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Fisher College
Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
Capella University, Minneapolis, MN


Fisher College (Management)

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN (Master's)

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN (PhD)

About Lynne

First, my name is Dr. C., I hold a Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management, with specialization in Management Education. My Master of Science degree in Education, with Specialization in Professional Studies in Education.

In addition, I hold a Post-Master's Certificate in College Teaching. Bachelor of Science degree in Management, and Associate of Arts in Journalism.

My objective as a tutor is to accommodate and meet students' learning expectations with goals to provide quality tutoring services.
First, my name is Dr. C., I hold a Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management, with specialization in Management Education. My Master of Science degree in Education, with Specialization in Professional Studies in Education.

In addition, I hold a Post-Master's Certificate in College Teaching. Bachelor of Science degree in
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ACT Math, Elementary Math, Probability, SAT Math,
SPSS, Statistics
Philosophy, Psychology
Music History,
Music Production
Adobe Photoshop, Film,
Photography, Video Production
ACT English, ACT Reading, English,
Literature, Public Speaking,
Reading, SAT Reading, Vocabulary
Test Preparation:
ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, Career Development,
GED, SAT Math,
SAT Reading
Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Desktop Publishing, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint,
Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Networking (Computer), Photography, SAS, SPSS, STATA, Video Production, Web Design
American History, Government & Politics, Music History,
Social Studies, World History
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math, Grammar,
Handwriting, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


The reason I qualify for teaching (tutoring) accounting at is because I have studied accounting and finance management at a PhD level. My final grade for this course received was an "A"! Lessons in this online accounting and finance management course included After-Tax Cost of Debt, Cost of Common Equity, Payback Period, Project Net Present Value (NPV), Required Investment, Replacement Analysis, and much more. Thus, many tables were created and other accounting and finance management subjects were studied such as Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC), Average collection period (ACP), Payables Deferral Period, Inventory Conversion Period, Pretax Profit Margin, Receivables Investment, Days sales outstanding (DSO), Accounts Receivable and Payable, Cost of Trade Credit and Bank Loan, Effective annual rate (EFF% or EAR), Additional Funds Needed (AFN) Equation, PRO FORMA Income Statement, Excess Capacity, and much more.


I have been in the business world for many years from being administration assistant in a busy physician(s) office to medical transcription. In addition, I am a business owner and collaborate business-2-business worldwide.

I am very well educated with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Management, Associates of Arts Degree in Journalism and working on certificates in music business as well as a Masters Degree in Professional Education with masters concentration in management.

In the past, I have taken power reading courses and extensive English classes at Fisher College, Boston, MA and written many scholar papers in my years at colleges.

Most of my business has been done via Internet networking and telephone conversations as well as extensive contract reading and negotiations, but in the past, I have done the essential administration duties in businesses.

Not only have I have taken extensive management courses at Fisher College, but have taken an exquisite Entrepreneur class at Berklee College of Music to enhance my business competencies.

Career Development

Career development is all about creating a job skill development plan; therefore each student's career development will be different. As a career development tutor, educator, and facilitator, I will work with students in creating a job skill plan and strategy for achieving his or her professional growth, objectives and goals.

On a professional basis I have worked with many clients developing business plans, a career development is a plan for the long-run in one's career and will probably change over time. In lessons we will go over all skills in one's career development such as writing cover letters, resume' writing, interview skills, and the importance of networking, including salary negotiations and etiquette.


I qualify for teaching (tutoring) economics as I have studied economics in my Bachelor's degree program. I have also helped (advised) other students with their essay writing on the topic of economics. Hence, I have studied global economics for one of my colloquium courseroom residency experience at a PhD level. Finally, I have reviewed economics in many of my PhD studies such as in Social Responsibility and Ethics course at a PhD level.


I have worked with many foreign professionals proficiently through verbal communications and collaborations in the English language, respectively. With a post-master's certificate in college teaching, I can assist in the progress of students who need assistance in English through classroom management strategies, lesson planning, and facilitation of textbook learning.

Lessons will include English vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, stress, and all handouts provided by instructors for clarification and understanding. I can, if needed, develop handouts to suit each student's needs for learning English (TOEFL).


As an individual who speaks broken English, I can facilitate those who wish to learn English through reading, writing, grammar lessons either with handouts by professors, or I can offer handouts, games, and activities to learn English as a Second Language (ESL/ESOL).

All lessons (verbal, writing, reading) can be taught online or in person.

I have studied adult learning theory and know how different adults learn, and therefore, I can accommodate each students needs for learning English through course room management, planning, and facilitation (different teaching strategies).


I have been mentored by the major players in the film industry and have worked with many Independent (INDIE) film producers including film composers.

I can facilitate creating a business plan for financing a film project as well as facilitating the importance of networking in the film industry. This includes writing a non-disclosure agreement.

