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Charter Oak State College (Literature)

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About Cathy

Dear Student:

Before I get into how I would tutor you, please let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Cathy, and I have a BS in Psychology and Literature, and an MA in American Studies. I have enjoyed my academic pursuits, the opportunities afforded me. I was an exchange student in Germany while in high school, and still am friends with my counterpart, Britta. In this journey, I saw the Berlin Wall before it came down, and though I was only 16 years old, it was great to go into a McDonald's and order "eine Big Mac und eine bier, bitte." (A Big Mac and a beer, please.) While there, I traveled to Berlin, the Rhein, Denmark via yacht, the Black Forest and Hamlin.

I was also a competitive swimmer making it to the 1988 Olympic Trials. Although I didn't make the Olympic team, I believe that was the proudest moment for my parents. I swam Division I for one year, and began coaching while still in college. I coached for 18 years, and now officiate swim meets. I have given lessons, been a lifeguard and a water lover my whole life.

I then entered the business world, but never lost my passion for swimming. I began swimming open water, and have completed Alcatraz, around the Statue of Liberty, beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the Chesapeake Bay, and have my sights set on swimming the English Channel one day. But no matter what job I held, I have enjoyed working with young people. I coached, tutored and was a pool supervisor, working with 16 lifeguards.

I have traveled the world, but still have many places to go. I taught ESL to children in Brazil for 3 years, accepted an academic award for Literature, and went to Tours, France and then to Paris to study Walt Whitman. I travelled to London and surrounding areas to study some of my favorite literature giants of past centuries. I also provided tours of the Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe homes to better understand those writers and their histories. I love to go to house museums, from Twain, to Capote, to Noah Webster, to Harper Lee, Robert Frost and Hemingway.

I recently relocated to Daytona Beach from Connecticut to accept a position at a local university. I am enjoying my new surroundings and career!!

My approach to tutoring a student will depend on their needs. I would want to work with the student's teacher on areas of specific weakness or challenge. I would further assign light homework to not raise the stress of completing school homework. If the student needed help with writing, I would use newspaper articles, passages from novels and poetry books, the book the student was reading, all to initiate an understanding of reading comprehension and the fact that there are various ways of writing, various styles and from this type of knowledge base, I believe a greater understanding would be had.
Dear Student:

Before I get into how I would tutor you, please let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Cathy, and I have a BS in Psychology and Literature, and an MA in American Studies. I have enjoyed my academic pursuits, the opportunities afforded me. I was an exchange student in Germany while in high school, and still am
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2 hours notice required

I prefer to have 2 hour sessions, allowing time for students to provide difficulties encountered.

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Study Skills,

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Approved subjects

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American History

Whether it's High School, Middle School or Grammar School, I can help with American History. It is one of my passionate jobs to teach and I love to relive the subject through my students.

Career Development

I have worked in Human Resources for 15 years. I have extensive experience in looking for ideal candidates, career advancement and interviewing techniques.

Additionally, in my experience in coaching young athletes, I have taken time to assist on college applications/essays and focus on academic strategies and goals.

I have my BS in Psychology and Literature, and my MA in American Studies (US History, Literature and Museum Cultures).

College Counseling

I have worked with many of my athletes on their college selections based on SAT scores, grades, extra-curricular activities and other evaluations colleges make. I can put together, with your student, a nice profile that indicates their resume of achievements and explain away negatives.


English has been my passion as it enables me to communicate, read and write. You can learn other languages based on knowing one, so it opens a door of freedom in many ways.

I especially enjoy teaching grammar and writing.

I enjoy finding mistakes in advertising, television and books. Cases, tenses, parts of speech all make up for a challenging, but exciting, language experience.


I have studied English, German, Latin, French, Russian and Spanish. I am able to identify weak spots, strong areas, and can utilize this information to get you on the path to speaking English fluently.

I believe that written and speaking are more important initially to learn a language, the grammar and vocabulary are secondary.

I taught ESL in Brazil for one year, and did not learn the language for the simple reason that i had all my students speak in English to me for practice and for learning. Conversational language is most important when learning a language.

General Computer

All I have learned from/about computers has been self-taught. I had an IBM PC XT, the only student in my high school/college to have this invaluable tool. (mid '80s - early '90s)

Since then, I have wholeheartedly embraced the Apple platform, but still maintain my usage on PCs. I can take MS Office, Word in particular, to assist students with lesser known capabilities to aid in paper writng: quoting, inserting bibliographies, inserting foot/end notes, spell check/grammar check.


