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"Call me coach"
— Diane, Delray Beach, FL on 4/6/12


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Cornell University


Cornell University (math)

M.I.T. (Master's)

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My degrees are in math and science, but I've worked in many fields. I've written hundreds of articles for print magazines and online, and I owned a dinner theater. I've also owned a consulting business, coached a high school tennis team, and served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of a nonprofit museum.

My teaching style is to be patient and supportive but persistent, always keeping the goal in mind. Some students simply want to pass the next test; some want to pursue a career in a particular field. They require different approaches. At 74 (a young 74 - I still compete in triathlons), I feel I have a lot to offer youngsters (and oldsters, too) in need of guidance.

My particular area of expertise is preparation for standardized tests (SAT/ACT/GED/ASVAB and others). I worked for several years as a consultant for a game company. These tests are like games, and I can teach students how to play well.
My degrees are in math and science, but I've worked in many fields. I've written hundreds of articles for print magazines and online, and I owned a dinner theater. I've also owned a consulting Read more

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"Call me coach"

- Diane, Delray Beach, FL on 4/6/12

"Patient and knowledgeable"

- Aleta, Pompano Beach, FL on 11/4/16

"Kind, knowledgeable, and patient"

- Abby, Pompano Beach, FL on 11/2/16

"Jon displayed a thorough knowledge of the SAT"

- Zachary, Pompano Beach, FL on 12/27/15

"Knowledgeable and patient"

- Maddie, Delray Beach, FL on 11/4/15

"Very knowledgeable!"

- Stephanie, West Palm Beach, FL on 7/23/15

"Patient and calm"

- Julie, Pompano Beach, FL on 6/29/15

"Excellent Tutor!"

- Gabriela, Boynton Beach, FL on 11/18/14

"Very professional and down to earth"

- Alyssa, Boca Raton, FL on 7/15/14

"Our son thought "Coach" ROCKED!"

- Keiki, Lake Worth, FL on 3/1/14

"Coach Jon is a wonderful tutor"

- Karen, Delray Beach, FL on 2/24/14

"Great coach!"

- C., Delray Beach, FL on 7/12/13

"Excellent tutor!!! Great person!!!!"

- Ligia, Boca Raton, FL on 6/7/13


- Debbie, Boca Raton, FL on 6/3/13

"Very patient!"

- Ashley, Palm Beach, FL on 3/3/13

"Very pleased."

- Joanne, Delray Beach, FL on 1/25/13

"Indeed, Coach Jon is very patient!"

- Romy, Boynton Beach, FL on 9/19/12

"He is very patient with my two boys"

- Catherine, Delray Beach, FL on 8/10/12

"Best experience!"

- Andrey, Boynton Beach, FL on 3/30/12

"Great tutor"

- Tonja, Boynton Beach, FL on 1/16/12

"Thumbs up"

- Krysten, Boynton Beach, FL on 1/6/12

"Excelent introductory lesson"

- Carl, Pompano Beach, FL on 1/5/12

"Awesome Coach!!"

- Camille, Fort Lauderdale, FL on 11/2/11

"Accurately accessed the student"

- Charlene, Lake Worth, FL on 2/23/11
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Algebra 2, Elementary Math, Geometry,
Linear Algebra, Prealgebra,
Precalculus, SAT Math
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ACT English,
ACT Reading, English,
Grammar, Proofreading, Public Speaking,
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ACT English

I was a math major at Cornell and I taught math in high school.

ACT Math

I was a math major at Cornell, and my experience as a consultant to a game company added to my expertise in taking tests like ACT, which is essentially a game. I can pass on the techniques of answering multiple-choice questions to students who often neglect this factor. Of course, there's nothing that beats knowing the material, and that is the primary focus, but the actual test is a unique experience which the student needs to prepare for in its entirety.


I was a math major at Cornell; I have a master's degree in meteorology from MIT; I have been a writer for 30 years. I have tutored students in all the standardized tests including GED, ASVAB, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, SSAT, GMAT, and FCAT. I teach both material, and the proper strategy in approaching multiple-choice questions.

Algebra 1

I was a math major at Cornell and I have a master's degree from MIT. My score on the math SAT was 796 out of 800.

I have tutored a great many children in math, and I believe in looking for the best way to explain a concept to each individual student. This is particularly important in algebra, which can be confusing to a lot of students.


ASVAB is a multiple-choice test. This kind of test requires a special kind of preparation. Proper use of time is crucial, and the approach to a multiple-choice question is much different from a normal test question.

I teach the material that most often appears on the test as well as all aspects of strategy. All of my WyzAnt ASVAB students have rated me 5 stars, the highest rating on the WyzAnt scale.


Played and coached at many levels. I stress technique, anticipation, strategy, and sportsmanship. I love working with younger children.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have expertise in every subject taught in the elementary grades: math major in college; advanced degree in a scientific discipline; writer for 30 years; active in political campaigns; I have taught children of every age and in virtually every subject.


