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Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Applied Mathematics
University of Central Florida


Montana Tech of the University of Montana (Applied Mathematics)

University of Central Florida (Master's)

About Russ

In High School, I helped others with Physics, Calculus, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Speech and Debate and English.

At this time, I am the Assistant Coach for the Speech and Debate Team at the high school level. It's a thrill to see my competitors win awards at the speech meets they attend!

I scored very high on the ACT. High enough that I was allowed to skip the first semester of Calculus and instead the grade I received in the Second Semester Calculus, A, was assigned to the First Semester Calculus. Mathematics comes easy to me. While in college I tutored foreign students in College Algebra to Advanced Calculus.

I gained my first real experience teaching when I entered the Navy as an instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power School where I received the distinction of Master Training Specialist. I taught all of the Math and Science courses required to understand and to operate the nuclear power plants on our naval ships and submarines. I honed in my tutoring skills at this time with one-on-one and group study sessions.

Later on as a computer administrator and programmer at a gold mine in Montana I would hire Computer Science Summer interns from the local college. Since the time was short for them I needed to quickly get them up to speed. Their training required focused topic discussions.

Next I became the Assistant Professor of Computer Science at that local college. I brought my Navy skills along with my tutoring skills to the classroom. It was here that I gained a broader view of Computer Science and education in general.

I have successfully tutored students who have active IEPs. My wife has taught Special Education at all levels for the past twenty years. With her guidance I have learned how to accommodate their individual needs.

As a result of my past experience I have tutored Mathematics (all topics,) Science (Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science,) High School Computer Science, ACT and SAT preparation, college level Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

In High School, I helped others with Physics, Calculus, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Read more

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ACT Math

I've taken both the ACT and the SAT exams as a senior in HS. I have taken the general GRE twice and the advanced GRE CS and Math exams twice. I prepared for the GRE exams after having taking them once. I teach good strategies to improve scores on the ACT and SAT exams. I hold a BS in Applied Math and an MS in Computer Science.

Algebra 1

I have a B.S. in Applied Mathematics. I tutored Algebra as an undergraduate student. I taught topics from Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 when I was an instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power School. I use the Saxon methodology when tutoring, i.e., each session will have a short review of all previous sessions. I do this to improve the student's retention level.

Algebra 2

I have B.S. Applied Mathematics. I tutored Algebra as an undergraduate student. I taught topics from Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 when I was an instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power School. I use the Saxon methodology when tutoring, i.e., each session will have a short review of all previous sessions. I do this to improve the student's retention level.

Bible Studies

MY wife and I were catechists for eight years at St Francis of Assisi. We taught middle school through high school age groups. We were chaperons for youth group activities outside the church. We aided in curriculum development.


I have 25 years professional experience programming in C.

In graduate school my thesis was writing an Ada run time simulator which I wrote in C which required about 1200 lines of C.

I was a senior software engineer at Echostar and OpenTv and Nagrastar. At Echostar all of my work required C on their set top boxes and the code base was about 100,000 lines of C. I worked on the Linux kernel itself and on the drivers both inside and above the kernel layer. OpenTv and Nagrastar required some coding in C but most of it was C++.

In the mining industry I wrote statistical and graphics software on in SunOS environment using C.


I taught C# at the college level and professionally used it for .Net web development. I've provided on-site C# training and orientation to new hires.


I have 15 years professional experience programming with C++. This experience also involves designing medium to large systems using object oriented techniques.

I've programmed within the Visual Studio and within the various Linux IDEs, eclipse for example.

I wrote bi-variate statistical analysis software and ore grade modeling software using MFC and Visual Studio 6 while at Newmont Mining. I wrote satellite uplink applications while at Echostar. I wrote BackOffice financial software within Visual Studio 10 while at Scottrade.


I have a BS in applied mathematics and an MS in computer science. I've used calculus since my senior year in high school right through my MS degree. I've taught calculus while instructing at the Naval Nuclear Power School to personnel whose ages ranged from 18 to 25 years. I've tutored calculus off and on since that time and my students became confident and succeeded in their calculus courses both in high school and in college. If you are college bound in the sciences, then you need to be proficient in calculus since it is the foundation for all sciences. I can make that happen.

