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• Colorado School of Mines
Engineering Physics
• Colorado School of Mines


• Colorado School of Mines (Engineering Physics)

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About Jonathan

Hi! My name is Jon and I’m glad you’re here! I am a very accessible, knowledgeable and proficient tutor who has successfully helped many students increase their confidence, improve grades and pass standardized tests to achieve their goals. Since you are looking at my profile, you or your student has some sort of need that you are looking to me to backfill. I would be honored to help you achieve these.

The mastery of any complex skill is a combination of understanding, practice and confidence-building. What I bring to the table is specific knowledge expertise and the ability to break down complex material into manageable chunks that the student can take in, digest and use. I not only aim to increase the student’s level of understanding but I assess my aim by frequently using checks-for-understanding and evaluation of how the student is really doing on problems. The student and I are in constant dialog and I tailor my tutoring response to the skill level, personality and academic background of each student. Let me illustrate the power of tutoring by talking about Josh and Christopher.

Josh was a bright eighth grader who had high verbal aptitude but struggled in math. I was hired to tutor him in upper pre-algebra material (a lot of fractions and decimals). Since he was really good at verbal reasoning I presented the material to him with copious commentary as to why we were solving this problem using this particular method. This went on for a period of six or seven weeks and, bam, one day he used mathematical reasoning to tell me why we were solving a particular problem in a certain way. Josh had made math his own by accessing the difficult material through one of his academic strengths! For some students, tutoring helps them unlock the door of understanding so that they can access the subject matter. For other students, tutoring helps them make sense of material that is within their reach, but due to time limitations or other factors, they are having difficulty in.

Christopher was an engineering student who was struggling in differential equations. He had gotten a failing grade on an exam and I was hired to help him raise his test grades. From the start, it was apparent he had strong math skills, but was having trouble making the complex methods in this subject his own. I was hired the Sunday before his next exam and tutored him for a 3-hour session. We just worked through examples of problems that were like those that would be on the test. He got a solid B on that exam. For some students, tutoring is a time and frustration saver where they can get condensed one-on-one instruction to quickly gain proficiency in the material.

I have successfully helped both types of students. How can I help you?
Hi! My name is Jon and I’m glad you’re here! I am a very accessible, knowledgeable and proficient tutor who has successfully helped many students increase their confidence, improve grades and pass standardized tests to achieve their goals. Since you are looking at my profile, you or your student has some sort of need that you are looking to me to Read more

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"Great Lesson"

- Trina, Denver, CO on 9/3/17

"Thoughtful and organized teaching"

- Melanie, Denver, CO on 6/28/17

"knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Brian, Denver, CO on 4/12/17


- Tamara, Colorado Springs, CO on 6/29/16

"Math 2 SAT review with Jonathan C."

- Lori, Littleton, CO on 6/9/16

"Great Session / HS Trig & Vectors"

- Daniel, Evergreen, CO on 4/17/16

"Wonderful tutor"

- Elaine, Houston, TX on 4/14/16

"Chemistry & trig lesson"

- Wendy, Denver, CO on 3/24/16

"Great tutor"

- Mark, Littleton, CO on 3/8/16

"Great teacher for Honors Chemistry."

- Nina, Golden, CO on 12/13/15

"Excellent tutor"

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"Great tutor"

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

Having taught SAT English through the use of English grammar, I am able to bring good test taking techniques to bear on the topic.

ACT Math

I not only bring a solid knowledge base to this subject, but I also bring standardized test taking strategies to bear in the instruction of my students. I was the Denver, CO market instructor for a nationwide standardized test preparation firm. Above all I am personally invested in seeing them achieve their academic goals so that they may achieve their longer term life goals. How can I help you?

ACT Reading

Having been a test prep instructor for a national company, I gained an inside track on effective pedagogy in teaching this subject. Through the use of the concept of the passage's main idea, one can grasp the core of the passage and accurately answer many questions.

ACT Science

Science is a subject that I remember loving as an elementary school kid. The arc of my life has continued the love of this subject through formal education, professional development, and also personal interest. Since I was also the Denver area instructor of a national standardized test preparation company, I will also bring to bear test-taking strategies.

Algebra 1

Algebra 1: the student's first introduction to higher math. I remember being a freshman in high school and seeing the beauty in math and its application to science. This is a person's foundation to a STEM career. As with any structure if the foundation is corrupt it will negatively impact everything else.

Algebra 2

I was introduced to Algebra in high school and have built on this foundation in my pursuit of higher math and its application in the sciences and engineering.


I am a standardized test instructor and tutor with skill in teaching all ASVAB topics and test taking strategies.

Bible Studies

I have read and studied the Bible consistently over the past 12 years. I also was a youth group leader for a year from 2007-2008. I have preached at two nursing homes over the course of the past year.


Calculus! Calculus is the use of the concept of limits to solve math problems involving mathematical functions. It is divided up between differential and integral calculus. Differential calculus is generally easier than integral calculus. Wherever you may be in the curriculum, I can help!


Chemistry! Introductory inorganic chemistry is the use of quantitative reasoning to make predictions about what happens in chemical reactions. You want to know how much carbon dioxide and water will be produced from the burning of methane gas? Just use the chemical concept of molar mass and the coefficients in front of the elements and compounds in the chemical equation, and you've got the answer! I can help you master these methods.

