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New York Institute of Technology
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Polytechnic University Brooklyn NY


New York Institute of Technology (B.S. Mechanical Engineering)

Polytechnic University Brooklyn NY (Master's)

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Teaching is for me the transfer of knowledge between able and willing parties, it is a contract whereby an expert on a subject imparts with clarity the concepts that create this knowledge and the student in receivership can say proudly; I get it.

As a licensed Realtor in Florida, I know that reasoning in math is essential for conceptualizing algorithm to create financial models for the public’s understanding of their home transactions. Math is everywhere and this is a key idea that will be reinforced in each lesson presentation with examples of the math concept that would be useful in any chosen field of endeavor.

Also, as a Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s in Management Sciences, I was not a classroom teacher but a project leader running building construction sites, so I had to relate math ideas everyday to many segments of the workforce relating engineering calculations, and project finances. This real life classroom experience placed me on the practical aspect of mathematical use, so, I am in a better position to help you, the student, find the joy of relating with others using math to communicate solutions to real life problems.

If you would like to learn that math can be fun as a life pursuit, a hobby, or a general knowledge tool for understanding the myriads of information coded in math in the modern world, schedule your lesson today, preferably 24 hour in advance, my rate will reflect round trip mileage expenses. Feel at ease to contact me to discuss rate.
Teaching is for me the transfer of knowledge between able and willing parties, it is a contract whereby an expert on a subject imparts with clarity the concepts that create this knowledge and the student in receivership can say proudly; I get it.

As a licensed Realtor in Florida, I know that reasoning in math is essential for
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Elementary Math
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Elementary Math

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Algebra 1

Though it may be stated in other ways, the common expression: The best way to learn to ride a horse is to get into the saddle, while falling off a horse offers an opportunity to learn not to repeat a distraught experience has great relevance in Tutoring. Combine that with the power of observation and patience integrate the best in teaching methods that focus on Attention Reinforcement, Pertinent Story Telling, Topic Usefulness, Brain-Based Learning which encourages placing the student in charge of their learning needs (by identifying topics needing clarity).

Math subjects are best learned with practice and proper guidance strengthened by power of observation, also patience. A bigger picture then frames the learning experience by grabbing the student’s attention to the abstract beauty of deeper patterns recognition, for example, the expression: |X| = (X 2) 1/2 where |X| > 0 is not obvious at first to many, but has important implication in creating solutions.

This is the level of qualifications that could be expected from my Tutoring services, I have used mathematics to solve problems in the real world of business where confidence in accuracy and reliability is expected.

Reynold Pratt, Tutor

Algebra 2

My strengths as a Tutor are rooted in my ability to interact on a personable level with people of all ages, and the passion that I have for sharing the knowledge of algebra gained over many years as both a student in school and in practiced careers.

Among peers, I am always able to make clear math concepts that are not at first obvious, unless memorized, by breaking them to their fundamental rules, for example, take X raised to the zero power, or X^0, which for any real number X is equal to one, algebraically any number divided by itself is one, so X^0 = X/X = (X^1)(X^ -1) = 1, where by rule of exponent 1-1=0, therefore the answer, notice 0^0 is not equal 1, however, we can say that division by zero is never allowed while any other real number divided by itself results in the multiplicative identity, 1.

Guiding a student through the steps that result in a formula or a rule makes the subject of Algebra more accessible and that in turn gives it an endearing familiarity for its practice, hopefully, math can be fun when you have a go at it.

I look in anticipation to your call to schedule a session.



With a background in Mechanical Engineering and Management Sciences, I am in a unique position to offer expertise for finding solutions to Calculus problems.

Calculus can be approached in two different ways: 1) a conceptual level and 2) an operational level. The two approaches complement each other, though the conceptual is harder because it requires rigorous proof of theorems and the operational level makes evident the exactness of the thought processes that went into building the framework for the theorems. With that in mind, it will become obvious why more emphasis is placed in the operational aspect of Calculus, one reason is that the student gets familiar with the different concepts that form the framework for understanding, like the concept of limits for instance first thought by Isaac Newton for solving instantaneous velocity and acceleration problems, this limit concept is further extended for finding an integral or the area under a curve by summing many sub areas on a continuous and closed interval.

The key to opening up to this wonderful math science is to have someone with a clear understanding of the problem being treated to guide the students in every step as to have a bird’s eye view of the territory of conceptual methods for a solution. Nothing is more satisfying than to be able to find an answer when challenged, for instance, with problems seeking rates of change, or finding an original equation. That said; my approach to tutoring is to help the student review the lectures and homework assignments in their curriculum to cover any gaps in clarity as to give them the confidence never to be surprised by a changed presentation of a known problem on an exam.

