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Excellent Calculus & Physics Tutor
— Maggie, Ventura, CA on 11/15/15


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California State University, Channel Islands
California State University, Channel Islands
Graduate Coursework


California State University, Channel Islands (Mathematics)

California State University, Channel Islands (Graduate Coursework)

About Margaret

Hi all,
I am a tutor with over 15 years of experience, teaching and tutoring mathematics. I love that ah ha moment when a student gets it. I strongly believe that there is more than one way to get the answer to any problem, and I try to help my students see the one that is easiest for them.

I have my Bachelors in Mathematics from California State University Channel Islands. I worked for more than 12 years at Ventura College with their tutoring program first, where I tutored all of the Mathematics offered at Ventura College as well as Physics, ESL, Logic, English, and more. I was a Supplemental Instructor in various levels of Algebra, then a MESA facilitator in Differential Equations, Physics, and all levels of Calculus. Lastly, I worked with hundreds of students in the Ventura College Self-paced math course. At California State Channel Islands I taught Lab courses in Calculus, Number Theory, Abstract Algebra and more. Also as a TA, I taught Algebra and Math in Fine arts. I also tutored at their tutoring center for several years.

With elementary school students, I have worked as the assistant director of a private tutoring company where I helped make individualized study plans for all ages, but mostly 3rd through 8th grade. I have had great success with students that have math anxiety and learning disabilities. It is important to me that young students gain an excitement for learning and problem solving.

In high school, I have learned about all of the schools in the area, in fact I did my student Observation at Foothill, and I volunteer every year for Buena's Calculus camp. I try to help highschool students not only learn their subject but make plans for the future.

To this end I also have helped students prepare for the AP physics exam and the subject exams for the SAT in mathematics and chemistry. I have been tutoring Chemistry for the last five years and Physics for the last 10. I can help a student with their goals in math or science, be it to just understand the material enough to pass, or to bring a grade from passing to an A. Every week I do group study sessions for the SAT/ACT.

I work well with younger students and old. I can tutor common core mathematics to a 2nd grader as well as graduate level mathematics. So, please, contact me for all levels of math and science.

With me, you or your child will find a fighter in your math corner, and my goal is always to make Math and science more enjoyable and understandable.

Thank you,
Hi all,
I am a tutor with over 15 years of experience, teaching and tutoring mathematics. I love that ah ha moment when a student gets it. I strongly believe that there is more than one way to get the answer to any problem, and I try to help my students see the one that is easiest for them.

I have my Bachelors in Mathematics from
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"Excellent Calculus & Physics Tutor"

- Maggie, Ventura, CA on 11/15/15

"So glad I found Margaret!"

- Kenna, Oxnard, CA on 2/9/17

"Great life application explanations"

- Susan, Ventura, CA on 11/30/16

"A good match"

- Steven, Ventura, CA on 10/19/16

"Helpful and patient tutor"

- Traci, Ventura, CA on 10/15/16


- Anita, Ventura, CA on 10/4/16

"Maggie is a happy, patient, intuitive and brilliant math tutor."

- James, Newbury Park, CA on 7/10/16

"Great tutor for nurses who are in a statistics course."

- Kalena, Ventura, CA on 4/21/16

"really great math tutor!"

- Camilah, Thousand Oaks, CA on 12/15/15

"Great Statistics Tutor"

- Julian, Ventura, CA on 11/13/15
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ACT English, ACT Math,
ACT Reading, ACT Science, Common Core, GRE, PSAT, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing
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ACT Math

I started tutoring ACT math in 2009. Since then I have made it a priority to become an expert in all 4 parts of the ACT. The timing, the subject matter, and the best testing practices. I hold ACT prep sessions every Sunday for groups. I also do private appointments. I believe every high school student should have a chance at college and that these standard tests should not hold them back.

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 was the first subject I tutored, 17 years ago. I still enjoy helping understand the language of algebra. Because, that is what algebra is, a new language of mathematics. This is why it can be so scary. I have tutored algebra for 17 years, 12 as a tutor for local colleges and privately, 5 years as a teacher. With all of my experience I have not lost my enthusiasm for teaching, nor my understanding of difficulties in this first foray into modern mathematics. I hope that you can learn a little of my love of it as well.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is like when algebra grows up. The ideas are similar to those in algebra, but whole new parts are added. Solving for x becomes more involved. Some students get stuck here because the problems are no longer easily solved in their heads. I have tutored Algebra 2 for over 15 years, and helped as a TA to several hundreds of students in Algebra 2. I enjoy the fact that the problems become more involved and that they are the stepping stones for applied mathematics, theoretical mathematics, or just science. I understand that the sheer amount of new ideas can be overwhelming for any student. I like to show how these new big problems are really just a bunch of simple problems we can take one by one. With that I can help make math easy for you.


Calculus can be a scary word for a lot of people. Not for me. I enjoy making Calculus into simple problems and analogies.