Civil Engineering

I graduated with a Master's of Science degree with a specialty in Civil Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in spring of 2012. I also successfully passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam for Civils.

Differential Equations

I have taken two math classes specific to differential equations: Ordinary Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations. I have also taken one undergraduate level and one graduate level Engineering Math courses that touched on Differential Equations.

Through my physics and engineering coursework I have used these mathematical techniques to analyze differential equations. These include topics as diverse as thermal physics, mechanics of materials, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics.

I have also taken two graduate level courses that deal with numerical techniques applied to Differential Equations: the Finite Element Method and a Numerical Methods course that presented numerous algorithms implemented in FORTRAN to solve commonly encountered engineering problems.


I used FORTRAN 95 extensively during my thesis work. My advisor's geotechnical excavation program was written in this. I modified this preexisting program for the purposes of my research.


I studied high school geometry and enjoyed this subject's introduction to proofs and the logical structure of math. Geometry's results are also critical to other technical fields that involve space in their calculations. I have a good handle on geometry logical structure, results, and applications and would love to help you or your child understand these.


I was the Denver, CO GRE instructor for a nationwide test preparation company for two years. I am competent to teach both general multiple choice test-taking techniques and the specific subject content on the GRE. I also take a holistic view of the test and how it fits into the larger picture of the life-goals of the student.

Linear Algebra

I have taken an undergraduate linear algebra course. Upon this foundation I have added much physical application: eigenvalue problems in mechanical stability problems, multi-modal vibratory theory, the use of linear algebra constructs in the Finite Element Method, the construction of stiffness matrices in non-isotropic materials, and the application of linear algebra to describe the mechanical behavior of the very small in quantum mechanics.


Through the course of my graduate studies, I coded over 5000 lines in MATLAB. The bulk of this programming was in the context of two graduate level courses: Soil Dynamics and Advanced Engineering Analysis, where I coded mathematical frameworks and homework, respectively. I also wrote a simple 1-Dimensional Discrete Element Method (DEM) code in MATLAB for a graduate level DEM class. Finally, I wrote scripts to generate input data for the Finite Element Method program at the center of my thesis work in MATLAB.


Physics! Physics gives us the ability to make predictions as to how physical objects will move and interact in the future. Chemists, engineers and biologists use it. You want to predict how much energy is required to get a 5000 kilogram spacecraft to Mars? Physics will give you the tools to figure it out. You want to know empirically figure how efficiently a blue whale uses energy from its primary food source? Physics gives us the language and concepts to answer this question. I can help you unlock this world.


I have experience in tutoring more advanced topics in math, but a good grasp of the preliminaries is essential for later success.


I have a solid understanding of the subject matter, particularly in Algebra and Trigonometry.


Since my junior year of undergraduate studies, I have been fascinated by random processes. My first real introduction to physical applications of probability theory came in this year when I learned how to apply different probabilistic models to describe how air moves in the atmosphere (i.e. Boltzmann statistics in Statistical Thermodynamics). I have since applied probabilistic models to describe earth movement for foundations in Master's research. I want to share my enthusiasm with you or your child.


Reading is a foundational skill necessary to success in any skilled endeavor. As such, I am keenly interested in helping my students improve their comprehension of texts. I tutor in understanding sentences, paragraphs and larger pieces of writing. My primary focus is technical and informational texts, but I also can tutor in a more literary direction.

SAT Math

I am an experienced test preparation teacher since I spent two years as the Denver, CO instructor for a national test preparation company. My technical background has provided me with solid knowledge base to teach SAT Math. I have helped many students increase their skill level in SAT math. What can I do for you?

SAT Reading

I was an SAT test prep instructor for a nationwide test prep company. Reading is an essential skill for advancement in academic and professional endeavors. I am well-qualified to teach this skill effectively.


Implemented in code form quite a few probabilistic and statistical concepts in my thesis work. This included the modification of an existing code of an implementation of the Random Finite Element Method.

Tax Accounting

I worked for H&R Block as a first year tax preparer for the Spring 2010 (Tax Year 2009) season. I passed the required H&R Block multi-week tax course and was hired on.

I was quite successful in this position in that I was well-liked by my colleagues and had a 100% customer satisfaction marks.

I went to graduate school in Fall 2010 and graduated in May 2012. Due to the exigencies of school and family life, I was not able to work the last two tax seasons.


Trigonometry is the precise definition of ratios that exist between sides of a right triangle and the algebraic consequences of these ratios. A good understanding of this topic is critical to establishing a good foundation for further study in high math and the quantitative sciences. I can help you or your child ensure this foundation is on a good footing.


I am a tutor who really enjoys the writing process and enjoys helping others express themselves clearly. I focus my tutoring on building strong sentences and then building logical and coherent paragraphs and essays from these sentences.

• Colorado School of Mines
Engineering Physics
• Colorado School of Mines


• Colorado School of Mines (Engineering Physics)

• Colorado School of Mines (Master's)

Great Lesson

Today was a good lesson explaining the concepts helped me out a lot. I appreciated him looking at the steps in taking and correcting where the error may be at.

— Trina, Denver, CO on 9/3/17

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