thank you for taking the time to write something nice for my profile. :)

It's always great to have parents, who are so supportive, and want to address their child's challenges and want to help to put their children on track to achieve success in and out of the classroom.

The testing I did will help you and me to understand, identify, and pin point the areas where your daughter needs targeted instruction, and help to see where the difficulty is, and how to improve her achievement and self-esteem.

I'm excited that I will have the opportunity to help your daughter with her skills. She is a very pretty, sweet, cooperative, and well-behaved child. I love her beautiful smile, and her good sense of humor. She has a nice, positive attitude toward improving in her skills. :)

I look forward to working with her.

"Caring and knowledgeable tutor"

- Idella, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 10/5/15
Sandra replied on 10/7/2015

It's wonderful that you, and your husband, are so supportive in wanting to help your grandson to succeed. He is so lucky to have such nice, caring, grandparents! :)

Your grandson is very well-behaved and cooperative,and it is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him. :)
I really like how your grandson seems so eager to take responsibility for his learning .He puts forth his best effort into working on a task,such as filling in the correct word in a Spelling sentence. Great, great job ! :)
I look forward to helping him gain confidence, and becoming stronger in his skills.

"Excellent first session! Very patient!"

- Carmen, Hollywood, FL on 9/16/15
Sandra replied on 9/17/2015

"Life is for happiness, and we feel it with appreciation and kindness."

I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to rate your son's first lesson, and
it's also nice to know that you and your son enjoyed the lesson as well.

It's been a pleasure having the opportunity to work with your son. :) He tried his best throughout the lesson, and was a hard worker. I enjoyed listening to his wonderful ideas, that he was sharing with me. He tackles new challenges seriously/eagerly and with a positive attitude. I can see he truly shines in his exceptionally special strengths in understanding and recognizing new words in Reading passages.

I can hardly wait to see all the great things he will do in our future tutoring sessions.

"Great Tutor!"

- Malicka, Pompano Beach, FL on 8/6/15
Sandra replied on 8/9/2015

Dear Malicka,

"Each student is an individual. The key is helping a student to determine, where he or she stands, and to point him or her in the right direction from his or her point of view."

"Tutoring is the process of getting students to become independent through questioning. Tutoring helps students develop self-confidence and improve study skills."

Thank you very much, as your support is greatly appreciated. :) It is a pleasure to work with your daughter, a very special, and beautiful young lady! I can see she has great potential, and she seems very eager to improve in her learning. She followed directions, did her best, and did an awesome job, being a hard worker for me.
I look forward to seeing, and working with her each time.

"Incredible Tutor. Since we met her, my child is very motivated and learning a lot every single day."

- Roberto, Hollywood, FL on 6/16/15
Sandra replied on 6/18/2015

Dear Roberto and Monica,

"Everyone appreciates being appreciated." Lance Mitchell. It is a pleasure to work with your son who bubbles over with enthusiasm, and is so eager to learn. Every time we meet, he is gaining more self-confidence,and truly shines in strengthening his skills. I am also so very proud of him, and his progress. :) "Connecting with those you know and appreciates you, gives you energy to keep moving forward in this life." I genuinely appreciate your continued, and loyal support for allowing me the privilege to tutor your son. He is a very special boy, and he makes tutoring so much fun, as well as being very rewarding for me. "Today I'm wearing the gift your son gave me,... a smile. Thanks I love it." :)

"Very responsive and resourceful"

- Isabel, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 4/8/15
Sandra replied on 4/11/2015

Dear Isabel,

Thank you so much for writing such a nice review of my first tutoring session with your grandson.
It was such a pleasure to work with your grandson, and I'm looking forward to working with him again.
He was very cooperative, and well-mannered for his first lesson, and he did an incredible job of following directions for all his skills. :) I can see that he has great potential, and he seems very eager to improve in his learning.
I really loved the pictures he drew,as he exhibits creativity, and is very talented in his art work. :)
I can't wait to see how he will improve in all of his skills.

"Good start"

- SANDRA, Hollywood, FL on 3/20/15
Sandra replied on 3/21/2015

Dear Sandra,

Thank you. It truly was a pleasure to work with your son. :) He was very cooperative and enthusiastic for his tutoring session. I especially enjoyed how he used Reading strategies to sound out, recognize, and spell a good variety of words.
I can hardly wait to see how he will impress me with his next tutoring session.

"Great Tutor"

- Carla, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 2/12/15
Sandra replied on 3/12/2015

Dear Carla,
Thank you for taking the time to rate her lessons, and a really big thank you for the nice review for other WyzAnt students to see. I truly enjoy working with your daughter. She's a beautiful, smart, and determined young lady. :) I'm so proud of the progress she is making with me, and how she's willing to be a hard worker, not only with me; but with her following her dream to be a Gymnast in the Olympics. It is also a pleasure to work with parents, who encourage and support their daughter, in all that she does.

"Professional, Flexible and Patient"

- Doris, Pompano Beach, FL on 5/31/14
Sandra replied on 3/12/2015

Dear Doris & Family,
I especially enjoyed working with your son today. :) It certainly was a pleasure to see him again; since the last time I tutored him. Wow, did he grow taller, since the last session we had, and he looked very very nice! (A very handsome young man). :)
He really was a good hard worker for me today. :)
*Relax, and with lots of practice, he'll do fine on all his skills.
(He just needs practice, and more practice.)
The skills we're working on, are not easy skills to understand.
He must make you very proud of him, for all that he does in school and at home.
Thanks again for deciding to use me again, as your son's tutor.
Hoping you and your family will be well for this year, and many years to come.

