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Oglethorpe University
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Oglethorpe University (Politics)

American University (Graduate Coursework)

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One of the first things instilled in me as a young child was the value of a good education. Being that I descend from a long line of educators and proudly bear the last name of a man, (my grandfather), who made his mark as a teacher from the age of 12, one could say, the pursuit of knowledge and sharing the love of that pursuit runs in my veins. This love followed me through a pedagogic journey that spanned 3 continents, countless schools from K-12, and a degree in Politics from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA. My mother raised me with meager means available to her, but one thing she always made sure I had, was plenty of books. To this day, anecdotes are shared over the dinner table of 5 year old Uche exclaiming, "Bücher Bitte!" when asked what I would like for my birthday. Plus, the fact that I was raised, during my formative years, in Saarbrücken, a quintessential college town in SW Germany, definitely contributed to my love of learning and language.

When my mother and I moved to the US, I did not speak a word of English and considering we first settled in Houston, TX, there wasn't much opportunity to speak German. So, I had to learn and learn fast! Coupled with the fact that, in retrospect, I was both dyslexic and dyscalculic, this was no easy task. But, I've always prided myself on being a very capable alternative learner. So, I hunkered down in front of PBS with a language arts book and tried to connect the shapes and colors and numbers and letters I saw before me, to linguistic ideas already familiar to me. The result being, my never having attended an ESOL class a day in my life. Now, that is not to say ESOL isn't an invaluable resource to many, but my tenacity in learning to have full command of the language removed it as a requirement for continuing my educative journey.

Now, these methods I developed personally have been shown to be invaluable to any and all classmates and clients I've worked with from Middle School, through High School, through College and beyond. Considering the fact that I received 5's on the AP Language, AP Literature, and AP World History tests, and 4's on the AP Psychology, AP Statistics, and AP Music Theory tests, it stands to reason that my methods worked. Also, I made myself a constant resource to kids in the youth ministry at my church where it concerned Language, Literature, Language, History, Statistics, and Chemistry with very good results, especially for those requiring usual learning accommodations. Plus, my history of foreign language (being proficient in German and conversant in French) was a true boon to them as well.

While in College, I tutored classmates, often to the chagrin of our resident learning center since my tutoring methods often led to immediate grade boosts, since I spent the time to learn their study habits, learning methods, and attuned my tutoring to their rate of comprehension as it related to certain subjects. Plus, I'm someone who believes that even the Franco-Russian War can be made fun if looking at it retrospectively and considering the fact that much of it amounted to Nicholas pitching a fit because he couldn't get his way. Point being, I am able to wrap myself in whatever material I am tasked with making relatable, entertaining, and easy to retain. I have an enthusiastic approach to teaching that will have your child or yourself having a great time without realizing you just properly parsed covalent bonds.

As far as Music Production and songwriting, I've been a lover of music my entire life. I first attended a prestigious music academy at the age of 2 and it grounded me in theory in a very organic way that I still carry with me to this day. I have training in every Low Brass instrument having picked up the trombone in the 4th grade after an unfortunate incident with a trumpet mouthpiece and a busted lip, and never looked back. Over the course of the next 7 years I also added the Baritone/Euphonium, and Tuba to my arsenal playing in the heralded and decorated James Hubert Blake Bengals Marching Band as the principle sousaphone. Furthermore, I completed an externship as a result of the school that allowed me practical experience in arranging, composing, and producing digital musical works. I'm proficient in Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Live, and Sibelius and, while in college, was a part of a music collective known as Lucid America, as an in-house producer and engineer. Also, I attended American University's Graduate Program for Audio Technology and gained invaluable experience working in the Kreeger Studio as an engineer and Studio/Production Assistant, meaning, you'll be connecting with a professional who's very knowledgeable and has had his talents in this field recognized.

