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Top-Tier Professional Organic Chemistry Tutor


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"Making Organic Chemistry easy!"

Elena, 21 lessons with Victor

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Hi, my name is Victor, I'm a professional full-time private chemistry educator, and I specialize in college-level organic chemistry. So, the short story is: if you want to maintain an excellent permanent academic record, master the course material, and develop the essential problem-solving skills to succeed in organic chemistry, send me a message.

I understand that you sought out organic chemistry tutoring because you're struggling with the subject. I also understand that learning organic...

Hi, my name is Victor, I'm a professional full-time private chemistry educator, and I specialize in college-level organic chemistry. So, the short story is: if you want to maintain an excellent permanent academic record, master the course material, and develop the essential problem-solving skills to succeed in organic chemistry, send me a message.

I understand that you sought out organic chemistry tutoring because you're struggling with the subject. I also understand that learning organic chemistry takes time and considerable effort. Regardless of how hard or frustrating it can be, I'm on your side, and I'm here to help you on this journey. I'm skilled at explaining concepts from different perspectives to accommodate your specific learning style. I pride myself on my rigorously individual approach to tutoring, tailoring my lessons to your individual needs, goals, and academic preparation.

Now, the long story:

I love chemistry. I’ve decided to become a chemist when I was six years old and I stayed true to it through my entire life. When I was first introduced to organic chemistry, it quickly became my true passion that later resulted in my first organic chemistry degree and a few publications.

Following a regular academic path (BS, MS, Ph.D, teaching appointment at a college), I learned the ins and outs of academia. I dealt with the administration, the collaborators, the researchers, the conferences, you name it. Yet, the most rewarding aspect of it all for me was teaching and working with students. The biggest challenge I faced daily was to reach every student in the classroom. For some, my teaching was too fast and involved, for others it was too slow and didn’t challenge them enough. The “golden middle” really doesn’t work in a 400-student auditorium. So, I quit academia and became a full-time private organic chemistry tutor. I love being a tutor as it allows me to help each individual student and not the theoretical “average” in the crowd. Doing that in a classroom where “one size fits all” approach is dictated by the setting is simply impossible.

I use a multifaceted approach in my teaching to help my students. I bring clarity in organic chemistry by helping you review, organize, and systematize your chemistry knowledge into a coherent whole and I pride myself on my individualized and personalized approach to each student's needs. My goal is to help you master the concepts by teaching you how to break them down to fundamental principles and reconstruct them for yourself from ground-zero.

Ultimately, whatever your current level or aptitude is, your success is my primary objective. I'll give you a safe and comfortable place to learn, make mistakes, learn from them, and grow academically to the next level. I'll help you set long- and short-term goals and help you achieve the outcomes you want. I have a proven record of success of my teaching approach. Many of my students come to me with a C's or even a D's at the beginning of the semester or after the first test and leave with A's and B's! See Megan's or Taylor's review for an example of such an accomplishment. However, I don't see college tutoring to be a remedial tool. To me, it is rather like having a personal academic coach who helps you to succeed!

I’ve helped hundreds of students achieve seemingly impossible: not just pass organic chemistry but master it! Don’t simply take my word for it, see my reviews and ratings. I’m proud of the work I do, and I would be happy to help you achieve similar results. Send me a message now and reserve your spot in my schedule for this semester.


Policy reminder: I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. I understand that life happens, so I tend to be reasonably lenient about rescheduling. However, I'm a professional academic coach and teaching is my livelihood, so I expect my students to treat my appointments just like appointments with any other professional, such as a doctor, a therapist, or a lawyer.


Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado


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Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

I'm a professional full-time organic chemistry tutor with a doctorate in chemical education (emphasis on organic chemistry education and research) and two masters' degrees in organic chemistry and synthetic organic photochemistry. I've been teaching college chemistry since 2004 and specialize in Organic Chemistry and Advanced Organic Chemistry and Synthesis. I have an extensive training in chemistry (see my profile) and published my research in multiple fields of chemistry including organic chemistry, mechanisms of organic reactions, and chemical education. I'm also a practicing organic chemist and routinely consult for chemistry-related industries, schools, and businesses across the US. While being an educator, I'm still active in the research fields of chemistry and chemistry education and regularly appear at the national conferences on chemistry and chemical education.


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Excellent tutor

Victor has really helped to make organic chemistry easier to understand. He goes through everything in great detail and gives you everything you need to know. He’s extremely patient and always makes sure you understand the material.

Miguel , 3 lessons with Victor

Extremely knowledgeable

Covered HNMR. Gave me 100 practice problems prior to review for my orgo exam. Reliable! Will continue to work with Victor. Stared of the first lesson with an agenda to bring up my grade. I feel more confident with the content.

Lori, 6 lessons with Victor

Victor is a very thorough, patient, and understanding organic chemistry tutor.

We reviewed: "R" and "S" nomenclature designations; radical compounds; chirality; chair conformations; enantiomeric excess; optical activity; Fischer projections; constitutional isomers; enantiomers; diastereomers; nucleophiles; electrophiles; carbocation stability; arrow pushing in mechanisms; radical substitution; SN2 reactions. It was a very helpful and productive session!! Thank you very much!

Josh, 5 lessons with Victor

Patient, Calm and Highly Knowledgeable Instructor/Tutor

I have had the opportunity as a parent to sit quietly in the session while Victor is helping my daughter. She tells me she is much calmer about the material and that she likes his supportive and practical style of reviewing the material. His communication is positive, honors the knowledge the students do bring to the session and same time explains concepts in concrete terms that are easier for my daughter to grasp than what she is apparently receiving in her college classroom. We have had just a few sessions and already she is calmer and more productive about approaching the two subjects we hired Victor to support her in. We are late in the semester connecting with him, but are so grateful to have done so. Recommend starting earlier rather than later with Victor. He is professional and it is clear that he is committed to supporting his students.

Cynthia, 12 lessons with Victor

Great teacher

He clearly and accurately explained everything that I needed to do my presentation. He makes organic chemistry easy. Most definitely recommended and worth the price.

Michael, 2 lessons with Victor

Knowledgeable and amicable tutor

Victor is an excellent tutor. He had answers to every question I had, even if it wasn't on the topic we were reviewing. Thanks to the lessons I had with him, I scored 20 points above the mean on every test that he helped me prepare for. I would highly recommend him.

Jake, 4 lessons with Victor

The old saying really is true.

When I first read about Victor, I wasn't sure he would be worth the price for organic chemistry help. But it turns out the old saying really is true: you get what you pay for. He is very knowledgeable, dedicated, helpful, and a true gem. His teaching does not end when the lesson is over. He careful assesses the areas where he feels you need the most help and preps for the next lesson so that he can target those areas and challenge you as needed. He is always available for questions outside the lesson. I couldn't be happier. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Victor.

Nick, 25 lessons with Victor

Knowledgeable and helpful tutor

Victor works with me for my general chemistry college course. He is always patient and able to explain topics in different ways if I didn't understand them. He is very accommodating to find time around my busy schedule. I enjoy working with him and am planning to continue working with him in the future. I would highly recommend Victor to anyone seeking help in chemistry!

Matthew, 18 lessons with Victor

Very knowledgeable and excellent teacher

I have been struggling with organic chemistry a lot and I have to retake the class in order to get into pharmacy school and in our very first lesson I felt that I could actually pass the class He's an excellent teacher and explain things in simpler terms

Anna, 8 lessons with Victor


Victor K.


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