"Very Patient"

- Caridad, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 5/4/14

"Wonderful Tutor"

- Kimberly, Opa Locka, FL on 2/7/14
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math
ESL/ESOL, Grammar, Proofreading, Reading, Vocabulary
Microsoft Word
ESL/ESOL, Reading, Spanish
Special Needs:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, Phonics,
Reading, Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, Grammar, Handwriting,
Reading, Spelling,
Study Skills,
ESL/ESOL, Microsoft Word

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I am an experienced, seasoned teacher, and have taught and worked with students who were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD from the Kindergarten level up to the 5th grade level during my many years as an Elementary School Teacher. Some of the students I had to make recommendations for them to be tested by the school staff, identifying that these selected students were having difficulty in the classroom setting focusing, or exhibiting unusual behavior problems. The students were taught by me, in my self-contained classroom, for all their subjects. These students were on an individual reward system set up to help them to control their behavior and helped them to show progress on their assigned tasks at school. I worked very closely with the school guidance teacher, and the students' parents with communication on a daily basis to have a reward system at school, and with the parents at home,to accent on the positive behavior, show their strengths, and weaknesses and to show improvement with the students' assigned tasks. The students were very bright, but had a hard time focusing, and had a short attention span, and not a disinterest in learning. I have been successful at strategies to help students at school academically, socially, and behaviorally.

I have always enhanced my lessons to adapt and modify the curriculum as needed and to be customized for each student's individual needs to optimize his or her learning. I helped each student with organizational skills, study skills, and behavior modifications, and worked with students' strengths to help them learn best, and be highly motivated to succeed.

Usually a student with ADD/ADHD will learn more, and learn quicker, in a one-on-one setting. With my tutoring, I hope to help your child develop the skills he or she needs to become a self directed learner, which will last a lifetime of benefits.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have extensive experience in motivating, engaging, and teaching Elementary students (K-6) of all ages and abilities, including ESE, ESOL, Speech, Gifted, and students with Special Needs.

Respectively I have taught in the Elementary School for many years, and I am a seasoned teacher, and highly effective in teaching at the Elementary level. My teaching has equipped me with the skills needed to successfully tutor students, who needed extra support in the areas of phonics, fluency, and comprehension, in order to build their Reading skills. Also, Math, Spelling, Writing, Creative Writing (with stories and poetry), and Language Arts Skills.


Individualized handwriting instruction is one of the best ways for students to improve their handwriting skills. Previously in my teaching, I helped students to achieve legible and fluent handwriting which included printing(manuscript) and cursive (script).
Good handwriting habits have always helped to foster student success. My effective handwriting instruction always included teaching and reinforcing the correct letter formation (form and slant), the size of the letters, and the correct spacing between words.


I have taught Phonics in the Elementary School during all of my years of teaching. I love teaching Phonics, because it is a phonetic method of teaching Pre- Reading skills, and it has helped my students to acquire effective literacy skills in their Reading.
I reinforce the Phonics by making up additional skill papers to reinforce the Phonics skills they have learned at every grade level.


Beginner's Spanish

*For Beginner's Spanish, we would work on Spanish verbs in the present tense, vocabulary, and easy questions and answers using the verbs, and vocabulary we are working on.

Kindergarten/First Grade
We would work on sight words, colors, Dolch words, counting in Spanish, Days of the Week, names of animals, telling time, shapes, the family, zoo and farm animals, easy words with pictures, and easy Kindergarten/First Grade words, questions, and sentences.


Spelling/Grammar/ESL and ESOL-
From my past and present experiences,students with all varying levels of proficiency, are able to reach to their fullest potential with my stimulating step by step approach to improve and master their targeted skills. By strengthening a students understanding to effectively be able to communicate, with explanations, examples,and test taking strategies, of all basic skills, my students become more confident, and are able to demonstrate their knowledge and ideas successfully
for using the English language.

Study Skills

I am qualified to tutor Study Skills at the Elementary School level, because as a teacher with many years of experience, Study Skills have always helped my students to improve their study habits, and has developed responsibility with each student. I have taught Study Skills to help my students learn how to study for a test, learn to organize their ideas, to manage their time and to follow directions. I especially love teaching students how to use a dictionary, as it has made my students become good writers, by learning not only how to spell words correctly,but learning the meaning as well.

Elem. Ed.


FIU (Elem. Ed.)


Love love this lady (Miss. Sandy) she is so awesome with kids. My daughter Heaven is improved in her reading as well as her math. Miss. Sandy makes learning very fun for the child to catch on easily. Thanks Miss. Sandy for being a concerned and caring person!!!!!

— RENEE, Opa Locka, FL on 2/11/15

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $48.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Cancellations made in 24 hrs. or less will have a $20.00 fee to compensate the tutor for lesson preparation and time management. *Request to prepare extra lessons will be an extra $6.00 an hour.

Travel policy

Sandra will travel within 12 miles of Hollywood, FL 33026.