I have also studied Music Business and Entrepreneurship in the past at Berklee College of Music with such subjects as business laws and the legal aspect of the business which include film scoring.

Lessons will include the future of the film industry, together with laws and legal aspects of film production and distribution. Lessons will also include understanding media using digital media, film production, screenwriting, and marketing a film project in today's era to the film industry professionals on a local, regional, national, and global levels.

I have managed negotiations between film composers and film producers in the past successfully, contracts signed; thus, I can consult individuals on that process along with any other concerns about developing, marketing, and financing a film project such as developing PowerPoint presentation to present to investors.

Lessons will provide an introduction to what investors seek in film investments.


The reason I qualify for teaching (tutoring) finance at is because I have studied accounting and finance management at a PhD level. The finals for this course were a case study of a financial analysis such as profit margin, solvency ratio, earnings and sales, valuation ratio, and much more between two major companies in the United States (US). This PhD level accounting and finance management final exam include nine tables which included tables:
* Stock Research Year Earnings Forecast
* Industry property and casualty insurance
* Fundamental Performances
* Valuation Ratios Multiples
* Stock Report
* Recommendation: Buy, Hold, and Sell
* Company's Semiconductor Holder Last Sale
* Second quarter Share Data
* Liquidity (Solvency Ratio)


I possess a post-master's certificate in college teaching and have experience with classroom management, lesson planning, and how to facilitate others in using textbooks. This includes working with many foreign professionals gaining verbal communications and collaboration as an individual who speaks broken English.

As tutor, educator, and facilitator I have the competencies of helping (assisting) students with English grammar, structure (e.g. words, phrases, clauses (subject and predicate), as well as sentences, thus I can instruct students in the know how to break-down and describe parts of speech in the English language.

Microsoft Excel

I have worked with Excel for years including configuring formulas for research projects and analysis.

At a professional level Excel was a skill used for managing a company's budget, clients, and employees.

Depending on the student level of working with Excel will depend on the lesson plan through careful classroom management and coursework planning (e.g. review of students learning needs).

Microsoft PowerPoint

My qualifications for teaching (tutoring) Microsoft PowerPoint is through my knowledge and experience in all my coursework from my Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and PhD degree in developing PowerPoint presentations. Thus, my business experiences developing PowerPoint presentations for business clients to present to investors. There are many features that I can teach others in how to develop PowerPoint slides (by explaining to learners what slides are) such as not adding too many words but rather focus points of what he or she is trying to address.

Other teaching points when facilitating others about Microsoft PowerPoint include explaining about templates, layouts, and how to upload photos, create charts, graphs, animation, and add sound or a narrative to their PowerPoint presentation. Thus, describe the features on the PowerPoint toolbar such as save, copy, paste, cut (along with short-cuts to these features)as well as font, font size, how to change color and check for spelling, and much more depending on the students needs and level of skills.

Music History

While in my journalism degree program at Solano Community College in Fairfield, California, I have studied the history of music as an elective and can discuss in detail how the music industry began from the tin pan alley to the history of the music labels. Furthermore, I have written many published online articles on the music industry, and have studied the music industry in my PhD studies. I have studied music business online at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Public Speaking

I qualify for teaching (tutoring Public Speaking because I have experience in this subject and studied Public Speaking in my Bachelor's degree program. Experience includes final project of presenting a speech in my Bachelor's degree program, thus presenting my team's PowerPoint presentation at one of my PhD residency (colloquium) in front of all my colleagues, professors, and college administrators. Other public speaking experiences consist of presenting PowerPoint presentations to investors at a business level as well as hosting a children' talent/fashion show.

Tutoring methods to be used for a Public Speaking course is informing students to learn to express and have their voice heard because people will listen. As their words may someday make a difference in society. Thus, I will teach students how to utilize a microphone the proper way, how to face his or her audience which includes providing eye contact and engaging with people in the audience. I will also answer and support any issues or questions learners may have about Public Speaking (providing information to an audience through carefully planned words, skills and knowledge).

SAT Math

I have a post-master's certification in college teaching.


Like many subjects, lessons will be facilitated on each individuals' learning expectations. I possess a post-master's certificate in college teaching and have the teaching skills to facilitate diversity for meeting the adult learners expectations.

Lessons in vocabulary will include understanding handouts from professors, or I can provide handouts and activities for learning and comprehending vocabulary concepts for improving comprehensive reading.

Moreover, lessons will include defining and discussing words with proper usage for written and spoken vocabulary. This includes learning the roots of words while learning new vocabulary words.

World History

As a Global Entertainment Manager I have had the opportunity to learn about different customs and cultural differences. I have also studied the history of education and have the ability and experience to facilitate learners with their study skills in World History. I Possess a Post Master's Certificate in College Teaching and have studied the history of Education.

Fisher College
Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
Capella University, Minneapolis, MN


Fisher College (Management)

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN (Master's)

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN (PhD)

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