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Patient, Insightful, Creative and Caring - Awesome Tutor
— David, Miami, FL on 6/8/16


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Since I was a little girl, I loved to learn. I loved reading, writing and learning new subjects, particularly those related to the human body. So, I knew a long time ago that I wanted to be a nurse. I was intrigued by anatomy. I knew that, as a nurse, I'd have the opportunity to educate and inform. I also loved to teach; I recall in grade school my classmates often would ask me for help with their homework. I enjoyed sitting down and internalizing the unknown, memorizing interesting concepts, going over and over a topic until I could understand it and then explain it to someone else.

Yes, I love to teach because I love to learn. An ancient proverb states that "by teaching, one learns again". And that is my motto! I believe that one of life's primary purposes is to learn: learn about our bodies, learn about the world we live in and the worlds beyond, and learn to be better individuals. We shall continually reap internal riches when we remain open to learning.

One of the greatest experiences that I ever had was attending nursing school. I was enthralled by science. I realized, when studying the human body and its functions, that this was the very essence of life. I came to see things in a much deeper and more-significant fashion, especially communication. Rather than just words, I could see that, when communicating, I was tapping into and externalizing (teaching) that which I had fed into my mind and soul (learning). Teaching and learning are thus the foundation of our civilized society; they are catalysts to human advancement.

I loved English. Yes, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation... it all comes together into an amazing and magical symphony that we call speech.... communication. And, whether spoken or written, the ability to communicate with each other is one of the most powerful gifts that we have been given. I can't imagine what it would be like not to have it, to not be able to hear or speak. That’s what gave me an interest in learning American Sign Language. I found it absolutely fascinating. I continued studying ASL for 2 years (up to Level 4) because of an incredible instructor. He was a virtual goldmine of information and fluent in the language. His presentation of the material and teaching style kept me hungry for more. I couldn't wait to get to class!

As a nurse, I adopted the same attitude of excellence, and became committed to it. I go above and beyond with every patient, giving him or her the very best care that I can. And that doesn't mean simply looking after their physical needs. There are also spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs that I can fill, even if only in the slightest way. Yes, I want to LEARN more about each person. By doing that, I am completely committed to their care. And this commitment, in turn, enriches me as a nurse and as a person.

One time, for example, there was an elderly patient, a man who was irritable and demanding; nobody wanted to talk or deal with him. But I looked beyond the surface and saw a human being that was frightened and in pain. So I, like they say, 'killed him with kindness.' I slowly chipped away at his icy demeanor. A few weeks later I discovered that he was a World War II Vet, as was my father. I also was in the military, so that gave us a connection. A few weeks later, we were best buddies, because I had taken a few extra minutes each day to get to know more about him. He had seen horrible things during the war, things that had scarred him forever. But beyond the pain of those terrible memories was a man full of love, humor and.... life. Our conversations brought back some fond memories of my own experiences in the military.

I served in the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsman and was selected to be class adjutant during my recruit training. I learned and taught respect, discipline and attention to detail. I was also the drill instructor for my company of 80 female recruits, which I led through calisthenics and marching formation.

In terms of teaching, being a nurse is often like being a college professor. First of all, one teaches the patient about their disease process, what to do, and what not to do. Patient education also includes their medications, how and when to take them, what they are for and possible side-effects. Often, lifestyle changes need to be made, and the patients need encouragement to be active participants in their own care. Hopefully, their health will improve and they will go on to live full, happy lives.

Nurses also teach the patients' families, most of whom are afraid and don't know how to care for their loved one. I stress the importance of proper nutrition, letting go of bad habits, and weight control, if indicated. I am also a huge advocate of adopting an active lifestyle. All of these are an instrumental part of disease prevention. Every step of patient care includes teaching. My goal is to teach them everything they need to know so they won't have to return to the hospital.

While working at a local hospital, I received a commendation for mentoring student nurses during a pilot program called: "Nursing, the Caring Module". I was very excited to participate in this program. It gave me the opportunity to share my love of nursing. Now, my teaching was directly linked to the 'application' of the nursing process - the personal connection between nurse and patient. I wanted the students to not just focus on 'tasks,' but to realize that tasks revolve around a human being who may be going through the worst moment of his or her life. No matter how busy we are, as nurses, we should always have the time to pause and connect with patients at a human, individual level.

