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She is so experienced and attentive
— Arzu, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 9/28/16


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Ohio University, Athens
Graduate Coursework


Ohio University, Athens

BSED (Graduate Coursework)

About Sharon

I am a Certified Experienced Elementary Education Tutor & Teacher who specializes in Remedial Skills and Individualizing Programs to meet each of my student's individual needs. I am also a Reading Specialist so I have had extra extensive training in diagnosing reading problems and using special techniques to correct them. I have taught many of my students as well as some of their parents how to speak, write, and read English more fluently. I also Tutor high school students who are preparing for their upcoming SAT/ACT Tests or GED Test.

My Motto Is: "Catch Up, Keep Up, or Get Ahead!"

I work closely with you and your child's teacher(s) to come up with a plan that will benefit them the most. My students and parents always show me how much they appreciate all the extra time and effort I put into the lessons I provide. I hear comments like Ms. Sharon explains things so that it makes sense to me, or she really helped me study for my science test and now I understand the information. Thank-you for showing Johnny how to figure out the cause and effect in his reading assignments. This is why I Tutor to help these students out with these problems so that when they are in the classroom things aren't so difficult for them. Every student is an individual and each brings their own criteria of what needs to be worked on and that is the beauty of it they get to have me work on the skill or skills that they want their child to have and know that with me that is the professional way their child will be treated.

Being able to work with a student individually with all of the focus on them, making them the center of attention, gives them a good feeling. When they feel good about themselves this translates into making them be able to learn and concentrate on just what they need.

I have experience with tutoring in all of the academic areas plus FSA PREP for all grades K-6. I cover and go over all of the COMMON CORE SKILLS that the students are required to accomplish in each grade level. I have for use all of the Broward County School textbooks plus lots of additional supplemental materials of my own. I have materials available to practice in preparation for the the COMMON CORE Test (FSA Test) in all of the grade Levels from grade K-8. I administer and go over actual test questions that will appear on the test. I teach them good test taking strategies plus preparing mentally for the Test. If it is tutoring for everyday subject material or getting ready for the big COMMON CORE test I work to make the student feel good about themselves whether they are being remediated or just working appropriately where they should be. I have many years of experience Teaching and Tutoring students with all types of learning difficulties including autistic, ADHD, aspergers, dyslexia, LD, speech delayed, gifted, English as a second language so I am well aware of the difficulties and challenges many of these children have in the classroom environment. I also help them out with techniques that can help them when they are in the classroom and having difficulty with certain things. Every child is an individual and they deserve that opportunity when they are being Tutored during my sessions with me.

I feel very happy that a parent is willing to compensate their child's education with Tutoring and I expect and give you the total hour for the session. Your child works for the entirety of the Lesson. Knowing that I want your dollars spent to be worthwhile for you and your child's benefit. I have References available if you wish to find out how Parents and Students present and past feel about my services.

By offering your child the opportunity to have a tutor you are making their academic journey an easier one for them. My parents and students get top-notch Tutoring that they deserve and should expect.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your child's concerns and I hope that I can make their Academic Journey an easier one,
I am a Certified Experienced Elementary Education Tutor & Teacher who specializes in Remedial Skills and Individualizing Programs to meet each of my student's individual needs. I am also a Reading Specialist so I have had extra extensive training in diagnosing reading problems and using special techniques to correct them. I have taught many of my Read more

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In-person lessons

"She is so experienced and attentive"

- Arzu, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 9/28/16
Sharon replied on 9/30/2016

Thank you, Arzu, that is exactly how my parents and students feel after their first lesson with me. Being a true professional like I am, Arzu sat right outside my opened door where she could hear and observe everything I was doing. I want all of my students to want to come to my lessons and when a parent calls to inquire about lessons for their child I always include that in my opening conversation.

"First tutoring session"

- Tasha, Opa Locka, FL on 6/8/17

"Knowledgeable Tutor"

- Charlene, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 11/9/16

"Very Patient"

- Gigi, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 10/8/14
Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, GED, SAT Math
Elementary Science
English, ESL/ESOL,
Grammar, Reading, SAT Reading, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
Common Core,
GED, SAT Math, SAT Reading, TOEFL
Reading, TOEFL, Writing
Social Studies,
Special Needs:
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),
Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Phonics,
Reading, Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar, Homeschool,
Reading, Spelling, Study Skills,
Vocabulary, Writing

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During my teaching and tutoring career in the classroom and individually I have had the opportunity to work with children with ADD/ADHD. I am well aware of the challenges they face. I work with each child as an individual finding the teaching techniques that work best with each student, and then capitalize on them. Always working with positive feedback. I have the ability to switch from one subject to another in a scheduled format for the benefit of the student. I work on focusing techniques and following directions, which are a very important part of their learning curve.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have worked with Autistic students as a Teacher in the classroom and as a Tutor with my students individually. I had the training at Ohio University as part of my Teaching Degree. I took a course titled Learning Difficulties. I chose the Autistic difficulty as one of my Teaching strands to get more training and experience.