I am a writer and I tutor English. I teach all aspects of English, with emphasis on proper grammar, use of idiom, and correct sentence structure.

For more advanced students, I teach organization of longer essays, the precise use of vocabulary, and writing powerful and persuasive prose.


I am a writer and a teacher of English. The English language uses roots of words from many other languages. In addition, the language structure may be similar or dissimilar with respect to grammar, tense, case, and other parameters.

I have taken 4 years of high school Latin, 3 years of high school German and a year of college German.

My score on the SAT English test was 766 and on the English subject test, 743. I passed tests at MIT in French and German to qualify for my master of science degree.

I am also an actor, and I'm familiar with several accents. I have a good ear for sounds, and I recognize the particular way sounds are formed in different languages with respect to the position of the tongue and lips, and the overall form of the mouth.

I've tutored students whose native languages are Spanish (Egdomilia G., rating 5 stars; Carlos G., rating 5 stars), Arabic (Noshad S., rating 5 stars), and Russian (no rating).


I've specialized in tutoring students in how to pass standardized, mainly multiple-choice, tests. To a considerable extent, passing the GED involves using proper strategy.

My background includes math major at Cornell, master's degree in meteorology from MIT, and 30 years experience as a writer. I also worked for a game-making company for several years, and approaching this test as a contest between test-makers and test-takers is helpful.

All of my GED students have given me WyzAnt's highest rating of 5 stars.


I was a math major at Cornell and I have a master's degree from MIT. I've tutored many geometry students in the past year and they have all rated me highly.
I scored 796 out of 800 on the math SAT, and I try to find the right method to communicate difficult concepts to each student, depending on his/her particular ability.


I was a math major in college (Cornell). I have helped students who have gotten behind to catch up and those who are doing all right to excel. Algebra -- even prealgebra -- can be intimidating at first, but it is really not that hard. I use different approaches; sometimes an alternate explanation is effective. I have a relaxed style that puts students at ease in confronting what might look daunting. I am patient and supportive, but persistent.

Public Speaking

I'm a writer and an actor. I've also been chairman of the Board of Trustees of a non-profit foundation, and I'm familiar with speaking to groups both formally and informally. I have owned a dinner theater for which I was both an actor and master of ceremonies.


I am a writer, and all writers are voracious readers. I read fiction and non-fiction, and I have helped many students read and understand what they are reading more efficiently and with more appreciation.

I have worked with students from second grade to over 50 years old. I treat each student as a separate project. Everyone reads and compiles information differently. I try to find the best way to make progress with each student.

SAT Math

I was a a math major at Cornell and I scored 796 on the math SAT. I approach SAT as the game that it is -- a contest between the test-maker and the test-taker. Multiple-choice questions are very different from open-ended ones, and require a different approach. I've helped many students achieve high scores. I concentrate on the material that most often appears on the test. I teach strategy, from the right way to structure the essay to the best way to approach multiple-choice questions, and all the little tricks in between.

SAT Writing

I've been a writer for 40 years. My articles still appear regularly online. For the last five years I've tutored SAT and I've studied the writing part of the test extensively.


I coached softball, both fast and slow pitch until my eyes gave out at age 60. I teach fundamentals and strategy, and love to help younger athletes build a good foundation for all sports.

I particularly like to teach those things that give a player an edge: how to get a jump on the bases; how to get a jump on a fly ball as an outfielder; how to stretch as a first baseman; how to have "soft hands" when fielding a ground ball; when to take a pitch; how to bunt. It all adds up.


I have been a writer since before spell-check. My 4 years of high school Latin gave me the background to be a good speller, and my writing career reinforced it.

Study Skills

Every time I teach a student, I emphasize using time and effort to the fullest extent possible. I, myself, have changed careers 4 times and each time had to learn entirely new facts and procedures.

There is no specific formula for "study skills." Each student learns in a unique way, and it is up to the tutor to find the way that is best. My students believe I succeed in doing this. I have tutored over 110 hours in the last 8 months, and 32 out of 36 student ratings have been five stars.


I was a math major at Cornell and I have a master's degree in meteorology from MIT. I have written for magazines, newspapers, and online journals. I have tutored math, English and science for more than 3 years. I teach multiple-choice test strategy as well as material, focusing on the best way to approach multiple-choice questions.

Cornell University


Cornell University (math)

M.I.T. (Master's)

"Call me coach" — As soon as Jon said, "Call me coach" he had my son's attention. His next words were, "I know you have had those". Jon was right...he has had those, and by the end of his first session he had earned my son's respect as a good coach! Thanks again for a great session and first impression! We feel confident we picked the right SAT coach. Look forward to seeing you next week Jon. ...

— Diane, Delray Beach, FL on 4/6/12

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