Apart from teaching as a nurse, I’ve also been a martial arts practitioner for more than 30 years. From the very beginning, my teacher saw that I had an ability to teach. So in almost every class, I would be helping the beginners. In time I noticed that by teaching others, I myself was improving. Over the years, I competed in many tournaments, winning an AAU silver medal at the age of 19, and never looking back. I realize today, that what really put me over the top was TEACHING. I have been with my teacher for over 17 years and I assist him with adult and children’s classes in 2 locations. Needless to say, these classes require me to tap into ALL of my teaching experience and abilities.

In a slightly different setting, I was a teacher and volunteer counselor at the Department of Corrections for about 7 years, which I found extremely rewarding. This gave me the rare opportunity to openly share with women who were going through a very difficult time in their lives. My 'job' was to teach honesty, hope, and faith, something many did not have much of.

I let them know that they could transform their lives if they took responsibility for their actions and learned to make better choices. I wanted them to know that they could overcome the negativity of the past, stop the cycle of being continually institutionalized, and build rich, meaningful lives. Years later a woman stopped me on the street and asked: "Are you the volunteer lady who used to do the groups at the jail?" "Why, yes, I am," I said with a smile, and although I remembered her face, her name escaped me. She told me who she was and then she totally floored me by saying: "You changed my life! Everything that you shared that day I will never forget." I was speechless.

But perhaps one of my most rewarding experiences with teaching has been through my work as Director of Medical Research for a fitness and alternative health website. The site offers one-on-one ‘coaching’ on many topics: weight loss, physical fitness, diet, detox cleansing and many more. I have worked with this website on a part-time basis for nearly ten years. During this time, I’ve had the privilege of coaching dozens and dozens of people from all over the world. I always like to leave clients with an understandable step-by-step solution that empowers them to reach their goals.

The message is this: Teaching isn't just a bland process of transferring information from one person to another. No. Teaching is changing lives and impacting them in a positive way. I never want to stop teaching or learning. I want to always continue to grow and expand my knowledge. My goal is to help others do the same. Looking back at my life, I can say that, in one form or another, I have been constantly teaching. And I’m very excited that you want to achieve your goals in education. Please feel free to contact me so that we can share this wonderful journey together!

Since I was a little girl, I loved to learn. I loved reading, writing and learning new subjects, particularly those related to the human body. So, I knew a long time ago that I wanted to be a nurse. I was intrigued by anatomy. I knew that, as a nurse, I'd have the opportunity to educate and inform. I also loved to teach; I recall in grade
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"Patient, Insightful, Creative and Caring - Awesome Tutor"

- David, Miami, FL on 6/8/16

"Very patient and caring . She reach out to the student s in their ways of learning . Exllent tutor"

- Vivian, Boca Raton, FL on 5/8/16
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More than 20 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings

Martial Arts

I have been practicing martial arts for 40 years. I've studied four different styles of Chinese, Japanese and Okinawan martial arts. At present, I teach children and adult classes in Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu (southern style).

I won an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) silver medal at the age of 19 and numerous trophies, medals and awards thereafter. I also hold a second-degree black belt in White Dragon Kung Fu (Northern Style).

Many students have informed me that my explanations enabled them to comprehend techniques that they had previously struggled with.


* More than 20 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings :
Acute/Hospital care
Military - Hospital Corpsman
Long term care
Psychiatric/Chemical dependency
Cardiology - Internal Medicine


Director of Medical Research for Amazing Health Publishing

1) Proofreading of all submitted medical data
2) Editing of fitness/weight loss website content
3) Personal submission of articles
4) Consultant for content of 22 published e-books


I was a water baby at the age of 3. I entered my first competition at 7, placing first. I continued to swim competitively until the age of 15. I was also a junior life guard and assistant swim instructor at Camp Lenoloc in Bear Mountain, New York for five years. My love of swimming and other sports such as diving, water skiing, canoeing, etc... continues to this day.

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Associate science (Nursing)

Patient, Insightful, Creative and Caring - Awesome Tutor

Lauren helped me with a book I'm writing that includes a lot of medical terminology. I was very confused, but Lauren was able to break everything down in a simple and straightforward fashion, which HUGELY reduced my work load. Lauren is an amazing tutor. I am new to WyzAnt, so I didn't know exactly what to expect, but the experience was very productive and positive. I would HIGHLY recommend Lauren

— David, Miami, FL on 6/8/16

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Even though we all need money to survive, that doesn't mean that I will turn you down if you can't afford the $50 per hour rate. Write me, let me know what your budget is and we can work with that.

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