As for Track and Field, having competed at the collegiate level in various events including the 100m, 200m, 4x400m, Shot Put and Discus, you'll have access to someone able to take you or your child's performance to the next level and considering I was known for my unflinching and uncompromising training regiments while owning and operating my own Personal Training business in conjunction with my school, you'll also be getting someone who won't allow you to accept mediocrity. I see gold in you, and I'll work hard to make sure you see it in yourself.

All in all, with me, you're getting someone with a very diverse skill set, a love of learning and a desire to help others find their love of learning. More than anything, you're getting someone who cares, who will always put forth his best foot and make sure everything he does is to the benefit of his tutee.

Feel free to call or text me at 240-848-8079 and I look forward to working with you very soon.
One of the first things instilled in me as a young child was the value of a good education. Being that I descend from a long line of educators and proudly bear the last name of a man, (my grandfather), who made his mark as a teacher from the age of 12, one could say, the pursuit of knowledge and sharing the love of that pursuit runs in my veins. Read more

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ACT English

I received a 28 on the ACT, including a 32 on the Reading section, and a 28 on the English.

ACT Reading

Earned a 28 overall on the ACT without an ACT Prep Course, and a 32 on the Reading section.

Bible Studies

I found God in the reading room of the homeless shelter my mom and I, for a time, called home. Seeking some understanding of why we were living as we were, I began reading through tome after tome of ancient spiritual guidance. From the Qur'an, to the tales of Krishna, to the Bagghavadgita, until I came upon a worn King James Bible. I've lived a life that has taken me through many ups and downs, through it all, my faith in God has remained and deep exploration of the Bible has anchored it.


I received a 5 on my AP English Language and AP English Literature exams, and a 4 on my AP Statistics exam.

Government & Politics

Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Oglethorpe University. Extensive knowledge in the study of comparative political theories.

Music Production

I've completed Graduate Coursework in Audio Production and Audio Engineering. I've been deeply invested in sharpening my audio production toolkit for over 7 years and was part of a music collective while in undergrad focusing on exactly this. I'm proficient in Logic, Pro Tools, and the entire Kontakt assemblage of products. More than anything, I love it.

SAT Reading

I scored a 5 on my AP World History exam, a 32 on my ACT Reading/English, and 5's on my AP Language and AP Literature exams.

Sight Singing

I have more than 6 years of experience sight-singing at a very high level, having gone to a High School for the Arts as well as a Liberal Arts College and calling my college's resident choir home for 2 of my 4 years of undergrad. I've led an a capella choir, and arranged whole compositions for student musical productions. More than anything, I can relate what can at times be very lofty musical ideas in a real way, having done so for 7 years as a music minister at my former church.


I have been trained in music theory and song composition from high school through graduate school, having taken AP Music Theory in the former and logged significant amounts of time in that exact pursuit in the latter. I have a true love of lyrics and great grasp of the aural and theoretical realities of a number of instruments due to my having over 10 years of instrumental experience. More than anything, I love creating.

Track & Field

I ran track in college competing at the conference level for my school, Oglethorpe University. I am adept at understanding the physical and mental needs of track athletes and would even train some of my teammates throughout the season. Furthermore, I love track and field and would bring that passion to every lesson and training session.


I've been playing low brass instruments since the 4th grade when an unfortunate incident with a trumpet rendered my nearly lip-less for over a month. I enjoy the low rumble of the trombone, the melancholy slides, the flexibility of intonations that can be produced with proper embouchure. I know I can bring this passion and zeal and knowledge to the forefront as I teach, and help your child achieve their greatness.

World History

I earned my Bachelor of Arts from Oglethorpe University in Politics with a focus on the History of Modern Warfare.

I received a 5 on the AP English Language, AP English Literature, and AP World History exams, allowing me to test out of several 101 classes in college.


I received 5's on my AP Language and AP Literature exams in High School, a 28 on my ACT Writing score, and graduated with a BA in Politics from a Liberal Arts College with a very robust core academic program, meaning, I have spent the majority of my latter educative journey reading and writing critically and at a very high level.

Oglethorpe University
American University
Graduate Coursework


Oglethorpe University (Politics)

American University (Graduate Coursework)

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