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About Dunny

I am a public school math teacher with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from UCLA and a passion for mathematics and physics. In addition, I am a painter and write short fiction and poetry. Ultimately, learning is about using one's creative power and applying it to the different subjects; it involves recognizing one's strengths and using them to create knowledge structures that can support effective learning. That and creating a positive atmosphere are two of my main tutoring goals.

Here are some ideas of the tutoring areas I offer:

I can take complex mathematical concepts and break them down into manageable and tangible pieces that are at the current level of the student. No two students are alike in their learning; thus, as part of the tutoring process, I first acquire and understanding of the student's current capabilities and concerns. The existing understanding of math is truly the basis upon which tutoring is built. I tutor all grades in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

Physics depends heavily on mathematical concepts and because physics deals, for the most part, with more tangible concepts, it is a perfect mix for students studying both math and physics.

Spanish is my first language. I offer tutoring in general grammar and prefer to focus on conversation, depending on the student's current proficiency.

I work in oil and have a grasp of color and technique. Tutoring in art requires listening to the student's need for expression and seeking to unfold his or her natural talent. Ultimately the medium is a personal choice and the concepts apply to media other than oil.

As a writer I tutor students to think critically and find a way to structure their thoughts on various subjects.

I am currently working on a Master's in Education with a focus on English Language Learners. The idea of helping students acquire the language is personally important because of my experience.
I am a public school math teacher with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from UCLA and a passion for mathematics and physics. In addition, I am a painter and write short fiction and poetry. Ultimately, learning is about using one's creative power and applying it to the different subjects; it involves recognizing one's strengths and Read more

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"Outstanding - 5-Stars!"

- Susie, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 7/20/16

"Great Tutor."

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"Great Tutor"

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ACT Math, Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Calculus, Elementary Math,
Geometry, Prealgebra, Precalculus, Probability, SAT Math, Trigonometry
Electrical Engineering,
Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dancing
English, ESL/ESOL,
Grammar, Proofreading, Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TOEFL, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT Math, GED, GRE, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TOEFL
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word
Spanish, TOEFL
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math,
Grammar, Reading, Spelling
GRE, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word
Salsa Dancing

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

Tutoring for Algebra 1 addresses the following:

1: Expressions, Equations, and Functions: Students will be able to write and evaluate expressions, equations, and inequalities

2: Properties of Real Numbers: Students will be able to classify real numbers, compare and order integers and rational numbers, and perform basic operations.

3: Solving Linear Equations: Students will be able to use properties of equality to solve one, two, and multi-step equations.

4: Graphing Linear Equations and Functions: Students will be able to graph direct variation equations, use them to solve real-world problems, and learn to use function notation.

5: Writing Linear Equations: Students will be able to write linear equations in a variety of forms, use linear models to solve problems, and model data with a line of fit.

6: Solving and Graphing Linear Inequalities: Students will be able to solve a linear inequality in one variable and graph its solution.

7: Systems of Equations and Inequalities: Students will be able to solve linear systems of equations using graphing, substitution, and elimination.

8: Exponents and Exponential Functions: Students will be able to apply properties of exponents to simplify expressions, work with numbers in scientific notation, and write and graph exponential functions.

9: Polynomials and Factoring: Students will be able to add, subtract, multiply, and factor polynomials. Students will solve problems by writing and solving polynomial equations.

10: Quadratic Equations and Functions: Students will be able to graph and solve quadratic equations while comparing linear, exponential, and quadratic models.

13: Probability and Data Analysis: Students will be able to find probabilities of simple and compound events, analyze sets of data, and interpret data displays.

Algebra 2

I offer tutoring in intermediate algebra, including, but not limited to the following topics:

1. Solving the following types of equations:
a. linear equations.
b. absolute value equations.
c. quadratic equations.
d. equations containing rational expressions.
e. equations containing radical expressions.

2. Applications involving each of the types of equations in 1.
3. Solving linear and absolute value inequalities.
4. Graphing linear and quadratic functions.
5. Graphing linear inequalities.
6. Writing equations in point-slope and slope-intercept form.
7. Finding the domain of a rational expression.
8. Reducing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational expressions.

9. Simplifying a complex fraction.
10. Simplifying a radical expression.
11. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing radical expressions.
12. Simplifying an expression with rational exponents.
13. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing complex numbers.

Electrical Engineering

I hold a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA with a GPA of 3.8 and have been working as an electrical engineer for Boeing since 2004. It is a challenging field that I have the luck to understand at a fundamental level. The applications of Electricity and magnetism, digital signal processing, circuit analysis, and others, are important aspects and requirements of many fields today. I offer a down-to-earth approach to teaching a subject that requires abstract learning by creating logical and common sense connections between applications in everyday life and the abstractions of the language of electrical engineering.

Elementary Math

I offer tutoring tailored to meet the Washington State K-5 learning standards for elementary education and flexible enough to adapt to the student's unique learning style.

My focus of one-on-one tutoring is in determining the student's perception of mathematical concepts, which will become the foundation upon which to build on new and more complex material. In addition, I work with the students to link the abstractions of math to everyday situations familiar to them.

The core belief behind my tutoring style is that all children have a sense of mathematical knowledge based on their experience in the world. The key in teaching the language of math is to help the student consider it a tool to represent the world rather than an end in itself.

My goal is to make math a fun and interesting activity to prevent the anxiety that the subject usually brings to many students. Ultimately, math is embedded in many applications and unlocking this knowledge can help students unlock their natural potential.


Learning English involves more than memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules; it requires conversation and practice in contexts that are meaningful to the student and will help reinforce proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

My approach involves discovering the current proficiency level of the student, getting to know the student's interests and goals, and then creating a plan that will build upon these important foundations. The process is ultimately a team effort between the student and the tutor to ensure that the tutoring plan fits the student's immediate language needs and expectations.

My background, in addition to engineering, includes writing short stories and poetry. I speak both English and Spanish and am currently studying Japanese. I am also pursuing a Master of Education degree to teach ESL and Math at the secondary level.

Languages are my passion and I hope to use my experience and knowledge to help students improve their English proficiency and have fun while learning.



I have been mainly a self-taught oil and acrylic painter for the last 10 years. My formal education includes two intermediate courses at the Everett Community College in the State of Washington with artist Irina Milton.

I have participated in the Edmonds Art Festival held every year in Edmonds, Washington for the last 5 years. I have sold four of my pieces in that time period at the show and received an honorable mention in 2012. I have participated in other smaller art shows and sold several other pieces in the last couple years.

My focus is on the human figure, although I also work with landscapes and still lives. Currently my style is a derivative of impressionistic realism.

I currently have a studio in Seattle, WA and am preparing for my first solo show in November of this year.

Elec. Engineering


UCLA (Elec. Engineering)


Outstanding - 5-Stars!

Dunny was an absolute godsend in helping me not only pass, but enjoy college-level Discrete Math and I am not a mathlete by any stretch of the imagination. Not only does he possess a thorough and comprehensive grasp of mathematics (which is only part of the equation - see what I did there?). The other part consists of knowing how to explain the concepts so that you can understand and implement the

— Susie, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 7/20/16

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