English Grammar can be very difficult. I take away all the fear and we will work together to understand each component of a sentence. NO SENTENCE TOO DIFFICULT


I am an Apple enthusiast. I own both a MAC Desktop as well as a MACBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and am quite familiar with the MAC way and software. I utilize all of my network capabilities in my personal, professional and engagement with my students.

Microsoft Excel

I taught myself Excel through trial and error. I had never used it, and needed to create book keeping, spreadsheets and itemization for every position I've held. I now find it to be a great tool in my personal life, as well.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a fantastic tool for business, school and personal slide show presentations. You can add a variety of music/fades to tell a story rather than speaking through the presentation. It has templates so you are not 'alone" in your creation, or you can insert blank slides if you wish. The options and capabilities are endless.

Microsoft Word

I use MS Word on a daily basis, and used it to publish my MA Thesis. I know many "tricks" that are incredibly resourceful and easy once you know them. From Spellcheck to Bibliography inclusions, I can assist any student with the formatting and final drafts of their work.

Public Speaking

I have been speaking publicly all my life. In serving as coach, I was able to direct my athletes clearly and concisely with aplomb. I was the keynote speaker at banquets, delivering papers I have written to higher education leaders in their field, as well as in accepting awards, prizes and interviews.


Reading is a passion of mine. Any opportunity I am given to relay this passion is one I take pleasure in. I am a lover of books, magazines, and newspapers, and use them in my tutoring skills.

I realize that Reading can be difficult for some students. I try to begin with a level they feel successful with and slowly move up from there. i will slowly introduce more challenging reading material and gauge for reading comprehension, vocabulary and reading ability.We will slowly move up the chain of reading until your student has a focused and confident self evaluation.

SAT Reading

The SAT in general is a very tenuous part of the high school experience. I like to soften the blow by taking the reading portion of the SAT. Preparation, in part with be reading small paragraphs from magazines, newspapers, journals which contain smaller stories and are easily defined by filling in the blanks for vocabulary, selecting the main thesis of the paragraph/story, and finally reading comprehension to be well prepared for test day. PSAT scores will be helpful to know where weaknesses lie.

Study Skills

I feel I would be competent in assisting students with Study Skills because I used them throughout my academic career. Once a student is educated on how to implement study skills that work for them, based on their personality and learning style, I can then begin to formulate a process for that student to use and be successful. Students, I find, get overwhelmed with homework, projects and papers, that they cannot focus on any of the tasks.
That is where I come in and show them how to prioritize, work steadily on future assignments due, but given, and feel satisfied with what they have accomplished.


I have been a competitive swimmer since I was 8 years old. Swimming has been taken me to college, the Olympic Trials, and now to long distance open water swims. I still compete and serve as an official in swimming. I have been a lifeguard since I was 15, and have given public and private lessons for years. I attended, as a coach, a swim camp at a very prestigious university to hone my skills as a coach and an athlete.


As a native speaker of American English, I have always been intrigued in the study of languages from other countries. As a student of German, I was an exchange student to become proficient in German; I studied Latin to improve my learning of words and their derivatives, thus increasing my vocabulary, I studied French and Russian, but found that I was not compatible with those languages, and I lived in Brazil teaching English as a second language in a Favela outside of Sao Paulo, and I studied Spanish while in high school.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with non-native English students.


Vocabulary has always been a fun subject for me. Every time I look at a dictionary, I wonder how many words I really don't know and could know. Reading broadens your horizon for vocabulary, and I keep a small dictionary on my bedstand for words I don't know when I am reading at bedtime. It is very fun to speak a language fluidly and with words that are "spot on" and descriptive that might not be the normal verbage used in ordinary conversations.


Writing is a passion of mine. I have been published for my MA thesis, 2 papers I delivered at symposiums were also published.

I have had poetry published in school and served with my own byline on my undergraduate college's school newspaper.

I believe strong written skills make the point clear and concise. I don't believe you need to write just to fill paper; rather writing should be full of expression and emotion based on the subject material. References should be annotated correctly when writing for school with research having aided in your argument, one way or another.

Charter Oak State College
Trinity College, Hartford CT


Charter Oak State College (Literature)

Trinity College, Hartford CT (Master's)

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Standard Hourly Rate: $55.00

Cancellation: 2 hours notice required

I prefer to have 2 hour sessions, allowing time for students to provide difficulties encountered.

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