Common Core

I have already been Teaching and Tutoring using the common core books and philosophy for the last three years since Broward County has implemented into the elementary school system. The whole math program is developed around the new common core system and the new approach is very difficult for the parents to understand and if need to help their child with. The reading part expects the student to be able to really answer in depth questions instead of just bubbling in answers. The students need to be taught how to answer the questions correctly and how to interrupt what the questions are asking. It all requires much higher quality thinking and explaining everything that is being done.


I am a certified, experienced, elementary education tutor. I have had the opportunity in my teaching and tutoring experiences to teach some students of mine who were classified as dyslexic. I have used a lot of tactile and formulation skills that have helped with many of the reversal problems. Using liners and blocking off information when they are reading. Such things as following with their fingers for eye-hand coordination. A lot of following lines and pattern copying. These are all techniques that work well with this type of learner. Some are not able to learn through the phonetic reading approach and for those I use a DISTAR Reading Program that has worked well in some cases.

Elementary (K-6th)

Certified Elementary Education Tescher
BSED Ohio University 1974

Certified to Teach Grades K-6

Reciprocated to Florida in 1976

I have many years experience in the classroom and individually Teaching all Grades K-6. I have taught from Pre-Reading Skills to Remedial Phonetic and Comprehension Skills for the Upper Elementary Grades. I have taught Pre-Number Skills to Remedial Math. Fact Drills and Problem Solving Techniques and all of the other required Math. Concepts the Upper Elementary Grades need. I have taught Pre-Sentence Writing to composing Narrative and Expository Stories in the Upper Elementary Grades. Worked on useful Spelling patterns. Helped the Students with Homework and Studying for Tests in Science and Social Studies. Starting in January, every year, I start Tutoring for FCAT PREP, for any students who parents want it for their children.


Teaching students to speak English as their second language I have found it is easy to use their textbooks to help them make the transition from their native language. Through the use of their textbooks and various other techniques that I use to help them learn and memorize English terms they begin to become comfortable speaking with their classmates. With adults I gear the vocabulary to what they need it for whether it is for their job or everyday communication.


I have been homeschooling a student that started in kindergarten and is now just about finished her 1st grade school year. I teach her all of her academic areas which include, handwriting, math, reading, language arts, spelling, science, math, a weekly Scholastic newspaper, Raz Kids, and art. She is a very conscientious student and even though she is in 1st grade she is doing 2nd grade work. She has done many themes and units with me such as Polar Animals, Ocean Animals, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Fairy Tales, Christmas Symbols, Unit on Teeth, Fire Safety, Pilgrims and the Indians, a unit on maps. She had a kindergarten graduation program where she sang an assortment of songs and recited a graduation poem. This year in 1st grade she put on the play Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with a little help from some extra characters. So I am exposing her to many of the same things that are going on in a regular school classroom. She writes stories, has a book report due each month, I have assigned home projects that she has 3-4 weeks to accomplish them in. The parents are more then thrilled with everything that I am doing with her.


For my Elementary Education Degree I was required to take a Phonics course which proved to be one of my most resourceful classes in college. Not only did I get to learn all of the phonetic rules and the consecutive order of teaching them. I also got to see firsthand in a demonstrating teaching school the methods taught and used. I have found throughout my Teaching and Tutoring careers that a student that is able to learn reading by the Phonetic approach has a better knowledge of attacking words all throughout their lives.

Social Studies

In order for me to get my BSED degree, I needed to take a course in Social Studies that covered various areas of studying that children in elementary school are required to be taught in the field. When I taught in Ohio, I also was given all the information about the State of Ohio's history. Then coming to Florida I was given all the information about the State of Florida. Though it is a subject that keeps evolving and growing each year with new facts and events that need to be incorporated when needed for the time area you are teaching.

Study Skills

I have been teaching and tutoring for many years and I have always incorporated Study Skills into my teaching. I feel that it is a very important aspect of a child's learning journey to be able to find a way or different ways that work best when it comes to studying. For some it might be outlining, note cards with the question on one side and the answer on the other side. Writing it down and repeating it to someone. Using letters or something to represent things in a series that they need to memorize. Whatever works best with each student that is the method or methods that should be repeated, because it shows that they feel comfortable with them and will make the outcome easier for their success. I teach the child how to actually outline a chapter so that they can review it for a test. How to pick out key vocabulary and other key points such as dates, places and people and correspond them to definitions or short sentences or phrases that will help them for studying purposes. How to write down and then repeat and memorize information for preparing for a test. Practicing asking and answering questions in both modes works well, also. A lot of this was introduced to me in my teaching methods courses and also through experience with my teaching and tutoring careers.

Ohio University, Athens
Graduate Coursework


Ohio University, Athens

BSED (Graduate Coursework)

She is so experienced and attentive

Today was the first day and she reviewed math and science with my son. She was so patient and attentive. She was observing my son's weak subjects. She was nice. I felt that she wants to help my son Max. My son loves her and wants to come again.

— Arzu, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 9/28/16

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