Computer Programming

I've professionally programmed with these languages: Assembly, C, C++, Java, Perl, Objective-C, and all the Unix scripting languages sh, csh, bash, ksh, and utilities sed, grep, tr, awk, etc.

The industries in which I have used these languages are: mining, satellite TV, and financial.

I have about 25-30 years experience in computer programming altogether.

Computer Science

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science obtained at the University of Central Florida.

I was assistant professor of computer science for two years at Montana Tech of the University of Montana. I taught all course from Assembly to software engineering.

I've successfully tutored a student with significant needs through two CS courses from Arapaho Community College.

Differential Equations

I received a BS in applied mathematics which was heavy in physics and modeling with differential equations (differential equations). When I was an instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power Program, differential equations were used as a starting point in the officer curriculum, and I spent many hours tutoring many officers in strategies to solve these equations.

Discrete Math

Discrete Mathematics is the foundation for theoretical Computer Science at the graduate level. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science. I have studied and extended the Universal Turing Machine model of computer viruses.


My experience with DOS began at version 3.0. When I started work at Golden Sunlight Mines in 1990, all of the Microsoft machines ran DOS 3.3, which I upgraded to 5.0 then to 6.1 then they moved to Windows 3.1 and we no longer had a need for DOS. However, at that time I had to make the network and other specialized mine-related device drivers work together with shared interrupts. This, by far, was the mos difficult aspect of administrating DOS machines.

Elementary Math

I have a B.S. Applied Mathematics. I have worked with Elementary School children as a volunteer from time to time. At this level math must be done in a physical hands-on way.
I believe in using manipulatives as much as possible.

Elementary Science

The applied part of my B.S. Applied Mathematics focused on Physics. Physics underpins just about everything else. I have worked with Elementary School children as a volunteer from time to time doing basic science experiments. I believe the hands-on approach is best at this level.


I've written numerous professional technical papers for publication. Proper English was required for those papers. I've worked with engineers from India and helped them with the accented syllables in various words and also in the turns of American speech, i.e., American idioms.
Various words and phrases have various connotations and it can be difficult ferreting these out. Knowing what to say and when to say it can be challenging but not insurmountable.

Finite Math

Finite math along with discrete math forms the basis of Computer Science, in particular the universal Turing machine model for computation. Proofs of program correctness hinge on these branches of mathematics, which I studied for my BS in Applied Math and used for proofs throughout my MS in Computer Science program.


I have 5 years professional experience with FORTRAN4 and FORTRAN77. This experience was gained at the Montana Power Company writing applications for the electrical engineers and at Newmont Mining porting Irix F77 over to Windows C++ MFC.

While at the Yuma Proving Ground I wrote Assembly programs to integrate telemetry gathering instrument data to the F77 system.
Also here I wrote on object oriented design using F77.

General Computer

I have a Master's Degree in Computer Science. I spent 10 years of my career administrating small to large scale networks. This experience required hands-on work with network hardware and computer hardware of all sorts. Each session will contain a short review of all previous sessions to aid retention.


I have a B.S. in Applied Mathematics. I have tutored High School age students over the years in all Mathematics including Geometry to their success. Geometry sharpens the mind yielding clear precise thinking patterns. I make certain that all steps in any proof is clearly understood. Each session I review the previous session's topics, which in Geometry this involves proving previous theorems.


I've written many technical documents starting with my Master's thesis and ending with the documents I've written for various companies. Each required a different style but all required proper grammar for publication. In he first part of every session I review the grammar rules from all previous sessions to aid retention.


I have played guitar four years professionally and 35 years subsequently as a hobby.
I've played classical guitar for 30 of these years. I sight read and can play by ear.


I developed and maintain a math help site for home schooled students and teachers alike. I am restructuring it to follow the new Common Core Standards. This effort requires modifying the HTML in various ways. After learning basic HTML or having prior HTML knowledge I cover auto generated HTML (Word, OpenOffice, ...) studying the structure written and learning how to remove extraneous tags. Then we study the HTML source of professional web pages. As we move along we experiment with various tags in a text file and viewed by a browser.

