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— Faith, Champaign, IL on 5/26/12


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College of the Sequioas


College of the Sequioas

About Richard

Hello to everyone who is reading this! My name is Richard, and I have been playing music and doing mathematics for a substantial amount of time. Let me begin with telling you about my math background: I started taking a basic Algebra 1 course at my community college. At first I just wanted to take math to get it out of the way; I will be completely honest, when I was younger I really disliked math, but as I started taking math at the college level, I slowly started to realize math was my thing, and I fell in love with math. Even though math wasn't my major, I took every class at my community college level, with the exception of Statistics. This includes Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations. Linear Algebra is the most difficult class offered at this community college, with maybe the exception of organic Chemistry (I hear that class is very tough). Out of a class of 20-30 students, I got the highest grade in my class, missing a total of 3 points. I am not the kind of guy who tries to seem smarter than I am. If I am asked a question, and I don't know the answer, I won't pretend to know it, and give you false information, but what I WILL do, is I will figure it out, and find the answer for you. There is no way of knowing EVERYTHING, but my promise to all of my students is, if I don't know something, I will figure it out, and make sure my knowledge is passed onto you. I have tutored for my college, in the math lab, and in the "MESA" center. MESA stands for Math Engineering Science Achievement. I tutored Calc 1, Calc 2, Calc 3, Linear Algebra and some Differential Equations. The MESA center also offered workshops for students to gain a more in-depth understanding of a particular subject. I ran the Linear Algebra workshop, and had a group of about eight people who showed up on a regular basis. Now that you know a bit about my math background, let me tell you about my music background: when I was 14 years old I was homeschooled, because my mother believed it was much better to learn at your own pace, and to focus on subjects that really meant a lot to you. Well, I was homeschooled through what they call a charter school. At this charter school they offered many courses, such as math, biology, guitar, etc. I had accidentally walked into a guitar class, and I sat in the first day, and became very interested in music. At this point in time, I didn't own a guitar, but I learned as much as I could without one. After 6 months of learning guitar (remember I didn't own one at this time), I finally bought one from a pawn shop. After one week of owning a guitar, I was the top guitarist in the class, playing my exercises very well, and accurately, with speed. My teacher saw my talent and he asked me to play guitar for his choir. I played guitar almost every waking moment until I was 16. When I turned 16 I was introduced to the piano. At this moment, I fell in love with music and the passion that came with it. Music is very powerful. With the stroke of a key, or the pluck of a string, you can make anyone laugh, or cry. Music brings emotions out in anyone, and I love the feeling when I can make music speak to people. There is no better feeling in the world than bringing joy and happiness to others through music. When I was introduced to the piano, I couldn't afford a full size piano, so I practiced on a four octave plug-in keyboard. After eight months of playing on a small keyboard, I realized I really needed a full sized 88 key piano, so I stopped playing piano for four months to work very hard at a honey factory, where we took the honey from the honey comb, and put it into barrels, so the owner could sell the honey for profit. After buying my piano, I started practicing for twelve hours a day, doing this for two years straight. I used to wake up every morning at 5:30am, eat breakfast, then start my practice at 6am (I am SURE my mom loved getting woken up every morning by a piano, haha). I had some very high goals for myself, since I started piano "late" in life. I wanted to be a concert pianist, that is where my dedication and focus came from. I performed my first piano recital after playing piano for only three months. I performed "Rondo Ala Turka" or as others may know it, "Turkish March" composed by Mozart. This piece was performed for a small group, of about 20 people, at my old church, and was played by heart. After playing piano for two years, I started taking private composition lessons from a man named Ron, out in the country. I took composition lessons for two years with Ron, then took a two-year course of music theory at my college. I scored nearly 100% in this year series of four classes: Theory 4,5,6,7. I am a very dedicated student myself, and I love to learn. There isn't a day where I am not learning something. To learn is to succeed, and this is what I am here for. I want to help people succeed in their own personal goals, and become the best they can be. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I really hope to hear from you soon, have a wonderful day, and in every step we take, keep on learning! Take care everyone!

Hello to everyone who is reading this! My name is Richard, and I have been playing music and doing mathematics for a substantial amount of time. Let me begin with telling you about my math background: I started taking a basic Algebra 1 course at my community college. At first I just wanted to take math to get it out of the way; I will be Read more

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"A very patient man!"

- Faith, Champaign, IL on 5/26/12
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Algebra 1

I have taken all of the Math courses offered at the community college level. Algebra 1 was my first math class ever taken there, and i received an A in this course, as well as in every math course taken at my community college, i have full faith that i can take my knowledge in math gained over the last few years and pass that on to you.

Ear Training

I have taken two years of ear training at the community college level. It was a series of four classes in which I received an A in every class. Studying, intervals, scales, modes, all types of different chords, chord progressions, even writing the exact chords in four part style, by ear. those classes have opened my ears to music, and I have full confidence I can take that knowledge to help others.


I have been playing guitar for eight years. I studied guitar with a very skilled guitarist for two years, learning chords, how to position your hand, finger movement, from details down to how to hold the pick correctly. I played guitar in a band for about two years, played guitar for a choir for one year, and I wrote my own songs. I will teach exercises to build up skill, scales, and everything you need to learn to become a skilled guitarist.


I have been playing piano for six years. I have been in a piano competition and performed very well. I have done many piano recitals in different cities, on average I would perform 5 times a year. What a lot of pianist don't seem to get, is piano is much more then pushing a key to make a noise. Piano is a way of seeking emotions, piano isn't just a musical instrument, its a language. And this is something I really try to guide my students in learning, not how to play the piano, but how to PRACTICE the piano. I have a huge focus on that, as well as the theory behind what they are playing, how the piano works, scales, exercises, and I try to have my students work on a piece in every time period such as the romantic, for instance Chopin, or the classical Mozart, the modern Bartok to make sure all of my students have a very large repertoire.

College of the Sequioas


College of the Sequioas

A very patient man!

My experience with Richard was quite good, and he's the first tutor I've ever worked with. He did a great job. My favorite advice from him is instead of looking over the entire problem, think of one thing--anything--that you can do and work from there. He helped me to be patient with algebra as frustrating as it is for me. I learned quite a lot in the amount of time that I worked with him, and

— Faith, Champaign, IL on 5/26/12

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