Reynold P.

Elementary Math

As a careered System Sales Engineer in mechanical equipment industries and a math hobbyist, I understand first hand the importance of achieving a functioning level of comprehension in math. Elementary math is the rock solid foundation to every branch in mathematics and to have a mastery of the fundamentals is like having a key that opens any door.

That is why I have this interest to transfer this basic knowledge to any and all that would have it, so that they may soar in any field of studies or life occupations that have at their core a mathematical foundation.

I use a see it, almost touch it approach that convey a grasping sense with the use of picture models that bridge an understanding with the different operations in elementary mathematics, for example, a surface area is not just one number multiplied another, it is represented by a picture of a grid showing the additive property of multiplication or distribution of unit squares given by the two numbers multiplied. Another example, the number line is used to intuit the operations of addition, subtraction, or the increasing or decreasing progression of numbers and much more.


In the course of my career as a Building Mechanical System Engineer, I had the great opportunity to consult with Architectural Engineering firms in the layout of plans, therefore, I got to know first hand the importance of Geometry in the measurement and optimal arrangement of mechanical room spaces to free a greater proportion of the floor space for office productions.

This is the hands on knowledge to expect from tutoring sessions under my guidance, as you are soon to know Geometry is a disciplined science based on truth axioms, simple propositions that do not require proof but are easily grasped by the human mind, that are grouped to form proof of concept. It is easy to see that a line segment is the shortest distance separating two end points, but the line passing through the end points extends to infinity (there can only be one infinity) at opposite ends, but is there really such a thing as a continuous line since it is formed from a set of points. The latter makes possible more practical application, the concept of engineering tolerance is important for fabricating object parts to the smallest dimensional fit using measured distance on a number line.


Nothing would please more than to help anyone develop the language reasoning of math to have the confidence to solve problems following visual and logical steps. As a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of design work experience and as licensed Florida Realtor, I have what it takes for solving real world problems using the language of Algebra.

As this is introductory Algebra, grasping the basics is essential to continue its learning, therefore, using software tools like Excel opens creative ways of presenting the subject with graphics for clarity of understanding, for example, instead of asking a student to just memorize a multiplication table, I draw a grid in Excel consisting of rows and columns and by observation show that the cells formed from rows and columns is the answer for multiplying one number by another, 3 rows and 4 columns will show a count of 12 cells, or 3 x 4 =12. This will also prove by sight why a square is a rectangle of equal sides.

Please feel free to contact me to go over study areas that would be most beneficial as to plan the best learning lessons, and also to schedule the best time for us to hold the tutoring sessions.


In the course of my career as a mechanical construction Project Manager the use of math to sometimes extract results from a known data set either by extrapolation or interpolation between points were common, this is pre-calculus.

Describing sets of points in the plane that express solutions to an equation proves its graph to represent all true points that solve the equation, this in effect unites Algebra and Geometry. Using Algebra to separate the variables that simplify finding a single y-value for each x-value is an important step for plotting the solutions. Further, plotting solutions show something tangibles and with observation of the plot from experience emerges many of the properties express in theorems.

As you will soon discover, here or elsewhere, math can be fun, useful for work, helpful for creating data models for clearly expressing ideas, and that that we will experience together in my tutoring sessions. I require all students to prepare a short questionnaire with mostly drop list answers as to fit the lessons to their preferred learning styles. Let’s schedule something soon.


Decades spent in the Mechanical Engineering profession left me with a broad and in depth perspective on the use of Trigonometry for completing complex math problems, an example of its use is finding the maximum length of a long object that could pass through a ninety degree corner of certain width, a knowledge of triangle properties and their angles will give the proper size. This is no trivial matter; in the construction industry access to indoor spaces for moving large objects through can become very costly.

That said, the recognition of Trigonometric identities is key for solving many Calculus problems, therefore, I place great emphasis on clarifying the basic angle functions and how to always be able to derive them and the relationships that allow substitution of one angle for another, such as sin 30 deg is equal to cos 60 deg, and other identities. What motivates learning about angles is the fact that location or motion through space always involve angles and distances, further any curving functions will have a tangent line and these functions are found in all the sciences, finance, economics, physics, etc.

My approach to making this learning experience lasting and useful is to show with clarity starting with the basics: acute angle relations, the unit circle, length of a slope, how to know where to apply an identity or angle laws to find an answer. Of course, all of this will become clearer in a tutoring session. I look forward to always be there to help you advance your trigonometric math skills.

New York Institute of Technology
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Polytechnic University Brooklyn NY


New York Institute of Technology (B.S. Mechanical Engineering)

Polytechnic University Brooklyn NY (Master's)

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