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University of California, Los Angeles
Mechanical Engineering
Harvard University


University of California, Los Angeles (Mechanical Engineering)

Harvard University (Master's)

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I am a college professor. I teach math, physics, and general science. I have tutored math since elementary school. I learned computer programming decades ago, and tutored fellow high school students in that discipline as well. I tutored calculus-based physics as an undergraduate, and have extensive experience tutoring all ages both as a professional and as a volunteer. I enjoy helping people who find math and science difficult to gain confidence and to free themselves of the need for tutoring. It also reinforces my own knowledge. The best way to learn is to teach.

I have a master's degree in medical science from Harvard. I have a BS in mechanical engineering from UCLA. My expertise covers all the sciences. I hired, trained, supported, and evaluated tutors for a physics, engineering, and computer science tutoring lab at UCLA. I ran a church pre-Algebra intensive for 30 students. I developed class work and exams while lecturing and giving individualized instruction.

I received two perfect scores on the Graduate Record Exam. My math score was one of them. My analytical (pure logical reasoning) score was the other. Math is like a toy for me. I realize that most people don't feel this way about it. Thus, I tutor to the desires of the student. The customer is always right. I render exactly what is requested of me. I offer further insight if desired. I share my tricks, if the tutee wants to pull ahead of the crowd. Incidentally, I tutored my mother when she was taking math at a junior college while I was in elementary school. It worked. She eventually earned a master's degree. To put it bluntly, "I speak math."

I have been in every major professional science environment. I worked on the Space Shuttle and the MAGELLAN Venus Probe. I taught myself biology, organic, and inorganic chemistry to take the Medical College Admissions Test, and was admitted to Harvard Med. I developed biomedical research equipment, used digital animation to create instructional material for the school, and created learning software while a med student.

I can get you through literally any science. I've studied astronomy since grade school, and have taught it as a volunteer. I own textbooks and major reference works for every subject you see on other tab, except for ACT Science. You name it, I can tutor it. As with math, I give the clients precisely what they want. For standardized tests, I need to know what materials you'll be using.

I have been a substitute teacher in Orange County who has taken on long-term assignments in Algebra and art - filling vacancies - effectively functioning as a full-time teacher. Touching people's lives and seeing people "get it," are the most rewarding parts of tutoring. I have a resume that I can forward with the details if you wish.

I hated English class when I was in high school, but now writing is one of my greatest pleasures. I scored in the 96th percentile on the writing sample of the Medical College Admissions Test, and am working on a number of books and articles. I received first authorship on a publication in a medical journal, and have composed a master's thesis.

I am an art expert, so I can integrate the cultural currents into any work required of a student to give it that extra, "kick" to impress the teacher. My spelling is near-perfect, and I can expand the student's vocabulary too. My verbal reasoning scores on standardized tests are very competitive.

I fell in love with French when I was in junior high school. I bought my own books, ran ahead of my grade level, and never looked back. I tutored it to people in my class while I was taking it in high school. I became bored with the slow pace of the rest of the students and went to the library to study on my own during class time, with the permission of my teacher. I have a very strong long-term memory, and never forgot my French.

As I mentioned above, I tend to knock standardized tests into next week. Do you want the numbers? They're on my resume. I can show you score reports too, if you like. I have to warn you - people get kind of embarrassed and annoyed when they see how I do on these things. You've got to be serious about test prep. No tutor can take you to the promised land. I'm happy to uncover the traps they lay, and to escort you to the door. You have to walk through, however. Put the time in, and do the practice tests.

I am one of the first people to program computers in American high schools. I have been programming for over thirty years. I know new and old languages. I automate Microsoft Office applications (I taught myself) and I've automated Adobe Photoshop too. I ran computers for spacecraft navigation studies, and created software to speed up the work flow. I've written programs that automate tests on automotive hardware, and done lots and lots of de-bugging. I've created web sites, done my own upgrades, etc. As is math, computers are like toys to me. I corrected other peoples' programs while I was in high school. I hired and trained computer science tutors at UCLA. On top of that, I create and customize applications that teach math to my college students.