Linear Algebra

I have a BS in Applied Mathematics. This degree required study of vector spaces and the matrices to handle the transformations between various coordinate systems. The programming I did (C++) at Newmont Mining involved transformations of grade position data. I rarely used Eigenvalues.


I've administrated Linux at various companies since RedHat 5.0 was released. I've developed software on RedHat and CentOS in C and C++. This time span is about 15 years.

I have modified the Linux kernel while at Echostar. So I'm quite familiar with build chains.

At the user level I have extensively used awk, sed, grep, tr and sh, csh, bash for administrative scripts, build scripts, remote administration scripts and statistical analysis scripts.

I used Perl for many of the tasks above as well as for build and regression systems.


I've taught introduction to logic courses when I was Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Montana Tech of the University of Montana. I've tutored students in logic from time to time at that college as well. I've successfully tutored middle school students in the very basics of logic.


I have 14 years professional experience using Perl. This experience was gained while I worked for Newmont Mining Corp, Echostar and Nagrastar.

Newmont: I wrote an automatic regression test for the software Newmont supported.

Echostar: I wrote build and installation scripts.

Nagrastar: I wrote QA system to transfer remote log data to the local machine to parse it then generate statistics reports and then graphs to be emailed to analysts every night. I used the package paradigm to implement the system.

Physical Science

The minor for my B.S. in Applied Mathematics was Physics. Physics underpins all other sciences. Physical Sciences come from a direct application of Physics. I've volunteered to work with Elementary students from time to time understanding and experimenting with the topics they cover in Physical Science, or just Science.


I have a B.S. in Applied Mathematics. This degree required me taking all courses taught at the under graduate college level. I taught Prealgebra topics at the Naval Nuclear Power School. I've also tutored students in Calculus at all levels. I review the previous sessions at the start of a given session. Mathematics requires practice and constant review for success.


I have a B.S. in applied mathematics. I have tutored high school age students over the years in all mathematics through calculus including pre-calculus to their success. I also taught calculus at he Navy Nuclear Power School to 19 through 26 year old enlisted personnel. I review material from the previous sessions on the start of every session. Retention is very important to be successful.


I actually took 1st place in an 8th grade spelling bee correctly spelling:
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, no joke. This very long word, 45 letters I believe, is the name of a particular coal mining caused black long disease. Breaking it into syllables:

pneumono ultra miroscopic sili co volcano con iosis

(A Google search will show you how to pronounce it.)

it became easy to say then easy to spell.

The point is, special rules are required to spell correctly and many words don't follow these rules and need to be memorized.

I teach spelling via related groups of words and review each session with troublesome words from the previous sessions. Verbally spelling the words will aid committing these words to memory.

Study Skills

I have 8 years providing post exam counseling that provided study strategies to the Enlisted
students at the Naval Nuclear Power School. These sessions were called Exam Failure Interviews and were required after exam failures. The student was required to meet again for updates and further counseling.

As an Assistant Professor of Computer Science I routinely provided study skill sessions to groups of interested students.


I have a B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Physics. Trigonometry was required in all undergraduate Mathematics, Science, and Engineering courses. I've taught Trigonometry while stationed at the Naval Nuclear Power School for seven years as a Master Training Specialist. As in all courses I tutor each meeting reviews the preceding meeting(s). Retention is absolutely necessary for the student to be successful, and constant review makes retention possible.


I have 24 years professional experience with Unix.

1) graduate school: graduate project: Ada Simulation HP/UX.

2) Golden Sunlight Mines: SunOS, Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD: administration.

3) Montana Tech of the University of Montana, RedHat and other Linuxes: student development platforms, application and administration support.

4) Mpower Communications: 100 Unix servers as described in 2 above also including SCO: administration.

5) Newmont Mining, Echostar, Nagrastar, OpenTV: RedHat and Centos: development.

I'm proficient with sh, ksh, bash, csh, awk, sed, grep, tr, and perl.

Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Applied Mathematics
University of Central Florida


Montana Tech of the University of Montana (Applied Mathematics)

University of Central Florida (Master's)

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $40.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

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Russ will travel within 20 miles of Castle Rock, CO 80104.