Multivariable Calculus was the first class I taught. I have been tutoring Calculus for over ten years. Each year I volunteer with the local high schools to help prep their students for the AP calculus exam.

I worked for 3 years as a MESA Facilitator creating lessons for outside study for Calculus. in 2012 I tutored 10% of Calculus AB class at a local high school. They all passed mostly with A's.

I have passion for calculus and making easier and more understandable. Calculus is really only about two things. Slope and Area, but because you are now supposed to be cool "smart" math people the formulas for some of your crazy slopes and areas can look like Greek. I guarantee that I can help translate that.

Differential Equations

I have my bachelors in mathematics which includes differential equation. For 3 years I worked with the Ventura College MESA department as a MESA facilitator for specifically Differential Equations. I made weekly lesson plans to supplement the work students were doing in their classes. I have also tutored several students from both California State University, Channel Islands, and the Ventura Community College Campuses in Differential Equations for the last 10 years.

Discrete Math

Discrete Mathematics is one of my favorite subjects in math. It is the math topics class for upper division math students. I loved taking it and I have been tutoring it for the last decade. I have tutored many students from California State Channel Islands, as well students from Cal Lutheran in Discrete Math. This class is one that teaches you the language of mathematics in proofs, combinatorics, beginning number theory and more! Each teacher has a specific section of discrete they like to focus on, so each semester is a new and happy challenge.

Elementary Math

I have over 10 years of experience tutoring elementary level mathematics. My Bachelors in math is with an emphasis in education. During my graduate school time I taught the classes required for Middle School math teachers as well as tutoring those for Elementary School teachers. This is when I realized how important proper math education is when you are young.

Common Core is the new big word out for schools. In the last two years I have focused on that with many 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. The biggest thing a parent should know about common core is that it is not replacing the way you learned how to do math. It is emphasizing the ability to explain your solutions in many ways.

I can help your child with basic math facts, and math thinking, but I do put an emphasize on learning to enjoy learning math. With math the biggest obstacle can be not enjoying what you are doing, or being afraid to be wrong.

I have had great success with helping students below grade level, become grade level or even advanced, but this process takes time. As with any other skill math takes practice... and we all like to practice the things we like more than the ones we dislike.


As a math major, I was one of the few who took Geometry again in college, just to master it. I have been tutoring Geometry since 2004.

Geometry is the first time many students learn about the abstract parts of mathematics and this can be difficult to wrap your head around.

I enjoy making Geometry a little more understandable. I also am very good at constructions, thought that is usually only one chapter of the class. You will also get to learn the basics of a proof, and all about shapes. There is a lot of memorization in Geometry, which few students are prepared for. Hopefully with my help, Geometry will become your easiest subject.

Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is an extension of discrete math, algebra, and has parts of differential equations in it. The best part of linear algebra is its use in both computer science and in business optimization problems. I have tutored linear algebra for 8 years, but more interestingly it is the one subject that I have used in other works as well. Linear algebra is very useful as an applied mathematics. I have helped dozens of students navigate the awesomeness that is solving several linear equations or more importantly being able to change bases so that, for example, you can use linear algebra to create a smooth line curving program for computer animation.


Logic was one of my first introductions to proofs. As it may be yours as well. I find, and try to bring to my students, a love of the symbolism that can make English into a math problem or vice versa. Exploring logic can be exciting and fun if you just let it. I have been tutoring logic for the last fifteen years. I know with my help you can learn to enjoy it as much as I do.


As a tutor for the last 15 years I have helped a lot of students with pre-algebra. This is the first time a lot of students start to think with the ideas of variables.

I tutored for 10 years at Ventura College specializing in helping students in their pre-Algebra and Algebra classes.

I know that part of the problem with pre-algebra is just the newness of the materials and I can help a student understand it, as well as master it. So, that they have a good base going on to Algebra and beyond.


Like Geometry, Trigonometry is one of the first places that you encounter proofs. SINes, COSines, TANgents, CoSeCants, SECants, COTangents, and this weird idea of a unit circle are examined for an entire course. I have been tutoring this awesome subject for 15 years. When I first encountered it in high school, was when I knew I would want to be a mathematician. I love demystifying this subject more than any other. A warning to the student. This class requires a lot of memorization, more than almost any other math class. That is actually where many students get stuck. I hope that you choose me to help you with this incredibly cool subject.

California State University, Channel Islands
California State University, Channel Islands
Graduate Coursework


California State University, Channel Islands (Mathematics)

California State University, Channel Islands (Graduate Coursework)

Excellent Calculus & Physics Tutor

Thank you for motivating our son to excel in Calculus and Physics. After every tutoring session he comes home feeling confident and eager to tackle difficult calculus problems. You are a talented instructor with the ability to patiently teach and inspire your students to succeed.

— Maggie, Ventura, CA on 11/15/15

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