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As a teacher with 13 years of classroom experience, my very favorite thing is to figure out a new approach to teaching when something isn't working. Learning should be an enjoyable activity, and I love coming up with new ways to do it. I have successfully engaged students who couldn't focus on regular lessons, who learned in ways other than the mainstream ones, and given them unforgettable experiences. More than that, I believe everyone should be aware of how they learn best. There is not one way we 'should' learn; there are ways we do learn. As a certified learning styles coach, I can help pinpoint what will work best for you and make you a customized learning plan.

I have a passion for a number of subjects: reading and writing (I read 2-3 books per week on all subjects), science, hands-on pre-algebra, public speaking and presentations. I have been teaching ESL for 6 years at the masters level (all levels, from beginning to college entry). For my bachelor's degree, I got 105 credits in 1 year and 1 month by taking tests, so I can definitely help you with test prep such as SAT reading and writing.

I can also teach beginning to intermediate French (Canadian and European), the same in Latin, academic vocabulary, American English, formal, everyday and slang, pronunciation, public speaking, and a lot more. You can see the rest of my page for details.

When I teach, I bring a lot more to the table than subject knowledge: I bring my 13 years of teaching experience, my psychology. public speaking, learning styles and theater training as well. If I can't teach in a way that works for you, I will give you your money back.

As a teacher with 13 years of classroom experience, my very favorite thing is to figure out a new approach to teaching when something isn't working. Learning should be an enjoyable activity, and I love coming up with new ways to do it. I have successfully engaged students who couldn't focus on regular lessons, who learned in ways other than the Read more

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SAT Reading, SAT Writing
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Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Grammar, Phonics, Reading,
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Approved subjects

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Elementary (K-6th)

I have taught elementary grades 2 through 6, under a California Multiple Subject Credential. This included teaching every subject: reading, writing, math, prealgebra, science, social studies, PE, drama, singing, art, etc. My specialty was designing hands-on lessons and new ways to teach, such as acting out spelling words, walking punctuation, and hands-on prealgebra. Also combining PE exercises with skip counting for math, and physical exercises to learn sentence structure. After 8 years of teaching, I allowed my credential to expire, mostly due to restrictions on my teaching style, and have been teaching adult ESL since then. But I still have my lessons ready to go and I love working with elementary age students!

Elementary Math

I have taught math in grades 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8. My training includes multiple intelligences, learning styles, different ways of teaching math procedures and college level math work.


I have 7 years experience teaching international students who are preparing to study in American Universities. I have a CELTA certificate from Cambridge University. English language skills I have taught include reading and writing from beginning to college level. I also specialize in pronunciation and speech. I have taught students from many different cultures, and am very aware of how cultural differences can shape and affect language learners. I also know this from learning French and Spanish, as well as living and working in places where I was mostly using a second or third language. I know first hand some of the struggles of learning a new language.


I have taught pre-algebra and algebra as a credentialed teacher in public schools, and also have training in multiple ways of presenting and solving math problems. Students often get confused when they lose sight of the 'real world' application of what they are being taught in an abstract way. In reality, they are often using the math already in their lives, without realizing that's what it is. My training in learning styles enables me to pinpoint exactly how you learn best, and to custom make lesson plans that will help you learn in the way that works for you. To that end, I have been working on ways to teach pre-algebra using visuals and hands-on materials. These activities make it clear what all those letters and equations mean, in a solid, down to earth way.

Public Speaking

As a professionally trained actor (3 years professional theater school), a teacher of 13 years experience, and as a pastor (giving sermons and lectures), as well as a performing poet, I have extensive public speaking experience. In addition, I have taught Presentation as a class to Masters level ESL students for 5 years. I can analyze gesture, posture, eye contact, pronunciation ( I can pass for a native Tennessean and a New Yorker) as well as content, and fluency. I also know a number of techniques to overcome nervousness.


I have a Level 2 Learning Styles Coach certificate from the Learning Success Institute in Ventura. In addition, I have successfully taught students with a variety of abilities and disabilities, both in classroom settings and one on one.


I hold a Masters degree in Religious Education from UTS in New York. My education included professors from several different religious backgrounds, including Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism, Catholicism, Protestantism and agnostic philosophy. We studied every major world religion on its own terms, without favoring one viewpoint over another. I do not teach religion directly now, but in my job as an ESL teacher I often have students from Saudi Arabia (fundamentalist Muslim) next to Chinese who were raised with no religion and devout Buddhists. In our discussions, I have often presented to them what Christians and Jews believe, in relationship to other religions. I do this without advocating one as being better than the other, but to inform people about other's beliefs.


My bachelors is in psychology and sociology. I passed a GRE test, the equivalent of majoring in sociology. In addition, I have been teaching masters level ESL classes for international students, which are designed to introduce them to American college culture. Sociology is one of the units we teach, a study of stranger interaction, complete with field observations.


I have taught spelling at the elementary level, beginning with phonics and letter combinations, and have taught up to the masters level, preparing students for college by studying prefixes, suffixes and roots of academic words. I am versed in techniques such as rime: ending sound that are 90% predictable (cat, sat, mat, etc), common endings such as -tion/-sion, and so on. I am familiar with a number of different ways to teach spelling according to learning style: picture, sound, activity, shape, writing action, etc.

Study Skills

Through 13 years of teaching and tutoring, I know there are basic study skills: time management, good environment, note taking, etc., all of which I have taught for years. Through 2 levels of learning styles training, I also know that while some students benefit from silence during study, others perform better with music in the background. Time of day is also a factor, as is the type of lighting and the environment. Some students work best in a library cubicle, others might do best lying on the grass in a park. Some students need less stimulation to concentrate, while others actually need more intense stimulation to focus.
People process information in different ways: for some, reading is enough. For others, discussion with a group is the only way they will remember the material, while yet others need to write it out. Some may need it made into a song or a picture. Usually, when a student has a difficulty getting work done or retaining information, these are the areas that will help.


I graduated from a 3 year professional theater program in the now renowned Dome Theater at Dawson College in Montreal. My class was the first to graduate, and we literally built the place as we studied. We built sets, painted the stage, ran the light and sound crews, stage-managed, directed and ran the front of house, as well as acted.

I have acted in various shows since then, winning a comic actor of the year award in Scarsdale, NY, and playing 4 roles in an acclaimed production of Hamlet in Ojai, CA. In addition, as a teacher I have adapted scripts, cast and directed several very successful productions on the elementary and middle-school levels. This involved teaching students the basics of acting, voice projection, blocking, scene analysis, rehearsal and choral work.

SUNY New Paltz
Psychology Sociology


SUNY New Paltz (Psychology Sociology)

UTS (Master's)

CSUN (Other)

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