I was misdiagnosed with ADHD. I went through all the issues. I was stigmatized, I took medications, I read about the condition, and I developed alternative learning techniques. It was a nightmare. I found out how to handle it the hard way. I've also tutored people with ADHD.

In short, I'm a renaissance man. My knowledge is broad and deep. I enjoy helping people, and have done so in multiple settings. People have called me, an "enabler." My hours are very flexible, and I can start immediately. I recommend that you contact me so we can discuss your precise needs before finalizing the specifics of our relationship. My goal is to render myself unnecessary. You aren't supposed to need tutoring forever. I'm happy to give you gentle, effective nudges, and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. Talk to you soon!
I am a college professor. I teach math, physics, and general science. I have tutored math since elementary school. I learned computer programming decades ago, and tutored fellow high school students in that discipline as well. I tutored calculus-based physics as an undergraduate, and have extensive experience tutoring all ages both as a Read more

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If you want tutoring for 4 hours a week or more I can come down on the rate. I do discount for multiple students.

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ACT Math

I'm a math expert, and have tutored students at all levels for a variety of standardized tests, particularly those including math. My Graduate Record Exam Score was 800 out of 800, and my analytical score (general critical thinking applicable to all subjects) was also 800 out of 800. My Verbal score was 640 out of 800, not perfect like the other two, but at the very high end of percentiles.

Algebra 1

I tutor Algebra I on an ongoing basis, and have been the lead instructor in a program in which I had to make course materials including homework and tests. I've taught the course in high school as a long-term assignment. I've taught and tutored many math and science classes over the years in which I had to show students how to apply Algebra.

Algebra 2

I took Algebra II ahead of my peers in high school. I've tutored calculus-based physics, which is way beyond Algebra II. I've taught and tutored Algebra II in high schools over the years. In general, I'm not only a math whiz, but I know how to make other people comfortable with the subject. My goal is to empower students to gain confidence and learn the skills to succeed on their own.


I'm a math expert. I tutored calculus-based physics in college, which included teaching differential equations to students who hadn't had them yet. I'm a mechanical engineer, and have had a lot of math that is well beyond this level. I've tutored math for decades.


I had a chemistry set in the 4th grade and began teaching myself the periodic table, empirical formulas, and chemical bonding at that time. I took chemistry a year ahead of my peers in high school. As a mechanical engineer and a medical scientist, I've had lots and lots of chemistry beyond the high school level. I've taught chemistry at the college level, as a volunteer in multiple community service programs, and as a professional tutor.

Differential Equations

I have tutored calculus-based physics which required me to teach differential equations to students who hadn't had the course yet. I've had multiple courses in differential equations using multivariable and matrix-based approaches. I also used applied complex variables to complete Laplace transformations while solving differential equations.

At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, I used applied differential equations in three variables through use of the Laplacian Operator, del, in programs that determined the location of the MAGELLAN Venus Probe in trajectory calculations by applying partial differential equations to the spacecraft's equations of motion, and on the parameters that affected the quality of the signal coming from the spacecraft to the earth-based receiving stations known as the Deep Space Network.

Linear Algebra

I not only took linear algebra, but taught myself tensor analysis when I was an undergraduate. I also took a course in geometric modeling which applied the discipline to Bezier curves, B-Splines curves, and parametric cubic curves. This course also covered surface modeling with matrices. Chances are pretty good that, you're learning linear algebra for some kind of graphics applications, but even if you're not, it can be used for solving certain differential equations, which I've also had. I've taught matrices to students at the high school and college levels. One of my hobbies is teaching myself topology, which is a "step up" from linear algebra. (Linear algebra is basically the study of vector spaces, topology is the study of general spaces.) A lot of my work on the MAGELLAN Venus Probe involved extensive use and manipulation of very large matrices that modeled the solar system and its effects on the signal coming from the probe.


I taught myself biology, organic, and inorganic chemistry to take the MCAT, and got into Harvard Med after they invited me to apply. My writing sample was in the 96th percentile. People and professors told me that I probably didn't need to take the courses, but I decided to anyway, since I wasn't in any big hurry to get to med school. I tend to do very well on standardized exams. I received two perfect GRE scores, and passed the USMLE Step I on the first try.

Mechanical Engineering

I am a mechanical engineer with a BS from UCLA. I ran a tutoring center on campus in which I hired, trained, and supported engineering, computer science, and physics tutors. I have an Engineer-in-Training license, # EIT 82985, State of California. I worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Rockwell International, Ford Motor Company, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and The Boston Heart Foundation of Massachusetts General Hospital. I performed engineering tasks at all of these institutions. I tutored classical and fluid mechanics as an undergraduate. Both courses were calculus-based. My engineering career work includes aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and software engineering.

Organic Chemistry

I taught myself organic chemistry to take the Medical College Admissions Test, and was admitted to Harvard. I took the courses afterwards, just for completeness' sake, though one professor told me that it would probably be a waste of my time. It could be argued that it was, but the labs were fun.


I have a BS in mechanical engineering and I've been teaching myself astrophysics since elementary school. I took physics in high school ahead of my peers. I tutored calculus-based physics and was promoted to supervisor in which I interviewed, hired, trained, covered for, and evaluated tutors in physics, engineering, and computer science courses. I've tutored high school-aged people in physics and astronomy, and taught physics at the college level and STEM as a substitute teacher. I worked in spacecraft navigation on the MAGELLAN Venus Probe, and made equipment for the Space Shuttle. I also developed transmissions at Ford Motor Company. Additionally, I have an Engineer-in-Training license.


I've tutored prealgebra privately and as a professional to students from elementary school age to high school age for many years. I have volunteered to tutor children in prealgebra at my church and enjoy helping young people to become comfortable with the math they need to succeed as well as to graduate from high school.


I had to teach myself trigonometry before taking precalculus because I wasn't in sequence with my new high school. They ran out of math classes for me to take, so I had to learn calculus at a junior college. I have a BS degree in mechanical engineering. My math expertise is years beyond precalculus. I have tutored both calculus-based physics and calculus itself. I have taught and tutored precalculus in both professional and volunteer settings. My math tutoring experience goes back decades.

SAT Math

I'm a mechanical engineer who went to Caltech and UCLA. I've tutored students in SAT math from coast to coast. My math score on the Graduate Record Exam was 800, a perfect score. My score on the analytical portion was also 800. The GRE is the older sibling of the SAT for graduate school hopefuls. My math skill is way beyond the level required for the SAT. I've taught people math since elementary school, and have taught and tutored all ages, in both classroom and individual settings. Math is more like a toy for me than anything else. I'm the guy who wanted a calculator for Christmas when I was a kid - get the picture?


My expertise in statistics involves coursework and its professional application. I had engineering probability and stochastics in college, and my work in navigation of the MAGELLAN Venus Probe involved extensive use of covariance analysis, least squares estimation of parameters, stochastic (random) variables, the normal distribution, and the like. At Ford Motor Company, I used hypothesis testing for analysis of transmission component function. At Harvard Medical School, I applied hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and plenty of statistical analysis, correlation coefficients, confidence intervals, sensitivity and specificity, etc., in epidemiology and in composing my master's thesis as well.


I took trigonometry at a junior college when I was in high school because I was ahead of my peers and needed it to take calculus, which my school didn't offer. I have a BS in mechanical engineering from UCLA, and have had many math courses beyond high school trigonometry. I received a perfect score in math on the Graduate Record Exam, which is the older sibling of the SAT. I attended Caltech and I have applied trigonometry extensively in my work as an engineer, researcher, and as a tutor. I used it in my navigation work on the MAGELLAN Venus Probe, and in creating engineering drawings for the Space Shuttle as well as for Ford Transmissions. I tutor students in mathematics as part of my job as a professor, and enjoy helping students get through a topic they often initially find daunting. My job as a tutor is to bring the student to the point where he or she is confident in their ability and no longer needs tutoring. This often happens rapidly with my tutees.

University of California, Los Angeles
Mechanical Engineering
Harvard University


University of California, Los Angeles (Mechanical Engineering)

Harvard University (Master's)

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If you want tutoring for 4 hours a week or more I can come down on the rate. I do discount for multiple students.

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